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“then you tell me why.” ten/rose. please and thank you. :)

mortal things        

A/N: i haven’t written in-canon ten x rose in such a long while, i feel a little  rusty, but i tried to capture them as faithfully as i could. Heidi, this prompt was wonderful, as this is something i have always low key wanted to write: the immediate and inevitably emotional aftermath of the satan pit, from rose’s perspective for a change, because i tend to write too much from the doctor’s. a notch of angst, and fluff. hurt/comfort. it fits the @doctorroseprompts prompt of accidental confessions, in a way and … and yeah. i just honestly hope you’ll enjoy this 💕 | ao3

She’s warm and cold at the same time; little shivers down her spine and ribs, a dizzying flush on the skin. Her eyelids are heavy, some dull ache coils low in her belly. Rose is tense, and she’s drowsy with weariness. She feels like something is about to give way any moment now; either she’ll fall into a hibernating, dawdling sleep, yielding into the numbness—or burst into something cold and sharp, eviscerating even so. 

She takes a shaky breath and asks, ‘What’s going to happen now?’

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Hello love! For those cuddle prompts could you do 6 and 10 with gramander (or if your not feeling them a pairing of your choice)? I hope you’re having a beautiful day xx

Thank you so much! Modern Police!AU, and both fluffy and angsty.

Warnings: mentios of torture, PTSD

The inside of Newt’s car was an exact projection of Newt himself – covered in old tweed, full of pointy angles digging in your back, and stuffed with things. Literally, terrifyingly stuffed. Uncomfortably crammed in the backseat of the Beetle – the paint so faded and encrusted with mud its green was barely recognizable – Percival could see stacks of scientific papers tied together with actual twine, numbers of Scientific American covered in felt-pen notes and dog-ears, rolls of sturdy grey tape, vials filled with different shades of mud, his battered shell phone buried in a sprawl of granola bars shoved hazardously under the passenger seat, and an untouched package of plastic zip ties that, had it been anyone else, would have sent his cop senses tingling with serial killer vibes. 

Having seen how neat and clinical his laboratory was, the spectacle was even more shocking.

Still, there were pleasant surprises buried there, too. Interesting glimpses into the car owner’s personality. The scent of grass and plain soap hanging heavy in the cabin, for example. The pack of nicotine gums shoved in the cup holder. The couple of photo taped on the dashboard behind the wheel – one with Newt smiling wide and hugging a hairy nightmare of a creature with teeth as long as his head, and the other occupied with an auburn-haired head Percival easily recognizes as Theseus’s.

His brother and his beasts, Percival’s muddy brain processed. He made a humming sound in the back of his throat. It vaguely sounded like “aww”. He keeps them close everywhere he goes. That’s cute.

Distantly, he knew that thinking about Newt Scamander’s photos while nearly going into hypothermic shock and being stranded in the middle of a frozen forest wasn’t a good sign. He simply didn’t have enough strength to worry about it.

He heard muffled sounds floating to him from his left – grunts and rustles of clothes, the clack of a car door snapping closed. A gust of wind mixed with snow rushed in, rolling across Percival’s skin, and he felt himself flinching hard enough to bang his head against the opposite window. He couldn’t swallow down a whimper, body curling, shoving itself as far as possible from the cold out of pure, raw instinct. He realized his heart should pick up speed now, but it wasn’t – beats slow and thick and frail. He was cold, so fucking cold.

He blinked. Focusing was hard. Memories resurfaced. Another whimper crawled out of his mouth, turning shriller, rasping.

Last time he felt like this he was dying. Last time he was still with him, and, and –

The contact of another body against his stopped the images. Which was strange. The body was lean and angular, but corded with muscles – smelling clean and fresh-sweat and definitively male. Any other time it had happened since Grindelwald, Percival had fallen apart like a ball of yarn pulled loose, vitals all over the place, panic attacks biting him in the ass. Even with his father. Even with Theseus.

But now, it wasn’t happening. The memory simply faded. No threats whispered in his ear, each word cultured and carefully articulated as he got described how his friends would find his skinned body. No phantom fingers grazing his skin – retracing his scars. There was only the taut, slim body pressing around him, wrapping him, the heat of it almost intoxicating. At some point Percival’s eyes had closed, and against the dark canvas of his eyelids he pictured the body as a shape of light, pure, unbridled warmth seeping into his chilled skin. His lungs. His mind.

