In January of this year I started talking to a dancer. I thought I wasn’t skinny enough for them so I started running. Then I started doing it for me. Not some fuckboi™ and found an awesome hobby. 10 months later and one stone lighter I completed my first 10 mile run. What I’ve learned. Don’t change for anyone. Also. I’m incredible arrogant.

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It seems like nobody who claims to be "moving on from the show" is doing anything but tweet angrily about it to entertainment outlets and start pointless hashtags stating there's no show without Emma. Personally I find this reversal hilarious because I checked out in season 3 and 7 is the first one I've been interested in since.

Yes.  There is a lot of fit throwing by a lot of people who have told others they should leave and if they don’t like something don’t watch.  

I think that your description of being interested again is one of the things they’re counting on.  They were never going to retain audience who stopped watching by doing the same thing.  You aren’t the only one who is considering giving them another chance in 7 who stopped watching during 3-5.

Tumblr is anti-sex work

Wow so I’ve had this account for like two weeks and I’m already shadowbanned sweet thanks @staff @support it’s good to see you still hate sex workers. Funny that the predator who was using my images to try and lure women did catch a shadowban, why is that? In fact this is a common trend, that women get shadowbanned yet the men who steal their images get nothing. Interesting. 

Now let me add a bunch of pointless hashtags that no one will see!