pointy baby

So I Dunno If Anyone’s Noticed Before ‘cause I Only Just Did But, In The Minecraft Where They’re Hatching Baby Dinosaurs, Right After The Triceratops Hatches And They Find Out It’s Tamed By Ryan He Quietly Tells It “I Already Have Two Children, But You’re Welcome To Join Our Family”


these are basically the same picture but i have limbs and i was really enjoying wearing jeans super high up 🌱


One of my favourite BTS stills of Bill in costume - it exemplifies the look they were going for: abnormally large, cracked head, baby hair (with massive widow’s peak), BUT MOST OF ALL…

that ultra cute BABY FACE!!

“Muschietti and Skarsgård spent hours exploring different looks and voices for Pennywise; the director loved that Skarsgård gave him something new in almost every take. “I wanted to bring a strange and unsettling balance to the character that is mainly a combination of a childlike features and cute and innocent,” Muschietti said. “That’s why you see his face has some elements of a child. He has the funny teeth and the pointy nose and the baby hair. And that’s another reason why I went with Bill… he has these huge eyes that he uses very well, and the minimal gestures he does in the contrary direction immediately give you a very twisted feeling of ‘This is cute but it’s horrifying at the same time.’”

- Vanity Fair

Little One

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Can you do an exo wolf scenario where his mate is pregnant and they have their kids? You can pick whichever member you see fit! Thank you!

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1167

Your heart instantly jolted out of your chest at the sudden pain that shot through your body. Inhaling a sharp breath, you stumbled towards the nearest stable surface - the dresser in your shared bedroom - and hastily gripped at its smooth wooden edge. You let the table take most of your weight as you composed yourself from the sudden fright, and your hand instinctively caressed the large bump that had been growing for the last nine months.

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