I had to make it smaller because it was to big xD (I’m talking like.. 7200x6000)

So I finished watching Free! and I drew this! Probably the most time consuming drawing I have ever done! I mean, sitting at the computer for hours at a time for almost 4 days. But I wanted to make everything perfect! There is a lot of detail I added in small spots so I hope people like this!

Characters do NOT belong to me! This is just fan art! Ps: I thought I would be cute to make Rei reading a book called Swimming for Dummies. And if you look really close, it was written by Haru. His picture if even on the back. (But I made it an American Book, so it’s not backwards. Gomen!) And the heights are all wrong, but bare with me people! I am still practicing multi-person pictures!

So I was kind of bored and I was making icons of Kotoko from the Manga Itazura na Kiss (Love it!!) and I felt like drawing some of the eyes. 

So I decided to do a, what I would call, “ItaKiss Eye Study” and drew a ton of the eyes throughout the second-third chapter!! I think it will really help me with my own eyes for my characters. I am actually kind of a fan of the eye style in ItaKiss. (No so much the art style itself though.)