poison counters


Winding Constrictor: It’s a 2/3 for two mana with upside, and a pretty pushed upside at that. The second ability is obviously for energy, but I can’t shake the lingering feeling of poison counters.

Freejam Regent: Silly name, limited bomb. If you can drop this on turn five or even four, it’s an intimidating threat.

Siege Modification: Permanently crewing a vehicle is nice, especially if it’s that 7/11 dreadnought. The risk is huge though, as it is with most auras, of getting two-for-one’d by a removal spell. 

Untethered Express: Is that a Rhino Train or a Dino Train? It’s powerful, whatever it is. Crew 1. Crew ONE.

infantofatocha  asked:

As a player who mainly plays commander I can assure you that it does not need to be moved to 20 right now. There is nowhere near the volume of impactful/efficient poison cards to warrant that. When/if more poison counter cards are printed I am sure the rule will be reassessed. HERE IS THE QUESTION: Is more poison a when or if?

I think Poison counters are a when but Infect is an if.

emisforwhatever  asked:

Top 5 MTG theme decks?

5. goblin tribal

4. Look Ma No Lands

3. “It’s just one poison counter, you’ll live”- a combat trick-centric infect deck that routinely killed turn 3 made by a “friend”. He’d use this phrase while his victim was choosing blockers and after he swung for game using a hyper-buffed glistener elf he’d reveal that it was written on the inside of his deckbox

2. I worked at a boy scout camp where one of the kitchen staffers was a misanthropic asslord who would purposely slosh searing hot spaghetti sauce onto people while carrying it around and you could always tell he was coming for you because he’d yell “SAUCE!” so a friend of a friend who also worked at this camp designed a mono red burn deck he called “SAUCE!” 

3. At the same camp during RTR my friend built a deck around Bronzebeak Moa and flickering stuff that he called his “battle turkey deck”. it was brutal

[ask me about my top 5 of anything]

i had this fly trap that looked like a little apple that was hollow and full of poison. it worked great, flies went in, they died, fantastic. i come home today, the apple is completely upside down, poison all over the counter. what the fuck? like, somehow it got knocked over, and i’m sure i either just knocked it over with my elbow or my girlfriend knocked it over without realizing it, but i really think it was a ragtag group of rebel flies and to them it was like destroying the deathstar. like they all flew into it at once from an angle to destroy it while screaming death to false idols or something. like these flies are psyched, and i bet when i set up my new fake death apple they’ll be like, “this is what it was all for, boys. to taste apples without fear.” i’ll be real, i don’t eat fruit, these flies are attracted to the fruit my girlfriend buys. my food is just chemicals made to resemble food that i as a human recognize. flies don’t understand it. that’s where we are with food now, we thought future food would be like pills and you eat it and you’re like, “yum, a turkey dinner.” it’s more like, “this is yogurt, i think, like i eat it, and it’s good, but animals are afraid of it without knowing why.”

Zach Facts

Some lesser-known facts about popular MTG blogger @sarkhan-volkswagen

• Zach once pitched a Force of Will to a Storm Crow. To this day, nobody knows how.

• If you have 20 life and Zach has 20 life, Zach still has more life than you.

• In Wizards R&D, identifying an infinite combo is known as “finding a Zach,” because Zach’s everyday life is an infinite combo

• Currently, the only two things in Magic that can stop poison counters are Melira, Sylvok Outcast, or a high-five from Zach

• Zach is a human being. Not only that, but he is a kind and encouraging individual who tries to build people up and make a positive difference to the MTG community. And he NEVER deserves to get spammed by hate mail

Anybody else have their own “Zach Facts” they can share?

Commander spoilers! Experience counters seem to be non-removable player counters (similar to poison counters, save Leeches) that will have an influence on your creatures throughout the game, particularly your new cycle of commanders.

Expect this mechanical addition to be more prevalent than the 5-card cycle of Lieutenant last year, especially since it has more design space to work with as a dynamic value. Has this character been heard of before in stories? No, but neither had Daretti. I have hope for either good stories behind the new commanders or possible callbacks to older characters in other decks.