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the formative phase of a newhu is interesting, where fan artists come together to decide on the loose consensus of a newhu’s body type.

Eternity (fairy) and Aunn (short and with round features, like the statues) are pretty straightforward, but Nemuno presents some challenges, i.e. “how do i make hag cute”.

Here’s my take:

  • she should definitely always be drawn with a lot of hair over her face. with no headgear of any kind, this is her most distinguishing feature.
  • general consensus is that if even zun draws a 2hu with breasts, that means she is a boobhu. you may challenge this if you like. i will not.
  • she should be one of the more mature-looking 2hus, given that she is a hag and possibly also a mom
  • she lives in the mountains and is described as “primitive”, so I think some muscle definition suits her well. not RRRIPPED like Yuugi, think more wiry and lean, like how Mokou is often drawn, but older (more bone definition, etc).
  • i gave her long, pointy fingers as a final hag-like touch.


Creepypasta #1073: At The Corner Of My Room

Length: Short

He always has a grin in his face - but it’s a bloody grin, a flesh wound from ear to ear. And it always seemed freshly cut, as if someone had stabbed the corners of his mouth just minutes earlier. He has no hair, and more disturbingly, no eyes. It isn’t just empty sockets though, there’s just no eyes there, as if it wasn’t even human. Just straight, hard skin where the eyes are supposed to be. 

He is tall as well, probably about 6’ 4” and very pale, white as the exposed bone of a broken leg. His thin arms end in very long, pointy fingers with dark nails, not painted, rotten. He dresses in dirty grey rags and if you get close enough, you’ll be able to listen to a faint, heavy breathing.

I was 6 years old when I first saw him. Woke up at night and there he was, at the corner of my room, long arms barely moving, the dirty white head facing me with no eyes to see. I yelled, my parents came running in. A monster, I said. There are no monsters, they told me. It was still there, but they couldn’t see him. 

As time went on, they started thinking I was crazy, so I stopped talking about it. Years passed. He would go away sometimes, for a few days, maybe weeks, but sooner or later, wherever I was, he’d appear in the corner of the room, standing, watching. That went on for years, it’s the only life i ever knew. The constant fear, the expectation for the day he’d finally do something, hurt me.

But one day I discovered a local psychic in a newspaper ad. I went to see her and, as soon as I sat down to tell my problem, he appeared. I was scared, but she saw it. She could see him as well. That was a first. So I asked her, and I begged her to help me. How do I get rid of him? 

And she told me, she really did.

What you must do, she said, is tell people. Tell them how he looks. Describe it as best as you can, really make them visualize him. They’ll imagine, and someone, someday, will get it right. Someone will come close enough, picture just the right appearance. That’s what lures him in. Once he’s inside your mind, he’s inside your life. 

She told me that when someone picture him just right, eventually that person will enter a room and he will be waiting there, at the corner, with his bloody grin, and I will be free at last.

Credits to: conffra

some facts about the flatwoods monster:

* she’s a lesbian
* she doesn’t have boobs she’s an alien
* when she paints her nails she dips her whole pointy finger in the bottle and hopes for the best
* she is the queen of the sleeveless crop top and maxi skirt combo
* she’s the leader of a local girl gang. they don’t do much crime they just hang out in cool jackets around the dumpy parts of town
* she loves animals so much that’s why she was in the woods she wanted to see a raccoon
*she gets sad that she can’t wear baseball caps
* her teeth are very pointy, she doesn’t show them that often tho
* she likes geodes cus they’re both sharp and beautiful. she can relate

I’m Not Really the Best - (Poly!DemoReps x Reader) Part 5

WARNING: Bullying, Pain, Injuries, Blood, Getting beat up, and Cursing.

A/N: Part 5 is done! I made a lot out of my short vacation and I hope you guys enjoy it, thank you again for the likes and reblogs. <3333333333333333

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“Hey, you know it’s alright to stay as long as you like. It’s not like my mum would know.” George said before going down the small steps of his home, “And it gets kind of lonely sometimes around the house.” He stopped at the last step, eyes soft. (Y/N) chuckled and shook her head, wearing the washed clothes she wore when she stayed at his house.

