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Snape with a few hairdos, the manbun, the bowl cut, all the classics. 

I still stand by Caitlin.

Even though her “last minute” inner Caitlin coming up and saving the day was a little ridiculous because all up to that point she was pretty fine with being Killer Frost, I still and will always stand by Caitlin. Your hatred for Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost is fucking stupid, if you’re a hater reading this (I know y’all go into our tags and pretend you don’t you stalking idiots).

There was only one person who actually cared about her in that team and that was Cisco Ramon. Not Julian, absofuckinglutely not Barry and the others not even close to caring. Julian saw her as something to fix, Barry didn’t even remember her because he was so focused on saving Iris (everyone else be damned) and the others just didn’t care. But Caitlin didn’t need a cure, SHE NEEDED HER FRIENDS BY HER SIDE, HELPING HER FIGHT HER INNER DEMONS. SHE NEEDED PEOPLE SHE TRUSTED TO TELL HER GENUINELY THAT IT WAS GOING TO BE OKAY AND THAT THEY WOULD ACCEPT HER THE WAY SHE WAS.



I always stood by Caitlin because when nobody was around to save her, she was always there to save others without waiting something in return. She sacrificed so much for the Team Flash and now she can find who she is and be MUCH stronger without them. 

And to those who are bashing Caitlin because she appearently has been a very bad person and DONE SO MUCH WRONG THAT SHE SHOULDN’T BE FORGIVEN, EX-CU-SE-ME FOR ONE SECOND. GO SIT ON YOUR GODDAMN ASSES AND LOOK AT WHAT BARRY HAS CAUSED, HOW MANY SELFISH ACTIONS HE HAD DONE AND HOW FIXATED HE IS ON JUST ONE PERSON THAN ANYONE ELSE. Then come and talk about what Caitlin has done wrong you sickheads.

Two Sides to Every INTJ:

INTJ: why are humans such idiots? All these idiots, running into walls and screaming and gossiping behind each other’s backs. Teenagers suck. Why are we all so horrible. This is why everyone hates me, I am evil.


Malec Fanfic Rec! 2.0

Here I am again with a list too long for those who are Malec Trash.

Since this fandom loves drama (the unnecesary one) this list contains lots of that, with tears, angst, happy endings and everything in between in these Malec writing goodies, that hopefully can appeased those who wants drama and those who really are looking for good fanfiction to bear this hiatus.

And all the love to these amazing writers that can bring everything above and more with just a few words and make you sit still until the end of the chapter and make you want more

My stalking skills are a little rusty and there’s a few authors that I could’t find their blog. So, for whoever read this and knows the author and tag them, that would be very much appreciated.

A Kind of Magic by thegaminebruise

“I’m a warlock.”

“Are we roleplaying? Because you know I’m down, but I would really like some time to prepare and, like, flesh out my character, maybe write down some major story points. I don’t know if –”

Or, Magnus tells Alec about his magic.

A Lesson in Love by CobaltCorvus

Alec should have known he was doomed from the moment he decided to ask Magnus Bane for help.

A Tail to Tell by CobaltCorvus

Magnus dresses like a work of art, there’s always something new to see every time you look, and Alec is a tad disappointed he didn’t notice this little detail before.

Animal by lbrt_audrey

Based on the song Animals, by Maroon 5.

Magnus description of Alec, his touch, his body … everything that made him feel.

As long as there’s the two of us, we’ve got the world and all it’s charms. By Taliehere

And when the world is through with us,
we’ve got each other’s arms

At first Alec doesn’t notice, but Clary does.

Better for You by @zrdu

Magnus’ and Alec’s relationship comes to a sudden halt when Maryse interferes. They both try to cope without each other.

Blame The Tequila by @scarlett-ice

Alec took a sip of his coffee as he tapped on the message inbox and nearly spat it back out again at the sight that greeted him. He had to be dreaming, hallucinating, because that…that wasn’t Mark’s name at the top. Alec blinked a few times, even put down his coffee to pinch himself, but nothing changed. It still wasn’t Mark’s name.

It was Magnus’.

He’d sent the message to Magnus Bane. He’d sent a flirty shirtless picture to his boss.

Caffeinated Wolves by @softmagnusbane

“They’re really good” finally turning to face the barista Magnus feels his mouth go dry. The man behind the counter is gorgeous: pink lips, cheekbones slightly flushed, mesmerizing hazel eyes, surely a model on the side…maybe he could model Magnus’ clothes, or, model his suddenly inspired underwear collection. He’ll have to get right on that.

Coffee Shop Dalliance by @imawriteriwrite

Everyone who worked at and frequented J&L Coffee knew two things for sure. The first was that Simon under no circumstances should be allowed anywhere near the expensive coffee machines unless they wanted to destroy the coffee shop. The second was that the beautiful glittery man that sat in the front corner of the shop every day sketching and the dark-haired boy who sat in the back corner reading (and happened to be Isabelle the barista’s brother) were made for each other.

Also known as: the one where Magnus and Alec have been pining over each other across a crowded coffee shop for eight months and Isabelle is tired of it.

Devotion by @jezthemadficster

Magnus Bane is one of the most well respected and loved professors at Edom Hall University, but although he adores his students and fellow faculty, he likes to keep his private life …private. The mystery surrounding his life intrigues everyone at the University but the intrigue picks up to another level with the arrival of flowers one day.

