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Bad Intentions (M)

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Part 1 of 2

Rated (M) for mature content, sexual scenes

Vampire Taeyong x Vampire Reader

Genre: college au, jealous vampire Taeyong, smut (in part 2)

Length: 5.6k

Summary: Jung Jaehyun was the epitome of everything you wanted… or so you thought

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Bayard Changes

I haven’t seen any posts about this yet, so I thought I’d throw one together real quick while doing some other research for paladin armor. Bayard upgrades!

We have 2 notable examples of what happens when a person swaps bayards, with both Lance and Keith. The speculation is over: bayard forms are individual-specific, and not Lion-specific. This means that the red bayard does not always form a sword; rather, a sword will always be the standard weapon form that Keith has. Lance’s standard weapon is a gun, although his has some variation (more on that later).

That said, the change in bayard color DOES still bring in some notable visual changes! And more than just color to boot.

More below the cut, because there’s quite a few screenshots.

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y’all, what if sidon has a huge thing for link’s ears? like he cannot get enough of link’s ears - he loves rubbing the pad of his thumb along the long, pointy edge, loves nibbling on them during more intimate moments and just is always paying a little extra attention to his ears

(bonus: link’s ears are a little bit of a erogenous zone and the first time Sidon touches them gets quite the reaction out of link)

Faux Cuffs and Collar Tutorial

Hello everyone!

This is a tutorial to make a detached collar and (faux) French cuffs. I intended this to be for Playboy Bunny-style costumes, and that’s a good use for them, but I can see people wanting to make these for fashion purposes or other costumes, as well. 

The collar is functional and buttons at the neck, and the cuffs are functional but use a snap on the inside and decorative buttons sewn to the outside to imitate the look of cufflinks. This makes them easier to deal with during a con day and makes it easier to either make custom “cufflinks” or to use what you have in your sewing stash rather than buying or attempting to make actual cufflinks.

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My own head canon: Darkplier with some inspired from slender man tentacles on his back.

I called it ✌tentacles✌ but it’s not that much soft or slippery. (of course not because it’s not for a sexual situation)
Those things are really sharp, pointy, and edge.

It’s dark colored. Compose of edge tools, piece of Iron and shapes like bug legs(especially a Spider)

It can grab, lift, throw something.
But it mostly do kill somebody. It stab and rip the body in half.
Very grotesque ew.

Officially he does not murder that much easily. He acting nice and soft to every person he met because he looking for some ✌useful✌ for his benefits, not making a friends or something.

If he get mad so badly and finally decide to kill them, then he takes out those tentacles and kill them with it. Still grotesque wow.

