Everyone in the Life is Strange universe is flawed

Thats the entire point

To prove that no one’s perfect, that real people can go through trauma, and that everyone handles it differently

Pitting characters against each other (i.e. Rachel and Max) isnt what we’re supposed to take away from the experience. Everyone makes mistakes, especially teenagers


Here’s the seed. Here’s where I tore open my brain
to plant it. Look closely: here’s the ending, the saga,
where it began. Here’s where I stopped texting him back.
Here’s where he stopped texting me. Here’s where my night
went from shit-stain-no-good-throwing-up-betrayal to
never-mind-don’t-worry-don’t-think-about-anything to
to-me. Here’s where my week went from Maybe It’s Over
to Never Goddamn Mind. See that outline there?
It’s where I dug my hands into the truth and tried to pry it
from my skull. Funny how the scars never leave. Here’s
where I wish the scars would leave. And here’s where I don’t.
Here’s where my life stopped moving in slow motion, where
I sped it up, where I chewed anger with my Friday brunch,
two bags of chips and coins for 44-minute parking.
Here’s where another year greets me:

happy birthday you piece of shit, how does loneliness taste?
Here’s where I tried to brush it off. Here’s where I couldn’t.

Look and you’ll see the past 37 days rounding a corner with a
spiked baseball bat slung over its shoulder. Slow it down,
and you’ll see the moment we collide. Speed it up again.
You notice the smell of rancid fruit and spoiled milk,
and you ask where the odor is coming from. Here I point
to how your halos got so tangled they strangled you both.
Here I point to July, and he’s got nothing nice to say to you.
I want to ask you to describe the aftertaste of betrayal to me,
just to make sure you swallowed it. Here’s where I smashed
your fine china—look at the red stains where your medicine
sat for days and days and days while you wrote sonnets on
its bitterness. Here’s where I took it instead; somebody had to.

Here’s where it ends, really, actually, truly this time, or,
at the very least, here is where I hope it does.

The Answer

The other day I randomly had the thought: what if Rey and Ben really are siblings/cousins? The theory has been so prevalent right from the start even though there’s absolutely no evidence of it in the source material, but then again there was never any evidence of Luke and Leia being twins before it was revealed either. I don’t have the need for Reylo to become canon as long as we get that “interesting relationship” JJ talked about in the commentary, but even if it ends up being platonic the idea of them being related is just to weird to me at this point. So I spend a few minutes kind of low key freaking out over the possibility, and then my shuffled playlist decides to save me from thinking to hard on it by playing this song:

The Answer by Savages which is my favorite track from Spotify’s Kylo Ren playlist. I think the lyrics below perfectly illustrates what we have been saying all along about Kylo being attracted to Rey, albeit in a rather don’t-know-how-to-romance-a-girl-without-being-an-obsessive-jerk kind of way. I don’t pretend to be certain about anything about what’s going to happen in episode VIII and IX, but this song makes the possibility of Reylo as the endgame almost too obvious.

If you don’t love me
You don’t love anybody
If you don’t love me
You don’t love anybody
Ain’t you glad it’s you?
Ain’t you glad it’s you?
Ain’t you glad it’s you?

There are things I know we should
Better not do but I know you could
Sleep with me
And we’d still be friends
Or I know
I’ll go insane

Love is the answer
I’ll go insane
Love is the answer

Wish me luck
This was a hard year
And I can’t see
No brighter future
Wish me luck
I saw the answer
It was a girl
Will you go ask her
I saw the answer
Will you go ask her
Love is the answer

I’ll go insane
I’ll go insane
I’ll go insane
I’ll go insane

Please stand up
What is the point
To cry for life
To cry about love
To wait for her
To wait for dying
I can’t wait
I saw the answer
Will you go ask her?
Love is the answer
Will you go ask her

If you don’t love me
You don’t love anybody
If you don’t love me
You don’t love anybody
Ain’t you glad it’s you?
Ain’t you glad it’s you?
Ain’t you glad it’s you?

If you don’t love me

Day Two Hundred Forty Three.

I try too hard
I cling on too tightly
I ensure all is in order
And never unsightly
I keep my friends close
Only a few are let in
Antagonists find ways to
Get under my skin
I refuse to take part
In something so fake
Left tossing and turning
Forced wide awake
There is no point
To sit and wallow
Brought down by instances
That are simply hollow
And so instead
With my loved ones nearby
I see no need
To be a social butterfly


Bastille at Somerset House, London, 15/7 - 2014

credit for the pictures goes to Claire (londresneseraquuneetape)

so me and Ann (21bastfeels) met
Ben (ivbenjamin), Lizzie (thisishowitfeelstotakeafall) and
Priya (iwasthematchandyouweretherock) in the queue before the show
so we hung out with them. it was really nice meeting all of you.

it was an amazing show like always. I don’t know but
they seemed to give even more since it was in their home town.
they were all so pumped and so were the crowd.

some of the highlights of the show was of course when we
sung happy birthday to Dan and they brought out a cake on stage
and made him blow out the candles. he was so embarrassed.
also the fact that Ella came out to sing on No Scrubs.
another highlight was when Martin ran out on stage at one point
to fix something and then when he ran back, Kyle gave him a quick
slap on the ass.. and that was just hella funny.. 
they also had live strings and it was so epic and beautiful.

I was standing at the second row so I had perfect view over Kyle
and he was wearing a vest and yes I was dead…
seriously that man and his body.. ugh!

seeing them live is really the best fucking
thing in the entire world and I just feel so happy that I’ve been
able to see them live four times and gotten to meet them too,

they really are the most humble and sweetest guys and they deserve
all the success they’ve gotten so far. I’m so proud of them
and my heart is just overflown with so much love for them

all these bastfeels here

@disasterdanvers cont from here (x)

Even though she understood why
Alex’s tone was so harsh, it still hurt.
There wasn’t much that Astra could
do to change this situation. All signs
pointed to her and Alex not being together,
but there was this draw that neither
of them could seem to resist.

        “If I recall, it was you who insisted I do so.”

Saying that was unbelievably petty
of her, but the sting was still fresh.
Then she sighed. There was no point
to being mad at Alex. It was her fault
things were this complicated. 

            Astra shifted to look up at Alex, curious
           as to why drinking played a factor. “Why?”
           she asked. “I think you are quite adorable.
           And you are far more honest.”