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Where are all the RebelCaptain WWII AUs?

I need Jeanne Erso, whose father, a French physicist, was captured by the Nazis and forced to work on a top-secret weapons project. Unknown to his German masters, he constructed plans to subvert it from within, and sent a young Wehrmacht driver with a message about the weapon to his daughter and the old partisan leader whose band Jeanne had once been involved with. 

I need Casián Andor, Spanish saboteur and freedom-fighter, determined to destroy fascism as a member of the French Resistance, accompanied by his overly-blunt British partner, Kay, a strategist with near mechanical powers of recall and observation. 

I need Imre and Malbusse, veterans of the Great War and former priests, who join with Jeanne and Casián as part of a plan to secretly cross into the Greater German Reich and steal the weapon design, thereby revealing the single flaw built into its system.

I need forged passports, encrypted messages, forest hideouts, poisons and antidotes, pistols hidden in the folds of newspapers, meetings with informants in the dark corners of cabarets, kisses stolen just as the bombs explode. 

I need love and war and death and I need it all right now. 

the sting in the scorpio tail is venomous. but this is also the potion of medicines…poisons.. the antidote. the difference between medication and poison is the dose. this sign was always associated with sorcery. in modern times, this is pharmacy. scorpio resonates highly with health and healing. their witches brew is medicine 

There is no Flash without Caitlin Snow

This post was triggered by claims on twitter about Caitlin being useless and other non-sensical ones like “when did she save Barry”. Although we have nothing to prove, it was fun going through the episodes again and cataloguing Dr. Snow’s contributions to date. I went ahead and included the times she saved the day, cause why stop at Barry:

1x02: Caitlin came up with the idea to identify and overcome Danton Black, saving Barry from a severe beating from the former’s clone army.

1x03: She performed the pulmonary biopsy that saved Barry from the poison gas; she developed the antidote that saved Joe’s life; and she (and Wells) told Barry how to beat the Mist.

1x05: Haters ask, “What is the point of Caitlin treating wounds that heal…” Well, she found the tracker in Plastique’s bullet wound during one of those alleged “useless” moments. This allowed the team to leave before Eiling found Plastique at S.T.A.R. Labs. If it hadn’t been for Wells, Plastique would probably be alive. Moving on…

1x06: Barry fractured his hand AND dislocated his shoulder while fighting Girder. Haters will again say, “Barry heals fast so that is not needed”. On the contrary. The joint needs to be made immovable, and Dr. Snow painstakingly does that every single time.

1x07: Barry was without his speed here and Caitlin saved him from Blackout right after Tony’s death. Also, Barry didn’t believe in himself in this episode and he said to Caitlin, “It doesn’t matter what I believe. What do you believe?”. When she affirmed her belief in him, Barry “became one with his powers”. This was huge, guys. 

1x08: Although Wells and Joe helped Oliver out on the field to reverse Barry’s colour psychosis, guess who came up with the idea while talking to Felicity? Yeah. 

1x13: Caitlin prevented Firestorm from hurting Barry. 

1x14: She prevented Ronnie and Barry from being captured by Eiling. And yes, she took out those hundreds of pins before Barry started healing. 

1x15: Caitlin’s idea to form a vortex barrier along the coastline to stop the tsunami resulted in Barry running back in time. “How fast?” - “I don’t know if you can run that fast.” Challenge accepted. That saved Cisco, and so many other lives.

1x16: Her “lightning psychosis” idea saved Barry’s friendship with Eddie and diffused the tension with !ris. Although this is not saving his life, she went out of her way to patch things up between them. And people hate on this cupcake. Whatever. Thank you @snowbarry-flashfrost for highlighting this.

1x19: She slapped Barry out of unconsciousness. We all know that was unnecessary. As ROL put it, that guy heals like Wolverine. But we got that scene, and so she did save him. That look at the end though. Also, she came up with the idea to stop Everyman.

2x01: They defeated Atom Smasher using Caitlin’s idea. Caitlin was the reason Barry could watch the video. This allowed them to keep S.T.A.R. Labs and get Henry out of prison AND get Team Flash back together.

2x04: Caitlin came up with the idea to save Prof. Stein. Although she made the wrong choice with Hewitt, she immediately corrected it by convincing Jax (successfully) to become the other half of Firestorm. Oh and then she and Cisco told Barry and Firestorm how to beat Hewitt. Just another day in the life of Dr. Snow.

2x06: After Cisco shot Zoom, Caitlin patched Barry up.

2x07: She prevented Grodd from crushing Barry, even though that was not part of the plan. She risked her own life.

2x08: She created Velocity-6, which in turn helped save Harry’s life and ultimately allowed Team Flash to uncover Zoom’s identity. C’mon. This lady here is the heart of the team. Period.

