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Unpopular opinion: I don't think The Shield should regroup. To me each of them have already branched way out to have their personalities and career paths. Dean and Roman still help each other out, but both still have their own agendas.

As someone who gives a shit about storytelling, I don’t think The Shield should regroup anytime soon. And trust me, I want them to regroup. I want my boys back.

Not until they’ve resolved the issue with Seth Rollins which has gotten nowhere at this point. If you want them to suddenly regroup out of the blues knowing full well that Seth is still a big point of contention, I’m here judging you. 
Judging you really hard. 

You can’t just imagined June 2nd never happened, and neither can Dean and Roman, nor have there been any hints of them forgiving Seth anytime soon or Seth making amends, so no. No regroups until you SOLVE THE PLOTHOLE STOPPING IT FROM HAPPENING. 

Dean and Roman can and SHOULD still help each other once in a while on their own merit (I see you shitlips starting out Dean/Roman is bad frand topics). Don’t throw away what they have as brothers, play with it.
For those of you who want to imagine that they should have nothing to do with each other all of the sudden, I’m judging you too. Judging you and your terrible characterization and lack of comprehension of how people should act in general. 


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Ultimately you will come to see that you are neither the particular nor the universal, you are beyond both. As the tiny point of a pencil can draw innumerable pictures, so does the dimensionless point of awareness draw the contents of the vast universe. Find that point and be free.
—  Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Points of Contention -

Wood, plastic, acrylic, styrofoam, glass, plexiglass and salt.

Description from the artist: “As the plastics, resins and polymers that we stockpile on a daily basis increase exponentially, how are we changing the long-term geological landscapes of the world around us? Driven by the exploration of time, motion and the physics of the natural world, Jonathan Latiano presents Points of Contention, a site-specific installation sculpture that investigates the increasingly blurred line between the organic and inorganic as well as the spatial boundaries of where the spectacle begins and ends. Convergent forms of crystalline growth and explosive impact reinforce the hundreds of shards of custom cut and painted elements used to create the centerpiece of the exhibition. Through the use of reclaimed and altered wood, plastic, Styrofoam and site-grown salt crystals Latiano explores the question: At what point do the controversies of the present become the “new norms” of the future?

Charles’ “Dark Passage”

One major point of contention in the Wren is Charles theory is the idea that a lifelong Radley patient could not simply return posing as a doctor and go on undetected.

It’s a reasonable argument. But the key to this situation may have already been dropped in our laps.

The film ‘A’ is watching above is Dark Passage (1947), which is summarized as follows:

Vincent Parry, wrongly convicted of murdering his wife, escapes from prison and is taken in by Irene Jansen, an artist with an interest in his case. Helped by a friendly cabbie, Parry gets a new face from a plastic surgeon, thereby enabling him to dodge the authorities and find his wife’s real killer.

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