pointy shoulders

Okay Kaiba, if you’re such an expert on fashion, let’s break down some of your outfits.

Outfit #1

A purple trench coat over a green dress shirt and green pants. Stylin color combination.

Outfit #2

A sleeveless white trench coat (is that even a thing? do they make sleeveless trench coats?) with red lining, a high collar, studs, and pointy shoulder pads. Worn over a black shirt, black pants made of what looks like–what, leather, rubber?

–with a pair of belts tied around each leg, matching belts around each arm, some kind of funky metal bracelets…

…and heels. Guess that explains why his height varies wildly from shot to shot.

Outfit #3

The Best-of-Both-Worlds Trench Coat: even purpler than Trench Coat 1, and with even pointier shoulder pads than Trench Coat 2. Worn over a black turtleneck, with the same bracelet/arm cuff/whatever thingies from outfit #2. 

This ensemble shows up a lot in scenes where he’s in his office doing day-to-day Kaiba Corp business.

Maybe he thinks the loafers make it business casual.

In conclusion: nice outifts, dork.

If your photo was placed in a group of others, what would be your most recognizable features?

Sun in 10th: something odd colored about your skin, do you spray tan? Your facial features are either very tight-looking or very worn out looking. A toned body but you gain in the stomach so easily. Your stomach/lower torso is also shaped kinda weird. Sometimes it’s really bony, sometimes it’s really squishy and wrinkled looking. Torso might be shorter compared to legs.

Ex: Drew Barrymore, Benedict Cumberbatch, Kylie Minogue, Heidi Klum, Donald Trump, Kate Hudson, Colin Firth, Christina Aguilera, Chris Brown

Moon in 10th: body is either very proportionate or your upper torso is a bit wider than the rest of the torso. Might have a rectangular body shape. Jaw is very prominent and most likely squared or rectangled off. Eyes are very doe-y or emotional looking; might look stressed, heavy, full of hidden emotion, intense, etc. Eyes might also be downturned and can sometimes make you look uncaring. Might have a boring or bored look; the eyebrows and eyebrow bone really define the face. Lips are either kind of tight or scrunched or pop out on the face compared to other features.

Ex: Celine Dion, Kate Middleton, Bradley Cooper, Sylvester Stallone, Kylie Jenner, Nicolas Cage, Naomi Campbell, Maria Callas, Frida Khalo, Kurt Cobain, Meryl Streep, Gisele Bundchen.

Mercury in 10th: stubby short arms or lean long arms. Very thin but fleshy, big head with tiny body, super soft and squishy skin, probably a mole or freckle on the face, something about your voice is recognizable (you can’t see this in a picture but still lol), straight and broad shoulders, pointy chin, bottom lip is bigger than top, jaw goals, t-zone is very defined, eyes are sharp and beady and seductive. Very cute and childlike smile. Has very approachable look to them, like a child.

Ex: Marilyn Monroe, Christina Aguilera, Ian Somerhalder, Miranda Kerr, Liam Payne, Johnny Depp, Albert Einstein, Lady Gaga, Martin Luther King Jr., Shakira, Bridgette Bardot, Jennifer Lawrence.

Venus in 10th: bright smile and teeth, long and thin neck, weird lips, healthy and clean looking skin, cheekbones looked caved in at times, very sharp and piercing eyes, skin looks tight and clenched on the face at times, perky butt, wrinkles from stress on forehead or eyes or cheeks or all the above, thin body, something about voice is nice, raspy, or soothing (again you can’t see through a picture but still).

Ex: Benedict Cumberbatch, Drew Barrymore, Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer, Albert Einstein, Tom Cruise, Heidi Klum, Kylie Minogue, Uma Thurman, Kanye West, David Bowie, Ashton Kutcher, Robin Williams.

Mars in 10th: something weird with your lips or eyes, the shape of your body, thick and/or long hair, something about your nose tip, nostrils, or nose profile is very recognizable, your skin is flawless, do you ever get acne? Your face/jaw shape is very noticeable. Really big or really small ears.

Ex: Uma Thurman, Jackie Kennedy, Nolwenn Leroy, Selena Gomez, Beyoncé, Kylie Jenner, Frank Sinatra, Kylie Minogue, Tobey Maguire, Marie Curie, Christy Turlington.

