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“The original novel [Dumb Witness] was dedicated to her [Agatha Christie’s] own wire-haired terrier - ‘To dear Peter,’ it read, 'most faithful of friends and dearest of companions. A dog in a thousand.’
I felt exactly the same way about the terrier in our film. He captivated me from the moment I set eyes on him. The little dog, whose real name was actually Snubby, became my dear friend. [..] My now ever-expanding fan club wrote to tell me how much they enjoyed it [the episode], so they also told me, the sales of wire-haired terriers shot up exponentially after it was shown for the first time in March 1996.”
- David Suchet, Poirot and Me


“My name is Hercule Poirot and I am probably the greatest detective in the world.” - Agatha Christie, The Mystery of the Blue Train


“It is not so that the good detective should act, eh? I perceive your thought. He must be full of energy. He must rush to and fro. He should prostrate himself on the dusty road and seek the marks of tyres through a little glass. He must gather up the cigarette-end, the fallen match? That is your idea, is it not?”

His eyes challenged us. “But I - Hercule Poirot - tell you that it is not so! The true clues are within - here!” He tapped his forehead. “See you, I need not have left London. It would have been sufficient for me to sit quietly in my rooms there. All that matters is the little grey cells within. Secretly and silently they do their part, until suddenly I call for a map, and I lay my finger on a spot - so - and I say: the Prime Minister is there! And it is so! With method and logic one can accomplish anything!”

- Agatha Christie, Poirot Investigates: The Kidnapped Prime Minister


*Poirot adorableness intensifies*


Poirot’s chief personality characteristic was undoubtedly his overweening - but lovable - egotism. On rare occasions he would present an appearance of modesty, but it was patently so forced and false that it fooled no one. Some of his own evaluations from one story or another: “Hercule Poirot… is of a cleverness quite exceptional;” “impossible to deceive Hercule Poirot;” “me, I know everything.”
- Russell H. Fitzgibbon, The Agatha Christie Companion


“Is this room exactly as it was then?”
“The curtains were drawn, sir. And the electric light was on.”


1/?: Sherlock/Poirot similarities & parallels


Your “hapy” picture with camel, 5 piastras


Like an egg in a pot
(Poirot is what you’d call a “foodie”)


Who needs footwork when you’re Hercule Poirot? ;)


Names: Elizabeth, Margaret, and James - so many abbreviations, all in a row … 

From Poirot’s “Peril at End House” - an exchange between Poirot, his secretary Miss Lemon, Captain Hastings (Poirot’s Watson), and Chief Inspector Japp (Poirot’s Lestrade).

In BBC Sherlock, we’ve had the trifecta of Elizabeth, James, and Maggie (Margaret) … names, names are important. 

Transcript of the scene: 

Miss Lemon: It’s not like Elizabeth, where you can have dozens - Eliza, Liz, Betty, Betsy, Bess.

Poirot: Thank you, Miss Lemon.Yes, that’s very -

Miss Lemon: Oh Margaret - that has a lot, too. Maggie, Madge.

Captain Hastings: Margo.

Miss Lemon: Peggy.

Hastings: Marjorie, Meg, Meggie … 

Another feature of interest: the trio of names are referred to only in the television adaptation. In the book, Agatha Christie has only the Margaret reference.