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AU where Beryl is the only threat ever. NO one but Usagi and the Inners are ever awakened.

  • There is no Crystal Tokyo
  • CT is built on the back of tragedy and danger, in peace it can never come to be
  • Chibiusa is born in the 21st century, an ordinary child, a happy child with parents who treat her as their whole world
  • The Inners live relatively happy lives in simple peace, thought they’re never truly free. The threat that something else could come never goes away.
  • Haruka moves through life like a tornado, unable to calm the wind inside her. She can never shake the feeling she’s forgotten something, there’s a nagging at the back of her mind to do something, to be ready, to never sleep lest the moment comes
  • Michiru has always been a raging sea beneath a placid surface, she cannot distinguish the inexplicable emptiness inside her from the emptiness her poised life brings
  • She has dreams sometimes– she does not know enough to call them visions– of a past life spent fighting, and of fights that could come but never do
  • (Not awakening is different than not reincarnating, and having a part of you forever asleep is a cruel fate)
  • They never find each other, the poised socialite and the mechanic that blows through jobs and barely gets by. They went to the same school, once upon a time, but Michiru could never approach someone like Haruka.
  • Years before Beryl even came on the scene, a little girl died in a fire. No entities came to offer her father a deal for her life.
  • Pluto sits at her door. No sad child comes to befriend her. She has to believe it’s better this way. She’s found a peaceful timeline. It’s the best option. It has to be.

Title: Awaken - If It Can Bleed Part Seven

Characters/Pairing: Dean x Female!Reader, Sam (Mentioned), Sybil (OC Villian)

Word Count: 1100 (Sorry it’s so short!)

Warnings: Blood, Character Death, Supernatural Type Violence.

Series Summary: The reader is a genetically enhanced assassin who’s on the run from her creator, but what will happen when she get’s taken back to the bunker by Sam and Dean? Or falls for one of the Winchesters…

Author’s Note: Wow we’re almost done, just one more part! And I’m sorry this one is so short, guys. I just planned poorly and everything that happened here was supposed to be part of Chosen but I thought it would be too long if it was all together so I decided to make it a separate part at the last minute and now it’s a little too short. But it’s what we’ve got now so I’m going with it! Enjoy :D

If It Can Bleed: Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six


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     Your hands shook as the body hit the floor.

      It had all happened so fast. One moment you were kneeling on the cold, tiled floor of the lab, the hard ceramic biting into you knees as you stared up at the woman who’d destroyed your life. Next thing you knew you were being sent across the room, knife in hand, one thought drowning out all others in your confused, jumbled head: Kill Dean Winchester.

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Can I uhhhhh get some ahhhhhhhhh Crusader proposals?

Joseph is a man who makes big and showy statements, and his proposal will be no different. He’s enthusiastic, and has probably been planning this exact moment for two weeks in advance. When it comes down to it, though, all of his careful preparation ends up going out of the window. Instead of waiting for the waiter to bring out the cake iced with a message, he fumbles in his pocket before the starters are even out and produces a beautiful, brilliant diamond ring. He just can’t help himself. The cake is rendered redundant, but at least it’s still delicious.

Jotaro, on the other hand, does nothing that would be described as ‘showy’. He can’t stand bringing attention to himself. He’s fairly traditional, though, so he will at least ensure there’s a proposal and a beautiful ring from him to present his s/o with. He’ll do it on a quiet night at home, though, blush suffusing his cheeks and he mumbles out a ‘Will you marry me?’

Avdol loves with fierce passion, but he’s not a man who likes to show off in front of others. A public proposal wouldn’t be right for him; he prefers to wait until he and his s/o are somewhere romantic, alone. He perhaps offers to read their cards on a balmy night on the balcony of their apartment, and as he reads their future card he mentions, off-handedly, a new family and a new life poised to begin, before he reaches into his robe to pull out the ring.

Kakyoin wants his s/o to remember his proposal, but he’s not one for too much attention in public. He might propose outside - perhaps on a moonlight stroll through a forest or park - but he won’t do it with others around. The ring he presents his s/o with is simple but beautiful, and with it he gives them a sketch of the two of them together he drew after their first date. S/O’s heart melts. 

Polnareff is the most like Joseph - this is a man who loves the idea of being in love, and finally bringing it to its most logical conclusion fills his heart and throat with butterflies. He can’t wait to see their face - he tries to be very serious, taking them by the hand and leading them to a table in his favourite fancy restaurant, before he sinks to his knees. “Chaton,” he begins, and he continues to give a ten minute impassioned speech about everything that is beautiful and wonderful about his s/o. Who could say no to him after that? 

We All Fall Down: J-Hope Imagine

Request:  Can I get a bts J Hope imagine where I’m a successful performer like Bts but the hectic schedules and hate from people cause me to snap and have a breakdown but J Hope is the only one who can calm me down and make me feel better

A/N: Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening lovely people, sorry this one took a little while to write I just really wanted to get it right! Requests are closed at the moment so I will be working super hard on the ones I’ve got at the moment. Anyway, hope you enjoy! xx

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It had been a long week to say the least. Heck, it had been a long month. When you looked back on the past few weeks it was a blur of flashing lights, microphones, dance practices, interviews answering the same questions over and over: just the thought made your head spin and your throat become dry.

