pointy sunglasses

You look up to find the unspeakable horror staring back at you with head tilted slightly in question. It’s a little blond kid in a thin grey hoodie, face solemn and eyes obscured by an extremely familiar pair of pointy sunglasses. He’s got a sword strapped to his back and a pair of metallic bunny ears poking out of his hood. The kawaii-animes have apparently been cranked up to eleven.

“…Li’l Sebastian?” {stay lost on our way home | curliecuecal

The Squirtle Squad Quad

Aries: the first one to watergun when u talkin shit
Taurus: the one who always sleepin with Snorlax
Gemini: The one who wants to wear the pointy sunglasses
Cancer: the one with beef with Ash’s Squirtle
Leo: the one who gets into all the pokéfood
Virgo: the one always hangin by the pokécentre, just in case
Libra: Ash’s Squirtle
Scorpio: the one with the pointy sunglasses
Sagittarius: the one tryna make everyone get along
Capricorn: the smart one
Aquarius: the one who stole a Pokédex
Pisces: the one watching a butterfly while everyone else fighting Pikachu