pointless worry

I don’t chase people anymore,” she said, turning up the collar of her jacket against the freezing cold, “either they want to stay or they don’t.” He handed her a cup of coffee, gently brushing her fingers, so lightly it might as well have been an accident.
“Sometimes you have to chase people for a while, just to make sure they know how you feel about them,” he replied. She rolled her eyes, taking a sip of hot coffee and burning her tongue. “That’s just stupid.”
A knowing smile formed on his lips as he watched her. “See, there are a lot of people like you,” his smile widened while her face transformed into a scowl, “people who are always on the run and unaware of what others might feel for them. Unaware that they make someone else’s heart race, that they make their days brighter and their worries seem pointless. It’s people like you that I need to chase because you’re always too far gone before I can hold on to you, and quite frankly, I’m tired of chasing, too.
—  “So do you want to stay?”

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A/N: Ok I’m in love with Cassian so have all the fluff!! 

Word count: 609

Warnings: cute overload, tbh

You were moping around base, hoping to the Maker that Cassian was safe - or at least as safe as the lead intelligence officer could be on a mission. As a medical captain, you would usually be keeping busy tending to the wounded and sick, but there was no one in need of attention as of now. After organizing and re-organizing the supply room, you had decided it was best to keep one medic on duty and leave the rest on call to let them do as they pleased.

You chose to go on a walk outside, strolling aimlessly as your mind wandered. You knew it was pointless to worry, or to imagine those terrible scenarios where the love of your life was lost to you forever, but no matter how you tried to distract yourself they always found a way into your mind.

Having found yourself quite a distance from the main structure that was the rebel base, you stat down on a nearby fallen log at the edge of the forest. Taking in the fresh air and cool breeze, you thought of happier things - Cassian coming home safe, feeling the safety that only came with his embrace, having him back in your room at night (the man was a furnace and Maker, it had been especially cold in your quarters lately). You closed your eyes and focused on those things, trying to keep yourself grounded.

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Umm...I think they're asking about the flower Frisk was talking to before Toriel saved them. I don't think you really got a good look at it though.

I saw Mom burning a flower to a crisp if that’s what you mean

I put this note on my laptop earlier to remind me every time I looked at it that I have more important things to do than piss about on the Internet.

The fact that I’ve now decided to take a photo of it and post it here speaks volumes about my self motivation and discipline right now.

The Darksides of the Signs

(according to Darkside Zodiac by Stella Hyde)

Aries- Loud, overconfident, aggressive thug with way too many Y chromosomes and a will of titanium-clad granite. 
Taurus- Stubborn, sybaritic, rut-bound bully, fueled by dull resentment and an insatiable love of money.
Gemini- Unreliable, roguish sociopath with a light finger and the attention span of a hyperactive mayfly.
Cancer- Grumpy, secretive, passive-aggressive grudge hoarder, with bipolar mood swings and a positive genius for pointless worrying.
Leo- Vain, arrogant, condescending solipsist with with imperial longings and an all-pervasive addiction to unconditional sycophancy. 
Virgo- Peevish, hypercritical anal-retentive, with an obsession for sterile perfectionism and a pedantic fetish for detail.
Libra- Vain, shallow, petulant spendthrift with an unerring eye for style over substance and a lifelong dedication to the quest for an easy meal ticket. 
Scorpio- Obsessive, possessive manipulator with an unquenchable lust for power and a penchant for degradation.
Sagittarius- Reckless, tactless, obnoxious oaf, with a morbid fear of restraint and an addiction to losing your shirt. 
Capricorn- Cold, cruel, petty-minded slave driver with unsuspected yet unquenchable ambition and an addiction to tightfisted penny-pinching. 
Aquarius- Chilly, detached, eccentric loner, with perverse voyeuristic habits and a shard of ice in your heart. 
Pisces- Slippery, manipulative, unreliable reality-dodger with delusions of adequacy and an addiction to sentimentality and self-destruction. 

