pointy angles

Can We Please Talk About Nova’s Ship Design?

Look at this.

She’s not based off the usual realistic rocket/spaceship designs of our world, she doesn’t look like the incredibly sharp and angular ships that other sci-fi series have done (like the Turian ships of Mass Effect), she’s based off a flying beetle, with sci-fi VTOL-style lift-off jets for “wings.”

She’s not all sleek, sharp curves, and pointy angles, she’s big, she’s wide, she’s incredibly round and friendly-looking.

She looks like a realistic mobile base for over 25 personnel, with room for all of their equipment, facilities, and even more people, if need be.

She bucks the trend of sci-fi ships I’ve seen, where pretty much everything needs to be sharp, angular, and–let’s face it–very, very phallic in design.

Her ship design is so cute, and I love that Gearbox made her like this.