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Line In The Sand - Chapter 5 (Pt. 2)

Tama Tonga/OC

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Sevyn ignored Tama’s sarcasm, folding her arms across her chest waiting for Pablo to return. But she got Maggie. Her smile made Sevyn’s skin crawl, she didn’t like the vibe she got from the older woman.

“Come with me. Colin’s hungry.” She demanded harshly, “I hear you know your way around a kitchen.”

“If Colin’s hungry then you go fix him something to eat. You must be out yo’ mind if you think I’m helpin’ you, Becky.”

Tama couldn’t hold back his shocked reaction, he had never heard such attitude in Sevyn’s voice. Not even when she got pissed at him for prying into her business. It was a bit of a turn on for him, suddenly he wanted more of it. Sevyn always spoke so proper so to hear her dropping letters from words was a bit laughable.

“It’s Maggie. Let’s go, he’s hungry.” She snapped her fingers at Sevyn before turning on her heels.

“Did she just snap her fingers at me, Tama? Like I’m her dog or something.”

Tama whispered for her to be nice, although he didn’t care if she was or not, and pushed her in the direction of the kitchen. He felt like this was something she needed to go through. When they got into the kitchen, Maggie was mixing in a large mixing bowl, with other ingredients scattered on the island around her. Sevyn thought about turning around but Tama pushed her further into the kitchen alerting Maggie.

“Alright so we’re gonna make him something simple,” she explained tossing a pack of soft tortillas in front of Sevyn. “Chicken wraps with Caesar dressing. He loves it.”

“You do know he’s a man, right?” Sevyn asked giving her a skeptical look.  

“By that you mean what, little girl?”

“First of all, I’m grown. Just because I’m not as old as you doesn’t mean you get to talk to me like that. Second, what I mean is he’s a man and you’re giving him a wrap for lunch. I don’t know a man that could get full off of that.”

“I think I know him enough to know what he likes and doesn’t like. He actually talks to me unlike you, his little object.”

“He talks to you huh? Well, tell me something, Becky. When is it that he talks to you? When he’s slipping out of ya bed at 3 am? Or is it when he’s shoving his dick down ya throat?”

Tama stepped closer to her, placing a hand on her shoulder to calm her down. She shook him off waiting for Maggie to open her mouth again. If Colin was going to bring her here, Sevyn would not make it easy for either of them.

Maggie slammed the mixing bowl onto the counter then pointing her long, pointy finger in Sevyn’s face. “Watch your mouth when you talk to me. I can make you disappear, little girl.” Sevyn swatted her finger from her face, stepping closer to the taller woman. “You can make me disappear? You really believe that don’t ya? Let’s think about this shall we, Becky.” Sevyn tried to contain her anger, not wanting to have too loud of an outburst but just enough to get her point across. “You think because he fucks ya, probably gives ya a little money and comes to see ya every now and again that you got some kind of pull. But let me explain something to you, you are only a piece of ass to him. Probably not even a good piece.”

“Don’t you talk to me like that. Colin and I are in love. You’re only around because he wants to give his clients something pretty to look at,” she spat flustered. Her face as red as a tomato and Sevyn loved every bit of it. Tama stood off to the side enjoying the show. Sevyn’s was finally able to get some of her feelings out. He was ready just in case things got out of hand.

“If yall are in love then why didn’t he marry you? If he thinks so highly of you why is it me that he shows off and not you? If he really cared about you then why is it that he hired me a bodyguard and not you?” Sevyn gestured towards Tama behind her then stared back at Maggie waiting for a response but only got a deep stare. “I’ll tell you why because I am his wife and he thinks everything of me. He doesn’t love me but guess what, Becky. I carry his last name, I am the one everyone sees him with, I am the one he so proudly shows off, I am the one who is entitled to any and everything that is Colin Harris. So call me a trophy, call me a possession but just make sure after all of that you call me Mrs. Harris. Got it?”

“Little girl, you are playing with fire. You just wait until I tell Colin,” she threatened again pointing her finger in Sevyn’s face. Sevyn grabbed ahold of Maggie’s hand bending it and putting a little pressure. “Keep ya finger outta my damn face. When you address me it’s Mrs. Harris or Sevyn. The next time you disrespect me you gon’ get this ass whoopin’ you deserve. Don’t fuckin’ play with me, Becky with the damaged hair.”

