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Fulton and Urban Exploring Tips

I just love urban exploring; I can’t get enough of it. These pictures are from when I went wandering around Fulton Gas Works here in Richmond with a friend of mine.

Pro tip: Always bring a trusted friend

If you do take the risk of going exploring in ruins, remember to always take a trusted friend and always be ready for the unexpected. You never know if you may come across an aggressive animal, a person’s living space, or accidentally get injured on the dilapidation.

Pro tip: Do not escalate random encounters

It’s always a possibility that an abandoned building or space may have someone living in it, whether temporary or more permanently. If you come across someone, make sure to let them know you mean them no harm. If they tell you to leave, do so. Don’t risk getting seriously hurt by someone upset that you’re in their sleeping quarters just for some good photos.

Pro tip: Watch where you walk at all times

When it comes to accidental injuries, keep an eye out for caved-in ceilings, rusted ladders, missing ladder rungs or steps on a staircase, holes in the floor, broken glass, and various debris that you could trip over in the dark. Make sure every step you make is deliberate and your footing is stable. If you do this you can decrease your potential for accidental injuries drastically.

Pro tip: Get a tetanus shot and always carry a flashlight

Make sure you’ve had a tetanus shot within the past 10 years–it is very benefitial if you happen to step on a nail or get cut by rusted metal. And ALWAYS make sure you take a flashlight and extra batteries with you.

Safe travels!


Today I learned that Mary, an English Bulldog that I have been dogsitting for over a year now, passed away recently. When I would take care of her, I treated her as if she were my own pet and companion. When I wasn’t watching her I would miss her so much–she was so silly. She slept most of the day, only to wake up for a few hours to sit inside of the back sliding glass door, barking to be allowed in the pool. The pool was her exercise; because of her joints and stature, she was unable to go on walks like her fellow housemates Marley and Francis. She really enjoyed swimming all over the pool, chasing an orange basketball and hitting it around the pool by biting at it.

Mary had a heart attack while she was doing what she loved most: chasing her ball in the pool. Mary always made me laugh. May she rest in peace with as many naps as she desires, and all the balls and pools to chase them in. My heart’s broken. I’ve lost a good friend in Mary. R.I.P. Mary ♥