poison bullet

  • (Discussing a fight which the Fab Four said went well)
  • Fun Ghoul: About that... We might’ve exaggerated a little bit.
  • (Everyone looks at bullet wound in Party’s shoulder)
  • Party Poison: Lied. We lied.

When mcr comes on

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homosexuals and asexuals:

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What, if any, are the long term consequences of leaving a bullet in the body (aside from, of course, any damage done by the actual bullet).

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This ask is actually the progenitor on my post, Your Character’s Been Shot. Bullet In or Bullet Out? 

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D&D Homebrew Poisons

So, im working on a mini series for badassdanddpics and was wondering if you guys had any ideas. im calling the mini series “Bewildering Botany and Perilous Poisons” that will basically showcase magical plant homebrew that will aid adventures and villains alike. for the poison section of it, i put together some basic information from D&D about the rules as well as how they are applied and used against others as well as common symptoms from plants in the real world.

different poisons are applied to victims by

  • contact
  • ingested
  • inhaled
  • injury
  • smoke from being burned

common rules (for 5th edition D&D regarding poison)

  • A weapon coated with poison will dry out in one minute.
  • When you are poisoned, you will usually suffer from the poisoned condition.
  • Poison can be bought or crafted using the downtime rules and a poisoner’s kit.
  • Cures for poison include low level spells or anti-toxin.
  • Truth Serum is listed under poisons, and is something I think could be useful in your campaign in many different ways.
  • Poisoned: A poisoned creature has disadvantage on attack rolls and ability checks.
  • each round until you make a saving throw.

Common symptoms of poisoning include nausea, vomiting, convulsions, liver failure, disables nerves, lowers blood pressure, and can stop the heart, muscle twitches, and sometimes paralysis, irritation of skin throat and mouth, swelling, burning pain, breathing difficulties and stomach upset. dilated pupils, sensitivity to light, blurred vision, tachycardia, loss of balance, staggering, headache, rash, flushing, dry mouth and throat, slurred speech, urinary retention, constipation, confusion, hallucinations, delirium, convulsions and photo-toxicity

underneath the “keep reading” i have included some actual plants that could help with creating realistic homebrew.

Keep reading

Hard Eyes: Part 2

AN: There was a huge response to part 1, so I decided to go ahead and post part 2! Also I did a thing … Enjoy. Thanks to my beta’s for plowing through my works it means a ton! 

Words: 721

Part 1 

        You stare at the baby in the carrier. Penelope is fast asleep, oblivious to the world around her. She looks a lot like Bruce, all dark hair and long lashes. You sigh before adjusting the blanket around her a bit more. You don’t take your eyes off of her, even when someone slides into the chair across from you.

          “She’s pretty, like her mother.”

          You smile, and turn to face an old friend, “Hello Floyd.”

          He smiles back, “It’s been a while Y/N. To be honest I never expected to hear from you again. After all you were able to accomplish the dream, you got out. You have that perfect family, perfect husband, perfect life.”

          You smile, “If only you knew.”

          Floyd leans back in his chair, “Someone giving you a hard time?”

          “Bruce has been hurt. He underwent surgery to fix the effect of an attack, it’s been fourteen months and he’s still in physical therapy.”

          Floyd’s face grows serious, “How bad was it?”

          You bite your lip for a moment before saying, “He’s been able to learn to walk again. But it’ll be years before he’s back at full strength, if ever.”

          “I’m sorry to hear that. You need me to kill the guy who did it?” You give him the look, and he just smiles before holding up his hands in surrender, “I don’t know why you’re giving me that look, you’ve been out of the game for over ten years, for all I know you’ve gone soft.”

          You lean forward and whisper, “The day I go soft is the day that you miss a shot.” He just grins and you slide the folder over, “I need information on who could have taken the shot, or who could have made the poison the bullet was coated with. I find those guys I find the antidote.”

          “So it was more than just the bullet?”

          You nod, “The poison is what’s stopping the recovery progress. While the damage from the bullet was bad, and the surgery to remove it was a high risk procedure, technically he should have been able to make a full recovery in ten months, instead he’s very far behind. Deep level testing revealed the poison. We’ve had it for around six months and no progress has been made.”

          Floyd just leans back in his seat and asks, “Who the hell did Richie Rich piss off?”

          You stare at him, “Would I be asking for help if I knew?”

          He shakes his head, “I guess not. Can I ask you one question though?” You nod ,“Have you asked them for help, I mean they like Bruce too, hell even the voice of god is under Wayne’s protection.”

          You shake your head, “Harley and Ivy stay far away from me, just like you do Floyd. I became a traitor when I left, that means I don’t get anyone’s help.”

          He shakes his head, “That’s where you’re wrong, they stay away because they don’t want to mess it up for ya. You got normal, Baby Girl. That’s all any of us wanted, and we’ll be damned if you get it taken away from you. Why do you think every crook in Bludhaven drops their gun at the sight of your oldest boy? We have orders out, anyone who messes with him, earns a one-way ticket to the afterlife. And as for Waller, you were always her favorite, you were the Baby Girl. And we both know that brother of yours would do anything to protect you. Even if it means pretending he’s not your brother.”

