poison and sugar

2. A Hot Kiss (from this list)

for anon, who requested #2 with adrinette! i hope you enjoy this, lovely ♥

“Hey, Felix?”

It was a play.


It was just a play.

“Do you believe in soulmates?”

It was just play-acting for the crowd at their backs, and it meant nothing.

And if he told himself that enough times, Adrien thought as Marinette reeled him in with her eyes alone, then maybe, one day, he’d start to believe it.

He didn’t have ‘one day’ though; this was the one and only showing of the play the drama club had worked on all year, and like hell was Adrien going to fall out of character just because Marinette was spectacularly talented.

He somehow remained stoic enough to pass for ‘Felix’ as Marinette tiptoed up to him, those blue eyes glowing radioactive in the stage lights.

“Do you ever just… meet someone?” she murmured, just loud enough to be picked up by their microphones, making every hair on his scalp stand straight up as she trailed her fingertips from the corner of his jaw to his chin. “And think… ‘I was waiting for you’?”

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Sugar Truth: What it really does to your body - YouTube

This is an extremely interesting visual for anybody who is struggling with cutting sugar out of their diet.

Interestingly I had quit drinking soda 7 months ago but picked up the habit again during the holidays. On January 3rd I stopped all consumption of soda as well as almost all consumption of sugar in the form of candy, and baked goods. I have not consumed white pasta, bread or rice in 5 yrs. The difference in my body is astounding. A major decrease in puffiness and the extreme swelling. A major decrease in joint inflammation. My skin is far more “elastic” with a decrease in my dark eye circles. A complete elimination of stomach bloating, gas and indigestion. If you are having issues with any of the above, try eliminating sugar for 30 days and see what happens. 😊


Sugar free gum is one of the most dangerous things for your dog to eat! Please, please make sure that handbags, jackets, shopping- anything you keep gum in - is way out of their reach.
Xylitol, the artificial sweetener in the coating, is very poisonous to dogs, causing liver damage, hypoglycaemia, seizures, and comas.
It is about 100x as toxic to them as chocolate-0.5g per kilo of your puppy’s weight can cause liver failure; and since the amount of xylitol varies indifferent brands, it’s hard to tell how much they’ve eaten.
Please call the vet as soon as you realise that your dog has eaten gum!
Lola ate 10 pieces of sugar free gum last weekend, she had to have vomiting induced, blood tests, iv fluids and glucose meals and was at the vets for more than 12 hrs. Luckily her blood sugar returned to normal, and while we’re waiting on tests, her liver seems to be fine. She was lucky but has obviously suffered a lot of distress. It was a horrible and scary time, and I just wanted to put this out there as many people I’ve told haven’t realised how dangerous it can be- please pass on the info if you know someone with a dog, especially one prone to stealing.

ELI5: Why is marijuana "impossible" to overdose on?

Bluntly put, the median lethal dose (LD50) of THC (the active ingredient in marijuana) is so high and the methods of intake so dilute that you would have to do absolutely impossible feats to have it occur. While there are a couple of different and conflicting sources, one estimate placed it at 40,000 times as much as the dose needed to get high. This is contrasted with alcohol, where five to ten times the amounted needed to get you drunk can kill you. To extrapolate, With pot brownies you’d die of sugar poisoning long before the THC got you. With smoking, you’d have to smoke something like 1,500 pounds of weed in a period of 15 minutes.

To actually manage a THC overdose you’d have to spend a lot of effort to first purify a sizable quantity of THC and then ingest it rapidly. This would never happen accidentally.

Explain Like I`m Five: good questions, best answers.

Pay attention to your self-talk. It shapes the voluntary aspect of your reality.

Don’t trust any of it. Negativity is poison, positivity is sugar-coating, neutrality is numbness, and none of it captures the fullness of your existence.

You are not self-talk. Live beyond the mind’s words; live outside the bounds of description.

Neptune is the taste of syrup that is ultimately poison, because its just sugar and thats diabetes, Mercury is giggling as he tricks us, you know, ‘what did you say!?’
But Neptune makes me think of a beautiful woman singing a sweet song of seduction, with the most exquisite voice, luring people toward her, like a magnet, you just want to follow this magnificent music, and you find her, you touch her, and she turns into an old witch
And things like substances, illusions, daydreams, fantasies, the delusion of cinema are sickly sweet like this, drugs give you a false perception, it gives you the ‘feeling’ of Neptune, but your subconscious wants something deeper, it gives you the feeling of Neptune because you are holding hands with eternity again but it is still hollow… so you want more drugs or more flashing lights
But Neptune is not all malefic, she is not just an old witch. She is a divine healer. A saint. A redeemer. Like the sign she rules Pisces, she is dual natured,
you can meet her in meditation, the moment between awake and asleep, the feeling of having an angel scoop you up in their arms and save you, you can express her healing honey when acknowledging the collective and becoming aware with compassion, Neptune is the oversoul

I found two packs of cigarettes and some condoms in your drawer
Smoking will kill you
Third hand smoke will kill you
If you want to kill yourself that’s fine but don’t kill me

-Are you awake?-

I don’t want smokers in my house
My throat is starting to hurt, that means someone is smoking
Who is it
Tell me who it is
Who is it
Who is it
Is it you
Is it your brother
Who is it

-Are you awake?-

Smokers are dirty people
Smoke gets into your hair
Your sheets
Your clothes

I don’t like dirty people

-What did you eat for breakfast?-
-I was going to buy you chocolate soy milk but it had too many fake ingredients in it-

Cigarettes are poison
Sugar is poison

You can do whatever you want but don’t drag me into it

Smoking to be cool is pathetic
If you smoke you need to get out
I get it if you do it because you have a problem but you need to get out

You need to get out
You need to get out
You need to get out

Get out

-Are you awake?-

—  My Morning, Lora Mathis
  • Mom: I'm going to march in the Pride parade this year!!
  • Me: ???
  • Mom: My church is marching because we voted to become Open and Affirming this year. I'm so excited. I need to find something to throw to the crowd. But not candy.
  • Me: Okay...why don't you want to throw candy?
  • Mom: It's pure sugar. Poison. I could throw cough drops?
  • Me: Cough drops are just mentholated candy. Besides, no one in your church is younger than 50. If you're going to throw cough drops you may as well throw prunes and antacid while you're at it.
  • Me: You could throw condoms...
  • Mom: *Gasp shock horror no*
  • Mom: Hmmm. There's that box of little geodes in the attic from your grandmother's rock shop.
  • Me: Mom.
  • Mom: I could throw those...
  • Me: MOM. Think about what you are saying.
  • Mom: What? I think that would be a cool thing to give out!
  • Me: Your plan is literally to represent your church by throwing rocks at queer people as you walk by.
  • Mom: Oh. I see your point. I guess that isn't very Open and Affirming, is it?
  • Me: No, mom. No, it's not.