pointy hairstyle

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Paluuuuu!! You should do some YOI doodle tutorials! For us not as skilled as you! (*^ω^*)

okie before i start, skill comes from practice and every artist has their own interpretation of characters ;O; meaning my way of drawing them is not the “correct” way of drawing them,,, just how I draw them ;7; if you really want to get better at drawing YOI characters, I suggest spending hours looking at official art and rewatching the anime (pausing and taking notes at the angles) because that’s what I did lmao and because I draw them so much, I can now draw them without a reference, add my own touch and memorize what they look like from all angles ;7;;;; so anon, practice and observe <333

1) how to viktor nikiforov

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my husband has to be just like goku. strange, horrificly large and pointy hairstyle. has to wear the same ghi at all times, consequences be damned (it shows commitment), can’t know how to drive. flies everyplace instead. used to have a tail

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Imagine Pennywise knowing how much it turns you on when his hair is straight and sorta messy so messes it up so it will go down from his pointy hairstyle

!!!!!!!! or like he keeps it all styled that way you can mess it up for him later. (like when you meet up you just run your fingers thru his hair and mess it up lol)