poison bullet

biology textbook: In puberty adolescents start to get interested in the opposite sex…

lbgt people:

  • (Discussing a fight which the Fab Four said went well)
  • Fun Ghoul: About that... We might’ve exaggerated a little bit.
  • (Everyone looks at bullet wound in Party’s shoulder)
  • Party Poison: Lied. We lied.

ɪ sᴛɪʟʟ ᴍɪss ʏᴏᴜ…

When A Rival Gang Kidnaps You

(Little bit of a trigger warning so beware. To others, enjoy!) ~Kim Namjoon~

Being the Mafia Boss of Bangtan, Namjoon would be the angriest. He wouldn’t show it around the others, but as was his blood was boiling at the thought of those bastards hurting you, his sanity would dwindle. Namjoon kept glancing at the framed photo of you on his desk.

He was tense all over and couldn’t sleep without your warm body next to him at night. It might be pathetic to some, but your pillow still held a scent that was completely you. Namjoon would bury his face in the fabric and let angry tears drop onto the cushioned fabric.

His next move was to bring out each and every gun he owned. Namjoon would carefully clean them and thinking about how satisfying it would be to watch his enemies skulls crack with each shot.

“I swear Y/n, I’ll get you back. Even if I have to kill every last one of those fuckers to do it.”

~Kim Seokjin~

Jin would be ready to fight everyone and anybody with how tense he had become. Being the Designated Driver, it was his responsibility to get you in the van and to safety. He had watched with his own  eyes as two masked men dragged you away from the van. Jin could still hear your nails digging into the siding of the van as they dragged you away.

Jin had went to Namjoon multiple times, begging his boss to let him try a quick rescue plan. Namjoon shot down each and every time, trying to reason with him. Jin would just close his mouth tightly and shake his head in disapproval.

Sometimes he would disappear and just drive around in the van, trying to get his mind off of you and focus on trying to get you back. But the keychain picture of you dangling from his keys made that all the more difficult.

“Hang on baby, I’ll get you back.”

~Min Yoongi~

Yoongi would openly display his anger. Throwing shit that annoyed him and going as far as picking fights with the older members. Bangtan would try to reason with him, but nothing could be said to the Hustler of the group.

Yoongi was known to be precise with his money and thoughts. Yet you were his most prized possession and now that you were in the hands of his enemy, he crumpled.

Yoongi took out his lighter and began to watch his money burn to crisp onto the ground. No amount of money was worth living for if he couldn’t have you. It started with dollar bills and built up to a hundred.

“I’ll watch them burn for what they did to you.”

~Jung Hoseok~

Hoseok sat impatiently at his computer for days on end. Trying to figure ways out to hack into the enemies database. The others gathered around him as the screen lit up and a video of you was shown. You were blindfolded and gagged, missing most of your clothing. Hoseok clenched his jaw and Namjoon could only lay a hand on his shoulder as a masked figure approached you with what could only be a whip.

You struggled in your chair but he leather restraints around your limbs made it impossible to move. The man trailed the whip over your throat and looked directly into the camera.

“This is what happens, when you don’t follow rules Bangtan…” the while lashed down and stroked across your chest. Yoongi reached out and slammed the laptop shut. Hoseok was shaking in anger. He was visibly sweating and breathing heavily.

Without even a warning he stood from his chair, picked it up by one arm and slung it across the room. Nearly knocking down Jungkook in the process. Jimin and Namjoon moved to restrain Hoseok before he could cause anymore damage to himself or others.


~Park Jimin~

Jimin leaned his chin against his palms as he studied the anonymous sent picture of you. You were tied to a chair, then a operating table. Blindfolded and gagged with a busted nose and a blackened eye in the next. His eyes were dry from the hours he spent crying over you.

Jimin killed for a living. Nothing shook him anymore. Not until you were kid napped by a turf gang who decided to buck up to Bangtan. They were small, but dangerous, killing for fun.

Jimin took the sniped rifle that was leaning against the couch and checked the sights. His arms were shaking because of exertion, but adrenaline was what kept him going.

“I’ll show these children what a real killer looks like.”

~Kim Taehyung~

Taehyung had dabbled in all sorts of poisons that could make someone literally vomit up their own stomach. Even tested a few on himself to form an antidote. Nothing made his stomach feel worse than losing you. You weren’t dead, Tae was positive if that. That didn’t make the pain disappear, only made it worse.

Taehyung carefully dropped the last pinpoint of poison into the bullet. He pulled off his gloves and marveled at its beauty. Being the weapons crafter, this was his job. He would make those bastards pay for what they did to you, one way or another.

Taehyung looked to the portrait of you and him during spring of last year. You were so beautiful and charming, he wondered what he did to deserve you. Taehyung loaded the bullet into the chamber of his pistol and gave it a good sling before cocking it one good time.

“I’m saving this one for you, Y/n. You can use it on whoever you choose.”