2x12: She told Barry how to stop Tar Pit.

2x14: Ok so I know it was Killer Frost but it was her inner Caitlin that made her help the team. She took them to Zoom’s lair, released Jesse, tried letting Barry out, and ultimately saved the whole gang from Zoom. That even her evil doppelgänger, her worst self, is actually not beyond reform says a lot about Caitlin’s strength as a character (and as a heroine). She is that awesome. Oh and then our Caitlin saved !ris and S.T.A.R. Labs from Geomancer.

2x16: Caitlin put a micro-tracker in the V-9 that helped the team locate Trajectory, and allowed Barry to remove people from the bridge before 200 lives were lost. Yes, I remember the number of lives saved. Don’t judge me.

2x18: Caitlin BEGGED for Barry’s life. Begged - with her hands clasped, her eyes watering, her voice breaking. And that’s not canon? 

2x20: “You’re only alive because of Caitlin.” This was the second time that Zoom could have killed Barry and again Caitlin was the difference between his life and death. Although Zoom killed those police officers, Caitlin warned the team that Rupture would attack Jitters, allowing them to be prepared.

3x01: Caitlin’s idea allowed the team to locate the Rival. Even though she was held against her will, this girl saved the day.

3x04: Caitlin got Barry out of the mirror. Although the writers haven’t addressed that at all. I thought Cisco would get to the bottom of that mystery. Oh well.

3x06: She loaned Barry her power-dampening cuffs to capture Shade.

3x07: Caitlin saved Barry from Savitar; she also created the serum for Wally so he could come back to S.T.A.R. Labs. 

LOT (Crossover): Caitlin involved Stein’s daughter. She helped him reconcile with her. Without her intervention, and the resulting weapon, the Legends of Superflarrow would have failed against the Dominators. *Bows to the queen*. 

3x09: Caitlin again saved both Barry and Wally when she convinced Cisco to close the Philosopher’s Stone box.

This list is not exhaustive obviously and I will keep updating it. I hope this comes in handy the next time bullies try to demean Dr. Caitlin Snow or overlook her importance in Barry’s life and as part of Team Flash. If I missed anything, please let me know and I will add it. 

@snowbarry-flashfrost has also made a video showing all the times Caitlin has saved Barry. Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3c10y9_w_s

And before you haters attack me, all of the above came from the show. These are facts. The writers came up with them, not me. There is no Flash without Caitlin Snow. Deal with it.

I often have trouble holding my tongue and my poisoned words lash across your back in a way that sorry cannot heal. You tell me that it’s okay but it’s not because one day you’re going to buckle under the weight of the invisible strokes that line your body, one day you’ll flinch for the last time and one day you’ll realise just how lethal my venomous mouth is. It will not be okay.
(I have a poison on my tongue and I think you’re my antidote.)
—  ~Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #2

do you ever just think about how luke would kiss you? like softly on your second date, hidden behind the ice cream place and giggling as his coffee-flavored lips land on yours in between shy smiles, or passionately when he needs you badly and his hair is a mess of sweat and curls while his large, long hands are leaving trails all over your body and his pink lips are applying so much pressure to yours it’s like he’s poisoned and you’re the antidote and he needs to drink it to the last drop to survive, or when he’s drunk and clingy and hanging on to you like a 6 foot koala bear resting his head on your shoulder as he’s closing his eyes with a content smile and telling you how pretty you are in a slurred voice as he’s smothering your face in little kisses and the only thing that makes him stop is his head hitting the pillow for the night

Poison and His Antidotes

“Have you told your husband about the feelings you had last session?” Dr. Keith asked softly as she mindlessly scribbled her pen against the clipboard perched on her lap.

Dean’s eyes wondered around her office as he shuffled his feet nervously from where he sat and swallowed the lies he wished he could tell her. “I didn’t.”

“May I ask why not?”

“I’m paying you to.” Dean sent her a smirk but her eyes never rose to meet his. Clearing this throat to pretend that joke never happened, he sat more upward in the chair and clasped his hands over his lap. “I was gonna. I had everything all planned on how to tell him… but it’s so hard. I mean, I love him. I can’t… I can’t tell him that I…”

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All the lies I’ve had to tell you

Prompt: This was done for @hardertobreatheat-night‘s Angels of Supernatural Challenge. My song was “I’ve Got All This Ringing In My Ears and none on my fingers” by Fallout Boy.

Words: 1,049

Pairing: GabrielxReader

A/N: Angst. Be warned. 

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Nick Fury is literally more important than all of your white faves because without him they’d not only not have formed the Avengers Initiative but they’d all be dead.