pointy sunglasses

So I listened to this Nekoma drama CD and was inspired to draw the hairstyles Kenma tries out (or rather Kuroo inflicts upon him):

1. Bangs on one side

2. 7:3 parting

3. Bangs swept back

4. Pointy tips

5. Sunglasses?

The drama is hilarious and everyone should listen to it, at least to hear Kuroo’s glorious reaction to seeing Kenma’s freshly dyed-gold hair ^///^

Crack headcanon (after seeing this) that Greed’s compulsive need to possess things doesn’t stop when he’s got a little bit of everything. He’s more of an all-of-one-thing-at-a-time kinda guy.

Like he and his chimeras hear about this thrift store over the radio. And they walk in and it’s just awful filthy clothes, awful filthy furniture, awful filthy knick-knacks as far as the eye can see. And Roa comes over like “See anything you want, boss?” And Greed nods once. “What do you think?” Roa sighs, defeated, and goes to fetch the wheelbarrows.

Several stores in Dublith have “going out of business, everything must go” sales over the years. They all talk. They all know that if they ever have such a sale, some weird guy in a puffy vest and sunglasses will show up with a posse of thugs just to…buy everything. Book store? Cleaned out. Lawn care accessories? Gone. Wig shop? You bet your ass puffy vest dude is leaving with 200 neon colored wigs.

One day when there’s not much going on, Dolcetto suggests they visit the pound. (He likes watching the dogs, okay? It’s normal.) And Greed tags along because he’s bored too, until he sees this little girl and her family adopt a puppy. He finds an employee, points to the cages all “…Are those for sale?” And the lady working there nods. “Yup. In fact we need them to get adopted. We’ve been having issues finding homes for them, and they have to get put down if no one takes them. We’ve lowered the price to 100 cenz per dog” Greed thinks about this, crosses his arms, nods. “Give me all of them.” 

They expand the lair to this abandoned chunk of lawn that used to be part of a now-foreclosed house. No one knows why there are suddenly 50 dogs living in this lot, but the strange tattooed folk who come and go keep them fed and exercised. One of these thugs gets down on all fours and runs around with them, and that strange guy with the sunglasses and pointy teeth likes sitting in the center of the dogpile letting the dogs climb over him and lick his face while he declares, “Yes! I own all of you!” so generally people aren’t too worried for the health and well-being of the dogs.

You look up to find the unspeakable horror staring back at you with head tilted slightly in question. It’s a little blond kid in a thin grey hoodie, face solemn and eyes obscured by an extremely familiar pair of pointy sunglasses. He’s got a sword strapped to his back and a pair of metallic bunny ears poking out of his hood. The kawaii-animes have apparently been cranked up to eleven.

“…Li’l Sebastian?” {stay lost on our way home | curliecuecal

Date a boy who never gives up. Date a boy who believes in you. Date a boy who loves the clear blue sky. Date a boy who is a good leader. Date a boy who is a good big brother. Date a boy who knows how to fight. Date a boy who lived underground for most of his life. Date a boy who wears a red cape and pointy orange sunglasses. Date a boy who pilots a gunman. Date a boy with indomitable fighting spirit. Date Kamina.

So I was at a concert yesterday and there was this girl with the whole grunge look going on. I mean, yellow Doc Martens, ripped tights, high waisted jean shorts, smiley-face nirvana acid t-shirt, dark purple lipstick, short choppy blonde hair and pointy sunglasses. And she was working it.

So I saw her sitting alone by a tree at one point, and I decided to walk up to her and say “Hey, I just wanted to tell you that whole look you’ve got going on— you’re killin’ it.” She didn’t even look up at me, she just muttered, “Yeah, whatever, thanks.” I just walked away.

And this goes to anyone with any style: I kinda just wanted to say that just because you dress like you’re too cool to care, doesn’t mean you actually have to be too cool to care.

The Squirtle Squad Quad

Aries: the first one to watergun when u talkin shit
Taurus: the one who always sleepin with Snorlax
Gemini: The one who wants to wear the pointy sunglasses
Cancer: the one with beef with Ash’s Squirtle
Leo: the one who gets into all the pokéfood
Virgo: the one always hangin by the pokécentre, just in case
Libra: Ash’s Squirtle
Scorpio: the one with the pointy sunglasses
Sagittarius: the one tryna make everyone get along
Capricorn: the smart one
Aquarius: the one who stole a Pokédex
Pisces: the one watching a butterfly while everyone else fighting Pikachu

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Noriaki Kakyoin

Your favorite character, Noriaki Kakyoin from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3, is a dweeb for the following reasons:

  • Wears his school uniform while sunbathing, and sees no problem with that fact
  • Once fed a baby its own fecal matter
  • Sometimes makes a “badum-tish” drum sound with his mouth after making a joke
  • Wears pointy sunglasses and a white scarf when he returns from the hospital
  • Is really turned on by Jotaro’s mom