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Have you read the Science of Discworld books? I have only just started the first one, but Stibbons features prominently.

Oh my gosh I adore the Science of Discworld books. Both for the extra-quality Stibbons content and the rad science. And literally everything about them. I’m betting that a lot of my interest in science can be traced back to those books originally (especially the first one which I think is my favorite).

I was on the fence about including them in my reread for a while since they’re a little tangential to the rest of the series but I wanna reread them so I’m gonna

i honestly cant imagine how frustrating it would be to spend hours working your ass off to put up videos that you put a lot of emotional (and physical) effort into for the majority of the comments to be talking about a mark on your neck or a stray hair or some insignificant thing like that

Rhett (and sometimes Link) commented on this in recent interviews how annoying it is when you work hard on something but its all overlooked because there was a kink in your hair that wasnt there before and thats all people talk about

just goes to show how much of this industry is focused on looks and presentation so much so you share something you put literally everything you have into but people are too concerned about the tiny wrinkle in your shirt

I had a seminar on intertextuality today and the class got talking about whether fan-created content can be considered part of the text.

I pointed out that fan-created content is often BETTER than the canon that producers give us, using the example of “the boring white man the Supergirl writers are trying to push down our throats as Kara’s love interest”

To which my 40 year-old, straight, male lecturer said “Mon-El? Oh yeah, he’s terrible. There’s clearly more chemistry between Lena Luthor and Kara.


- More sketches. Exploring some ideas/characters, though I’m not sure how much of this will even end up in the comic. But, I wanted share. 

- I’ve never shown the front of Thirdy and Marty’s uniforms in the comics! They’ve been alternate captains this entire time, though. Marty got the A before Thirdy did, but Marty’s been on the Falcs slightly longer and is slightly older. Marty’s 35 and Thirdy’s 34. (Tater: haha old guys.)

Every season, Marty says he’s going to start wearing a visor, but you know hockey players and their superstitions. (”It’s, uh, a bit of a point of contention between me and Gabby. I know, I know, safety safety. Ya know my grandpa played in a league where they didn’t even have to wear helmets?”) With Thirdy, however, long story short–he got married. His wife carefully curated several articles worth of convincing players safety research. Then, she presented them matter-of-factly. The tenuous excuses of “superstitions” and “I’ve never been hit before” and “well if ya get a stick to the eyeball were you even paying attention” really couldn’t hold up against the data.


So you want to know what will actually happen if Obamacare is repealed. Here’s what to expect

Despite the fact that the ACA provides health insurance to over 20 million people, it has been a point of contention between Democrats and Republicans for a long time. And now, the GOP counts on the support of president-elect Donald Trump, who has vowed to get rid of Obamacare once he comes into office. But what will actually happen if the program gets repealed?

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Aloy is a female human acting as a machine hunter for her tribe. She is capable of combining natural materials with machine parts to turn them into ingenious weapons, ammunition, traps, and tools. Curious, determined, and intent on unveiling the mysteries of her world. Strong and self-reliant, she was raised by Rost, another outcast. Years of being shunned by her tribe have spurred her to be kind to people. A point of contention between her and Rost is her fascination with technology and working out how relics work, while the Nora have strong taboos against the technology of the ancient world. 

Aloy sets out on a quest to discover her origins, particularly who her mother was. Not knowing who her mother was is a source of emotional distress, given the matriarchal society of the Nora.


Yo. So I don’t usually participate in fandom or meta, but chapter 17 has me shook and I want to get some thoughts out and don’t expect this to be organized but I do hope it’ll be a little bit insightful. 

So, structurally, I think KS is pretty fucking brilliant. I love the disjointed panels. It’s entirely metal and fragmented and it can sometimes be hard to follow and since 90% of the story is through Bum’s perspective, it’s entirely appropriate and smart. Also, Koogi’s storyboards are damn near perfect. Sometimes I have to sit back and just stare at a frame to admire how much she shows with so very little. No detail is unimportant - doesn’t mean there aren’t many things there that aren’t meant to throw off the scent of the narrative, but it makes it fun to figure out what direction she wants to go with this story.

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madi @flint: [quotes the book miranda gave him in 2x03 aka the book to help him deal with her husband going forward, her husband who was later revealed to be his lover] 

my ot3 shipping heart:

pjo theatre au

have some theatre au headcanons because it is that time of the year again and ya girl nia is in Theatre Hell™

  • Piper basically lives in the theatre ok aside from volunteering at her local animal shelter sometimes she doesn’t have a life outside of this
  • She is the Drama Queen. Head Thespian.
  • imagine every theatre stereotype you’ve ever heard. that is piper.
  • Jason is literally that kid who remembers everything. He’s memorized the script, all the blocking, all the cues. h o w
  • annabeth is SM and she’s never taken a job this seriously in her entire academic career
  • if you miss a rehearsal without informing her at least two days in advance she will make it her mission to hunt you down
  • nico absolutely hates being in the spotlight but he always volunteers to work crew for a show so annabeth promotes him to ASM
  • they’re both really intimidating so you can imagine the productions the department put on are A1
  • percy was that one swimming jock who decided to give theatre a try and ended up being crazy talented
  • he performed Sante Fe for a showcase one time and everyone was moved to tea r s
  • Leo, Rachel, and Hazel are those who like to double as techies and actors
  • honestly there would probably be no set ever if they didn’t have Leo
  • Rachel is basically #1 when it comes to publicity ok she designs all the posters and t-shirts for the productions
  • she once made everyone “I can’t, I have rehearsal.” T-shirts for the hell of it
  • but when she decides to act in a production she leaves that to Hazel because boy does she immerse herself in her characters
  • She takes method acting so seriously like when she was casted as Madea she literally started a protest outside the school over the dress code
  • piper: “i’m a thespian” someone: “did you say lesbian” piper: “that too”
  • Calypso is in charge of costuming and if she doesn’t make the most beautiful intricate well put together costumes every damn time
  • Frank usually just does run crew and honestly they wouldn’t have it any other way because he can lift set pieces that would usually take like 3 ppl
  • he also goes and gets pizza for everyone during tech week thx frank
  • everyone has seen each other half naked at one point it’s not even weird anymore
  • “nico the production is over you don’t have to wear your show blacks anymore” “what are you talking about these are my normal clothes”
  • it’s a tradition to have the entire cast go out to eat after a final performance in stage makeup and all 
  • everyone in the ihop gives them strange looks
  • the employees are used to it
  • they hate them
  • glitter. glitter everywhere.
  • Antigone. Madea. Oedipus. Trojan Women. Heracles. all sold out.
  • Greek plays are just their specialty lol no one’s sure why
  • once piper and percy convinced half the department to stand on the side of road at a busy intersection and bucket fundraise
  • they also ran around a nearby parking lot for a Wal-Mart and put their show flyers in the windshields of parked cars
  • leo almost got hit by a car twice
  • their director made them run laps when they found out but it was fcking worth it
  • a pre-show tradition they always do is to have everyone drink a cup of tea and then do the penguin dance
  • if you don’t know what the penguin dance is i’m referring to this 
  • someone once dared leo to say the M word for 20 bucks and hE DID RIP IN PEACE
  • that day during their dress rehearsal they had a stage light fall, 3 broken props, one costume malfunction, several missed cues, and their director tripped during a blackout and split their forehead open and had to be taken to the hospital for stitches
  • Annabeth wanted to kill him lol it took Nico Percy and Piper to hold her back