In my life I’ve made exactly one android oc and I was when I was freshly turned 13 and very into vocaloid. I’ve been playing a certain game and felt like drawing her. her name is Wakana and she needs to put some clothes on 

American Gods Alphabet: Kobold

I really love American Gods and mythology so I made an alphabetic list of every reference made in the novel.

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Kobold (503)

kobold (German) Mischievous spirits known to live in mines. They are neither malevolent or benevolent, but rather act as unpredictable tricksters, who could either help or harm passersby. Kobolds are considered to be extremely ugly, taking on the appearance of little devils, with tails, pointy shoes, and feet instead of hands. (see: Hinzelmann)

All names/terms are depicted with the page in which they first appear in the American Gods Tenth Anniversary Edition of the author’s preferred text.

Read the whole encyclopedia here

I needed dog dads Ziam thanks to that pic of Zayn on the right. All flannel and domesticity. For @otpsoulmates for encouraging my nonsense and generally being the awesomest. <333

Morning workout and shower accomplished, Liam has been sitting in front of the soundboard in their small studio for the past half hour mostly just messing around. He doesn’t know if he’ll actually accomplish anything today, but there’s something soothing about it anyway. Behind him he hears the soft shuffle of socked feet and the tell tale click of a herd of little claws on the hardwood floor.

“Good morning,” he greets, half turning to smile up at a dressed but still sleepy Zayn.

“‘Morning beb,” Zayn replies, his accent always thicker when he’s just woken up. “Whatcha doin?”

Liam shrugs. “Not much. Just playing.”

Zayn reaches over Liam’s shoulder to snag his cup of tea and take a sip. He makes a face. “Too much sugar.”

Liam hides a smile. It’s a ritual that’s been going on for years. “Yours is in the kitchen.”

Zayn takes the seat next to Liam and leans in to hook his chin over Liam’s shoulder. His facial hair scrapes gently against Liam’s neck, sending a subtle shiver down his spine. Liam glances to his left to see Zayn’s eyelids drooping closed. He chuckles and nudges him softly in the ribs.

“Seriously, Z, go get your tea.” Liam gestures toward the soundboard. “You want a go?”

“Nah.” Zayn shakes his head and slowly rises to his feet. “Gonna read maybe.”

“Alright. Take the beasts with you, yeah? They always want to jump up on here.”

“Yeah, okay.” Zayn laughs and drops a kiss on Liam’s temple. “C’mon, kids, let’s go to the kitchen.”

All three dogs excitedly follow Zayn out of the room, jumping on each other on the way out. Liam doesn’t know if they know the word kitchen or if they just tend to follow whoever is up and moving at the moment. Either way, it’s kind of adorable.

It doesn’t take long for the room to feel too empty and for the restlessness to settle in. Liam sometimes feels he’s no better than the dogs with the way he needs to seek Zayn out and just be in his presence when they’re both home at the same time. There’s something soothing about just sharing space with him, whether they’re talking or not. It’s like curling under a pile of blankets in the winter or stepping into a hot shower after a workout.

Zayn is stretched out on the sofa with his book by the time Liam finds him. Liam takes a moment to appreciate Zayn’s unstyled hair and black framed glasses and how soft he looks like this. It’s rare that they get the chance to just relax together without one of them running off for an appointment or a flight or a meeting. Rumpled, relaxed Zayn is always his favorite.

Liam settles in on the opposite end of their gigantic sofa that they spent ages shopping for because finding one that was long enough for this and wide enough for joint naps and cushy but not too cushy was practically impossible. He tangles their legs together, feet tucked under Zayn’s calves because Liam is too comfortable to go get socks now. Zayn smirks at him and pokes at Liam’s thighs with his bony toes.

“Ow,” Liam complains half-heartedly.

“There’s literally a blanket right next to you,” Zayn points out.

Liam sticks his tongue out childishly. “You’re more comfortable.”

“You say that now, but you’ll be whining about your feet falling asleep in an hour.”