Maggie snatched her finger out of Sevyn’s grasp once it was loose enough then retreated to another part of the kitchen. Maggie demanded she get out of the kitchen, no longer wanting Sevyn alongside her. Sevyn had scared her to no end. Colin had told Maggie that his wife was meek and didn’t talk back. However, he had forgotten to tell her that that was with him and barely that. Sevyn wasn’t raised to take shit from anyone. Colin was just a momentary exception. Sevyn backed out of the kitchen slowly with her eyes trained on Maggie. Even though she was more than sure that she had gotten her message across to the older woman, Sevyn knew better than to think to was over. They would cross paths again and when they did it wouldn’t be pretty.

Tama followed Sevyn back to the living room, Pablo was seated in one of the chairs typing on his phone. Sevyn touched his shoulder, gathering his attention. “Let Colin know that Tama is taking me back to my dad, please.” She whispered then walked away. Pablo looked to Tama for an explanation to which Tama only shrugged his shoulders and gave a small smile.

“Do you mind if we make a stop,” Tama asked softly.

The pair had been riding in silence since leaving Maggie’s house fifteen minutes prior. He expected her to still be hype with adrenaline rushing from the interaction with her husband’s mistress. But she wasn’t. She was quiet, snuggled into the seat with her feet tucked under her and her index finger tapping against the door.

She shrugged staring out if her window. “Doesn’t matter to me. You’re the one driving, Tama.”

He smiled to himself, her vocabulary had returned to its state before she encountered Maggie, or Becky with the damaged hair as Sevyn referred to her as. Tama decided she needed to be cheered up before she went back to see her dad, there was no need for him to see her like this. While at a red light, he searched for a nearby sushi bar and drove them straight there. Sevyn was zoned out, thinking of her life. Never did she think she would be in the predicament she was in but she would do it all over again if it meant her father would live another day. Everything she did, she did it for him.

“Come on,” Tama demanded opening her door. She honestly hadn’t realized the SUV had stopped, let alone where they were. Reluctantly, she unbuckled and got out, taking Tama’s hand for help. She surveyed her surroundings and realized he was taking her to dinner.

“What are we doing here?”

“We’re here to eat, Sev. If that’s okay with you.” He laughed at her confused pout. Her facial expressions got the best of him.

“Look at what I’m wearing,” she stressed gesturing to her clothes. She wore sweat pants and a tank top figuring no one would see her but her father so she could be comfortable. “I don’t have on make up and I’m not dressed for dinner.”

“You look beautiful to me. Don’t worry about that other shit, let’s go eat.”

She groaned as he pulled her along. Since she had been married to Colin she had never gone out on public like she is with Tama. Colin would go into cardiac arrest if someone saw her looking the way she does. Sevyn was always expected to be prim, proper and gorgeous. And here Tama was defying all of that.

Tama allowed her to sit on the futon styled seat then settled beside with his arm thrown behind her. Sevyn didn’t realize it was a sushi restaurant until she saw the food that was being delivered to the other patrons. She stared at Tama as he looked over the menu that was handed to him, waiting for him to acknowledge her.

“Tama.” She nudged his thigh repeatedly. A brow rose but his eyes remained on the menu in front of him. “Tama, why didn’t you tell me this is a sushi place?”

“Didn’t think it was important.” He spoke slowly still trying to make a choice. “You know what you want yet?”

“No I don’t because I’ve never had sushi before,” she whispered. Slowly his eyes left the menu and found hers. There was a hint of a smirk on his face which only made Sevyn frown. “How have you never had sushi, Sevyn?” He asked setting the menu down in his lap. “Colin doesn’t eat it. And the friends I used to have didn’t either.” The statement about her friends set off a bulb in his head that he tucked away for another time. Right now she deserved a good time, not to be interrogated. “It’s alright. I’ll order for us,” he assured her. Just then the waiter came by for their order.

The waiter looked about Sevyn’s age, he was Japanese with shoulder length jet black hair. He smiled politely at the pair. “What can I get you all to drink?” He asked looking at each of them respectively.