Differences by @theonetruenorth

Five times that Alec is taller/bigger than Magnus and one time he isn’t.

Five People That Heard Magnus’ Ringtone for Alec and One Time Alec Heard It Himself (and Shared His Own) by darkangel86

The fact that it took as long as it did for Jace to hear Magnus’ ringtone for Alec was surprising. After all, the blonde Shadowhunter had been living in the loft for well over a month before it finally happened.

Freud is a Dick by @sanctuaryforalluniverses

He, Alec Lightwood, had just sent his boss, Magnus Bane, a dick pic. Of someone else’s dick.

Fleeing the country would not even begin to be enough of a response to this.

Glitter and Misunderstandings by Torius Armitage (VictoriaSkyeMarsters)

He had tried. When he was nearer Clary’s age, he had not held back in his efforts to be wooed, but whenever the courtship took its turn for the serious and permanent, Magnus would retreat, realizing he felt empty inside in regards to the suitor. And he would not settle for emptiness. He yearned for genuine, overwhelming, inescapable love, like the heroines and heroes of the novels he consumed. Why sentence oneself to a life absent of magic? But Magnus was learning, after years of lackluster options, that the magic he sought, in his world anyway, was nowhere to be found.

In other words, Pride and Prejudice drenched in glitter.

Hard Choices by heartsdesire456

Even before arriving at the house where Clary and Alec had gone to meet the Warlock that was supposed to be bringing back their mother, Jace could tell that something was very wrong.

Note: this fic is HEAVY. The contain of it is not for everyone. First of all, it has male pregnancy, a lot of angst, torture at some point, discussion of abortion, rape not described but it’s there, I think there’s panic attacks at some point. I feel obliged to say it because anyone can see this post and feel triggered for this. I put it in here, anyway, because this fic is worth it, because the author makes it bearable and for me, the author is cautios for some topics in the fic. For those who can’t really digest this kind of fics, don’t even click it, please, just keep scrolling and find a fic that you really like, and for those who knows the author and knows the writings, I really suggest to give it a chance because it was very well written.

Hold On, We’re Going Home by @unorthodoxpartofyourworld

At Esther’s request, Alec begins his foray into the mundane world so he can be a believable Matthew Daddario.

He sees something he can’t really unsee.

(This is a companion piece to Soul Glitch, you should probably go read that first so you generally understand what’s going on. Takes place right after Chapter 3)

Honey, i’m home by Shorty

Magnus gives him a once over as he steps out of the elevator, and for a second Alec lets himself believe that it’s flirtatious.

Of course, that’s all dashed seconds later as Magnus disappears through the door to his apartment with a loud, happy, “babe, I’m home!”

Or, in which misunderstandings are made.

Hoodie by @alec-dark-wood 

It’s soft and fluffy and the first time Magnus sees it,he has to backtrack and take a closer look.He walks towards the grey lump slowly,hardly daring to believe what it could be.

Hopefully it’s Enough by onihunter305

Magnus could tell something was wrong with Alec from the moment he touched his elbow outside of the Institute. He could feel the tremors that shook his body. He knew Alec needed someone to take care of him, and even though he was momentarily distracted by Alec’s declaration of love, he was going to make sure he took care of the man he loved.

I can do that by @softmagnusbane

Prompt: soulmate au where the first time you touch you both get a vivid mental image of the other’s biggest kink.

I Love You, Too by parabacrybaby

This takes place the morning after the morning of the battle in the winter finale of season 2A.

I’ll make you (beg for mercy) by thesorrowoflizards

Magnus wears body glitter. Alec appreciates this very, very much.

Inspired by combining three one-word prompts: softly, strawberries, and glitter

It’s nothing by @steakandvodka 

Alec is pretty sure someone, or something, is stalking him. He just isn’t sure if it’s an innocent kitten, or something a bit more malicious than that.

In this world, Alec is the one to find their pet cat and bring it home to Magnus.

Kids in the Kitchen by @perpetual-j0urney

“It’s Alec Lightwood,” He finally said, after another moment of hesitation. Then, both sets of puppy eyes were locked on Magnus once again and waiting for his answer.
More than a few customers turned to look at the outburst as both boys pulled away from Magnus and simultaneously cried, “But Papa!”


Magnus Bane liked to believe he was a good father, but there were just some requests that one could not grant their kids. For instance, a good dad wouldn’t let their child crawl into a lion’s cage to pet the furry kitty. Alternatively, a good dad also wouldn’t bring their kids to a cooking class taught by the angriest chef on the Food Network.

Kiss With A Fist by @clockworkswans

When agent Alec Lightwood is given his first kill hit, he doesn’t expect much trouble. Of course, he also doesn’t expect it to be a cheerful assassin who lands him in a whole load of trouble.
Enter Magnus Bane: an assassin turned thief who reluctantly teams up with Alec - and The Clave - after he pisses off a very important and powerful crime boss, Valentine Morgenstern.
In a world of violence and unjust laws, can the two put aside their differences and work together?
Aka: in which Alec is sent to kill Magnus, doesn’t, and then really wishes he had. (but not really).
Enemies to friends to lovers.

Never felt that type of fear before by creativitea

The risk of his heart in Magnus’s hands is worth it, compared to the risk that would lie in keeping it hidden. He trusts Magnus with it more than himself, and he needs him to know; even if it’s a bad idea. The risk of Magnus not knowing is worse than the risk of it being out in the open.

