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Summary: Bucky Barnes is a superstar actor in Hollywood, and the reader works as a photographer for an upscale fashion and pop culture magazine. One day, she is assigned to take photographs of Bucky to promote his upcoming movie, but her schoolgirl crush on Mr. Barnes proves to be a problem.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 3,547

Warnings: Smut (a little bit of D/S undertones, unprotected sex. Don’t get pregnant or catch STI’s,kids). Also some fluff, it’s not 100% smut.

A/N: This is my submission for Kait’s (@bionic-buckyb) 5k AU challenge! My prompt was “Model/Photographer”. Hope you enjoy! (also if anyone can guess what reference I’m making with the fake movie title I put in this fic, you get brownie points!)

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Another day, another photoshoot in the studio with some rude celebrity who thinks they’re better than you.

You sigh, shuffling over to the strobe to make sure it’s synced properly to your camera. With a quick press of your shutter button, the light goes off, and you’re satisfied that everything is set up perfectly for today’s shoot. Your contentment doesn’t last long, though; the thought of having to deal with another snobby subject clouds your brain. Sure, the concept of meeting celebrities every day at your job seemed cool, but once you got used to it, you realized that they’re all just regular people. There was hardly anything special about anyone you met, aside from the few who were very nice and complimented how good you made them look with your camera.

“Oh, wonderful, you’re all set up!” Michael, the fashion consultant and your bosses’ assistant, bursts through the studio doors. “James will be here in a second. I want you to make him look SO sexy in these photos, got it, Y/N? Carol needs to be proud of our work when she’s back from vacation.”

You shake your head and give him the slightest pathetic smile you can. “I can’t make someone sexy if they already have an ugly face, Michael. Now which James are we talking about?”

“James Barnes?” Michael looks shocked, his eyes widening as he says the name. “For his new movie, ‘Farewell, Atlantis’?”

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I'm writing a story and I just introduced a new character, which is a female. How do i describe her body without it being too descriptive? What's the best way to describe character's bodies in general (Male, female, etc.)? Could you give me examples and references? Thank you!

Here’s what I do, personally:

When introducing a character from another character’s point of view, I only describe things about that are extraordinary.

  • Do they have hair that’s huge or an eye-catching color?
  • Facial scars
  • Unusual fashion sense
  • Any exaggerated facial features
  • If they’re very short or very tall

Any character you introduce is, probably, going to have at least one or two extraordinary qualities, or at least qualities that are slightly exaggerated.

Basically things you’d notice about a person if you were seeing them in real life. I don’t know about you, but the first time I meet someone, I don’t notice everything about them, and I certainly don’t notice things like their eye color unless it’s very out-of-the-ordinary. 
I also like to introduce small things about their appearance throughout the story. 

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Ooh! If Jon is Ned but not actually Ned (via Michelle Clapton, costume designer)... do you remember when Cersei said "bend the knee my lord" and he refused and that got him in trouble and ultimately dead? Jon "bending" the knee to this other queen to play the game would actually fit this. "Everything that happens will be something that you've seen before." What do you think?

I believe that LF’s cryptic monologue was actually referring to many plot points, but excellent catch, Nonny.

I currently do subscribe to the “undercover lover Jon” theory, and will do so until otherwise proven to be false. Jon’s scenes with Dany have been so forced, odd and one-sided ….many (including the other ship) have sensed that something is “off”.

Because Brooke and Morigan were childhood friends at one point, I think about them catching up as members of The Alliance and this popped in my head:

Brooke: Wait, so you’re with a mandalorian zabrak and part of her clan now???

Morigan: Yeah, so? Aren’t you boinking the former Empress of Zakuul who like, murdered people left and right?

Brooke: Hey! It’s more than that, I love her. And while I don’t condone all of the murders I can safely say she is on the path of recovery and making amazing progress.

Morigan: Aww, I thought you two were just doing it, I didn’t know you were in love.

Finding he wasn’t having much effect on the animals, Dauntless aimed for us.