✰ * º ❛   the o.c. sentence starters.   ❜

‘  she/he’s right over there. look. stop. wait. don’t look. i mean, you can look, but don’t look like you’re looking.   ’
‘  wow. i’m sorry. i should… really learn to knock, incase there’s a threesome going on in the bathroom.  ’
‘  you guys really wouldn’t hurt me because that’d be so cliche.  ’
‘  i’m sorry for all the craziness.  ’
‘  i wouldn’t have done it any differently.  ’
‘  yeah, i’m fine. i’m just having an allergic reaction to the universe.  ’
‘  he’s very wise. he has a beard.  ’
‘  maybe i can’t be just friends with you!  ’
‘  but with the added stress of work and deadlines, things can get sexy.  ’
‘  no more hugging. physical contact freaks me out.  ’
‘  remember when the boys made us watch that movie about the gay guys on the mountain? lord of the rings?  ’
‘  there’s too many young, tan, healthy people here. i don’t like it.  ’
‘  do you ever wonder what your life looks like through someone else’s eyes?  ’
‘  my life just doesn’t work without you.  ’
‘  i just don’t want us to fall apart.  ’
‘  your break-up is missing a key ingredient. the only ingredient really… that you don’t love me anymore.  ’
‘  i love you… this much. and i wanna be with you now and next year and whatever comes after that.  ’
‘  i like you… this much.  ’
‘  if you can honestly tell me that you don’t love me anymore, just say it.  ’
‘  if you don’t love me, i promise i’ll go by myself and i’ll be cold and miserable and alone and i will never bother you again.  ’
‘  i don’t love you anymore.  ’
‘  just get away from me, okay? get out of here.  ’
‘  you had me three months ago and you left.  ’
‘  this has nothing to do with me. it is about you and it is only about you.  ’
‘  it’s not like now that we broke up, i’m choosing you, okay? cause the whole reason that we broke up is cause, for me, it’s always been you.  ’
‘  it’s always been you. i’ve tried to fight it and i’ve tried to deny it and i can’t. i can’t do it. you’re undeniable.  ’
‘  sorry i abandoned you in the desert?  ’
‘  when i found out it was your pregnancy test, i totally freaked out and i thought this would change everything.  ’
‘  then he asked me if i could imagine a time that i’d never not wanna be with you, and i realized that the answer is no.  ’
‘  i’m doing this because i love you and i want to spend the rest of my life with you.  ’
‘  you know that once you propose to me, you can’t take it back?  ’
‘  will you marry me?  ’
‘  look at all these people. these normal, non-traumatized people.  ’
‘  you only want me when you can’t have me.  ’
‘  a triangle’s not a friendly shape, okay? it’s pointy. it’s got sharp edges.  ’
‘  nothing i hate more than perky blondes who want to take over the world.  ’
‘  you weren’t the only virgin in the room.  ’
‘  there was someone else in the room? like, filming us?  ’
‘  are you high?  ’
‘  you’re my little snow angel.  ’
‘  acknowledge me now or lose me forever.  ’
‘  i didn’t know they had musicals there. or dancing. or laughter.  ’
‘  no one there is as funny as you.  ’
‘  so, we finally agree i’m the funny one?  ’
‘  you know what else i think you enjoy? me.  ’
‘  what happens in mexico, stays in mexico.  ’
‘  we have my entire life of never doing anything wrong which lulls my parents into a false sense of trust.  ’
‘  welcome to a life of insecurity and paralyzing self-doubt.  ’
‘  just don’t talk to me!  ’
‘  i really only know how to handle rejection and ridicule.  ’
‘  first of all, ‘obsessed,’ it’s a pretty strong word.  ’
‘  you know what i like about rich kids? nothing.  ’
‘  first of all, no. second of all, no.  ’
‘  dude, what did you tell her?  ’
‘  maybe the black turtleneck in august tipped her off.  ’
‘  i was going for stealth. also, it’s slimming.  ’
‘  it’s fate. it’s destiny. look, we both like burritos.  ’
‘  sometimes when i like someone, i sometimes kind of, uh… stalk them.  ’
‘  with the right attitude and a couple cocktails, it could be fun.  ’
‘  i’m so screwed. bruce banner gets mad, he turns into the hulk. i get mad, i turn into like, a 75 year-old yenta named sylvia.  ’
‘  what am i going to do without you? who will i play jenga with?  ’
‘  you’re so wise. all your sage wisdom. what am i gonna do without that?  ’
‘  do you know what i dream about when i dream about thanksgiving, which is often? i dream about eating so much deliciousness, that all of the blood rushes to my stomach and i pass out at the table.  ’
‘  i’m more of a fan of open-ended unrequited love.  ’
‘  kids don’t date anymore. they hang out in groups and peel off to hook up.  ’
‘  you are the sid to her nancy, the kurt to her courtney. 50 cent to her… mrs. cent.  ’
‘  that’s it? no advice?  ’
‘  what advice? call her, apologize, it’s not rocket science  ’
‘  how’s life? we never talk anymore. who are you?  ’
‘  i handled that situation so wrong. i just… i should’ve never returned her calls. i should’ve dated other girls.  ’
‘  you just wanted to turn me into a little bitch baby like him.  ’
‘  of course, i didn’t mean to hit you.  ’
‘  i just find it interesting how your hand collided with my face.  ’
‘  i feel that way all the time… it hurts too much.  ’
‘  i’d kiss my boyfriend three times a day if i knew where the hell he was.  ’
‘  and he’s just gonna get bored with me because pretty much all boys do.  ’
‘  you turned me into the type of girl that is so desperate for affection that she doesn’t know how to be in a relationship.  ’
‘  maybe you just need something to take your mind off of it.  ’
‘  with everything we’ve been through for the past two years and the fact that we’re still here really makes me think there’s nothing we can’t handle.  ’
‘  i love shopping, tanning, and celebrity gossip. always have, always will.  ’
‘  you’re my destiny.  ’
‘  go save the world.  ’
‘  and you, with all your little flaws and your little quirks, somehow you keep drawing me back in.  ’
‘  i’m not pregnant. is it inappropriate to celebrate?  ’
‘  you like the chase and that’s all.  ’
‘  what do you want from me?  ’
‘  i just want you.  ’
‘  was i really mean to you?  ’
‘  why can’t you accept that i’m uncomfortable with public displays of affection?  ’
‘  you’re offering yourself for $10 a pop at a kissing booth?  ’
‘  i’ll always look up to you. and not just because you’re taller than me.  ’
‘  family time’s always the best when it’s forced.  ’
‘  i’m not emotionally equipped to process this information.  ’
‘  i love you so much.  ’
‘  you’re my best friend forever, okay?  ’
‘  i still love you. i really, really love you. i just can’t… i just can’t.  ’
‘  i’m marrying you tonight.  ’
‘  it’s me and you and that’s the way it’s supposed to be.  ’
‘  hey, do not insult them!  ’
‘  it’s like one guitar and a whole lot of complaining.  ’
‘  yeah? so, what you’re saying to me is then… that the more neurotic and insecure i am, the more you’re attracted to me? well then, do i look fat in these pants?  ’
‘  face it. our chemistry is undeniable.  ’
‘  you know what else is undeniable? the pain this fork is gonna cause when i jam it into your eye.  ’
‘  we should take our pants off.  ’
‘  i was nemo and i just wanted to go home.  ’
‘  don’t blame me for your sexual tension.  ’

kajuned  asked:

