poison and roxy

Quite a few of Earth’s poisonous animals are brightly colored, so as to ward off predators.

Terezi licks brightly colored things to investigate them.



some of my gotham rouge gallery inspired au, with lil cal as a scarface equivalent, and dirk as his ventriloquist, roxy as cyber hacking & tracking catwoman, rose as a sort of harlequin and scarecrow hybrid, and porrim and kanaya as poison ivy vampires. 

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40 Day Pokémon Challenge

Day 24: Favorite Poison type

¡A smiling smoke ball that seems to be going to explode in your face! 
That smile and his skull mark… definitely he was born to being an evil pokémon, from James’s Koffing to Roxie’s Koffing, all of them are pretty cool.

Where my Badass Kingsmen Fans at?

So, all y’all digging all this fluff and romance and marriage and stuff, you’re all great, lemme tell ya, i’m here for that, totally.


What i really wanna explore in the kingsmen universe, is the BA BAMFS the knights actually are. 

Fuck the wedding ceremony and cuddling watching movies, lets blow shit up! Lets tear down whole governments! Let’s stab a man! (SET THE POSTOFFICE ABLAZE!) 

Let’s watch as Percival daintily dabs at the corner of his mouth with his napkin at a banquet table surrounded by 30 other people who then all fall face first into their soup fucking dead because he poisoned the whole dinner party. 

Roxy scales a building in her tactical gear, breaks into wherever a la catwoman style and then leaps from the roof in a stealth wingsuit to glide away while flames lick up its sides.

Bors undercovers with whatever American special ops force into the middle east on a ‘terrorist sting’ and then kills the whole American group himself after confirming their negligence and antagonizing war mongering with otherwise peaceful locals.

Eggsy drug running from Venezuela to the US and while aboard the tanker ship carrying the cargo he just sinks the whole damn thing and escapes by climbing aboard a nearby cuban refuge raft and helping them cross the rest of the way to florida.

Gawain killing innocents because he has been in deep cover for years and he has to make the hard decision of sacrificing a few lives to save the hundreds, and he is able to do that because he is a professional. 

Merlin and his team watching with hard eyes because they have become immune to the horrors of this world and the things they see are terrible but the things they do are necessary to stop them. 

There will always be evil on this planet and kingsmen, while essentially mercenaries, are able to choose the paths that lead to the best possible outcome. 

And Harry Hart, Arthur, sits at his desk and reviews and approves of these missions. He makes the tough decisions and his knights are loyal so long as their morals align.

Come and talk to me about this, I’d love to headcanon jam with you. 
Even about badass boyfriendos. Harry trusting Eggsy to complete his mission even if its morally grey in its parameters, Eggsy trusting his king to not lead him astray. Merlin supporting him en route and even after. Kingsmen medical, a fully functioning hospital and surgical center at the very top of its class even if it is secret, and kingsmen psychologists vetted and trained to heal the mental scars alongside their physical ones. 

Kingsmen, a highly professional and discrete business breeding only the very best agents to perform the very best work. 

I’m looking for the Hartwin single-chapter fanfic where Eggsy, Roxy, and Charlie have to seduce Harry as a practice honeypot mission before they do the actual honeypot mission. There were condoms that changed color when they detected poison. Roxy was a lesbian. Help??

I raised Roxy & Poison for about a year since they were wee lasses. My great friends KrisRix and Simon have been raising them wonderfully since that. Recently they’ve both come down with various health problems common in older rodents (they are about 2.5 years old)

Poison is especially suffering from breathing problems, and hearing her little gasping breaths at the vet today was awful. But we got some new medicine that they both will respond to. But its gonna be touch and go for a few days.

Stay strong ladies!

Rat Update!

Visited Poison & Roxy at the home of krisrix last night, and I was so relieved! Both girls, especially Poison (who had the breathing problems) are definitely on the mend! Myself and fakegamergirly spent a good 2 hours playing with both ratties, and saw the new baby rats as well!

I’m sorry if my week on the podcast was a bit of a downer (I saw some people make a comment or two) but if I’m asked to talk about my week, I’m not gonna sugar coat it. But I’m ecstatic that all the rats are energetic and happy once more. While this doesn’t mean they are out of the woods 100%, it’s really a super encouraging sign!

I’ll also take the opportunity to say that if anyone is considering, rats really make awesome fucking pets. If you can’t handle a dog or lack the patience for a cat, ratties are so inquisitive, loving, and just really fun to have around!