Regent disrupted Dauntless’ aim, and the Arclance ripped over the windows of the building above the parking garage, bringing a rain of glass shards down on us as we made our way past the gate and into the garage.

Man, there’s been a lot of raining glass in this Arc. Are we sure it’s not called Shatter?

Armsmaster exited the alley and spotted us.  Intent on closing the distance, he sent his grappling hook out to catch the metal ‘do not pass if you are above this height’ bar above the door of the parking garage.

I wonder if there are adults out there who think those refer to the driver’s height. Or even better, mistake them for “must be this tall to ride”.

The second the points of the hook closed around the bar, Armsmaster started reeling himself in, his metal boots skidding across the roadtop.

Sheesh, how strongly is the bar attached? The grappling hook should be pulling at that just as hard as it’s pulling on Armsmaster, after all.

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Hi ! I really like you blog so far ! :D Would you mind writing headcanons for Hanzo, McCree, Hana and Lucio about having a reaaaaally short S/O ? Like around 4"9 !

(I’m referring to their partner in a second person since it’s much easier that way.)

Hanzo - 

Whenever you feel self conscious about your height he is always there to comfort you, pointing out the positive things about it - from being able to swiftly move around unnoticed, to hiding in small spaces others would not fit in among many other things. He thinks your height is perfect just the way it is.

Hanzo definitely loves how your smaller hand fits in his bigger one; You often catch him staring at your intertwined fingers.

 He adores giving you piggybacks because of how your laugh echoes around, making him smile. He also feels very proud about knowing that you also enjoy it - especially when he speeds down the corridors with you. 

(Bonus: He is definitely the big spoon if you’re into cuddling.)

Mccree - 

Seeing how short you, his partner, arebe in comparison to him, he will often use it as an excuse to pick you up and carry you around even if you don’t ask him to. You’re trying to get something from a top shelf? In comes Jesse to pick you up - after which he carries you away with him because he enjoys having you close.

He definitely does not tolerate someone (other than himself) making fun or pointing out your height. The second he’ll hear someone make a nasty comment about that he will calmly give you his hat to hold, spit out his cigar to the side and call them out, knuckles cracking as he dares them to repeat what they said.

Jesse messes around with you by using you as something to lean on, or sometimes even keeping things you want out of your reach. He doesn’t mean any harm by it though, he just finds your reactions quite humorous.   

D. Va - 

Hana loves how short you are, she tends lets out a squee whenever someone points it out and then proceeds to ramble on about how adorable you are. That usually ends up with hugs. Lots of hugs. And I mean, a LOT of hugs. Gremlin hugs.

Whenever the two of you play video games together she sometimes insists on having you sit close to her, trying not to squeal when you rest your head on her shoulder.  

She let you try to pilot her mech for the first time she found out that you’re too short to reach everything properly; ever since then she has been bringing it up pretty often.

Lucio -

Lucio, like Hana, won’t be afraid to admit that he finds your height absolutely cute. You might even sometimes catch him staring at you with this small smile full of adoration.

He’s not the type of person to joke about your height so you won’t have to worry about that. Instead he’d use the height difference to his advantage to rest his chin on top of your head while hugging you - he really enjoys that.

When it comes to a dangerous situation he’ll cover you with his body, pushing you behind him to ensure you’re safe while he takes care of whatever crossed your path. Like hell he’s letting you get hurt.

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The hair petting thing strangers do 😹 it's been happening to me since I was little and my hair was a brighter orange. Like I don't even pet a cat without letting it sniff my hand first. No creature in nature just grabs another without warning unless it's trying to catch some lunch. That's a predatory fucking move. I guess my point is I accidentally slapped an older woman cause she came up behind me and just touched my head like that's weird. Just a fun story.

Omg Justine hahaha

For future reference folks, if we ever meet in person, please hold out your hand so I can sniff and decide if you can touch me!