New Neighbor by Chrystie, kate882

Alec Lightwood isn’t the most social person in the world, but his new neighbor is ridiculously attractive so he makes an effort. It’s too bad Magnus seems to think that Alec is married to his best friend.

Nobody says that anymore by vomitingwords

Magnus is over 300 years old and Alec is okay with that. Sometimes more often than not

Oh darling (put your arms around me) by thesorrowoflizards

Also known as: Six times Magnus doesn’t dare initiate physical affection, two times he doesn’t even think about it

Pardon the Interruption by Obsessivecompulsivereadr

But one thing they could never seem to fix was how often they got interrupted whenever they did have time to spend together. It seemed as if no one in the entire shadow world could function without dragging Magnus and Alec into their problems.

So that’s what this vacation had been about, three weeks away, just the two of them.

Prettiest person in the world by @katychan666 

(A fanfic inspired by the prettiest person in the world post on tumblr)

Alec making Magnus speechless with his smugness for the first time :)

Pretty Thoughts by @rosegoldhell 

After being homeschooled all his life, and unintentionally sheltered, Magnus Bane has to navigate his way through American Highschool. He goes in thinking the worse possible scenarios, and quickly learns that not everything you see in movies is true. Sometimes the unexpected happens, and magnus soon realizes he has fallen for one of the most popular guys in school, and it might not be as one sided as he thinks.

Put the heat on if you’re cold by @ohlafraise

Alec pulled back the delicate tissue paper and looked in the box. Oh. Okay.

Or: Alec isn’t attracted to women, but that doesn’t mean he’s not attracted to femininity.

Save it by onihunter305

Magnus knew something wasn’t right the moment he heard the telltale sound of Isabelle Lightwood’s distinctive heels on Raphael’s slate floor. If she had hurt his dear Alexander, she was about to wish she had never returned to this apartment.

Secrets Told at 2am by AdorkaGabe

Alec can’t stand it. He has to get out. The roof isn’t far enough. He goes to Highland Park in Brooklyn and meets an interesting confidant in a glittery Warlock.

(Or what happens when Alec meets Magnus BEFORE they met at Magnus’ Loft.)

Shaky Ground, Stabilized by onihunter305

Alec had once been told that he would blow up the very ground he stood on to make things right. If that was true, why did he feel as though the ground below him was disintegrating at the same rapid pace as the relationships he once held dearly.

So He Told You About That? By @bcnedrah

Magnus’ face in 2x08 when talking with Jace about sleeping with Alec was a face of sex gone wrong.

Someone should kill the sun by MsEnny

“You know, Mags. Last night I had a kind of revelation.”


“Yes. I-… I know it’s late, but I realized, stupidly, that I never really told you how much I love you.”

Magnus didn’t talk anymore. He didn’t have to.

Stay Here Forever by @imawriteriwrite

A year before, they didn’t even know each other. Then there was this hookup app, and months where they thought they could be "just fuck buddies”. Things went downhill. Things went uphill.

Now, it’s been months since Magnus Bane (head of Bane Co.) and Alec Lightwood (kind of officially a lawyer) finally figured their shit out and started a healthy relationship. Now it’s Valentine’s Day and their relationship is put in danger as they compete to out romance each other.

Based on the cheesy line “I’ve caught feelings. I hear it’s contagious. We should both be quarantined in bed all day.” Literally nothing but self-indulgent fluff.

Addicted To You Valentines Day!

The Drunk Giraffe, Alec Lightwood by just_a_winchester

Drunk Alec tries to break into Magnus’s apartment.

The Kissing Booth by @hornedqueenofhell

Alec will 100% totally and completely blame this on Magnus

The Lightwood-Bane Saga by @achilleanragnor

Alec and Magnus come out by kissing each other on the ice, but the media takes it in a way they never expected.
3 +1 times the media got it wrong and the one time they made sure the media understood

The people that matter by @steakandvodka

“God, you two are so in love it’s disgusting,” Jace said, breaking the short silence. He and Izzy grinned as they waited for Alec to blush and stammer his way through a denial, as Alec always did when he was confronted about his feelings for the warlock.

They were stunned into silence when all Alec did was look back at where Magnus left, smile softly, and nod in agreement.

The time Magnus Bane got drunk by @katychan666

It’s Alec’s birthday and Magnus threw him a party, at which he drank… a lot, even more than he usually has. This ends up with him turning into an emotional and over-dramatic mess.

The Trouble with Words by Obsessivecompulsivereadr

There’s just something about Magnus Bane that makes people feel safe. Cared for. Loved.

And Alec would fight for that till his last dying breath, not just for himself, but for others, too. He just never knows how to tell Magnus that because, while he loves to read, he hates words.

The trouble with words is that they always fail him, and Magnus is too important to him to lose simply because he said something stupid.

The truth, for you by @serendipitiness

He’d meant it – he still means it, and he thinks he’ll mean it forever – but Alec never wants to have to say it like that again.

(or how Alec tells Magnus he loves him the second time, the way he really wants to)

Touch Me by wordsmithraven

When Alec starts to question why Magnus so rarely initiates contact, the powerful warlock and Alec’s own siblings are put on the spot. It’s a conversation a long time coming but is Magnus ready to have it? And can Alec handle the answer he receives?