I feel like Castiel is the only one who isn't keeping secrets right now. Sure, he's off hunting Kelly, but that's the truth. He's hunting Kelly. Mary, Ketch, Crowley and Sam are developing secrets that looks like a ticking time bomb to me. Agree?

HAH! YES. And this rather neatly fits in with the entire Rashomon structure of s12, doesn’t it?

So if 12.12 has “set up the themes for the rest of the season,” according to Andrew Dabb, then the fact that each of them has some disparate bit of the story that when pieced together correctly might give them the entire picture, it’s also almost like because none of them have the entire story on their own, they don’t know that the ONE BIT OF INFO they hold is actually RELEVANT to the larger story.


*stops to cry about the narrative structure of s12 again*

*no really it’s effing glorious and i cry about it at least once a day*

Sam now has several more bits of the story than he did before 12.14 though. Dean, too… Let’s break it down:

Things Everyone Knows:

  • Mary was sent on the mission to Ramiel’s
  • that mission nearly got Cas killed
  • that mission DID get Wally, an innocent hunter, killed
  • Mary’s been working with the MoL since AT LEAST then and probably longer

Things Sam and Mary know, but Dean doesn’t:

  • Mary was sent to Ramiel’s SPECIFICALLY TO STEAL THE COLT
  • The Men of Letters had no idea how to even make it work until Sam told them
  • The Men of Letters intel on the Alpha vamp was REALLY SUPER FREAKING WRONG
  • Sam knows more about stuff then the supposedly superior MoL

Things Sam and Dean know, but Mary doesn’t:

  • their agonizing history with the Colt
  • that Dean USED THAT GUN to kill the demon that had killed Mary
  • That Dean once shot Lucifer in the face with it
  • That Jo and Ellen had DIED to give them the chance to shoot Lucifer in the face with it
  • That the demon who taught them to make the bullets for it had lured Sam into helping release Lucifer
  • That Dean last used that gun in 1861… 

I think I’m getting off track here…

Stuff Dean knows that Sam doesn’t:

  • What a fucking cold-blooded, vicious monster of a hunter Ketch is.
  • Like seriously, does his disgust with Ketch not call back to Dean in 4.16 torturing Alastair?
  • Or how Dean was under the Mark of Cain? I watched 9.22 today, and was reminded of Dean interrogating Flagstaff, flipping a table, and hovering over her growling out “There ain’t no other men like me”
  • Like, I think even DEAN sees Ketch as a sort of dark mirror of himself, as the WORST of himself that he’s spent the last year and a half trying to become BETTER than…

Also, why do I keep feeling the need to quote 4.22? After Dean told Cas that he KNOWS there’s a right and a wrong here… and essentially forces him to “pick a side.” Much like he’d told Sam…

It took him a bit, but in the end, not only did Cas pick the right side, he was willing to DIE for it. And did. And luckily God liked him and brought him back…

Hopefully this time around, things won’t get to that point before everyone agrees what’s really right here…

But in the meantime, all the rest of these puzzle pieces need to fall into place. Because right now, the people holding the “exclusive to them” bits of info don’t even realize that they might be important to assembling the big picture yet.

Slowly but surely, all the pieces are falling into place. Because this is Supernatural, all the pieces have sharp pointy edges and the characters are gonna get cut along the way… but they are assembling the picture. 

A birthdaypresent for @wonderland-royalty! Have a great day girl and I hope this day will be all you imagined for. I did the best I could, to make this imagine as perfect and good as possible. Enjoy and again, happy Birthday!! <3

Words: 2872
Warning: Ubbe/Hvitserk fluff (a lot), playfullness, threesome
Tag: @belle-scarre, @littlesnorlaxx

