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641: Jersey Devil & Mothman

Two babies of bad omens playing some good ol fashioned checkers.

Happy Friday the 13th everyone!

Saved- Auston Matthews (Damsel in Distress Part 4)

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Ok this is it… the finale of Damsel in Distress! But apparently I have a request for a Sid version so same basis, but… I’m gonna change it up a bit so you all don’t get bored! But until then… enjoy Auston! (And let me live my Leafs loss through this ok?)

Warning: some cussing, a drunk guy who doesn’t take a hint, and a Leafs playoff loss (TOTALLY A VALID WARNING OK?)


              You sat on the hood of Auston’s car, scrolling through your social media.

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Prompt Request #17 - Isaac Lahey

Requested by Anon

Isaac Lahey x Reader

12. “It looks good on you.” 
43. “Don’t touch her!”

”Y/N?” Lydia asked with a smug smirk. ”Is that Isaac jersey you’re wearing?” she pointed towards the jersey you were wearing and a shy smile appeared on your lips.

”Yeah, I slept over at his place yesterday and forgot a spare shirt.” you explained as Lydia nodded with impression. ”Ah, I see.”

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they ask you “what was the high point?” hall of fame, selling all those records, pulling “sherry” out of the hat… it was all great. but four guys under a street lamp, when it was all still ahead of us; the first time we made that sound–our sound–when everything dropped away and all there was was the music… that was the best.

tagged by @beefynaruto to do 6 albums ive listened to endlessly

Vices and Vertues - Panic! at the Disco 

Ambitions - ONE OK ROCK 

Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge - My Chemical Romance 

Hot Mess - Cobra Starship 

Want - 3Oh!3 

Back on Top - The Front Bottoms 

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1. You dissed South Asians by saying I should NOT bring up the fact Miss New Jersey was South Asian. First of all, there is nothing fucking wrong with being South Asian in fact that is something to be very proud of. So yes I will point out Miss New Jersey is South Asian over and over again. Idc if you have an issue with South Asians I’m not going to stop being proud of my desi sis cause you have an issue, your racism is not MY problem.

2. If being anti black to you means that I called out a woman (Miss D.C.) who openly said that healthcare is a privilege not a right and said feminism was man hating then I guess am. But to everyone else who doesn’t use anti blackness as a way to excuse trump supporters I’m just being a regular person calling out bullshit.