Jupiter in 10th: long face, long arms, thighs and legs are squishy and meaty but thin, hips are wide or proportional to rest of body, long hair, something about the shape of the legs or calves is very noticeable, either very short and petite, or very tall and sturdy build. Has a dopey or coy look to their face at times. Looks a bit lazy or slow-bodied; rather they look very relaxed and unconcerned. Playful eyes and turn of lips.

Ex: Prince William, Robert Downey Jr., Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Chris Evans, Drew Barrymore, Antonio Banderas, Rachel McAdams, Henry Cavill, Denzel Washington.

Saturn in 10th: very skinny or thin, teeth look very well taken care of, hairline is squared off, jaw is defined. Lots of hair, thin legs, ankles, and wrists, well-built and sturdy body even if very skinny, wide smile, stern and stressed look.

Ex: Alicia Keys, Will Smith, Benedict Cumberbatch, Kim Kardashian, Anne Hathaway, Chris Evans, Michael Jackson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Miley Cyrus, JFK.

Uranus in 10th: similar to Sun in 10th, Mars in 10th, and Saturn in 10th. You have a stocky constitution and odd demeanor that is instantly noted.

Ex: Nolwenn Leroy, Donald Trump, Tom Cruise, Eminem, Nicki Minaj, Alyssa Milano, Bruce Willis, Jude Law, Tina Turner, Kendall Jenner

Neptune in 10th: similar to Venus in 10th and Moon in 10th. You have an aura or presence to you that is highly recognizable by many. Your face in general is very memorable and recognizable to many.

Ex: Princess Diana, Orlando Bloom, Bruce Lee, Jesus Christ, Monica Belluci, Christina Aguilera, JFK, Grace Kelly, Napoleon I, Oprah.

Pluto in 10th: similar to Mars in 10th and Jupiter in 10th. Eyebrows are very prominent and often define the faces emotions well. Face can be scrunched up and wrinkled easily.

Ex: Prince, Tom Cruise, Vladimir Putin, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Paris Hilton, Gisele Bündchen, Kim Kardashian, Cristiano Ronaldo

You know that post about immortals missing important history points?

Considering Yoon is pretty interested in history, and Zeno has gone through all of Kouka’s, I imagine the boy asks him a lot and frequently gets disappointed.

“Zeno, what do you think about king Dae-guan?”
“Mmm? Who’s that?”
“What do you mean who?! He was the most famous monarch of the second Fire dynasty!”
“Aaaah, the chubby one with the bushy beard?”
“…I guess you could describe him like that.”
“Well, he threw some pretty great festivals and he made the pointy shoulder pads on capes a trend. I heard he really liked apple candy, farted a lot, and had like seven dogs.”
That’s what you remember about a legendary king. Wonderful.”

“Hey Zeno, what side did you take in the Yusa civil war?”
“Both were dumb.”
“I took out a troop that was bullying and pillaging villagers, but I can’t recall if they were realists or separatists. There were jerks in both sides.”
“Fair enough, I guess.”

“How about the War of the Peonies?”
“What about the War of the Peonies, Lad?”
“Did you get involved in it?”
“Naaaah. Zeno spent that entire century moping in the woods so I missed everything. Next time I went to a town, the grandpas were talking about it and I was so confused. Zeno even thought it was a kind of game with flowers!”
“…I’m going to do the laundry now.”

“Did you even know about the Dragon Decrees?”
“Actually, Zeno helped to inspire more than half of those!”
“Wait, really?! How?!”
“Zeno worked for that king back then.”
“You were King Min’s adviser? That’s so cool! I knew you couldn’t have been a useless forest vagabond for 2000 years!”
“Well, I wasn’t his adviser but his stable boy. Zeno took care of his horses.”
“WAIT! How the heck does a servant get to influence law-making?!?”
“King-niichan was really young, dumb, and easily manipulated. We talked a lot. Good thing I managed to become his friend before someone evil took advantage, right?”
“So Min the Wise, the most cunning monarch in 1000 years, was you ruling the country from the shadows. I’m… kind of impressed and underwhelmed at the same time.”
“He needed a lot of hugs. The horsies were well taken care of, too!”

“Oi, Zeno. Were you in the great Fuuga fire that happened 300 years ago?”
“Yup, Mister! In fact Zeno was!“
“Were you saving people like with princess Tao?”
“Sorta. I mean, I tried and rescued a few kids and old people, but at some point I blacked out inside a house and I woke up 5 days later between the rubble, naked, found by some people. Their soup and sake we had for dinner were great.”
“I’m not telling this one to Yoon. He’s not going to like it.”