“Detective Graves.” The voice sounded familiar. It grew closer – inches from his ear. “Percival. It’s okay, you’re safe. But I need you to open your eyes now. I have to make sure you’re here. Open your eyes. Please.”

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tomsawyermaneuver  asked:

But also imagine Jason lying on a couch and Tim just crawling on top of him and just basically using him as a body pillow and hypothetically Jason ~could~ move Tim off of him no problem but he's just so cute like this...even when his pointy little elbows are doing their best to put Jason back in that grave he crawled out of

!!!!!! You are spoiling me!

Tim is… absolutely graceless when he flops down on Jason. All of his weight, all of his pointy angles, crashing down on Jay- much to his dismay. However even though Tim’s pointy elbows have managed to burrow between his ribs he doesn’t have the heart to tell him to move (not when he lets out such a contented sigh and rubs his cheek sleepily against Jason’s chest). What’s a couple bruised ribs when your bae thinks you’re the best bed right? Jason will just snap a few quick photos of sleeping beauty as retribution/blackmail for later! ;3 

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How???? Do you make angles???? So smooth???? Like you'll have a fricking. 15 degree angle and it should be so pointy and out of place but you make it so graceful and elegant and I'm probably getting very off track but I love your art holy HELL

The easy answer is “I don’t know it just occurs naturally to me.”

The more complex answer is “style”.

And I don’t mean style as in choice, like “realism” or “cartoon” or “large eyes”. I mean style as in what comes naturally to every artist. Some people build with circles, and smooth lines. I, clearly, am not one of those people.

If you hadn’t noticed, clearly you have, when I sketch I use boxes and angles to build up the shape. I’m all angles…

They’re obvs not something I add in for superficial style my hand just does that and I run with it…

I’ve been fighting this for years “oh no it’s too angular, not smooth, not polished!!” But what I’d end up with was work that looked overdone. Like I’d scraped any soul out of it by denying my natural “style” and super imposing the softer rounded “style” I saw in a lot of artists I admired (loish for one).

It’s only in the past 9 or so months I’ve really embraced the fact that this is just what happens when I draw. (I’m 29 now, and I can’t remember a time when I didn’t draw. So you do the maths. That’s a lot of self denial!)

I do stupid 15 degree angles where maybe a smooth curve would be more “accurate” or whatever bullcrap, but I started to go “well what if I left it there? What if I just embraced the pointy?”

As for making the pointy look fluid and not just disjointed? That comes down to underlying structure and composition. If the body structure itself doesn’t flow, rounded linework is only masking bad structure with a pretty paint job.

I recall vividly being lectured by a tutor on the idiotic idea of “finishing the eyelashes before finishing the meat of the picture”. Which by that he meant there’s no point adding in all the twiddly details if you haven’t yet figured out the whole pose and composition. I had been in a bad habit of going “I want to get straight to the fancy inkwork and paint job that I don’t really care what the basic structure of the piece is I just wanna make fancy pictures”.

So despite all this rambling… the superficial styling my work is all well and good, but if I don’t have a good foundation it doesn’t matter WHAT I do on top. It’s fine for a sketch or a doodle, but if I’m thinking grander than that, a little planning goes a long way into making the whole job a LOT easier and more effective

And that way I can draw a stupidly pointy 15 degree angle and get away with it.

In the name of “style.”

That’s probably way more than you were looking for in an ask answer, but I get carried away talking about the subject of personal style. This is just scraping the surface lol.

And thank you very much for your compliments. They always mean the world to me! I think i say it every time someone sends me nice messages but the response from the fandom is overwhelming and you make me all emotional you crazy lot.

PS I just use the line select tool (responsible for pointy flat shapes) when I colour because it’s quick, so part of my style is laziness, but I’m going to pretend it’s well considered genius. Let’s keep that between us yeah?

Toudou Jinpachi make up tutorial

So I got a ton of compliments at Sakura Con on my make up for everyone’s favourite sleeping beauty Toudou Jinpachi. So I thought I would share what I did with the world! This will be very long, so I’m gonna go ahead and put it under a Read More after step 3 or 4 or something.

