Avengers Christmas Headcanon

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-Lots of Christmas parties thrown by Stark (no surprise)

-Lots of competition between topping each others gifts last year/getting the best gift for everyone

-Making Thor wear ugly christmas sweaters

-“what are these furry things with horns?” “And why is a fat man drinking milk and cookies on here?” “And this puny being with pointy hats and feet? Are the hats and feet for protection? He’s puny he can’t defend himself.”

-Making the ugly christmas sweaters with pepper

-When going shopping for a new sofa to fit all of the avengers you have to take thor with you to ikea so he can tell you how to pronounce things

-Having to hide Natasha’s,  Wanda’s, Clint’s presents in another building because they always end up finding it

-Trying to get hints from each other at what they want

-Everyone struggling with Thor because he doesn’t know about any human things, so he doesn’t know what to ask for

-Getting Pietro a whole bunch of running shoes

-Getting Bruce a whole bunch of science things

-Getting Wanda makeup because she surprisingly loves doing it

-Getting Natasha gun accessories

-Getting Tony socks and shirts that say “im a boss ass bitch” or “sassier than you”

-Getting Steve christmas movies so he understands references to Home Alone and other christmas movies

-Getting Clint a whole bunch of things for the baby

-Getting Sam an actual falcon

-Getting Bucky a puppy

-Getting Thor a stand up cardboard of himself

-Thor commenting on how short they made him in the cardboard and how ‘un-mighty’ he looks

-Getting Vision all the books of “How to, for dummies”

-Clint bringing his kids over

-Them braiding Thor’s hair and playing with Thor

-Them bringing action figures of all of you

-Bruce making surprisingly good hot chocolate

-Having a nice christmas dinner like a family

matching sweaters

-Christmas photos with Santa

-Christmas photos (and a lot of them while matching)

-Having mini contests and games like beer pong with egg nog

-In which, of course, Stark has spiked with vodka

-Playing christmas songs and dancing with each other

-Laughing and telling stories

-Sharing stories about each other’s past in a circle around the coffee table while drinking hot chocolate

-Laughing at memories you guys have shared

-Falling asleep on each other’s shoulders while telling stories

-Christmas morning everyone sharing their gifts with each other

-Christmas party  with the Agents of Shield (Maria Hill, Nick Fury, etc.)

-Everyone enjoying themselves after a year of hard work

27cm Soom/The Gem - Limited Edition - Faery Legend (Mini Gem) - “Noellia, Rainbow SpriteJanuary 08 ~ 22

Noellia comes with an ample bosom body, open eye head, romantic head, pointy nail hands, human feet and transparent resin rainbow spirit wings and legs/feet

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F.U.C.Z.A. Act 1 Final Chapter
  • *POV of Epic* here we are...the factory where the lab is, it's code name in German "The Giant", I didn't know why they call it that but we must go to find Shabby...but he was right behind us locking and shutting the power remotely and now stuck in a room with an odd machine, he laughed "WOW you made it, finally" he was a shadow alright but he looked like sick and skinny and is a bunny with pointy legs with no feet...how does he walks? Anyways he was happy to see us, ha yeah right but the asshole was talking about how we going to fail to catch him and kill him but then when he snap his fingers and disappear and the zombies comes in. I grabbed my two pistols and fired with my friends against those hellhounds and the zombies, Lupins say kill them all, I say let's go finish this before he gets away, I was out voted 3 to 1, so I said "fine lets just get this done quickly!" we tried everything to killed them all but there's to many, G!Sans said "let's turn on the power and uses these traps." we went to the power switch and power turn on and then tuenon those electic traps on but we look at the night sky to see it was a Eclipse and we were amazed by it but we got work to do. So I ran to the box and I got a rad new weapon called DG-2 Wonder Waffle and we I fired that at a pack of zombies...holy shit did they're heads explode and we killed the shit of out of those zombies, but Anny said she spotted Shabby trying to teleport his way out of here so I gave her the gun and I told her "Anny you must keep them safe." I'd hugged her and said goodbye and I had two rounds left on my Raygun and I closed the door behind me and I pointed the gun at him and shouted "STOP.RIGHT.THERE SHABBY!" I saw him giggles and turn around and man he looks super sickly and skinny like he's dying but he will be soon. I got closer and the son of the bitch try's to run and I shot a warning shot in front of him almost hitting him, he'd turn to me "FOOL even with your gun, you can't stop not even with your fist." he laughed at me, so I put the gun in my pocket and show him I'm welling to fight hand to hand combat and we fought...but he was too fast...for a sick shadow, punches left and right I was being hit but I got him an couple of times, during the fight I can hear my friends outside with loud new guns sounds I never hear before I hit him at the mouth with my fist but then as he knocked me down to the ground I feel a sharp pain on my chest and my heart and I looked up to see one sharp pointed foot in my chest where my heart is and he took his foot out, he smiled with joy and he said to me "HAHAHAHA looks like your dying or soon be dead!" as he about to use the teleporter and right before he leaves, I pull out my Raygun and fired my last round into his left eye and then poof he was gone when the teleporter teleported him...I'm on the grounds...bleeding and I heard Anny's scream like bloody murder and I saw G!Sans ran to the teleporter and trying to fix it, awhile Lupins fires her red firing weapon. I was trying not to black out or die but Anny ran up to me trying to see how bad it was...it was really bad and Anny freaking out and I grab her hand I told her "You...can...revive." *2 hours later...POV of Fredbear* as I went to the tv room there was the group...with epic on the chair bleeding everywhere and Lupin grab me for help, freaking out I asking "WHAT HAPPENED?" and Lupin looks at me "He was stabbed at the heart, please help!" I nod to her and I ran to the other room while G!Sans trying to make the blood, I came back with first-aid kit and I put it on the desk and we got to work to do... END OF ACT 1

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Would Tord in the winged au have a little dragon tail? And clawed toes/feet?

Maby a tail yah! :D but if people want him to have claws in cyoot pointy feet then go all out cx