Two’s company, three’s a whole lot of Alec Lightwood eye rolls by all_stories_are_truth_and_lies

This was just all so new, Magnus and he, Alec was nervous but excited to see where it would go. How in the hell was he ever suppose to ever get some alone time with Magnus with Jace-the-constant-mood-killer-Wayland as an unwanted houseguest? The story of how Alec Lightwood tries but doesn’t always succeed in moving his and Magnus’s relationship to the next step.

‘Alexander…’ Magnus whispered, his breath hot in Alec’s ear. ‘Tell me if you want me to stop.’ Stop? If Alec wasn’t so far gone he might have actually laughed at the thought. Alec gave a quick nod of understanding before pulling Magnus’s mouth back to his, pretty sure he felt the Warlock smiling against his lips.

One-shot set post episode 2.06 Malec trying to get it on with Jace cockblocking all over the shop.

Underneath by @sfjessii

“You already know everything.” Alec whispers but Magnus is alerted instantly, his eyes open, craning his neck to get a glimpse of Alec’s face.

He stays quiet, merely squeezing Alec’s hand to try and soothe him. Alec’s sigh rips right through Magnus and he wishes he could pull him into himself to protect him from any harm.

What’s It Gonna Be by @lemonoclefox

Fairchild’s bakery is a second home to not just Magnus, but also to most of his found-family. As a pastry chef, he works long hours and takes great pride in his craft – so much so that he has little time or attention for much else. Least of all romance. After plenty of experience with heartbreak and disappointment, he has come to expect the worst from anything in that department, and the arrival of the wealthy Lightwoods in the neighborhood isn’t about to change that. Especially not when their eldest son might just be the most insufferable prick Magnus has ever met, no matter what anyone else has to say about the guy.

(aka the Pride & Prejudice/bakery AU no one asked for)

A Sesshomaru for Valentine’s Day

ANNNNND here he is!! My one true Valentine. 

For the low low price of $00.000000001, here he is, right on your dash!!

Idk what’s wrong with me, I’m sorry lmao

Buut anyways! Pls enjoy this beautiful grumpy boy if you do not have a Valentine, or if you do have a Valentine, or if you just love Sesshomaru like I do. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!!


Small Tales from the Borderlands/Doctor Who crossover! :D

Basically… Yeah, I got inspired by Wikipedia xD

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Hey @forthepalette ! It’s been quite a while. I purposely tried to avoid reading your posts just to avoid any more conflict with you, but to no avail, I still see some of your posts because you still kept using the Sprousehart tag and you seem to continually spur some anger from various Sprousehart accounts. Despite that, I still tried to look past whatever you post since I personally see no point in confronting you. You have your mind pretty much set on things. Whatever I say won’t go through you so I thought, what’s the point? 

Unfortunately, I stumbled upon some of your posts again this morning and I couldn’t find it in my own morals to just let it slide. 

I saw people calling you out and letting you know how offended they are by your statement but you tried to escape their judgment by claiming that it was done out of innocence not of spite. I’m sorry but I really don’t buy this.

When people replied with much anger (which is understandable- I’ll get to this later), your initial defense was that you were merely just asking a question and that you genuinely didn’t know.

Now, here are my comments regarding the whole thing. 

First, the statement you made was not a question at all. It was an imperative or permissive sentence demanding us to prove what you think of us wrong. The mere fact that it has a question mark in the end doesn’t make it a question. I’m very particular with syntax and grammar. I was sort of a nerd for diagraming sentences back in High School so I can say with full conviction that what you said wasn’t a question.

Second, the post itself bore an accusation or an assumption that Sprouseharts are homophobic and racist. You can argue with me on this and claim that is not true but technically, that’s how you formulated your post. You made a claim that we, Sprouseharts, are homophobic and racist. Then you made a further assumption that it’s the reason why we ship Sprousehart. To be clear here’s the premise you made:



You can argue again that it’s not what you meant, but I’m just merely rewriting your statement in bulleted form. I just removed that “please tell me you aren’t” part because that’s the part asking for a counter argument. Again, the premise is those two points written above, then you asked us to counter those two points. I’m sure any person with some proficiency in the English language would agree with how I deconstructed your sentence. If you claim that it is not what you meant, I suggest that you brush up with your writing skills and be very careful with what you post because you aren’t getting your message across properly.

Lastly, I got the impression based on your replies that either you’re feigning innocence or you really have no idea as to why this post has spurred some anger from various Sprousehart fans. I’m, personally, leaning towards the former but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt by explaining to you why your post gained some anger. 

Sexuality and race have been volatile topics for quite some time now. Volatile in the sense that a lot of debates and judgments have been exchanged as to various stands and views on certain issues involving the said topics. The current trend (trend as in the line of thought) we’re on now is more inclusive in the sense that we recognize the issues and push for more acceptance of all types of sexual orientation and race. This is reflective on political landmark events such as the USA having the first black president and your Supreme Court deciding the Obergefell v. Hodges favoring same-sex marriage. I personally love this shift in the ideals of the people and hope that this continues, but alongside this trend of thinking, another train of thought which I perceive as equally damaging as the evils we hope to curtail is emerging. This is the hyper-judgement or categorizing of other people.

Because of the sudden shift in ideals, which can be rather overbearing, some people tried to oversimplify the issues by creating a false dichotomy. This, essentially, tramples upon the goal of having an inclusive society. This line of thought categorizes people into something bad just because they don’t agree with everything.That’s what I’m getting from your argument.

You’ve made this false dichotomy that because we Sprouseharts don’t ship a homosexual ship, we are therefore against all homosexuals, which is terribly wrong to assume.