“Then I’ll use the blanket in an hour,” Liam responds, shoving his feet further under Zayn’s legs.

Zayn rolls his eyes and laughs. “I’ll remind you of that when you start complaining.”

He returns to his book, still grinning, and Liam watches him for a moment just because. If Liam could spend forever exactly like this he thinks he’d be content. Just him and Zayn and their menagerie, locked away from the world in a universe of their own design.

Outside, rain batters against the windows steadily. The gloom of the darkened sky makes the house feel cozier somehow, a haven against the elements. Liam feels drowsy and happy, for once not feeling like he should be up and doing something. At his elbow, Marley whines softly. Liam looks down to three sets of puppy eyes staring up at him.

“You guys want up here?” he asks.

“You’re gonna regret that,” Zayn comments idly.

Liam ignores him and pats at his lap. Zayn lifts his book up without taking his gaze from it to allow Harley to gracefully jump into his lap despite his bulk. Liam on the other hand gets multiple pointy dog feet to the groin for his trouble.

“Fuck!” he hisses.

Zayn laughs at him. “You alright?”

“I’m fine,” Liam grumps. “You didn’t want kids the natural way, right?”

“I don’t have the hips for it,” Zayn shoots back with a raised eyebrow.

“Then we’re good,” Liam says. He glares at the dogs. “You guys are jerks.”

Loki licks his chin in apology before settling over Liam’s chest while Marley stretches across their legs. It’s a tight fit, but it works somehow, blanketing him in dogs. The added warmth lulls him into closing his eyes. A quiet joy curls in his chest as he lets the patter of the rain and the soft sound of Zayn turning the pages of his book drag him into a doze.

This is Haüyne, she has pointy feet

Haüynes are scouts sent out to find planets to colonize, usually sent in a group of 3. They can twist their joints in kinda disturbing ways. I was thinking of giving her ´frog characteristics´. so yea. she hop.

I’m doing the sodalite group (or parts of it) so I have 4 more stones to draw

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A happy thing!! My cat is super pumped for all this warm weather (Canadian) bc even tho he's an indoor cat, he still loves the outside and sometimes we let him out on our porch and he loves chillin in the sun! Have a wonderful day!

kitties chilling in the sun is SUCH A GOOD THING. my cat was being so mischievous today outside, teasing the mockingbirds and jumping around on tables and generally being obnoxiously adorable. he woke me up at god knows when this morning, purring against my head and crawling on my body with his pointy little feet. i love cats sooo much!!! thanks for such a wonderful happy thing anon!! <3 

feast your eyes on my fave lil shithead climbing a fake tree……cats are incredible 

Avengers Christmas Headcanon

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-Lots of Christmas parties thrown by Stark (no surprise)

-Lots of competition between topping each others gifts last year/getting the best gift for everyone

-Making Thor wear ugly christmas sweaters

-“what are these furry things with horns?” “And why is a fat man drinking milk and cookies on here?” “And this puny being with pointy hats and feet? Are the hats and feet for protection? He’s puny he can’t defend himself.”

-Making the ugly christmas sweaters with pepper

-When going shopping for a new sofa to fit all of the avengers you have to take thor with you to ikea so he can tell you how to pronounce things

-Having to hide Natasha’s,  Wanda’s, Clint’s presents in another building because they always end up finding it

-Trying to get hints from each other at what they want

-Everyone struggling with Thor because he doesn’t know about any human things, so he doesn’t know what to ask for

-Getting Pietro a whole bunch of running shoes

-Getting Bruce a whole bunch of science things

-Getting Wanda makeup because she surprisingly loves doing it

-Getting Natasha gun accessories

-Getting Tony socks and shirts that say “im a boss ass bitch” or “sassier than you”

-Getting Steve christmas movies so he understands references to Home Alone and other christmas movies

-Getting Clint a whole bunch of things for the baby

-Getting Sam an actual falcon

-Getting Bucky a puppy

-Getting Thor a stand up cardboard of himself

-Thor commenting on how short they made him in the cardboard and how ‘un-mighty’ he looks