~Jeon Jungkook~

Jungkook was the rookie. The youngest out of Bangtan. Being only 20, his hormones were still very active. He was the hothead as well, always looking for a fight. Yet he couldn’t possibly fight any living person, for he had accidentally killed a man once when his anger had flown out of control. He was only 16 at the time and that experience had shaped him into the man he was today.

Jungkook had to settle on the punching bag before him. He had stripped of his sweaty shirt hours ago. The bandages had been stopped long ago because the blood seeping through them was getting messy. Jungkook growled when one chain busted off of the bag.

With a single spin including a roundhouse kick, the remaining rusty chains snapped and the bag collapsed on the dusty ground. Jungkook could only think of killing the rival gang members with his bare hands for ever harming you.

“Sit tight princess, daddy is coming.”

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When They Rescue You From A Rival Gang (Requested)

~Kim Namjoon~

Namjoon felt a surge of primal instinct when he unloaded his shells into the skull of the man who had you chained to the wall. His eyes glazed over with a cold film that you couldn’t quite decipher. You lifted your raw wrist to cup his cheeks when he kneeled down to your height. A large smile split his face and his little dimples caused the ache in your skull to lessen.

You were going home and you couldn’t be happier. The other men stood on lookout, knowing you didn’t have much time. Namjoon unlocked the shackles and lifted you with each Bridal Style.

“When we get home, I promise to kiss each and every one of those bruises Princess.”

~Kim Seokjin~

Jin was nervously chewing on his nails, waiting for the boys to drag you out of that hellhole. When the back door of the building nearly flew from the hinges, he appeared from the shadows. Jungkook and Jimin were supporting you under the arms, loading you into the back of the van. Gunfire made you clutch your ears and stumble to the front of the van.

Jin felt you small hands clutch at his jacket sleeve and he turned to place a long kill to the side of your dimple as the boys slammed the doors shut and ordered him to drive. He rolled his eyes at the interrupted reunion. Jin had you sit in the front seat, all the while gripping your hand.

“Hang on Y/n. We’re going for a ride.”

~Min Yoongi~

Yoongi cringed at how much blood covered his Stefano Bemer Shoes. You were right on the other side of that door. Yoongi unhinged the heavy lock and pushed open the door. There you were on the cold wet ground. You refused to even lift your head for you feared the torture would continue.

The sharp click on Yoongi’s shoes had you shivering. This wasn’t the same person who had came in repeatedly during the night. Soft fingers touched your cheek and you felt warmth shoot through you.

Yoongi reached out the picked the locks to your handcuffs. Once your hands were free, you took no time in wrapping your arms around his neck.

“I never thought I’d get to hold you like this again.”

~Jung Hoseok~

Hoseok shoved his way into the infiltration team. He pulled his knife out from the throat of a man guarding the room you were held in. It took him no longer than five seconds to figure out the code for the door and pop it open.

You were sprawled out on a medical table, bloodied and blindfolded. You whimpered at the frantic shuffling Hoseok did. The blindfold was removed for the first time in 2 days. You winced, trying to adjust to the light.

Hoseok cupped your head and placed a deep kiss right onto your lips. He made quick work of the leather restraints and feathered You in his arms like a child.

“Let’s get you home, love.”

~Park Jimin~

Jimin shot the guard with pinpoint accuracy, right between the eyes. He fell back with a soft thump and Jimin was able to fish the keys off of his belt and open the door. You were kneeling on the floor with your hands tied behind your back.

You began to cry at the sight of your lover, tugging hard against the rope. Jimin hushed your cries and cut the strong rope,  rubbing the raw skin and decorating your face with kisses.

He helped you onto you feet, growling at the many marks and bruises along your skin. You petted his jaw and buried your face into his shirt.

“Can we leave?”

“My thoughts exactly, doll.”

~Kim Taehyung~

Tae had successfully snuck into your cell, breaking the restraints and pushing back your knotted hair. However, the guard at the door was still chocking on his own blood form the poisonous bullet Tae had lodged in his chest.

Taehyung moved to finish him off but you softly put your hand on the handle. “Let me do it. This bitch is the one who broke my shoulder.” Taehyung had an Evelin grin that sent chills all the way to your toes.

He handed over the gun with a loving kiss to your temple. You raised the gun, and the last sound that echoed through the compound was a gunshot that could be heard for miles.

~Jeon Jungkook~

Jungkook slammed open the door to your cell. He caught a man trying to relocate you, having removed all of your restraints and dragging you by your hair. This lit a fire inside of Jungkook. He pounced in the man, effectively releasing you and pinning him down with his body weight.

Jungkook reared back his fist and mercilessly beat the man to a bloody pulp. The man jaw was shattered into microscopic pieces and his skull was caved in. Yet Jungkook continued his attack.

You ran up behind him and wrapped your arms around his waist from behind. He stumbled backwards and wiped his bloodied hands on his jacket. He turned in your embrace and gave you one of the most passionate kisses you’d ever experienced.

“Let’s leave before another idiot like him tries to stop us.”

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