You had knot up your dress to your knees so it wouldn’t get wet from standing in the water. With that self-made spear in your hand you were scouting the surface for fish. Your father was maybe an excellent fisher but you on the other hand … you always got him mad when you came home empty handed. But that was your life, being the daughter of a fisherman and a farmer. You loved your mother side of the work more often than this, standing with cold feet in the water waiting until the fish were just to you and started to come closer again. But your timing was always bad, you spear sunk in the water without piercing a fish, leaving you empty handed so you had to wait again. You signed, turning around to the beach only to find Ubbe there looking at you. ‘How long have you been standing there?’ You asked with a shyly smile. He had his arms crossed before his chest, his braid over his shoulder, covered in enough fur so you got spontaneous warm from looking, or thinking how it would be to be in his embrace.
‘How long you think?’ He asked with a smile. You looked back to the water, the pointy edges of the spear.
‘Long enough to see me fail?’ You had to raise your voice a little so he would hear it. What really didn’t suit you, you always were a soft talker.
‘Do you need some help?’ He asked not far after. You shook your head immediately, not wanting him, the prince of Kattegat to help out a simple farmers girl. Despite you were just that, you had two sons of Ragnar behind you, the two eldest, Ubbe and Hvitserk. Feeling that kind of admiring sparked your self confident.
‘I will be fine.’ You reacted, turning back to the water. But it the corner of your eye you saw him pull of his shoes, leaving that and the fur on the beach before walking into the water. ‘I said I’m fine.’ You repeated yourself when he was closing in.
‘You’re such a bad liar Y/n.’ He smiled. You looked to that smile before your eyes traveled back to the water, almost shy for your own staring. He came to stand behind you, a hand sliding over your shoulder, arm, to the hand that held the spear. Your back rested against his chest and you bited your lip, looking over your shoulder to how he leaded your body in the best position to catch fish. He loved to touch you, guiding you almost. Ubbe was always so tenderly gentle with you. And how soft his touch may be, you felt warmth for feeling the little details. ‘Stay focused.’ He reminded you amused for your thought took another course.
‘Yes, sure, thank you for learning me.’ You whispered, not knowing if fish could hear you. His free hand sneaked around your waist, taking the spear so you were totally in his embrace.
‘I would do anything for you.’ He answered that, his warm breath tickling your neck as he watched to the surface over your shoulder. ‘Can you stay tonight?’ He asked, turning the spear a little as the fish started to swim around you again.
‘How can you ask that while being so concentrated?’ You asked tensed, knowing that spear could hit water any minute. He chuckled softly, resting his chin on your shoulder. But he didn’t answer, he was focused and you almost startled if that spear sunk under water, causing the rumples over the surface of the steady bay.
‘Because it’s easy.’ He said with a certain triumph, pulling the spear out so you saw the fish hooked on it. You screamed joyful, out of happiness you caught something and your father wouldn’t be entirely mad at you. You turned around to Ubbe, eyes sparkling from excitement for your first real catch. Although you didn’t do much, it made you happy. And clearly Ubbe to because he smiled that wide open smile, before pulling you in an embrace. He stroke with his thumb a strain of hair out of your face, enjoying the view of your happiness, how stupid it could be.
‘Thank you.’ You thanked him on a sweet innocent voice.
‘You stay?’
‘Please?’ He begged even more innocent.
‘Maybe.’ You repeated yourself. He placed his lips on yours and your fingers felt like feathers against his jawline, hardly wanting to touch him because you always were to careful. His kiss was tenderly, moving you around in his arms so you hardly could do something else then you laughing. ‘Good, I will stay.’ You agreed. He kissed your cheek, your neck, soft pressures in a speed up pace before he pulled back and you had that outstanding view on his blue eyes.
‘Good.’ He said, giving you the spear with the fish. You looked down to it, smiling like an idiot while Ubbe walked back out of the water back to his shoes and fur cloak.