The argument is overgeneralizing and a slippery slope. It is also very hateful.

You’ve automatically excluded us from being part of a community that supports LGBTQ rights and anti-racism just because we love a straight white couple. You’re making it seem that loving a straight white couple is tantamount to going against the ideals of supporting LGBTQ rights and anti-racism. As far as I know, fighting for LGBTQ rights and anti-racism is fighting for equality and against discrimination. It’s recognizing that all races and all sexual orientations are equal and should be respected. It doesn’t mean that straight white couples cannot co-exist with LGBTQ couples with different races.

Now, your statement basically asks us to disprove your unfair assumption of us by declaring that we aren’t homophobes and racist. To be frank, who are you to ask that of us?

I’m actually troubled whether I should give you the benefit of giving you my answer but just to settle your “confused” mind, I am a firm supporter of LGBTQ rights and I hope for a world where race will no longer be an issue. I’m a person who particularly dislikes labels. I believe you are not defined by a single act or a single decision, but your collective actions and decisions throughout your life, so for me no one can judge you, label you, or characterize you as something until you are dead.

Until It’s Gone - Ch.2

Overview: Both brothers had loved and lost her. One night, Sam gets a phone call that changes everything.

Characters: Sam, Dean, Reader

Warnings: mentions of attempted assault, mentions of violence

Word Count: 1,645

A/N: This is the second chapter for my in the works series. Thanks to everyone for all the love for Ch.1! I’m truly loving writing this :) Feedback is always loved and appreciated!

Read (Ch.1)

My tags are way down below. Let me know if you want to be added to anything that I write :)

“This is the road that the coffee shop is on,” Sam said, pointing at the bright green road sign. Dean slowed the car to a halt and Sam quickly exited the Impala, “Find a spot to park. I’ll find Y/N.” He quickly closed the door and took off at a swift jog down the street. The rain had slacked off, but it was still coming down in steady streams, and his clothes were quickly soaked through. Cars lined the sides of his path, and Sam vaguely remembered that it was Friday. He was thankful that Dean had driven because it would have taken him too long to find a spot to put the car in on a night when most people were in town.

He briefly scanned the surrounding doorways and alleys as he ran, slowly down to a fast walk as the coffee shop came into view. He almost passed her, she was huddled into such a small ball, but the bright blue of her dress stood out sharply against the dull gray of the concrete building. He’d recognize that dress anywhere.

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that low key awkward but high key awesome moment when you realize that your entire life of you being fascinated by astronomy and astrology has led you to the point of realizing you’re a cosmic witch

I don’t know why,,,, but yes a raffle wowow owo wow!!

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Jk u win art


30 entries:

1 bust sketch

50 entries:

1 bust sketch but coloured woo

100 entries:

First prize: 1 half body sketch coloured

Second prize: 1 bust sketch

200 entries:

First prize: 1 half body sketch coloured

Second prize: 1 bust sketch coloured

200+ entries:

First prize: 1 half body sketch coloured + 1 headshot sketch

Second prize: 1 bust sketch coloured + 1 headshot sketch

Third prize: 1 headshot sketch coloured

Joining The Team Pt 4 (Avengers X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Avengers X Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Mention of torture, mental problems


Request: Joining The Team Pt 4 

Originally posted by n-barnes

It had been a few weeks since they had Wanda look in your head. The change in you shocked everyone. You went from confident and psychotic to broken and afraid. You used to tease and scare the agents and other avengers, now you sat quietly, holding yourself and rocking. If they entered, it was you who showed the fear, not them.

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Title: Woven – If It Can Bleed Part Two

Characters/Pairing: Dean x Female!Reader

Word Count: 1400

Warnings: An angry, slightly over-protective Dean, a bit of verbal fighting? Mentions of past trauma. Fluff at the end.

Series Summary: The reader is a genetically enhanced assassin who’s on the run from her creator, but what will happen when she get’s taken back to the bunker by Sam and Dean? Or falls for one of the Winchesters…

Author’s Note: Okay, part two! This one is a little shorter than I originally anticipated but the last line just seemed like a natural stopping point so I just ended it, and even when I was outlining this I thought this part seemed a little awkward and disjointed from the rest of the story but it’s necessary to show the relationship between Dean and the reader and give us a little more insight into who and what the reader is, so please bare with me here! I hope it’s still enjoyable, feedback is always appreciated! If you want to be tagged in future parts of this series please add yourself to This List or send me an Ask!

Broken - Part One

If you would like to read any of my other fics please check out my Masterlist!

*Gif is not mine, all gifs used on my blog are from Google Images.*

     “You have to be more careful, Y/N! You could’ve gotten seriously hurt!”

     Your breathing came quickly and your senses were almost unbearably heightened, claws and fangs itching to be released and your useful yet inconvenient eyes threatening to flare red. Things like this never happened before you met the Winchesters.

     “I have to be more careful?” you shot back. “You’re the one who jumped in front of me, Dean! I’m perfectly capable of taking care of myself.”

     “You were reckless.”

     “I was fine! We both would’ve been if you hadn’t interfered.”

     The door slammed shut behind Dean and the pictures on the dully colored motel walls shook with the force of it. “I was trying to help you!”

     “Yeah, well, I didn’t need your help, and now you’re the one who got hurt because of it!”

