poison bullet

ɪ sᴛɪʟʟ ᴍɪss ʏᴏᴜ…

biology textbook: In puberty adolescents start to get interested in the opposite sex…

homosexuals and asexuals:



Tell me where we go from here

So long, and goodnight

We’ll carry on

Killjoys, make some noise

Midas in the Graveyard
  • •There are new gods in the city. They are gods of fire and bullets and poison, gods of vengeance still screaming in their lungs. They are gods that are ghosts that aren't real. Just gravestones and rumors.
  • •They say he was their lover when they were alive. They say he could place a knife to their chest and they trusted him not to dig out their hearts. They say their hearts belonged to him anyways.
  • [They say a lot of things]
  • •If they are gods he is their butcher and preacher and most ruthless worshipper. He is their will and vengeance in a rust-red button up. He is their grave keeper in a cloud of cigarette smoke and denial.
  • •They say that are prices to pay for killing gods. They say his worship is bloody. They say that three graves are filled and a fourth one stands empty. They say he only harms those who harmed his ghosts, his loves, his deities.
  • [They say a lot of things]
Totally Real MCR fact #14

Ray hides all of the MCR costumes on his fro. Just recently Mikey discovered that when he found his Black Parade uniform in Ray’s hair. After that Frank came and took his revenge bulletproof vest and Gerard came and took his Spider Shaped Dild… OH Mmm…PARTY POISON MASK! Yes, he took his Party Poison mask