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Just dropping a message to remind everyone that in the Great Game commentary at 52:55 this conversation happens Mark:... and you can see the Gherkin and the city. Ben: It's the perfect metaphor for what we're doing with the programme.. *uncomfortable laughter for 10 sec and quick topic change* Like. They said that. There is no other way to interpret that comment. That is all. #giveusthelostspecialyoubrutes

LOL yeah, I remember this commentary, hahahah. Like…. how do you go from that to TFP, LOL. I mean, I can’t think of other crude meanings to this to the negative, but yeah. Anyway, GiveUsTheSpecialPlease.

No offence, but the only thing i care about is Colin stating that Killian’s the one who cooks in that house. Like…Killian Jones wakes up and cooks for his family every morning, and prepares dinner and maybe even meals to take away such as Emma and Henry’s snacks and lunches to take to school/work.

Can you imagine it?
No jacket, shirt cuffs rolled up and apron around his waist; smug grin on his face and eyes shining with love and happiness because he has a family and he’s glad he can take care of them.
Damn, i may cry.

im really sick of ppl going like “if you reblog from (blog)” or “if you support (seemingly innocuous thing) youre a piece of shit”, with no context, and then refusing to explain without coaxing. i keep seeing ppl doing this and it’s getting really old

like unless theres an easy to find callout or it’s immediately obvious what the issue is, could you PLEASE just explain when you say shit like that instead of being intentionally vague for no reason..  it’s really not that hard

Happy Anniversary to my broke ass that thought buying Mass Effect for 15 € was a cheap deal and now has invested over 200€ and 970 hours in that fucking game 👏💖

Also Happy Anniversary to my desperate ass who still thinks about getting rawed by Kaidan Alenko two years later, I’m proud of you for openly admitting that you weirdo

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Breakfast for two quickly becomes breakfast for the many people who break into Edgeworth’s house at eight in the morning.

d&d 5e beginners campaign

hello everyone ! myself and two of my friends are looking for two or more people to join our d&d group ! its text-based communication on roll20 so no need to worry about skype or if youre too shy to talk ! its a beginners campaign so everyone will be starting at level 1 and im happy to explain all rules and help make characters. dm me if youre interested, and pls reblog this to spread the word !

               that smash or pass meme is going around and i’d reblog it but diar is so ? loosey goosey when it comes to his sex life that honestly if you’re attractive he’ll prob wanna smash anyway