     You took a deep breath and turned away from Dean, feeling the familiar stinging burn as your eyes abandoned humanity and adopted a glowing, emotionally triggered red. Even after a year, even after being free from your creator’s manipulative grasp for so long, you still hadn’t figured out how to interact with normal people - or how to pass as one.

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anonymous asked:

ehhh if you could give me some advice? i want to write a fic, but idk how to attract other people to read it. what should my title be like? what should the summary be like? how to tag? what to include? obv i gotta be funny and witty in the tags, and the title has to be decapitalised (i think?) but should the title be a single word, a poetic phrase, or what? should the summary be vague and abstract, or concretely explain the fic? what attracts you to read a fic tho?

This is a lot of questions haha I’ll try my best to answer them! Disclaimer: this is all from my experience/opinion so make sure to ask other people too!

For me, a short and interesting title is what attracts my attention! Song lyrics or a line from your story are always a good option! Don’t worry about capitalization, I personally don’t really pay attention to that! Personally, I would make it a bit longer than one word, but sometimes that can make you stand out, so just do what feels right!

The summary should NOT give away the entire plot, but should hit the main points of what your story is about. Here’s the great summary of The World Opened With You by DiAnna44, one of my favourite fics: 

“Despite the smiles famous violinist Victor Nikiforov puts on for the world, he’s been in a slump for almost two years, and no longer views himself as worthy of his fame. When he’s paired up to play a duet with esteemed pianist Yuuri Katsuki, he finds inspiration once again, and maybe even something more.”

What I love about this summary is that it’s short (two sentences!!) but I still am intrigued. You can already sense the tone of the fic, who the main characters are, what type of AU it is, and leaves on a cliffhanger: and maybe even something more. What does that mean? *opens fic to find out*

It’s a good idea to leave the reader with some sort of a question or cliffhanger, something that will make your reader want to find out more!

Another thing to note about summaries, do not write “I suck at summaries, sorry” or “I don’t know how to write summaries”. HAVE FAITH IN YOUR ABILITIES/WRITING!! I know people don’t mean to, but saying that can give the wrong impression on a possible reader. If you’re not great at summaries, take a quote/section from your story! I see that all the time, it’s an easy and effective way to grab people’s attention!

TAGS!!! Please, please, please tag your fic with the appropriate tags! If it’s nsfw, don’t mark it as gen or teen, mark it as explicit or mature! That goes the same for fluffy fics w/out sex. A lot of people think the safest rating is “not rated” but, in fact, if you mark it as that it will show up as “may contain adult content” when the reader clicks on it! Mark it gen or teen!

If your fic contains ANY graphic depictions of things that could be triggering, (abuse, non-con, major character death, etc.) please put it in the tags and/or in the archive warnings! This will let the readers know what they are getting themselves into! I have read so many fics where Yuuri and/or Victor die at the end and the authors didn’t put any warning. I was super upset, and as a result, I don’t have much trust in those author’s fics anymore. I understand that it may be a spoiler, but it can be very upsetting to someone who was not ready for it. I have read some amazing fics with that tag, (P.S. I Love You by c000kiesandcream, for example) that have the major character death tag and are truly beautifully heartbreaking. It still broke my heart even though I knew there was going to be death. Don’t be afraid that putting that tag will lessen the impact, I can assure you it’ll still be heartbreaking!

Like the summary, don’t put too many tags to the point where the reader can figure out your entire fic without even reading it! Try to hit a middle ground, not too many, but not too little.

What attracts me to read a fic is definitely the summary and the tags. If I see humor, fluff, domestic, and/or angst in the tags I’ll be sure to click on it! I love to read fics with a unique AU as well, but I equally love the fics in the more “popular” AUs too. It’s the summary that usually will determine if I read it or not. Think of your summary as the trailer for a movie! That’s what I think of when I write a summary for my own works.

I wish you the best of luck with your fic(s)!!

Whew! That was a lot! I hope this helped! If anyone else has any other/different advice, please feel free to share it in the replies!

“Tightrope Walking” - Part 4

“Tightrope Walking” - Part 4

(Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3)

My Masterlist - Here

Bruce Wayne x Reader - Romantic Relationship

Jim Gordon x Reader - Father/Daughter Relationship

Jerome Valeska x Reader - Past Friendship

Word Count: 1620

Key: Y/N = Your Name, L/N = Your Last Name, H/C = Your Hair Color, E/C = Your Eye Color

Warnings: Violence, cursing (the usual),

Summary: Jerome announces that he has you live on tv and then welcomes you to his lethal big top circus.

Author’s Note: This was kind of written quicker than the other parts. I really wanted to get the points across while also sticking kind of true to the storyline and adding my own stuff into it. I hope I did it justice. I honestly can’t wait to write the next parts and have you guys read it! It will be lengthier, so please bare with me! 

I do have an idea of writing the next part from Bruce’s point of view and then having the part after that be the one that is super intense. We’ll see if I run with that idea or not.

If you would like to be tagged in any of my future pieces (All Works, Specific Fandoms, or Specific Multi-Parts), please let me know! And as always, feedback is greatly appreciated!


- DreaSaurusREX

Tags: @cheyennethefangirl @theeactress @luciebell-writes @welcome-to-cobblepothell @aya-fay

You woke up and found yourself still handcuffed, but you were no longer in the GCPD. You didn’t know where you were, but it was some sort of warehouse or factory. Most of the lights were out or super dim. Looking around, you didn’t see Jerome. There was a chair in a spotlight to your right though. A man was tied to the chair with a multitude of explosives surrounding him. He noticed that you were awake.