“Aah, two waters. One beer and,” Tama turned to her with his brow raised, “You want a beer? Or tea or something?” She shook her head as she wrapped her arms around his bicep, leaning her head onto his shoulder. “That’s it then. Two waters and one beer, man.”

“Okay. Do you need more time to decide on your entrée?”

“We’re ready,” Tama told him passing the menu back. “We’re gonna do the Mizuumi Boat and an order of ginger shrimp.”

Once the waiter left their table, Tama took his phone out to check messages and emails. Pablo had emailed him to let him know their plan and to check on Sevyn. It was weird to Sevyn that he didn’t bother to turn his phone away from her or move away while he checked his phone. From the corner of his eye, he could see her staring at him which made him smile. They had only known each other for three days but he felt a connection to her that wasn’t just with the sex.

“See something you like?”

“Haven’t decided yet. When I have I’ll let you know though.” She joked planting a kiss on his exposed bicep. “Are you gonna show me how to hold the chopsticks?” He pushed his phone back into his pocket, giving Sevyn his full undivided attention. “I got you, beautiful. You okay?” She nodded watching the other patrons laughing and enjoying their early dinner. Before she could fully comprehend what was happening, Tama’s lips were pressed against hers. He kissed her slowly sending a shiver through her. He knew she wasn’t okay but he wasn’t going to push her. Talks of Colin were not going to ruin his time with Sevyn. While they were together she was single in his mind.

“What was that for, Tama?”

Tama leaned down to kiss her again but their drinks and food being set before them interrupted their second kiss. Sevyn’s eyes grew large seeing the large dish placed in front of them. Fish was never high on her list of appetizing dishes, seeing it raw didn’t push it any higher either. Tama leaned forward to grab chop sticks giving her no choice but to let go of him.

“It’s not cooked, Tama.”

Tama looked back at her, laughing at the worried expression of her face. It was priceless to him. “Um, that’s kind of the point, Sevyn.”

“But how are we gonna, ya know,” she bit her lip nervously.

“Eat it,” he finished still laughing. “I can demonstrate if you’d like, Sev. You just open your mouth, put the food in and chew.”

She giggled loudly pushing his shoulder. “Shut up! You know what I mean, Tama.”

“Open up,” he demanded holding a piece of sashimi out for her. Sevyn’s eyes drifted from Tama’s face to the raw fish to his hand that carefully held the chop sticks.

“Tama, I don’t know. I don’t think you’re supposed to eat that raw.”

“Trust me, baby. It’s good, just don’t think about it.”

Sevyn bit down on her lip then snatched it from its hold within the chopsticks. Her first instinct was to spit it out, it had a funny texture to her but to make Tama happy she didn’t. Just in case, she had to spit it out, she put her hand over her mouth as she chewed. Tama watched her with a goofy grin waiting for her to say something.

“So, how was it?”

“It was better than I thought. Not as slimy and all.”

After their exciting dinner, the couple rode without the radio down and windows down laughing like old friends. Sevyn had long forgot about her issues with her husband and Tama had forgotten about the anger he had built up. If Tama was being honest he was riding around, he wasn’t ready to take her to her dad’s. He didn’t want their time to end, neither did Sevyn,

Sevyn reached out to play with his hair as he drove and told her about his time in Japan. It was an interesting story, it made her feel much closer to him.

“You were a party boy, Tama? I don’t know why that’s hard to imagine,” she giggled still running her fingers through his hair.

“I’ve matured a lot since then. Now don’t get me wrong I still like to drink,” he laughed glancing at her, “But I know my limits now. I got in so much trouble though.”

“Mmm, I bet.” Their conversation died out, leaving them in a comfortable silence. Sevyn’s fingers still tangled in his hair. “Will you stay at my dad’s with me?”

“Of course. You scared to sleep without me?”

“Anyway,” she giggled, “Thank you so much for dinner.” Sevyn pulled her phone from her purse to check her phone quickly.

“Anytime,” he mumbled.


The SUV started to come to a stop alerting Sevyn. She tossed her phone back in her purse then looked up curious as to what Tama was doing. After pulling into an empty lot under a tree, Tama gave her this stare that she would never forget. There was lust in his look. It was as though he was undressing Sevyn with his eyes. The carnal desire in his eyes had aroused Sevyn to no end making her regret not wearing panties under her sweats.