Okay… allow me to first catch my breath.
Say what you may about the metaphorical finger she’s pointing at various butthurt parties here, as well as the almost-mawkish opulence and Lady Gaga-esque choreography, but the underlying objective of my opinions is predicated primarily on a analytical standpoint.
So here goes.
I really wish I could’ve analysed this music video for my Year 11 English, because every frame is a treasure trove of both overt and subliminal symbolism and references. Overall, it is a scintillating composition of art; all of the multifaceted elements just seem to flow and meld together so seamlessly and evocatively. Kudos to the director for his profoundly incredible videography prowess (those fades and zooms got my tongue-wagging).
Every major and minute detail and synchronisation seems so meticulously and ingeniously thought-out, from the fleeting focus on the cross in the graveyard, to her reputation ‘rising from the dead’, to the snake-like eyes, to the sardonic reference to the Grammys, to the devil-red dress, to the supercilious air surrounding her sipping on tea served by ‘faceless’ and ‘invisible’ online trolls, to the abounding references to snakes and felines, to the 'I  ❤️ TS’-emblazoned tops (ominously redolent of the Hiddleswift drama that was cooked up), to the ’T’ that quite perturbingly mimics the form of a luminous crucifix, to the old Taylors gnashing their teeth and writhing in anguish while clinging to the new reputation’s feet, and that infamous VMA dress and award at the end…
As you can probably tell from my interminable (bordering on insufferable) but non-exhaustive spiel, I am mega-enthusiastic about this music video and the prospect of TS-6. My religious and moral views aside, I think that this work of art is laudable and riveting. Yes, it might be another 'sordid’ display of Taylor’s cryptic diatribe and stabs of vengeance at everyone who has ever criticised or slighted her since day dot, but I can honestly say that she and and her team went to town with this and made sure to dot every 'i’ and cross every ’t’ along the way (pun intended).
This audacious tango between popular culture á-la-Taylor and symbolism, to the beat of no other than Taylor’s own drum, is nothing short of galvanising, as well as empowering, and no doubt glorifies all of Taylor’s reputations, past and evolved alike. And as if it couldn’t get any better, she chooses to release this exceptional music video on the exact same day as the VMAs.
Look what we made her do.

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//i just want morty to accidentally refer to himself as “merty” at some point, maybe because he’s tired or drunk or for any reason honestly, and it ends up catching on and he HATES it

okay but rock texting rick at one point and just 

“hey, you’ll never guess what morty called himself…..m e r t y.” 

It's hilarious to me that George Glass is suddenly a meme now.

This is so embarrassing, but I TOTALLY watched The Brady Bunch as a kid (from like ages 6-9, but even then I had a sense of irony about how corny it was) and the George Glass thing is one of the only things I really remember laughing my ass off about.

If you keep an eye out, you can actually catch references to it in other media. Lots of times when a character is awkwardly pretending to have a date/boyfriend/husband/etc., they will use the name “George Glass” as sort of a throwback. For example, towards the beginning of the movie Bridesmaids, as taliabobalia pointed out.

Btw, the video currently going around (“sküle”) is not from the original episode of The Brady Bunch. Here’s the original scene: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CwmSuaK_j5I

I know it looks JUST like the original show, but it’s actually from a parody movie made in the 90’s with a totally different cast. They did a really good job making it look exactly the same though.

If you ever watched The Brady Bunch then I HIGHLY recommend you check out the parody movie from 1995 called “The Brady Bunch Movie” because it is reeeeaaally funny.

It basically takes EVERY classic Brady moment and (lovingly) makes fun of it. Also, it’s set in the 90’s. Every non-Brady character in their neighborhood and at their school is portrayed as a semi-realistic person in the 90’s, while the Brady family is portrayed all corny and retro, exactly like they are on the original show.

(The George Glass scene is from 1996 “A Very Brady Sequel” though, if I am remembering correctly.)

If you think the George Glass scene is funny, watch the whole movie… the first one, at least. I don’t remember if the sequel was as good.