That afternoon you were helping your mother by getting into the village with her donkey to storage the hay for coming winter in one of the sheds. Everybody needed to pay his part in the working environment of Kattegat. Your mother was payed for this, you delivered. But transporting hay from the cart behind the donkey to the shed wasn’t easy work, it wasn’t even woman work. You stroke your hand over your sweaty forehead before pulling another bale into the shed. And to be honest, you really didn’t wanted to store it in this manor, build up high so you had to climb two bales before you could stock. You tossed it on the second level of bales when you heard your name. ‘Yes?’ You turned around trying to look for who was calling out to you. From this position you hardly couldn’t see the entrance of the shed.  But you recognized the voice, who wouldn’t.
‘Where are you?’ Hvitserk asked.
'Come and find me.’ You challenged him. You and Hvitserk were different than it was with Ubbe. With Hvitserk there was always room to play a game, to joke around, while Ubbe was that tenderly kind of guy, meaning every act he did. You heard Hvitserk walking over the wooden floor, hardly suppressing a smile when he showed up. He looked up at you with that challenging cocked up smile of him.
‘Do you want me to get up there to catch you?’ He asked you playfully. Your fingers were playing a strand of hay, you looked at it, nodding on his words. It hardly took him second to jump on the first bale. You started to laugh, running away of the storage bales to the other side, sliding yourself off it back down. But he was faster, he was a Viking, he anticipated every move you made. The thrill of the hunt pushed the adrenaline through your body. And when he grabbed you around the waist from behind you couldn’t do something else than loud laughing. You both lost balance, falling down to the first level of bales again where you both landed between the hay, messing up your hair and his. You were still laughing, catching a strand of hay from between his braids.
‘You were looking for me?’ You asked innocent. He turned around on his stomach, weaving his fingers through yours while pushing them aside your head in the hay.
‘Found you.’ He reacted satisfied. He kissed you, chest contacting with yours for which a shivering rushed through your body. Hvitserk was different, more eager, less careful. But you loved that as much as the tenderness Ubbe had. It wasn’t fair, enjoying both the brothers like you did now. He let go of one hand and you laid your hand in his neck, getting lost in the kiss that grew every second a little bit deeper. You felt his hand on the leg from which your knee rested against his side. He pulled the dress up underneath his hands and touched your skin.
‘Hvitserk.’ You breathed heavy against his lips when his fingers trailed up over your leg.
‘I want to touch you, can’t I touch you?’ He asked, lips caressing your cheek before he opened his eyes and looked at you.
‘It’s not fair.’ You began, swallowing your own thoughts a little.
‘What isn’t?’ He asked, relaxing his body and grip, removing his fingers from your skin.
‘That I have affection for Ubbe to.’ You pointed out. Hvitserk smiled, pecking your lips fast.
‘As long as he doesn’t mind and I don’t mind what is the problem?’
‘It feels like I betray you, or him.’ You looked away but he leaded your head back by laying his fingers under your chin, gently.
‘We don’t mind. We will prove you.’ He wanted to come up, all eagerly smiling again.
‘Hvitserk.’ You grabbed him with his clothes back. He looked at you, questionable. ‘I’m still,’
‘and I respect and admire you, don’t be scared.’ He winked, jumping of the bales and walking away, leaving you there to doubt this relationship with both the brothers yet again.

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headcanon meme - thunderbee, part 1

☾ - sleep headcanon 

sleeping with bumblebee is easy.

fragging bumblebee is hard - it’s a tempestuous mix of a saboteur’s earnest honesty and a seeker’s frail haughtiness, of frame power differentials and four million year power imbalances - but sleeping with bumblebee is easy.

thundercracker is used to the tangle of a trine’s wings, three sets of delicate, expansive flight mechanisms all vying for enough space to stretch out - or to at least not jam anyone’s wingtip into anyone else’s joint hinge, or ram anyone’s flap into anyone else’s fuselage. and a seeker’s whole frame is sharp-edged, pointy, not exactly designed for close quarters, combat or otherwise.

but bumblebee isn’t any of those things. he doesn’t even have those ridiculous doorwings that some autobot grounders seem so absurdly proud of. he’s just…round. so very, very round. every bit of him, from his face to his frame, from his helm to his hubcaps, is curves, all curves. even his nose is broad and blunt, and his silly little horns curve on the way up to their tips.

so sleeping with him - or next to him, or underneath him - even sprawled on his car wreck of a couch, is easy. his points slide right along bee’s curved plating, and bee’s roundness offers no resistance to his own hard edges. settling bee on top of him, or pulling him close and wrapping his arms around him - it’s easy. so very, very easy.

anonymous asked:

OKAY SO you've not talked about Cursed Child in a millennia but have you seen the photos of the new cast? (Specifically the new Scorpius, let's not even pretend)


the REASON I haven’t talked about The Cursed Child in a millennia (other than very briefly in Gemma Styles gate, heh heh) is because EVERY TIME I THINK ABOUT IT I DISSOLVE INTO TEARS AND/OR PAROXYSMS OF JOY DEPENDING ON WHERE I AM IN THE MENSTRUATION CYCLE! I am so excited I want to PROJJY VOM AT ALL TIMES! I am genuinely TERRIFIED of seeing this play because as soon as the lights go down I am going to STOP BREATHING, POSSIBLY FOREVER!!!

anyway, yes, I have seen the new cast. I’m very glad black Hermione seems to be a conscious choice that they’re going to stick with, Draco is slowly edging towards Pointy Enough with each new casting, Scorpius remains INTENSELY LOVEABLE, Albus remains A YUNG HUNK, and LOOK (!!!!!) at THIS (!!!!!):

bts footage of their prom pictures. haha. so cute. I’m going to fucking die. 

xdefytheoddsx  asked:

It's my birthday today. Could I request some twins au?

happy birthday!!! i didn’t have much time to draw today but have some distinct-outfit kittens

felix has fangs and adrien has claws, by the way! each cat’s got his respective pointy edges.

