I’m so dumb. I’m signing up for an online dating thing again because apparently being on for like 5 days isn’t long enough and I’m told I need to give it a real chance which apparently is several months so here I again downloading these apps and making my dumb profile again but who knows. I’ll probably end up deleting them again in a few days because I can never make up my mind.

watching YOI again while knowing viktor already had a crush on yuuri makes everything come across so differently. I first interpreted this line as yuuri spending more time with viktor = him somehow improving his skating? (Yea idek lol) But yurio is literally only talking about him staying yuuri’s place too. Yurio’s saying this bc viktor will become a Gay Mess 4 Yuuri™. Yurio knows Viktor is head over heels and is not having one bit of it💅💅💅

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    sam had been planning on asking her to the ball right up until alexi had to shut down his plans by asking her first. he was confident that she would’ve said yes. they’d been getting closer, he thought maybe she returned his feelings, but no, he was an idiot for ever letting himself think that. now there’s alexi, and well, fuck, he can’t compete against a guy like that.

    “oh, come on, eliza.” three words said with mild exasperation, his heart twisting with pathetic jealousy. he’s not buying the he’s my friend line. “he asked you to the ball, you said yes. it’s obviously more than that.”

since '90's' kids are raising the next generation..

I like the idea of ‘bringing back the 90’s’ idea.

don’t give them a freaking facebook and tablet and phone at 7 years old.

send them outside with a swing set, some chalk.. matchbox cars. 

show them how to play in the mud.. not on the playstation. 

go play catch with them. 

idk.. I just can’t wrap my mind around how mean, disrespectful, rude and spoiled these kids are these days.

go play hopscotch and jump-rope. 

read the book before the movie has a chance to be made.. 

“The Living Joke”

While Richie once strived to be a regular bloke,
All he has managed to become is A Living Joke.
He barely tried in school; easy access to education wasted.
Became a man so generic he might as well be copy and pasted.

A pointless job, no special skills, neither very smart nor dense
Living a day to day life devoid of any particular consequence
No impact at all, just eats and breathes, and pays rent on time
The meaningless of Richie’s humanity borders on the sublime.

You don’t mind him there, but would never notice his absence
He’s simply a hilarious living cosmic joke, of a forgettable existence.

Posted 12/21/2011

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