Things I Used:
-so many make up brushes (spooley brush, liner brush, powder brush, make up sponge, domed shadow brush, lip liner brush)
-NARS creamy concealer in Chantilly
-Urban Decay powder foundation in Fair Neutral
-Urban Decay: Naked On The Run palette
-Urban Decay: Naked Basics 2 palette
-Urban Decay: 24/7 glide on eye pencil in Perversion
-Urban Decay mascara Perversion
-Stila: Stay All Day waterproof liquid liner in Intense Black
-NYX Wonder Pencil in WP01 Light/Clair
-Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water
-Burts Bees chapstick
-CeraVe moisturizer
-Reference pictures!!! (I recommend one of the character, and one of another fellow cosplayer who’s make up you really like if you can find one!)

The make up I use is all rather high end stuff (perks of working at ULTA), but go ahead and use whatever similar products you have! Just make sure your shadows and contours and bronzers don’t have shimmer or anything, make everything matte! Cheap brands I recommend are ELF Cosmetics and NYX Cosmetics. You can find ELF at Target, I believe they also have NYX products…but ULTA has a far larger selection of NYX products. I think most drugstores also have a pretty average selection for NYX…go ahead and browse around!


Wash your face and moisturize with your favourite moisturizer (Cera Ve is my favourite), also apply any acne medication you may use at this point. Also put on your chapstick now and let it soak in while you do the rest of your face. Put on your wig cap to avoid messing up your make up later! It also keeps your hair out of your face.
(*edit: I forgot to mention, if you also have a foundation primer USE IT HERE. I use the Smashbox Primer Water because my skin is super sensitive and reacts badly to any primer with silicone in it, which is most facial primers. All sorts of primers give different results, so go ahead and try some if you’re interested! They keep your foundation nice and even and provide a good base to put your concealer and foundation onto. They of course aren’t required, but a nice little bonus if you can afford them and find one that works well for you and your skin!)


Conceal all of your blemishes! I have a ton of them.


Apply your favourite foundation! I would recommend using your favourite matte foundation. Also be sure to cover your ears! Ears get red too. Don’t forget your neck either. If you use a liquid foundation, or a BB cream or CC cream then make sure to set it all with a powder when your done, to make sure it doesn’t melt off your face during the con or during photo shoots. I recommend the ELF High Definition Powder, it’s super cheap and can be found at Target.


Apply your bronzer, apply it to your temples, along your hairline, under your cheekbones and along your jaw.

A tip when applying bronzer and contouring for a guy, is to apply your bronzer and concealer in this pattern. Under your cheekbone, but bring it down towards your jaw. JUST MAKE SURE TO BLEND BLEND BLEND IT ALL OUT.

(This is where a bunch of pictures start to happen so the rest is under a Read More tab)

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Can We Please Talk About Nova’s Ship Design?

Look at this.

She’s not based off the usual realistic rocket/spaceship designs of our world, she doesn’t look like the incredibly sharp and angular ships that other sci-fi series have done (like the Turian ships of Mass Effect), she’s based off a flying beetle, with sci-fi VTOL-style lift-off jets for “wings.”

She’s not all sleek, sharp curves, and pointy angles, she’s big, she’s wide, she’s incredibly round and friendly-looking.

She looks like a realistic mobile base for over 25 personnel, with room for all of their equipment, facilities, and even more people, if need be.

She bucks the trend of sci-fi ships I’ve seen, where pretty much everything needs to be sharp, angular, and–let’s face it–very, very phallic in design.

Her ship design is so cute, and I love that Gearbox made her like this.

Medium-Sized American Heart

AN: i bet you didn’t expect me to word-vomit a huge pile of pretentious metaphors about these two again anytime soon. surprise - Hartbig, ~1k
(I did not proofread this at all whatsoever I should be sleeping BYE)


Hannah walks the streets of New York City in a state of warm reminiscence. The wind is blowing icily, tugging at her coat and tousling her bleached hair, but the inside of her chest feels warm. There’s a fire pit crackling cosily in between her third and fourth rib, right in the middle, where that wonderfully tortured muscle storing all her most precious memories pumps and pumps and pumps and floods her arteries with never-ending warmth as she walks.

And Hannah walks the streets of New York City, walks by a house she once called home and smiles, and thinks back.

“It’s raining like crazy, Grace. You can crash here if you want.”

Grace had looked at her with some dangerously indecisive glint in barely open eyes, had staggered towards the window and tripped over her own feet. They’d agreed it would be better if she stayed over.

“You can take the bed, I’ll just-”

“You’re not sleeping on your couch Hannah, don’t be ridiculous.”