Good Old Blood Magic ( Lucifer x Reader )

Requested by: @mangelcup

Originally posted by totallysupernaturaloneshots

“Can I request something? ❤️ Lucifer x Reader because she summons him or something and they fell in love? With lots of fluff and maybe some smut? ✨”

A/N: I was writing this and an idea popped in my mind… why don’t we turn this into a series?! So, here’s the part one! -xx

Warnings: violence, blood, will contain smut in future.

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

“This is wrong…” you kept repeating as you held your hand over your mouth and nose. Abandoned place you’ve found was stinking and air was filled with dust, something you weren’t good with.

“Damn…” you mumbled as your throat itched. You were about to cough and it’d only make you wanna do more. “It’s never somewhere nice. No, it must’ve be the dirtiest place on the planet’s surface.”

That ranting was helping actually, you were using your anger as fuel. You kept talking and cursed to every small piece of dust on planet while preparing the ritual place. You used chalk to draw and cursed to dust it made, lit candles around the sigil and cursed to smoke, then you poured the needed herbs into a copper bowl and cursed to their scent.

“I guess that’ll do fine.” You said finally, raising fron ground to check everything from a distance. When you were satisfied, you pulled a bottle from your bag and poured it around the room. You took a deep breath and set the liquid on fire. It circled around the room, lighting everything with a gold spark.

“Now the suicide.” You said and dropped a burning match on herbs. They made a black smoke, which turned into white as you said the summoning spell.

“Rah ah gah ee oh es

Vee nu nohno kee ah seh peh teh poh ah ma lah deh zod”

You waited a moment before starting again, but when you saw the change in smoke, your voice trailed off. It was blue, like an icy blue.

“I got your call.” You jumped when a voice raised from behind the smoke. You looked over but all you could see was a man’s figure standing next to cracked window, his back was turned. He turned around and walked closer to ritual as every fiber of your being tensed, room was freezing cold despite the fire circle around you suddenly.

“Let’s put it off, shall we?” He said, referring the still burning bowl. You could see his face now. His dirty blond hairs, blue predatory eyes and corrupted skin was visible by the light. “No one wants a fire to burn this place down.”

“I thought you’d like fire? Specialy the holy ones.” You said, pointing the circle around you. Your voice wasn’t shaky as much as you expected, whicy was good. A smal smile appeared on his lips and you wiped your sweaty hands behind you.

“People assume that, don’t they?” He said. “Well, as you can see, it’s quite opposite actually.”

You didn’t say anything as he gently blew a bit air to ritual place. Before your eyes, fires died and burnt herbs got covered by ice, along with the candles. Only light source was the moonlight that was leaking through cracked windows and holes on ceiling. And holy fire that was keeping him in room.“Now, I must say that I’m impressed. Never seen a human that knows how to pull this kind of thing off…” he said and walked around the ice covered area on floor. You tried not to back of as he slowly swept to you. “But I wonder, why did you summoned me? You humans are mostly after my demons…”

“I don’t want anything from you.” You said. “Okay, that’s not true actually. I want one thing… not from you though. But I think you’ll do just fine.”

“Let me get this straight.” He said and tilted his head to side as his arms crossed over his chest. “You summoned an archangel, right? And you don’t want me?”

“Sorry to hurt your ego.” You said. “But, yeah. That’s right, I was expecting your brother.”

“Michael?” He said with shock. “What could you possibly want from my fool brother? Or me?”

“You two will burn this planet, right?” You said. “Well, there’s a tiny little problem with that. I don’t want you to.”

He scoffed lightly as you reached to your pocket. You pulled out a knife, which wiped out his amused face. Archangel blade was shining under the moonlight. “Gabriel’s?” He asked. You nodded in reply. You were after him for a while and when you find him at the motel, stabbed through his heart…

“Now you’re willing to listen, good… cause I’ll tell this once.” You said. He just looked at you with narrowed eyes as you raised the pointy edge to his face, he was at least three feet away from the tip. “You won’t start the Apocalypse.”

“Be careful about that.” He said and raised his hands in a surrounding maner to tease you. You just smiled at him. “Last owner stabbed himself with that.”

“You’re not in a place to threaten me, since we’re miles and miles away from the closest town. Without someone to set them off, this circle can stay for a looong while.” You turned back to serious face then. “So, what you say?”

“If there won’t be an apocalypse, what will I do?” He said. “I left my place down there for the End.”

“I don’t know. Travel the world? Heard that’s what middle aged retired guys do.”

You knew he was absolute, he was one of the heaven’s most terrifying wepons after all, but he seemed to be enjoyed by your boldness and you were willing to keep him in that mood. Cause the alternative was…

Before you could form the idea in your mind, he moved forward. You were too slow to defend yourself as he pushed you to wall behind you and pressed his forearm to your throat. Your back burned with sudden hit but you could barely gasped as he choked you.

“See, little human, you’re not thr one who calls shots here.” He said, barely moving his lips as his eyes bored into yours. “And you can’t tell me what to do.”