Its only been three hours since you left Thomas in the parking lot, yelling at him over what now feels like pointless worries. Every minute you’ve been aching knowing this time the fight is your fault. His broken face when you drove away is still embedded in your mind, the way he slammed his fists against the hood of his car and rested his head defeatedly in his hands. He was broken, and you had to fix him.

You knock softly on his bedroom door, biting your lip and waiting for him to answer.

“Go away Dylan I told you I’m not bloody hungry!” He yells, assuming you are his roommate.

“Thomas it’s me,” you say softly, resting your hand against the door.

There is a moment of silence before he mumbles, “just come in.”

You hesitate, opening the door to see him laying on his back, staring at the ceiling with a blank stare. He doesn’t move when you shut the door behind you.

“I’m sorry for getting mad at you earlier - for yelling,” you pause, waiting for a reaction from him, but he doesn’t flinch. “I just - I’ve never let myself get close to someone, and I was getting scared Thomas. I was getting scared because when you told me you loved me - I - I wanted to say it back, and I’ve never let myself get that close to anyone.”

“You can’t let your past haunt you from moving on,” he mutters, eyes still set on the ceiling.

“I know, thats why I’m here.” Your voice trails off. “I love you Thomas and I need you to know it.” Thomas sits up slowly, his eyes wide and mouth slightly agape. “I want to show you, how much I love you.”

“We don’t have to-” he scrambles to sit up, staring at you.

“Thomas-” you cut him off, walking towards the bed as his eyes grow wider, “I want to.”

Today on Children Writing Fan Fic Today Concern Me:

Eleven year old girls making out with teachers old enough to be their fathers, who in fact sometimes lusted after their mother at one time, and all the while the eleven year old girl seems to not care that her teacher/inappropriately older boyfriend literally emotionally torments other people her age, including her twin brother. 

I’ve seen some posts- some jokey and some serious- saying that Smokey Quartz is supposed to be like, “a fusion created through self-loathing” and- no? Smokey Quartz was created because Steven and Amethyst were able to recognize that the other was deeply insecure, and mutually offered and accepted support. And yeah, of course Smokey’s still a bit insecure, because Steven and Amethyst’s bond doesn’t fix their problems. What it does is create a space where the two of them know they won’t be judged, and know they’ll always be supported. Smokey Quartz is a fusion created through unconditional love and acceptance.

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We literally don't know anything about his music deal. I know some maybe upset, but I think it's a bit pointless to worry or be sad about something HARRY HIMSELF has not confirmed. And whatever happens, I'm sure there's a reason for it. Big picture, guys! X

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Like we literally have no PROOF he signed with Sony though. I mean he’s not even on a site for them. This could mean anything. Period. (some) People just need to take a deep breathe and chill.

I’m just like shrugs and waiting for more info 

“It was in that moment on our drive back, melancholy and grumpy and a tad bit scared of the future, that it began to snow. And it was as if the heavens wanted us to take a moment to appreciate how beautiful the present was, a reminder that we can never predict the future, so worrying was pointless. The snow lasted for only a few minutes, but it was enough to break our fear-ridden stupor.” - Kyler Russell


Many people credit him with ‘saving’ a great deal of Iranian culture simply for his revival of the Persian language and his works. For this, I am thankful. In that time period I was worried about what my future would be, but I learned that it was fairly pointless to worry about my people in such regard.  We are stubborn, we are proud, and we are strong.  I’m certain that regardless of what comes our way, we will over come it. Aside from his influential works, I learned many lessons watching this man come into well deserved renown. 

For those of you who do not know, Ferdowsi was a man born in 935 CE in Tus - an ancient city in the Razavi Khorasan Province in Iran. For ease, that’s near Mashhad. During his lifetime, he wrote the Shahnameh - The Book of Kings - which is the longest epic poem created by a single poet. Aside from that, he wrote dozens of smaller poems in his lifetime.  As the anon stated, this man is given the credit of reviving my language using the Arabic script but added/removed some letters.  