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TOME 2009 Original Concept Art (Part 3)

The dynamic duo of the D-Bug Org! Rockoon originally had a bit of a scarier and more-realistic look going on; looks more like a dog or something. The expressions show him as a bit more “lol teh random” before he was refined and fleshed out to the adorable little troublemaker we know and love him as now. Doubling’s design remained the same; simple and easy to draw. The ends of his fingers and feet were a bit blockier and he used to have a fat form instead of a big beefy form like in Episode 01. Sadly the twisty tornado attack to repel projectiles never got used, while the “Gel Dragon” move was given to his sister instead.

Ravenfreak was too fabulous to change, other than his diamond-shaped mouth. Demonking was mostly the same as well, other than his ears and hair being expanded a little. His wings look a bit different here, but that might’ve just been due to the lack of room on the page.

Splat was as crass as ever. I added eyes to her helmet and took away from the slime wrapped around her boots, but I kept the intention of making her kinda gross. I think the veins forming on her were for some sort of napalm-esque attack, while the other sketches were just random ideas. Dustbunny went through a few more revisions after this, but I wanted to make sure the bunny ears were her actual ears and not a decoration, I kept the little buck-tooth for her but took away the weird-looking marbles on the end of her eyebrows. Her dagger also had a bit of a smoke-plume design to the guard.

Only major revisions to Neomutant’s design messing with the pointy angles on his legs, giving his head more of its own shape and finalizing the shapes of the eye-holes on his mask. I remember Mike Luckas really liking the sort of “crappy Halloween costume” motif. You can see a test of his electric beam attack up at the top as well.

Finally, the lost character of Torchure (based on “Torben” from TTA) revealed! He was meant to be like a flamethrower cross-bred with a robot. I gave him three legs with rockets on them and two intimidating-looking gun hands. If he were to’ve survived being in the series, I probably would’ve given him different eyes, though. Thorment, then known as “Tormentros” like his TTA counterpart, remained relatively the same all throughout. Only minor changes were the top of his cloak, his pupils were removed and the pattern on the ends of the cloak were simplified. You can also spot “Demon Thorment” from the scrapped episode idea, sporting the infected Drain Edge from after Nylocke tossed it away to the ;sanctuary region.

Two of the moderators: an unused character named Anidoug (who would’ve been a lazy and grumpy mod for ;lavendera) as well as “PaperAceChase”, who eventually became ;sanctuary moderator ChaseAce. Anidoug was considered for use in Episode 04, but lost to Triplebeard the quest-giver. ChaseAce went through a major design change to fit the designs of the other robotic mods seen in the show. We can also see Pawneeko, back when he was still “Nico”, originally meant to be a merchant…a legal one, not a rip-off artist.

I Know Places

for casekiels and the rest of our tiny little baby casekiel fandom because i have lost control of my life


“Don’t laugh–it’s a classic light lunch here!” Ezekiel frowned, and Cassandra covered her mouth to mask her growing grin.

“You just look so dainty holding a tiny little sandwich triangle like that.”

“Well maybe you’ll stop laughing when you try your own.” he shot back, taking as manly and unrefined a bite as it was possible to take while still savoring the plate of food before him.  "Triple Sandwiches are delicious–egg, avocado, tomato, with just a little bit of mayo.  I can’t believe you haven’t tucked in yet.“

"Well unlike you,” Cassandra raised an eyebrow, “I’m more interested in figuring out where we need to be headed for this case.”  She opened the clippings book again, gesturing idly with her other hand.  "The disappearing houses were all on an angle of… angle… acute, pointy, sharp, sharp smells–coffee, furniture polish–“


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gazetiel asks: why does jensen look good from this angle? (screenshot taken from this post)

  1. this is the best angle for seeing his beautiful girlish eyelashes
  2. his eyes look a lil sad but in a cute puppy type way–the angle makes his bottom lids look droopy
  3. he has v nice nostrils u think i’m joking but i’m not
  4. also his nose looks really pointy from this angle, and despite popular belief, well-defined prominent noses are v attractive
  5. the shape of his mouth–it’s like an orange slice with its flat side down (as in, his upper lip is the curved part). from this angle, u can best see the shape and size of his upper lip, and the way his top teethies peek out make him look extra adorable like a teeny bunny
  6. his jaw is both defined and soft aT THE SAME TIME
  7. speaking of his jaw u can see the scar on his chin from that time he and misha wrestled and everyone knows scars are hot
  8. jensen looks good from almost every angle so yeah