narrow visions of autonomy, you want me to surrender my identity //

aka i was tagged by party-pois0n to post 6 selfies, i’m going to see against me! and frnkiero andthe cellabration tonight, and also today is the “agender” day of the lgbt selfie month thing so i am here

only do this if you want to but the people i tag are ninchuser, sugarweregointotheblackparade, kellinquin, killinitquinn, ishipkellic69, aaand i can’t think of anyone else atm so i tag anyone else who wants to do this !!!

…é até engraçado, você para pra refletir e seu coração falha, aí que você começa a entender que nós temos que dançar conforme a melodia, não importando o gênero dela (…)
—  deadly-pois0n