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So I watched the new su before I went to bed last night.

Kevin was a douche. Stevonnie was lovely as always. And I think the only one obsessed with anyone is kevin. Cuz he couldn’t seem to handle stevonnie ignoring him.

Which was good. I was fine with that.

Also what the heck happened at that one point where they were racing and suddenly they like, hallucinated? Did that have something to do with Steven, did his gem do that? Is Kevin not human and feeds off obsessive energy? What the hell was that?

You’ve done what I currently still cannot,
You’ve moved on,
You found someone new,
Someone who isn’t me.
I can only hope she makes you happy,
I can only hope she never gets tired of hearing your voice
Your laugh,
The thoughts that linger in your mind,
That all at one point, made my heart race, and I’m sure it all still would,
But you’ve moved on,
You found someone new,
Someone who isn’t me.
I can only hope she never gets tired of looking into your eyes,
That as cliché as it may sound,
Were once my favorite color.
I can only hope she takes the time to realize when you’re not okay,
And offers to patch up the wounds with more than just a band-aid.
I can only hope that she cares for you the way I did and still do,
Even though I should be getting over you,
I can only hope that one day you feel for her,
What you never felt for me,

Having lapped the field and leading the Points Race, young New Zealand talent Hayden McCormick crashed in the final moments. Though visibly suffering, he managed to pick himself back up to cross the line for gold. Gutsy stuff. “I’m hurting at the moment and can’t stand, but I’ll be back tomorrow for the presentation and to race, don’t worry about that”.

via SBS on Facebook.


I love seeing such a small girl with an awesome sprint.

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Finally got around to drawing kags and hinata from @esselley‘s gorgeous fic Speed Demons :D

’ “Starting tonight. You—” Daichi says, pointing at Kageyama, “—will be giving him—” he points at Hinata, “—racing lessons.”

Kageyama looks like he has swallowed ten lemons. Hinata, on the other hand, is just baffled.

“Wait a minute,” he asks. “Why is he giving me racing lessons?”

“Because I am absolutely, without a doubt, a hundred percent, better at racing than you are,” the mechanic replies bluntly. “And even if you race every day for the next decade, and I go blind, you still wouldn’t be a better driver than me.” ’

what is not to love

(EDIT okay so this is weeks (months?) old and I wrote this post but never posted it bc I’m a weenie but w/e here it is :3)

Nobody is saying black lives matter more. They are saying black lives matter too, equally as white lives. That’s what the movement is about. Stop making it about all lives. People know that every life matters. But there comes a point when a specific race is targeted and murdered so many times for existing they feel like their lives don’t matter. You say all lives matter… Black lives matter too. Stop making it about everyone and look at what is truly going on. Black lives matter.

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honstly these people who are like "dont follow if u believe in reverse racism" are very obviously racists and trying to feel ok for their blatant racism lmao

honestly my favorite thing is when they’re like “white society was built upon the oppression of others”


so was pretty much every other society. your point? lol

no race is excused from doing terrible things but apparently white people are gonna be the universal sacrifice for it? or something?

Thinking of the foster parenting support group

The group met last night. The focus was mostly on one white, lesbian couple who is trying to adopt a black 17-year-old boy from foster care.

I point out race and sexual orientation in this context because they’re important factors in their story. The boy has been in foster care all his life and has suffered significant trauma. He has run away from the couple’s home and informally moved into the home of a childhood friend, whose family is also black. The friend’s mother and social milieu call the would-be-adoptive couple and tell them to leave the kid alone. “He’s nearly a man; you can’t tell him what to do. Leave him be.” They tell the couple that there’s no place for the couple in the kid’s life. The implication is that he should be with people of his race, preferably straight people, and that the presence of this lesbian couple is doubly unnatural.

They’re really struggling. The kid has been in legal trouble that involved police violence. Kids from a rival crew smashed up one mom’s car as she drove him to try to retrieve his bike from kids that had stolen it. He is refusing to come home, telling the social workers that he isn’t safe.

They’re clearly all in a state of crisis and wanting to give up. It’s sad all around. This support group is the only place where people understand them, it seems. But no one has answers, because they don’t exist.