Tama grabbed the back of her neck and pulled Sevyn into a kiss. She didn’t hesitate to kiss him back. His tongue dipped into her mouth and he sucked and pulled at her bottom lip. Tama’s hands traced from the back of her neck to the front of her shirt. He gripped her left breast hard then rubbed over her nipple eliciting a moan from her. Sevyn leaned back in her seat as his hand traveled down to her sweats. He slipped his hand into them, raising his brows at Sevyn when he realized she wasn’t wearing any panties. “Taking a page from my book,” he chuckled darkly and rubbed her clit with his calloused fingers. The car smelled of her. Tama pushed his fingers into her, carefully finger fucking her. His tongue moved from her mouth to her neck. He licked and sucked  there until he found her spot, there he bit and sucked hard enough to give her a hickey. Tama knew she would be upset when she realized he had given her one but he couldn’t help himself.

“Fuuuuck,” she moaned, pulling on his hair. She was so close to cumming, then he stopped. Tama quickly took his hand out of her pants and got out of the SUV.

“Where are you going?” Sevyn asked, confused and upset.

He gave her a smirk, walked around the SUV to open the passenger door then led her to the back seat.  "I’ve been wanting to fuck you since we left Maggie’s,“ he groaned laying her down. He slid off of her momentarily to pull her top, pants and shows off then his own before climbing back on top of her.  "If it hurts too much, tell me.” he said gently.

Tama bit her neck, sliding his dick into her. She was more than wet enough for Tama. So much so, his dick slipped out a few times before he was able to drive his full length into her.  A loud moan escaped her lips. It sounded of both pain and ecstasy. He slowly raised his hips, and dipped his dick back into her. Sevyn’s hands traveled from his neck down to his lower back, pushing his pelvis deeper. She needed him deeper. Sevyn moaned softly into his ear as he fucked her slowly.

“Fuck me harder, Daddy,”

After hearing that, he pulled out, flipped her onto her stomach and pulled Sevyn’s braids from their bun. Grabbing a hold of them, he pulled on the makeshift ponytail with one hand to arch her back and had his other on my back as he eased back into her. From that position, Tama drove into her. Fucking her mercilessly. Her pussy clenched on his hard dick. Beyond their moaning and groaning, the sound of their bodies smacking against one another and Sevyn’s arousal echoed in the car. Her arousal leaking down her leg and onto his.

“You’re so fucking wet, babygirl,” he groaned bringing his hand down harshly on her ass.

“All for you, daddy,” Sevyn moaned, wanting to take more of his dick.

Tama cursed to himself as he pulled out to sit on the seat then pulled her on top of him. Sevyn guided his dick back into with ease and slowly started to rock her hips agaisnt him. She sucked on his neck marking him as he did her and Tama rubbed her clit with his thumb. His dick pulse inside of her, the feeling making her scream out.

“I’m about to cum, daddy,” She moaned rolling her hips.

He gripped her hips tightly and started thrusting upwards, meeting her. “Ooh fuck, fuck,” Sevyn screamed digging her nails into his biceps.

“Cum for me, Sev,” he groaned, giving her a sexy smile. “Cum for daddy, baby,” he said sucking on her neck. “I wanna feel your pussy cum all over my dick.”

Her orgasm rose as Tama went back to rubbing her clit. Sevyn’s back arched as much as it could pushing her chest against his, and Tama continued to fuck her as hard as he could. Sevyn screamed his name as she came, pushing herself onto his dick. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as her pussy clench around him. “Ah fuck I’m about to cum, baby girl,” he groaned, “You ready?” Without any other warning Tama came inside of her surprising them both. Tama wrapped his arms around Sevyn, holding her close as they came down from their orgasms.

Once their bodies had calmed enough, Tama helped Sevyn back into her clothes then put his own back on. Sevyn opted to stay in the backseat, she had never been so thankful for the SUV’s large backseat. Before Tama pulled out the empty parking lot Sevyn was asleep, peacefully. He wasn’t sure what she had done to him in the few days they had known each other but he was sure he didn’t want her or it to stop.