“Yes, Miss!”
“Did you get to meet Lee Ayame?”
“A poetess and musician! She wrote a lot of songs and poems in the Golden Era.”
“…Zeno doesn’t read a lot.”
“…But you’ve heard of The Nightingale Fan, right? It’s a classic book and theater play!”
“Oh! Oh yeah, they sold a lot. Especially between middle-class students and housewives. Young girls loved the romance and the characters, young boys the sword duels and dick jokes. Old people criticized it and mocked it a lot, though.”
“B-but it’s a classic now… Scholars and nobles keep talking about the metaphors…”
“Metaphors? Nah, it was trashy fun for the masses. Nothing wrong with that!”
“Oh gods, my tutor would cry if he knew.”

“Zeno? Is there anything about King Hiryuu’s myth that was wrong in reality?”
“Kija, he’s going to say something frustrating.”
“I need to know, Yoon!”
”…You know what? Tell him, Zeno. I want to hear this, too.”
“Ah? Yeah! Plenty of stuff, in fact. For instance, he actually wasn’t too tall. Around Hakuryuu’s height, maybe?”
“Zeno, that’s not what I meant…”
“His hair was much luscious in person than in the art, however.”
“That’s not what I meant!”

“Zeno-kun, was Lady Lin really Prince Sejon’s lover?”
“I don’t know who those people are, Ryokuryuu. Not even ringing a bell.”
”But they’re the greatest love story in–!”
“Jae-ha, don’t bother. It was probably celebrity gossip back then.”
“At least could you tell me in your opinion who were the most beautiful man and woman alive?”
“Man is easy! King Hiryuu! About girls, Zeno’s type is tiny and cute so the tall sexy ladies do nothing for me. It’s a tie between my wife and the Miss for the prettiest!”
“So, people you knew? You were right, Yoon-kun. I shouldn’t have bothered.”


Husband of the Year™ goes to Marcus babe, babe I got your bag it’s okay what do you need how can I help do you need your scalpel I think I remember what that looks like??? is it the pointy one??? how about shoulder pats do you need shoulder pats because i can give you shoulder pats!!! go babe go you kick ass!!!!! I love you so much oh my god” Kane. 

this has been said but su could really use design and animation notes. animation gives you freedoms in storytelling that something like a comic couldnt. along with the model design for characters there could be ways different characters could be animated so they move in a more fluid or stilted way than others.

like, imagine if lapis, as a water elemental gem, always had a fluid motion to her movement? even when shes still there’s something on her form that’s moving. her face is always shifting its features around. they sort of had this in mirror and ocean gem with her dress and hair, but just. completely gave up by the next time she was on screen

or yellow diamond could move quickly from one area to another, almost as though shes blinking through space since she has control over electricity. just something to convey ideas beyond, “oh, this character is blue, she uses water” or “oh, pointy shoulder pads, shes mean”

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Hey! :) If you feel like it, do you think you could write something angsty about Scully accidentally becoming pregnant pre-IWTB? Thank you and have a lovely day!

Thank you so much for the prompt, anon! This turned pretty angsty pretty quick. Please take heed of the tags. It’s also written for @leiascully‘s xf writing challenge prompts “Resentment” and “Forgiveness”. 

Five months after they settle into their rural Virginia home, Mulder walks into a Walmart pharmacy and buys a pregnancy test.

Later that evening, as though it were now the only object separating herself from her future, Scully stares intermittently between the small box resting on the white sheets and Mulder’s equally ashen face. Silence reigns king, making even their breathing seem hollow. 

Finally, she removes the slender device from its packaging and smooths out the folded instructions against the night table. She glances over them before inhaling stiffly and stuffing the paper back into the box. She takes the test and its packaging and retreats alone to the bathroom, angles the door so that from where he is standing, Mulder can’t see what she is doing.

Silence extends its icy fingers across every cornice, long and hollow yet thick like the air before an August thunderstorm. Minutes pass before he hears her rinse off her hands. He looks up to see her standing in front of the mirror, still as a stone. 

Her face is utterly ruined.

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Pitch (Drabble Challenge)

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26. “Your knee is literally in my armpit. You are gonna have to do something about this.” + Sehun

‘I can’t believe you’re making me do this.’

'Just get in.’

'I can’t believe you’re making me do this,’ you repeated. You crossed your arms over your chest, standing at the tent opening reluctantly.