-Getting Vision all the books of “How to, for dummies”

-Clint bringing his kids over

-Them braiding Thor’s hair and playing with Thor

-Them bringing action figures of all of you

-Bruce making surprisingly good hot chocolate

-Having a nice christmas dinner like a family

matching sweaters

-Christmas photos with Santa

-Christmas photos (and a lot of them while matching)

-Having mini contests and games like beer pong with egg nog

-In which, of course, Stark has spiked with vodka

-Playing christmas songs and dancing with each other

-Laughing and telling stories

-Sharing stories about each other’s past in a circle around the coffee table while drinking hot chocolate

-Laughing at memories you guys have shared

-Falling asleep on each other’s shoulders while telling stories

-Christmas morning everyone sharing their gifts with each other

-Christmas party  with the Agents of Shield (Maria Hill, Nick Fury, etc.)

-Everyone enjoying themselves after a year of hard work

What Tosen's menos grande like to do in their spare time

As requested by anon. :)

Tosen’s menos grande - who are all named Steve - like to hang out in their enclosure and do….things. But what are the menos grande’s favorite leisure activities? If you’ve ever wondered that, then look no further than this list!

1. Eat snacks.

Because menos grande love snacks.

2. Have fake sword fights with their noses.

Their noses are very long and pointy. This must happen.

3. Have real sword fights with their noses.

Sometimes the fake sword fights get very heated.

4. Practice their barbershop quartets.

All of their songs have the following lyrics: [wailing sound]

5. Hula hoop.

The ones who aren’t cheaters put the hula hoop beneath their neck spikes.

6. Manicures.

Those perfect nails with black polka dots don’t happen by accident, you know.

7. Play Marco Polo.

Or in their own native tongue, “[wailing sound] [wailing sound].”

8. Play hide and seek.

They have all of those trees, after all.

9. Play ‘throw the ball through the hollow hole.’

Which is actually their favorite game.

10. Interpretive dance.

There’s a lot of swaying.

11. Soccer.

Because I just remembered they have feet!

12. Polishing their super pointy shoes.

I don’t know how I forgot about their feet.

13. Pointy shoe battles.

Kind of like the nose sword fighting, only with feet.

14. Cuddle.

In a giant pile, after eating snacks.

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Imagine if En had a nightmare about cockroaches and Atsushi has to comfort him.

This turned into a sort of doodled rambling - and please excuse me for mixing like 3 styles in it, I have no coherency whatsoever and I had no proper plan for this, so.

I need to tag eternalsailorserena​ as well, because some time ago she said she wanted to see En deal with his cockroaches phobia in season 2, and I added I wanted to see Kinshiro putting one in his jacket as soon as he finds En asleep at school again. 

(I am very sorry for my broken English and also for everything else including the length of the post and using the title of such a good book for such a stupid thing but here I go)

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Hi there, sorry if this has already been asked, but didn't find the answer with the corresponding tag. But what kind of breed are Belzy and Coocy? I have never seen pigeons as beautiful as them. Looking into google they look like Old German Owl, but I would like to be sure. Thank you for your time!

They’re satinettes! It’s a colour variant of old fashioned frills, they’re very similar to Old German Owls, but they have peaked crests (pointy hairdos) and fuzzy feet. (Fun fact the proper pigeon fancier term for fuzzy feet is “grouse muffs”)

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Why do you give everyone fat feet. Princess, if she were to go by show style, when wearing heels, would have pointy triangle feet. And short hair, you give like all the girls short hair. Doesn't seem very creative to try and make people look older just by giving them shorter hair. Just saying, not really hating.

small hands. medium length curly hair. Big feet.
I’m sorry they’re not exact triangles. My bad. See you might not know this, but when mixing So many different shows together, I have to alter the style slightly so they all fit. So yeah. not trying to look exactly like the show, buddy.

Not hating?