“So you’re the one Jerome talked about. You’re sweetcheeks!” You cringed at that. Trying to shuffle further away from him, he started to laugh. He really was as crazy as the rest of Jerome’s followers. Just as you were about to stand up, a door on the other side of the room opened. Jerome stepped through with a large camera that had a Channel 9 logo on the side of it.

“Do I really have to tape your mouth shut too, Dwight? You’re freaking her out.”

You had a feeling you knew what he was going to do. It would be very unlike Jerome to not show off that he is alive. What better way to do it than with a literal bang.

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When Sakuya offered his help with babysitting, he seriously didn’t expect this many children…. no one does. Mahiru is gonna have to explain to World End later that Sakuya isn’t a criminal also. lol

Mahiru and Sakuya are actual childhood friends in this au btw, so they know each other weaknesses. For example, Sakuya being called Sakkun. (Which I based off this Servamp Drama CD again, where Sakuya CANONALLY gets embarrassed about Mahiru calling him Sakkun!! Go to 8:28 if you click the link) and Sakuya’s older sister is alive in this au too, in case some of you didn’t already know.  

I’ve been working this looooong comic for awhile bit by bit between other art asks. Cause I wanted a few things:

1.) I wanted to at least mention the servamp kids “parent”. (aka “sensei” or the “creator”) I mean who do you think actually provides for 8 children??? We never see him really either cause he’s always working or whatever.

2.) I thought since Sakuya is indeed Mahiru’s best friend in this au, I thought he would have to officially meet the Servamp family at some point. Lol the last time I introduced Sakuya, it became my most popular age au post. Amazing right? 

3.) One more thing, I felt like Little Tsubaki and Sakuya had to meet at some point. It the right thing to do. They still don’t get along well even at alternate ages. hhaaha. 

4.) I know, you people wanted more KuroMahi and some SakuMahi, (I read everyone’s tags so…. ehehheeh…) 

Anyways thank you to everyone who supports this au! I wouldn’t have posted this much if it wasn’t for you all! <3 


I apologize for the delays, but may I present to you, the Lolirock Crystal Quinta spreads! There are two versions of the spread! The one on the left, with the magical array displayed, is called the “Crystal Quinta: Realms of Ephedia” spread! The one on the right is called the “Crystal Quinta: Princesses” spread. I did two separate spreads, because I wanted to emphasize both the realms and the qualities that make up the princesses. At a later date I will most likely do individual spreads for each of the girls, but for now, have these! 

Spread descriptions and notes on my choices for each card slot under the cut! I will be posting test readings of these spreads up at a later date, and edit the post to link to them. Please let me know if you have any questions! 

And a special thank you to the Lolirockers that showed interest in this!! it really helped me get it done!

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I Guess We’re the Same, So Don’t Leave Me Behind

Read Chapter 5 on AO3

Summary: 28-year-old Teruki is depressed, working a dead-end job, and sees life as meaningless and dull. Only when, Shigeo, another esper going through the same troubles as him enters his life he realizes he’s not so alone.

Notes: Let me first apologize for taking so long to get this chapter up. School has been taking up the majority of my time and…god, it’s almost been a month since the last update. To make it up to you all, this is the longest chapter yet! I hope you all enjoy! As always, thank you all so much for the never-ending support for this fic! You guys are honestly too kind with your feedback and honestly your messages are what keep me writing.Thanks again!

Previous Chapters

| Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4

Read under the cut or on AO3!

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When do you need italics and exclamation points? 
This is an opinion, obviously. But it’s a smart one, imo ;)

C.S. Lewis so beautifully wrote:

A talker ought to use variations of voice for emphasis because his medium naturally lends itself to that method: but a writer ought not to use italics for the same purpose. He has his own, different, means of bringing out the key words and ought to use them. 

Under this line of thought, italics should only be used when there is no way to provide proper emphasis through context or sentence structure. You should also evaluate what actually needs emphasis in the first place. Sometimes emphasis can change the entire understanding of the sentence, but most of the time it only serves to help us mirror the fluctuation of our own voice.

Consider: “what actually needs emphasis” vs “what actually needs emphasis” vs “what actually needs emphasis.” All three scenarios mean the same thing in the long run, so there’s no need for italics, nor is there any need to show emphasis through context or sentence structure. 

On the other hand: “if he leaves” vs “if he leaves” v “if he leaves” imply slightly different things. For this, you might really want an emphasis placed on a certain part of the sentence, but italics are still clunky and unnecessary. The best way of providing emphasis in this case, would be to show enough context for the reader to correctly assume which part of the sentence you wanted emphasized.

When in doubt, have someone else read your writing. You’ll often find that the emphasis you meant to put on the word using your italics was already implied by the writing itself, rendering the italics completely unnecessary be begin with. But it’s hard to determine such things without help.

While you should always be able to imply emphasis without adding italics, sometimes you still need exclamation points to imply tone. In general, if you absolutely need an exclamation point to show that the sentence is being exclaimed, you should rewrite the sentence anyway.

One exception to this is the case of very short sections of dialogue that aren’t tagged with some form of ‘they shouted’. There are also some cases where you can get away with more exclamation points because they’re a part of the dialogue of a character who’s childish or insane, but there should still never need to be an exclamation point every single sentence. If you don’t use it to make a point, then it stops making any point at all.

