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Can we get the onceabc tweet to so many reblogs of the Hook poster please. His poster from season 3 from onceabc got to 24K i think.

I think that would be a great way to show the official accounts how much we love the Hook poster (after it’s been such a point of contention for the crybabies of fandom over the last month)

Here’s the post, shipmates, reblog, reblog, reblog!

ooc.     When you come online to a dash filled with NOTP && You’re noticing 
                 that you’ve forgotten to answer someones IM yesterday. 

                                         STORY OF MY LIFE. 

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hullo bee So Dad!JasonAU ~ do you think Bruce would ever want custody of Damian back? How would Dick and Jason react?

He does, actually! I hint at it a little bit around the fic Waiting, and just kind of mention it in general around that time. In that fic, though, behind the scenes, Dick straight up tells him that that’s not happening, and brings the topic up again in Family Outing

It is always a point of contention, though, probably all Damian’s life, or at least until he’s old enough to be conscious of the decisions being made around/for him (so like, 13-16 maybe? Though actually, it might be when he’s younger, as he finds out Bruce is bio-dad when he’s around 7-8 or so). It’s one of Dick and Jason’s greatest fears, because they both know that if Bruce really tried, he could take Damian - physically and legally - faster than either of them could blink.

That’s why Bruce and Jason stay relatively strained most of Damian’s childhood. They do love each other, of course, and they get along for Dick and Damian’s sake, but, there’s still some deep-seeded mistrust and betrayal there, at least on Jason’s side.

Dick, though, tends to throw that fear in Bruce’s face when they’re fighting. He likes to remind Bruce that despite it all, he’s still scared of him, and that’s like, a knife to the heart for Bruce, to know that one or any of his kids are scared that he might purposefully hurt them like that. 

In fact, in a thus-not-yet-posted fic, the following exchange goes down:

“I do care.” Bruce tried to push. “But, Dick, listen, this would be-”

“So then, what? Is this a ploy?” Dick’s hands were waving wildly now. “I thought you were off this game, Bruce.”

And Bruce couldn’t help it. “What game?”

“Of trying to take Damian away from us.” Dick replied lowly. “We let you give him Robin. We let you take his safety from us. So, what, are you saying that’s not enough? That now…now you’re going to ship me halfway across the fucking world, and snatch him away when I’m not looking?” Dick laughed, and it was dark. “But there’s still Jason to consider. And he may trust you now, Bruce, but he’s still a problem, right? He’s still in your way of getting that custody you always wanted. So what, with me out of the picture, you gonna get Jason thrown in jail? Have Talia come and take him back? Maybe get him killed all over again?”

So, you know, yeah. Bruce wanting custody is a thing. It is such a thing. But a very subtle thing. An underlying tension or fear that the three dads don’t talk about around the baby, or really anyone.

(There will maybe be actual fic about it one day I swear, haha.)

Dear Cyber Connect 2,

I was reading your planned DLC launch dates and what will be included with them and I just want you to know that if you don’t add Sarada and Boruto in the future I will be very upset and complain online about the inaccuracies of the scenes in your game and the manga and the fact that y'all were lazy and just used power point with the content that was already animated for the earlier cutscenes because shame on me that I don’t believe in pre ordering games and tbh I don’t know how much longer I can make this run on sentence because I’m just that frustrated.



Jonathan Latiano’s Incredible Explosive Installations

The sculptor Jonathan Latiano has a keen scientific interest and cites “biology, astronomy, physics and geology” as the starting points for his sweet installations which wrestle with art’s traditional restrictions, overpowering constraints to literally burst out of the frame. The brutal tactility of many of the materials he uses adds an unsettling dimension to his work which he says, “explores the tension created by the presence of fragility and the temporary.”

okay listen, i follow maybe -4 people as of today so my dash is regularly dead and terrible. i’m currently searching for a few more blogs to follow, so if you post some of these things reblog this so i can peruse your blog and follow you!!

  • bethesda games: fallout, the elder scrolls, dishonored, etc.
  • bioware games: mass effect, dragon age, kotor, swtor, jade empire, etc.
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  • misc things i like: anime, rooster teeth, period dramas, star wars, and doggies
  • bonus points if you’re a content creator!!

Look at those spines! Look at those headers!  Do you know how long it took to format different headers to coincide with each chapter? A long time; I feel very accomplished. Also, look at that chapter title. Gorgeous.

Hey, did I mention that the print version is also available at Barnes and Noble? Yeah!

Points of Contention -

Wood, plastic, acrylic, styrofoam, glass, plexiglass and salt.

Description from the artist: “As the plastics, resins and polymers that we stockpile on a daily basis increase exponentially, how are we changing the long-term geological landscapes of the world around us? Driven by the exploration of time, motion and the physics of the natural world, Jonathan Latiano presents Points of Contention, a site-specific installation sculpture that investigates the increasingly blurred line between the organic and inorganic as well as the spatial boundaries of where the spectacle begins and ends. Convergent forms of crystalline growth and explosive impact reinforce the hundreds of shards of custom cut and painted elements used to create the centerpiece of the exhibition. Through the use of reclaimed and altered wood, plastic, Styrofoam and site-grown salt crystals Latiano explores the question: At what point do the controversies of the present become the “new norms” of the future?