          Floyd reaches across the table and grabs your hand, “We’ve been watching your back since you found that happy ending. Let me bring the squad in, let us handle this.”

          You hesitate, it would be so easy to let them take it, to wipe your hands clean of this entire mess, but you’ve never been one to pass your problems off to someone else. You cover his hand with your other one, and look him in the eye, “You forget Floyd, there is no getting out. Once a member of the Suicide Squad, always a member.”

          He just nods his eyes sliding over to the baby carrier, where your daughter is now wide awake. He just smiles and says, “She has your eyes.”

anonymous asked:

Kinda fluffy and angsty, could i ask short stories for Dva/Reapy/Genji noticing that their S/O is about to or collapses from overusing their ultimate ability? Thanks in advance, but no need to do it if it makes you uncomfortable :x

((Soooo, this sat here for a loooong time, so I’m going to post it. It’s missing genji, I’m so so sorry! I hope that’s okay!))

((The hardest part of this…was coming up with the fricking name/catchphrases for these attack lmao. Because I am….baaad at coming up with attacks and such))

D. Va was maneuvering her MEKA through the droves of hostiles, her fusion cannons tearing through their armor and dropping them before her blasters had stopped pushing her. This had been an intense battle, Talon had forced the Overwatch agents into a head-on battle that had been raging for the better part of the afternoon. She wasn’t streaming this, no, civilians didn’t need to see the dead bodies of human beings. She would be happy when this was finished and done with, they were pushing all of you to your wits end. Hana stared at the screen of her computer, typing away at it to follow where the other agents were located. Lucio was on the other side of the field with Roadhog and Torbjorn, Mercy was flitting across the field to reach Reinhardt who was asking for back-up and you were twenty meters away facing hostiles.

“Make a wish”, you yelled for what felt like the hundredth time that day although it was only your third. Your gun glowed bright white your weapon aimed straight up, wincing at the recoil that hit your shoulder as the meteoric metal rained from above. Your shoulder felt numb as you watched the bright and shining metal shower down on the enemies around you, the felled enemies the only upside in this whole scenario. Your eyes blearily looked across the field confirming that your area was clear–but something was wrong. You were exhausted, your vision was blurring, you tried to lift your arms but you couldn’t. “Well…shit.”

“Y/N”, Hana yelled, watching as your legs began to give out and you fell to the side. She slammed the button for her boosters, hitting eject and popping out of her mech, rushing forward from the momentum to grab hold of your body.

“Hey sunny bunny”, you said sweetly, looking up at your worried girlfriend before your eyes squeezed shut. “I may…have overdone it.”

“Babo”, she said with a small pout on her lips, lightly flicking your forehead. You flinched with a small, breathy chuckle, groaning softly. Her hand jumped up to her comm link, pressing the button. “Need healing!”

Reaper threw his shotgun to the side as he watched the last of the guards in his sector crumble, pulling two more from what his lover playfully called ‘hammer space’. It appeared that this mission would be over soon enough; Sombra had already extracted the information from the computers and now you and Gabriel were cleaning house for those that got in your way. Gabe knew you had the floor below him, his hand lifting to his comm.

“Status update”, he stated plainly, shifting into his wraith form as he began to move towards the rendezvous point in the back of the building.

“I’m good Gabby”, Sombra said back, ignoring the agitated growl that followed. “But you might wanna get downstairs, looks like your special friend is bouta take a siesta.”

The hacker was watching the security camera feeds, your back literally against a wall as you slammed your hand down under your minigun, the stand dropping down. Your fingers danced across the barrel, switching the ammo in your gun out from regular bullets to poison laced ones, smirking darkly. Your gas mask lay on the opposite side of the room, smashes to absolute pieces by someone who shot it out of your hands before you could affix it to your face. You knew that switching over to your poisonous rounds without proper ventilation or masks could lead to you being poisoned by your own weapons, but you didn’t have the luxury of worrying over that at the moment.

“Time for a spray and pray”, you yelled, finger holding down the button to fire, sweeping the weapon left and right, filling the guards with hemlock-laced bullets.

You grit your teeth, holding your breath as you unleashed hell onto the men in front of you, sweeping left and right. You knew if they didn’t die from the initial shooting, the direct introduction of poison into their system would paralyze their system and kill them. Smoke curled off of your weapon as round after round was fired off, wisps of poisonous gas floating upwards. You smirked as the men fell before your need to breathe won out, gulping in a deep breath, your body shuddering painfully. You wavered for a second before your knee hit the ground, your hand clinging to your gun as you tried to stay upright. You had slowly built up a resistance to the poison your weapon could fire but not a full immunity. Your legs and arms were complete jelly and would stay that way until fresh, clean air was introduced to your system. Until then…you were good as done.


Reaper solidified next to you, surveying the dead and groaning men you had left in your wake, catching sight of your maroon mask before looking back to you. You gave him a sheepish smile, no real excuse coming to mind as he dipped down and pulled you into his arms, squeezing you protectively.

“Next time call for backup, cariño.”