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Rarepair: Lardo/George. I mean, they're both badass women in charge of corralling a large group of hockey-playing man-children. I think they'd get along.

Georgia Martin did not get flustered.

George was an Olympic medalist. She managed aggressive, sometimes immature athletes for a living. She had overcome a thousand shades of bigotry in her life with poise and cutting wit. There was very little that scared George, or even made her uncomfortable.

Then Jack and Bitty hosted a party, and she met Lardo.

For one, a woman who willingly went by the name Lardo? That took either serious guts or a total disregard for anyone else’s opinion. George was immediately fascinated by this tiny, silent woman with the undercut and torn denim dress.

Oh, George, have you met Lard- Larissa?” Jack asked, hand on her back as he led her into the kitchen. Bitty was whirling around, mixing pots and plating chips, ever the dutiful host. Lardo was perched on the counter, occasionally stopping him to feed him sips of wine.

“‘Sup,” Lardo said to George, nodding in greeting. “Boys call me Lardo. Team manager for Samwell.”

“Nice to meet you,” George said, stopping Bitty to hand him the wine she’d brought. Bitty gasped and hugged her in thanks, then was off again to shout directions at someone named Chowder. “Boys call me George. Assistant GM.”

“So, you save their asses on a daily basis?” Lardo asked, sipping at her own beer. “Samesies.”

“Lardo’s the most efficient team manager Samwell’s ever had,” Jack told George, stopping Bitty and tucking an arm around him to hold him still for a quick moment. Bitty leaned against Jack, looking weary and nervous. George wanted to smooth back his bangs and sit him down with a glass of wine and blanket. “She totally re-did our scheduling system, had room assignments down to an art form. Could give you a run for your money, George.”

And then Lardo winked at her, and George was rendered absolutely speechless.

Good lord, she was fucked.
And if she was really lucky, Bitty and Jack would keep hosting parties.

Send me OMGCP rare pairs and I’ll write ficlets

The other mad

I listen now
In places I didn’t
Tangible words
An art unto itself

Dreamy castillo
Of transient fog
A lakeshore of solace
Quaint exhibitions

Extract a page
That it may alter progress
Lose the physical record
Tacit maneuver to fully avoid

Living memorandum
Arbitrary glamour
An instrument no longer
Gathered and poised

Obscuring of life
With ideals of fulfilment
Scarcely admitting
The calmly absurd

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Hi, this isn't one of the four word prompts but i haven't been able to stop thinking about dexnursey and bodyshots?? at a kegster or smthing and theyre wasted and someone yells bodyshots and dex gets all blushy and idk if you wanna take a crack at it

I legit screamed when I saw this prompt. I am so mad at myself for not thinking of this earlier?? Body shots are my JAM HOLY CRAP. 

(canon typical alcohol abuse below)

Dex is getting ready to win a game of beer pong for the first time in his life. He’s poised and ready, fingers curled around the only slightly dented ball. He can do this. He can beat Caitlin Farmer at beer pong. 

“BODY SHOTS!!!” Out of nowhere, Ransom slams Holster down on the pong table, knocking several cups of beer over in the process. He doesn’t seem to care, too busy shoving Holster’s t-shirt up towards his arm pits. Dex watches with a mix of fascination and horror as Ransom drags his tongue across Holster’s abs just a little bit too slow. He might crush the ping pong ball in his hand. (He’s buzzed and Ransom and Holster are hot. Sue him). 

Someone hands Ransom the giant container of salt out of Bitty’s kitchen, and he dumps some into his hand, sprinkling it across the area he just licked. Holster giggles, the table groaning under his weight. This is going to end badly. 

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okay but the verbal language and the body language. levi saying on the bottom, “I have to make a choice now.” (x) and we already know isayama acknowledges acwnr as canon. these parallels, levi on his knees before the man he’ll come to devote his life to, poised with making a life-changing choice. 

this feels deliberate. this feels like a beginning and an end.

As a Medical Illustrator: What Do I Say?

** This is a catalogue of a few things I’ve encountered recently; all opinions are my own. I have had my fair share of amazing clients and some wonderful collaborations. This is just trying to finally formalize the hard-to-answer and awkward situations; your own experiences or feedback is welcome.

  • Well I’m doing YOU a favour. I’m submitting to a high-impact journal so I’m giving you exposure.”

The above statement is only partially true. I approach medical illustration (especially for journals and research) as more of a symbiotic relationship between art and science than some researchers would, per se.  Without the science, we wouldn’t have the art, but without the art, there is a communication breakdown from author to reader. I am a specialist here to bridge that gap. Without me, your article in the ‘high-impact journal’ may not have as much 'impact’ as you expect.

  • Further, having your artwork on the cover is something very prestigious and can be added to your portfolio.”

