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skeez-queen13  asked:

Random Message + 1 question: NGL when I saw how super stoked you were over Roadhog's Maori outfit I got super stoked for you too *haha. This might sound silly but do you see lot of Maori culture in New Zealand?

it’s not silly at all ahaha

hmm…i think new zealand has a ton of maori culture of course- we sing maori songs in primary school, practice kapa haka with pois and the skirts, eat the traditional dinners of boil up and hangis (hangis are really special. they’re usually reserved for parties since they take hours to cook) then there’re the mokos, dances, whares, clothing and of course the music c:

for me personally, i wasn’t exactly “surrounded” by the culture but…i did grow up with a lot of it, all mentioned above heh

sorry if this didn’t answer your question skeez, i tried lmao