“Why?” You managed to say. He pulled his arm a bit and you took a breath before talking. “Why would you want to do it? Isn’t it what your Daddy wants? You rebelled to him once already.”

“It has nothing to do with him.” He said but your eyes caught the twitch in his smile.

“Really? So you’re not trying to follow his orders… or maybe make up for your last mistake.”

He stood in silence as you talked. Your words seemed like raindrops on a solid rock but you hoped that you wdre following the right lead. “What do you think will happen? Your Daddy will show up and say that he forgave you? Or maybe he was wrong and you were right?”

You smiled to him before continuing. “Well, keep dreaming for that.”

With that, you raised your hands. You left palm covered his mouth as the other one gripped his neck and dug your nails in there. He pulled his arm back and backed away but you could feel the wetness in your hand. He reached to his mouth to wipe the blood on there as you raised your hand too.

“Stop.” He said with realization, fingers now covered with your blood. You just kept the eye contact as you licked you finger, tasting the salty blood on them.

A roaring thunder shook the ground and building with that. Devil looked at you with wide eyes as you stood in silence. He knew what happened, what you just did, and he was pissed.


“Funny thing, isn’t it?” You said. You pushed your shoulders back and stood tall as you walked in room. “Kali is so cold to men but when it comes to a women, who is offering her a deal, she is really calm. Well, your brother was another exception but it just made it easier.”

“You used her blood magic… for what?” He said. He was ready to smite you on spot, but he was also cautious.

“To put a leesh on you, of course.” You said. Yiu showed your still bleeding left hand to him. “You tasted my blood and I took yours. Since that you’re the male in here, you’re bonded to me.”

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤


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Thank you for the prompt! I’m sorry it took me so long.

He knows she isn’t dead. He can’t explain it but he just knows. A sharp pain in his hand makes him acutely aware how he’s been clutching her tiny necklace so tight, so angrily, he’s cut himself on one of the pointy edges. Without thinking he throws the necklace away, to the other end of the office, where it hits the wall before disappearing. He’s on his feet to go look for it before even realizing it.

“Sorry, Scully,” he says through clenched teeth as he searches for the little shiny cross that’s kept him searching relentlessly for her day after day. “I’m so sorry.”

He lifts giant stacks of paper and removes old case files to look for the necklace but he can’t seem to find it. Little drops of salty tears lands on the paper and in a swift motion all the papers are on the floor. He stops for a second and covers his face in his hands. He’s so worn down but there’s nothing to do but go on and he crouches down to pick up the mess he just made.

And there it is, on the floor, her golden necklace, shining just for him. He picks it up and puts it on as grey-suited walkers march the pavements outside his little basement window like Scully isn’t missing, like the world hasn’t stopped because of it. And it hasn’t, he knows that, but he can’t feel it. It’s all just so… grotesque.

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Some hc for gaara !! 😛 Cute things he makes/does for his s/o

Originally posted by kakahsi

  • One time, he received an origami book for his birthday from a close friend. After a whole month of letting it collect dusk because he had no interest, he took it out from his desk and tried this origami thing. He began developing the liking of making origami. Once he perfected straight edges and pointy corners, he would make flowers or cute little animals to give it to his s/o when he leaves for work.
  • He made a promise to his s/o that whatever free time he has in the morning; he would try to make “breakfast in bed.” Just so his s/o doesn’t have to get up to the kitchen, make and eat breakfast. They can stay in bed however long they need.
  • Every time he sends his s/o for a mission, he makes and write meaningful haiku for them to read when they come back. Just so they would know he’s thinking about them, when he has a million other things to do.
  • If the s/o is sick and so much chores need to be done. No doubt that as Kazekage and the power the title held, he would make sure to let them rest while he does the work. Maybe even bring Kankuro and Temari to help.
  • Whenever he’s home before the s/o, he would make dinner for them. He wouldn’t make it unless the s/o said they were going to eat out with friends or him.
  • Give his s/o massages! Work can be really stressful. So him and his s/o takes turns massaging.

pros to kissing cayde

-hes a good and sweet boy

-fun for the both of you

cons to kissing cayde

-pointy edges

-might be a little bit cold to the touch + startle you

-he can probably still talk while kissing, so who knows what he might say

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CONGRATS ON 600 BB 😘 Gabriel(duh)/ring/black. Also smut ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Thanks my dear! <3 Hope you enjoy!

side note:  Tags are below the cut, but if you don’t want to be tagged in the celebration drabbles, just let me know!

Also, everyone check out this AMAZING fanart for this by @nobodys-baby-now! (WARNING: There be spoilers involved, so make sure you read this first). You can find it HERE.

