Could Haggar be Keith’s mom?


You’re right @fullmetaldude1, there’s some interesting stuff out there talking about how Keith’s mom could have been the previous red paladin, which would explain why Red is so insanely protective of him–she knows who he is–BUT is there a possibility that the previous red paladin was Haggar?

Well let’s recap what we know about the previous paladins. Allura refers to them as having a “dark history,” and in the Space Mall episode, where we see the black lion being built, there is an Altean woman there with face markings like Haggar. I would be willing to bet a lot that Haggar was a paladin, and though there no proof that she was the red paladin, there are some things that suggest it.

1) We see in the show that the black lion struggles to bond with Shiro because its previous paladin is still alive. Which other lion had initial trouble bonding with its paladin, and coincidentally was already with the Galra?

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chances I’m going to buy, play, or get involved with dream daddy are incredibly slim but the discourse about a fucking dating game that was absolutely made with at least somewhat of a female audience in mind (as dating games always are, especially gay ones) being “off limits to fujos” and something that “fetishizing girls aren’t allowed to touch” is honestly fucking wild. like just. crazy. it’s like the eventual endpoint of all fetishization purity discourse, I guess, or at least it is on the less disgusting end. (the more disgusting endpoint is incredibly transphobic and evil but I suppose transphobia was always integrated with this dumbshit argument so it’s unsurprising)

anyway that’s my dumb onion for the day

anonymous asked:

Are you going to keep up little side plots with your five??? Or mainly focus on all the canon missions and stuff?

 I mean….would you guys want to see a mini series with my five?

Ive been thinking about doing some tiny side comics with actual plot. I just originally started this for doodling my funny mission moments and thoughts.  Id still be posting those obviously, but I can make a tag for my own lil series. 

i love the fact that like… if you wanted to you could throw a chair… stool…. lamp… medium sized houseplant… even a lightweight table…. theres nothing physically stopping you from throwing furniture around, only social constructs and your own cowardice.