Tama tried waking her once they had gotten to her father’s house but she was knocked out. A small amount of drool collecting off the side of her mouth had made him laugh. He had definitely done his job, the job Colin should have been doing instead of parading her around. He carried her bridal style up to the porch, knocking lightly hoping there was a nighttime nurse there. Thankfully, for his there was.

“Go up the stairs and the second room on the right is hers, sweetheart.”

The older nurse gave him a sweet smile and a pat on a back to send him on his way. Tama was more than thankful for her kindness. She didn’t ask any questions she just sent him in the right direction.

Carefully, Tama carried her into what looked like her old bedroom. There were old posters of heartthrobs from her teenage years, old photos of her with friends and her dad on her dresser and night stand. She had a small vanity that still had make up, perfume and nail polish she used on it. An old television set atop a long dresser, directly across from it sat her canopy bed.

It looked like the bed Sleeping Beauty slept in with the veil that draped over it, pulled back and tied to each post. He pulled the covers back so he could lay her down, removing her shoes before pulling the covers up over her body.

After kissing her forehead, he retreated from the bed. He stopped in the doorway, leaning against the frame watching Sevyn sleep. She looked like the angel she is. His heart picked up pace thinking of her and how much he was drawn to her. He was attracted to her without a doubt, he liked her but he knew he wasn’t falling for her for he didn’t know her. He felt as though he was far too old to be falling for someone after only a few days. However, he knew they would have a bond that would feel like nothing else he had ever been exposed to.

“I don’t think I’ve met you before.”

Tama jumped slightly, knocking into her door. He reached out to grab it before it banged against the wall and woke Sevyn up. Owen laughed quietly to himself, finally catching Tama’s eye. Tama tried to act like her father hadn’t scared him but his heart was still in his throat.

“Didn’t mean to scare you, young man.”

“You didn’t, sir.” Tama shook Owen’s outstretched hand respectfully.

“Right so who are you, son?”

“Tama Tonga, sir. Colin hired me to be Sevyn’s bodyguard.”

Owen nodded, turning to look at his sleeping daughter. The first day he saw her in the hospital, he fell in love with her. Sevyn amazed Owen to know end growing up, whatever she put her mind to, she did. There was nothing she started that she didn’t finish.

“You like my daughter then?” Owen asked never taking his eyes off Sevyn. Tama choked a bit on his spit at Owen’s question. He didn’t expect it. “Sevyn’s a nice person but she’s married to my boss, sir.”

“That’s not what I asked you. I asked you if you liked my daughter but I already know the answer.” Tama said nothing, he just watched Owen, who was still watching Sevyn. Owen looked thin and frail to Tama like he used to be a livelier man than he is right now. It was then that Tama realized that the bastard Colin was going to let die is her father. “Her husband isn’t anyone I would have chosen for my little girl. But my girl has got her own mind as I’m sure you know. She does what she wants to at the end of the day.”

“I’ve only known her for a few days but I can tell she’s head strong, sir.”

“Yeah, that’s my girl. I know you’re still trying to process everything but I already know. All I ask of you is that you keep my girl safe. I know what kind stuff Colin has his hands in and I don’t want my girl getting’ killed or hurt over it. She’s a good girl.” Owen sighed finally tearing his gaze away from Sevyn to look at Tama. The light from the hallway illuminated both of their faces. “Promise me you’ll keep her safe, Tama. I don’t trust Colin to do it, but you,” he paused placing a hand on Tama’s shoulder, “I know you will and your reasoning will go beyond the obligation of your job.”

Without another word, Owen shuffled back to his bedroom, leaving Tama with his thoughts. Tama took one last look at Sevyn then headed downstairs to lie on the sofa. He didn’t need the temptation of having her that close to him. They couldn’t disrespect her father’s house like that, especially not after the talk Owen had just had with him.

Thoughts on 5H's GMA performances

• they look radiant and so happy. But Lauren and Dinah are so freaking extra gorgeous like wtf did these bitches inhale? The spirit of God?

• I always thought that Lauren gets lazy at times (7/27 tour), but damn I think she’s the most improved lately (her voice and her dancing). Ally, in some instances, looked/sounded a bit messy. Well not noticeably messy, but just blah.