Word count: 757

Warnings/Tags:  Smut, blindfolding, oral sex (male receiving), fluff

You felt disoriented.  Black encased your vision, cutting off your sense of sight.  You fumbled blindly along the mattress, feeling your way across the bedspread. 

“Warmer…” Gabriel’s voice cut through the darkness, guiding you further up and to the left.  “Warmer…”  

You paused, picking up on a sultry quality that had his voice rumbling slightly in the back of his throat.  You wondered if you would have noticed without the silk scarf wrapped snugly around your eyes.  Your hand connected with his skin which was hot in contrast to the cool fabric beneath him.

“Houston, we have contact,” he teased and you giggled.  “Remember, hot cakes, now that you’re on the mainland, no hands.”  

“Can you at least warn me what it is I’m looking for?”  Even as you asked, you were tentatively dragging your nose along the side of him, gauging where you’d landed (which happened to be the side of his knee).     

“Pixie sticks.”

Your head reflexively jerked back.  Great.  The last time he’d hidden the candy dust on himself you’d ended up accidentally doing a line of it.  

He hadn’t been kidding when he said he was going to put your mouth to good use today.  

You took your time, nibbling and sucking your way along his inner thigh, relishing the way his breath hitched and his legs immediately fell open to you.  The game was as much about the teasing as it was finding the “sweet spot.”  

Normally, that spot wasn’t actually in any of the good places.  It didn’t mean you didn’t spend your fair share of time there anyway.  

His sweet of choice today left you limited on tactics, and you focused on lavishing every inch of his shaft with your tongue before making a second pass over it.

“I think it’s safe to say, sweetheart, it’s not there,” he rasped.  You smirked, taking him fully into your mouth, which drew a low moan from him.  He jerked up into the back of your throat and as you prepared to continue, his hand slid into the back of your hair, drawing you back.  

“Not yet, sugar.”  

You hesitated.  You couldn’t recall a single time he had ever turned down a blowjob from you.  


“Just want to play the game first,” he reassured, his fingers stroking along the side of your cheek. He guided you down to the side of his hip where you resumed your exploration.  You took your time, nipping, sucking, licking, doing everything and anything you could with your mouth to get him to regret his decision.  

The growl that erupted through his chest when you circled back to his thighs for the third time suggested he was laying in a whole world of regret at the moment. 

Finally, he’d had enough.  He took hold of your hair, guiding you higher.  As soon as your hips were close enough, he grabbed hold of them, dragging your mound down against his erection so he could thrust along your folds.  

“That’s not how you play,” you tsked, wishing you could see the look on his face. 

“Sweetheart, if you don’t finish soon, I’m not going to be able to help myself,” he warned.

“Isn’t that the whole point of this?” You smirked, rolling your hips against him.  

His fingers dug into your waist, stilling your movements.  “Not today,” he breathed.  “Just… finish.”  

The plea beneath his tone had you worried again.  You thought he’d been acting strange the last few days, but had ultimately dismissed it as you overthinking things.  Now, there was no question that something was definitely off.  

Speeding things up, you ran your tongue straight up the center of him, and it wasn’t long before slightly salty notes turned sweet and sour as you reached the center of his chest.  You brought the powder between your lips, pushing it up against the roof of your mouth, letting it dissolve across your tastebuds.  When you dipped your tongue back down to finish up the pile of dust, you connected with something else, something hard.  

You pulled it into your mouth, expecting it to be more candy.  To your surprise, it was definitely not anything edible and had small, pointy edges that were definitely not comfortable.

What the hell?

You spit the object back out into your hand as you pulled the fabric down.  Your eyes went wide when you realized what you were holding.  

“You - I - covered in pixie sticks?” You demanded.

He smirked.  “I told you if I ever proposed it would be with a candy ring.”

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Rating of Sandshrew sprites


A bit hard to read. We can see there is a Boy and Friend. He has tiny round ears and little claws. 2.5/5 


A friend! Many soft edges. He sits and holds his little claws in his lap. Get a load of this polite little fella. 5/5


A bit of a step back. Hard to read. A lot of pointy edges now. He has lost many good qualities, but I still believe in him. 3/5


There he is!! The soft boy has returned! He’s gettin a good lookout for new friends and then offers them a hug. 5/5


A sound design, but that has sacrificed a bit of personality. A bit reserved, and the eyes are a little less friendly. But that’s ok. He’s just a little shy. 4/5




Whatcha doin there pal? Hanging out? Flying?? A curious pose to be in. Very relaxed though that’s always good. 4/5


Going back to the FR/LG approach, but this time he’s goin in for the hug. Very positive. 5/5


Really similar to HG/SS but the pattern lines are a bit softer. Soft is good. I love him. 4.7/5


There he is. All his golden round glory in the third dimension. You can really see how round the features are! Tummy!! little ears. I love him so much okay 5/5