Furthermore, this is the one thing I have encountered the most that infuriates me. Don’t tell me what is and isn’t prestigious – especially that it’s something I can include in my portfolio*. What’s worse is that they assume that high-impact or prestige can buffer the illustrator’s payment. For instance, Scientific American/Nature/etc have a huge audience, naturally, their covers would pay much higher than some no-name journal published in-house. Can you guess which cover artist would cost more?
I don’t dictate how you should practice medicine, so please don’t assume you understand my field; what may be prestigious for you may not be as prestigious for me. Plot twist, unfortunately, a static image won’t have much bearing on my portfolio because the local biomedical studios are hiring based on our animation/interactive work. 

I have encountered instances where some researchers look down on the illustrator - as if we only provide a service for their convenience and at their disposal. One client, so kindly compared me to just someone who comes in to tinker with what’s already there (i.e. a plumber). I gently reminded them that unless they knew how to fix a toilet themselves, that even the nicest house can be ruined by faulty plumbing.
Scoffing the chef because he serves you food? And you’re not an Michelin-starred chef yourself? smart.

*Under the contract I had signed, I own copyright of the image, so the matter of portfolio-inclusion was null.

Hint for clients: never use the word “exploit” in conversation to define how you perceive my biomedical work. LOL yes this has also happened.

  • “Well according to the contract we signed […]”

ALL OR NOTHING. You cannot pick and choose which parts of the contract you want to quote. As an illustrator, I ensured that all my deadlines were kept. If you want to start quoting the contract, you shouldn’t have broken a few clauses on your end. Because I will quote them. And I will use them. A contract is meant to be kept on both ends.

  • “How long does that take you to do this? Why is it so expensive?”

This is a profession. This is a specialized field. A certified medical illustrator graduating from an accredited program means we’ve suffered alongside our medschool peers to be competent in scientific knowledge. We also are extremely comfortable with a large variety of software.
Rendering a single, static 3D image can take up to days. It is paramount to explain workflow to clients because they aren’t familiar with this. Animations take a very long time to render, and so their budget for a 10min animation may not be feasible.

New illustrators: don’t undersell yourself.

  • “I can just do this in Microsoft Paint.”

No hate on Microsoft Paint, but hey if you can, then all power to you. What do you need me for?

  • “So can you just copy it from <insert source here> and […] ”

NO: that is called plagiarism. That is copyright infringement. More often than not, researchers pull up reference photos that are the first or second image on their Google Image results and I have to explain to them terms of use, copying. And yes, WE CAN USE IMAGES AS REFERENCE PHOTOS but I caution those who trace and steal.
I drew a heart recently. To ensure my anatomical accuracy, I had about 8-10 images for reference - 6 textbooks, ¾ online sources. FOR REFERENCE. Not as foundation for my illustration. This apparently is a controversial issue for some, but for me: an ethical workflow creates an honest portfolio.

Empty Threats & Hollow Lies (Part Nine)

Have you ever wondered what John was doing while Sam and Dean were searching for him? Here’s my take on it. 

This story begins shortly before Season 1 of Supernatural. Sam’s away at Stanford, Dean is hunting on his own, and you (the reader) have been hunting with John for a few years, but now, you’re embarking on a romantic relationship with him. 

Buckle up, kiddos. This is gonna be a bumpy ride. ;)

CHARACTERS: John Winchester, female reader, OFC
WARNINGS: Smut, language, angst, family secrets, the plot thickens

AUTHOR NOTE: If you’ve ever seen the show Magic City (an incredible JDM Starz show), the character of Meg is who I imagined as the reader’s Aunt Cookie. If you don’t know who I’m talking about, there’s a photo I found on Google that will clue you in as you read.

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You threw your head back, teeth clenching together as you swiveled your hips. You gasped, lurching forward, digging your nails into John’s chest until he groaned. You flattened your hands, feeling the hair on his chest tickle your palms, tossing your head back again when he thrust his hips up.

“Oh, god, John. Oh–”

Your mouth opened in a silent scream and you felt your body twitch as your orgasm slammed into you. You vaguely heard John say your name in a drawn-out groan as he thrust his hips up again, and you fell forward, collapsing onto his chest, both of you panting for breath.

You felt his hand land heavy in the middle of your back and you moved your head slightly, placing a kiss right over his heart. He gave a wheezing chuckle before he spoke.

“You … are going … to kill me, woman.”

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Colton is the best Mortal Kombat player I’ve ever seen in my life! Fanta and I were under the impression that we would have to teach Colton to play Mortal Kombat. Colton comes over, and in four hours, I only beat him once! He knew every character… I’m still astonished. We were up until two in the morning playing Mortal Kombat last night, and I only beat him once.


WHY SHE DESERVES A NOD: Being a modern British 1940s woman who is transported to Scotland circa 1743 is not an easy reality for Outlander’s Claire to absorb, and Balfe has brought that struggle to life with poise and determination. Rather than allowing her character to become a poor, lost-in-time-and-place damsel, the actress brings such steely strength and resolve to Claire — even under the most dire of circumstances — that we believe she will always find her way.

Emmys 2015: Lead Actress in a Drama Series — Our 6 Dream Nominees!