Disclaimer below the cut:

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please don’t rb or reply. it’s just an fyi post.

i’ve been on semi-hiatus for awhile. there were a few times i kinda mentioned this indirectly, but i’d like to now clarify what this means:

  • new content is posted every day, mostly from a queue
  • ask box remains open, but replies may come a bit late if it’ll take me time to answer (compiling fic recs, for example)
  • not available for beta work (i’m sorry. please don’t ask. i feel horrible saying no and it just puts me in a bad situation.)
  • not actively writing ff
  • not actively reading ff
  • may be slow with answering PMs
  • spotty tagging or no tagging at all (if you need something specific tagged however, tell me and i’ll make sure to)
  • even more useless to everyone 8D

things i’m still very happy to do:

  • signal boost something for you (pm me the post)
  • rb something you want on my blog (art/writing/etc. again, pm me the post)

sorta serious health issues (i’m getting better), drama with assholes that left me extremely confused about how to trust/act around others, and overall burnout pointed to me needing to step back for awhile. i love trek and i love all of you, but i just need some time to repair myself.

so yeah. i’m still around and still on this website every day, but i’m sorry for not being as active here as i was in the past. i really miss being a productive part of this community and i hope that i can soon get back a place where i can be.


dancingactress24  asked:

Can you send me some Reylo or Rebelcaptain fic recs? I've had one of the crappiest days yet and I need new long fics to read.

Hey sweetie, I’m so sorry to hear you’re not doing so well. :( Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help, and you are more than welcome to send me a PM and we can talk, any time you like. If I don’t reply right away, it usually means I’ve conked out face-down. But if so, I’ll reply as soon as I can. ❤️Otherwise, my thoughts are with you, m'dear.

(I’m on my phone so can’t link properly - I’ll fix it sometime later, maybe - thus I’ll just copy the links after the names and titles.)

As far as RebelCaptain goes, I actually haven’t read much of any at all! But @tiaraofsapphires has, and she also writes some! I’m sure she’ll reply and tag you at some point! For now, here’s her AO3: (she also writes Reylo!) https://archiveofourown.org/users/Tiara_of_Sapphires

As far as Reylo goes, below are what I recommend! Of course there are my fics, but I’m sure you’ve read them already since you’re sending me an ask. ;) http://archiveofourown.org/users/Juulna/pseuds/Juulna/works?fandom_id=5407051


He Knows He Needs to Stop and Thwarted and Still by Perry_Downing @perrydowning - http://archiveofourown.org/works/6099895/chapters/13982680 - http://archiveofourown.org/works/6831736/chapters/15593596 - http://archiveofourown.org/works/7337746/chapters/16667635

Psychedelic Inebriation and Home by Annaelle @cuthian - http://archiveofourown.org/works/5827186/chapters/13429486 - http://archiveofourown.org/works/5706940/chapters/13147126

The Escort by grliegirl @grlie-girl - http://archiveofourown.org/works/8267093/chapters/18939971

Never Tell Me The Odds by AquaWolfGirl (and many other of her fics!) - http://archiveofourown.org/works/6157146/chapters/14107785

Forms and Ja'ak by Trebia @avenrue - http://archiveofourown.org/works/5454443/chapters/12608978 - http://archiveofourown.org/works/5775766/chapters/13310926

Opus No.4 by BebeUnit - http://archiveofourown.org/works/7447132/chapters/16920412

Commemoration by CharlotteCAgain @charlottecagain - http://archiveofourown.org/works/6480097/chapters/14832745

Behind the Storm by inthegrayworld @inthegrayworld - http://archiveofourown.org/works/7355542/chapters/16707622

In My Bloodstream and Stripped [Down to the Bones] by EllieCarina @jackpotgirl - http://archiveofourown.org/works/5589523/chapters/12880312 - http://archiveofourown.org/works/5851582/chapters/13487374

The Stormtrooper’s Hanguide On How To Handle An Insufferable Boss by cazzy @xcazzy - https://archiveofourown.org/works/5658064

Backwater Girls From Backwater Worlds and RY-4209 by SophiaDreith @sophiascribbling - http://archiveofourown.org/works/7643068/chapters/17400976 - http://archiveofourown.org/works/8018881/chapters/18358357

Now is the Time of Monsters by Elwyngirlie @hauscrashburn - http://archiveofourown.org/works/7556437/chapters/17187154

Kylo Ren Needs to Chill by darknessandrageandkittens @darknessandterrorandkittens (this is total crack but makes me laugh and crack a huge grin at almost every single line) - http://archiveofourown.org/works/5606944/chapters/12918649


I asked @perrydowning for some more recs since I haven’t read any fics in quite some time and the ones I suggested above are all ones I read in the past and/or had on old rec lists I made before. Here are hers!

Sky Marked Souls by AnonymousMink - http://archiveofourown.org/works/5816995/chapters/13405321

What the Hell is Wrong With Kylo Ren? by Tuli_Azzameen @tuli-azzameen - http://archiveofourown.org/works/6637030/chapters/15185014

It’s Better If We Just Pretend by Ellensama - http://archiveofourown.org/works/6175243/chapters/14148469

Suffocating In Stardust by Chibirini1 - http://archiveofourown.org/works/7491471/chapters/17027271

She Who Would Be Queen by sasstasticmad - http://archiveofourown.org/works/5596507/chapters/12895891