• Normani falling during Down choreo has got to be the most graceful fall ever and the way she slowly stood up was like Jesus rising from the grave slowly killing us with anticipation, and when she finally got up, she blessed us with her presence, like Jesus rebuilding the church after three days. She’s a fucking queen! 👏🏻👏🏻

• I liked Ty’s part. Probably because I got excited and was waiting to see tyren interact. Gucci Mane looked like a zombie. He was a bit stiff lol like he didn’t wanna be there 😂😂

• Down’s choreo: it was cute I guess. At first, I thought the up/down pointy fingers was corny , but on second watch, I thought it was okay. Cute.

All in all, I think they did well. They’re so charming and energetic. Lauren is so insanely hot ugh.

You know those scenes in movies where the good guy ends up with a pretty intense injury and the bad guy makes things worse by digging their hand or weapon into the wound? That’s essentially what it’s like taking care of your toddler after you have surgery. All tiny, pointy fingers, knees, elbows and toes managing to find every single one of my incisions. 😵😫

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Was watching Transformers Prime and noticed this...

So in one shall fall part 2 at like 8 minutes 10 seconds Optimus accepts Megatrons help in getting up. But here’s the thing… It’s like he misjudged the length/pointiness of Megatron’s fingers and had to quickly correct.. 

Now that wouldn’t give me too many feels except for the fact that later in part 3 at like 19:12 (I’m just putting it a lil bit behind, not exact) Orion takes his hand and the action is as smooth as a dolphin. 

Idk guys.. that just kicked me in the feels, like, Optimus had forgotten the best way to grab Megatron’s hand over the millions of years fighting but the second he’s Orion it just fits like a glove because its so familiar and aaah. *dies* 

What the Signs Look Like


Aries tend to have high set and narrow facial bones, broad foreheads, reddish cheeks, strong, sinewy and powerful bodies, strong eyebrows, and clear and penetrating eyes.

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Taurus usually appear to have childlike eyes, full lips, small and straight teeth, and thick, wavy hair. They typically have low foreheads, slightly thicker than usual necks, and attractive faces.

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Gemini’s hold a mischievous smile, medium to full lips, and a well-proportioned chin. They usually have high cheekbones and a youthful appearance. They are typically thin, with pointy features and long fingers. Gemini’s often appear quite fidgety.

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Cancers are usually below average height, have brown hair, a round face, and a prominent forehead. Their nose is typically small and upturned, and they may have crooked teeth, with full lips. Cancer people also appear to have far apart eyes.

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Leos are known for their thick, mane-like dark hair, large eyes, confident expression, and prominent nose. They usually are tall with thin waists, have wide-set shoulders, and athletic bodies.

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Virgos are typically fair, with clean and glowing skin, a roundish or long face, and delicately-shaped lips. They have big and expressive eyes  and strong symmetrically refined features. Virgo’s may have long eyelashes and brownish hair as well.

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Libras commonly have dimpled cheeks, nose, knees, or elbows, a small face with a thin nose, and generally refined and well balanced features. They make lots of facial and hand gestures while talking and tend to have lithe and graceful movements.

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Scorpios have strong, attractive features, intense and penetrating eyes, glowing skin, and an usually have a questioning expression. They have angular faces and typically dark, silky hair. Some Scorpios may have a hooked nose. They also have can usually achieve a dark tan or tans in general easily.

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Sagittarius people have innocent, oval-like faces, chiseled jawlines and a high, broad forehead. They also have a wide smile with straight teeth, and a tall well-formed, agile figure with strong legs (they are usually good runners). Sagittarius may have green or colored lighter eyes.

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Capricorns typically have large, doe-like, steady eyes, and a sallow or pale face. They usually have brown or darker hair that is glossy and typically flat. Their skin may be olive colored and tans easily, and they rarely have skin issues. Capricorns have very prominent cheek bones.

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Aquarius people have a friendly and approachable expression, large, round eyes, and finely chiseled facial features. They also have average sized noses and lips that are full at the center and thin out toward the sides. Aquarians are typically tall and either extremely clumsy or quite graceful.

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Pisces typically have innocent features, with a delicate, feminine expression. They tend to be medium height to short with short limbs. Pisces also seem to have satiny and healthy looking hair that is more thin than thick. Some would describe Pisces as elegant, or refined.

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