'It’ll be fun, I promise!’ Sehun said for the hundredth time. He patted the sleeping bag beside his.

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Could you draw a wiry, lean muscled Cronus with breasts in an exercise binder and trunks, with his hands wrapped boxer-style and scarred all over his arms/midsection? He always looks kind of angry/excited, like he's really eager to start messing up someone's day. His hair is shiny-greasy and messy, falling down over his face and he's got a chipped horntip on his left horn and it's cracked to the root.

For the cronus kin ask, I forgot to mention that he’s kind of…pointy? Like around the shoulders, and thin.

I love this Cronus so much, he sounds so scrappy and good? I hope this is close to what you were thinking, let me know if you want anything changed!!

Finished! ♡ I’d love to see a costume like this for Clea in the MCU, (of course after she comes on Earth from the Dark Dimension) similar to the other Doctor Strange characters but without forgetting her costume’s main features like the circles on the legs, here they’re like sewed on her leggings, it would be cool if they’d look like mandalas or magic circles as well! Her pointy shoulders are made with the shirt’s collar and seem more “natural” than an armor or a weird collar like she has in the comics. She has also boots like Strange, Mordo and even Scarlet Witch. I hope you like it and tell me what you think! *^*

Interesting SU concept art

So apparently in the original mural for the temple thingie in the Strawberry Fields  didn’t have Rose but instead had this mysterious looking Gem fighting (presumably) a Diamond? (probably White Diamond but maybe given what we think Pink looked like).

This new Gem is very interesting. She doesn’t really look much like anyone we’ve seen so far but there are a few things we might infer:

1. She appears to be quite dark in colouration. yes its a black-and-white sketch but given the contrast with White in the picture it seems to follow.   

2. Her body shape and size seems to match White Diamonds. now the Mural in the show had Rose matching White in size so its clearly stylised. However the think waist and pointy shoulders match in both figures in this version of the mural.

3. Her gem seems to fit the general look of Yellow and Blue Diamonds Gems.

So my conclusion? Either this depicts an earlier version of Pink Diamond who sided with Rose during the war and presumably covered up by Homeworld, or this shows a mysterious 5th diamond who has either been cut from the show or who’s reveal has been pushed back in the shows timeline.

Black Diamond anyone?   


READ IN 2016: Shiny Broken Pieces by Sona Charaipotra &  Dhonielle Clayton

As always, everyone’s watching us. Sometimes with concern, sometimes with envy, sometimes with lust. We are legs and bones and pointy shoulders and necks that never end. We stand out.

A post-Spherus Magna reformation AU, wherein Mata Nui and Ignika timeshare a bod. Sorry for how clustered this is

1. A work in progress name for the AU. I’ll probably think of a better one and regret this one later. Also pictured are the little representations of the Ignika and Mata Nui

2. Mata Nui has very little understanding of the concept of pyjamas and why he can’t just wear his usual outfit to bed, but Ignika appreciates the comfort of a onesie. Those are marshmallow thornax fruits in his cereal. Presumably he’s been going to fetch himself more on the ad breaks

Mata Nui has no right to complain. Ignika had to sit through his boring shows the day before. At least Ignika’s favourite shows are animated, which is the pinnacle of entertainment

3. I’m not sure how tired you have to be to not know who is driving the plane body but I’d guess probably just as tired as you have to be to give up drawing Mata Nui’s ridiculous pointy shoulders. They’d just be so inconvenient around the house. He probably only has them for formal occasions

I’m not sure why Ackar’s here. Sleepover, maybe. Or, more likely, the Ignika/Mata Nui household ran out of cereal after Ignika’s cartoon binge and they came to Ackar’s house for more

4. They have a calendar where they can mark certain days they need to pilot the tiny biomechanical Gundam they share. Here, you see their plans for the month of Juneonicle. Or maybe you don’t. Tumblr might have messed with the sizing. Either way, Ignika uses yellow, Mata Nui uses blue. It corresponds with eye colour, which in turn corresponds with who’s in charge of the body at the moment

5. Mata Nui is a Huge Nerd who lets bugs just crawl all over him, including his cool and awesome friend the Ignika, who is less keen on beetle feetles all over him

That terrarium is a travel home, for when Mata Nui can’t just let Click roam as he pleases or sit on his shoulder. It became necessary after the infamous Skrall Peace Treaty Incident

I’d also like to note that the Mata Nui stone gets flatter every time I draw it for some reason