As I said, this man is one of those I personally credit with keeping me on the path and keeping me around.

my anxiety

Since last night, I’ve been staying at my dad’s house alone to house-sit and dog-sit for him. I thought it was going to be a scary and miserable time, but my anxiety has decreased so much. I can’t remember the last time I felt this okay. The past few times I’ve left the apartment in Austin and drove out of town, I was still anxious because I was in Arlington staying at friends’ houses, which still caused me anxiety because things haven’t been perfect with any of my relationships with people. 

Just since last night and today, my head feels so much clearer. My chest doesn’t feel so heavy. I feel smarter because I don’t have a million pointless, negative, worrying thoughts filling my brain. For the first time in a long time, today I actually thought about my future and what I really want for myself. For a long time now, thinking about the future has made me angry and sad because things seemed impossible. Today I thought about my future and it seemed so much simpler and happier. I had an “I can do anything I want” attitude. 

People that don’t have anxiety think it’s just being worried all the time. It’s so much more than that. I don’t even think the people closest to me realize how bad my anxiety is. My anxiety fogs my brain, makes it hard for me to concentrate (especially at school), makes me lazy and unmotivated, makes me take every little look someone gives me and every little thing they say and translate it into something much more complex (usually negative). Sometimes I will get the simplest text and get the tone of it wrong, and I will feel my chest get heavy and my anxiety worsen. This is why I like to be alone a lot because I don’t feel like I’m fucking up with people. I don’t have the opportunity to overthink and overanalyze the person with me. My anxiety makes me constantly think about what I’m going to do next, or what I should be spending my day doing. It makes me need to plan things out so that I always know what’s coming next. I have a very bad anxious habit of picking at the skin around my thumbnails. Because of this, you will almost always find that my thumbs have embarrassing, red, painful-looking patches on my thumbs where I’ve picked at them. There have been days where my anxiety has been so bad that I will wipe my face or shirt and see a blood streak and then look down in confusion to see blood leaking from my thumbs. Today I wore band-aids on my thumbs to stop from picking at them. I was happy, content, and stress-free and listening to my friend talk in the car when I realized that I was picking at the outside corners of my band-aid. The anxiety never goes away even when I’m in a happy and calm environment.

Certain people’s presences help soothe my anxiety more than others. Whenever I get the chance, I am listening to music because that helps. YouTube helps with my anxiety immensely. I love to sleep because I’m at peace when I sleep. But YouTube and sleep don’t necessarily clear my mind like being by myself has. They just sort of numb the issue but don’t fix it. 

If you’ve read this, thank you. Maybe you’ll understand me a little better now. Feel free to message me if you can relate or if you have any advice. I know anxiety is a common thing. :/ 

Dark Fate Yuma Dark 07 Translation

Mukami Prologue     Dark Prologue     Dark 01     Dark 02     Dark 03     Dark 04     Dark 05     Dark 06     Dark 07     Dark 08     Dark 09     Dark 10     Dark Epilogue     Heaven 01

-Scene: Castle Living Room-

Yui: (I’m embarrassed that Ruki-kun saw us… …)

Yuma: Oi, Yui. Let’s go outside for a bit.

Yui: Eh… …?

Yuma: Being cooped up in this castle’s so boring.

Besides, it’s pointless to be worrying all the time. Act as if nothing’s happened.

C’mon, let’s go.

*Yuma Starts Heading Out*

Yui: Ah! Wait, Yuma-kun!

-Scene Change: Garden-

Yui: (We really went outside… …)

(It’s still as dark as ever out here. It makes me a little uneasy… …)

Yuma: Hey, let’s go for a stroll.

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No, but can we talk about these words here? Like, there’s little doubt that this Rao is a disguise by Ninetails as we later find the real Rao’s body in a hidden passageway whittled down to nothing but tattered clothes and dusty bones.

But why say such a thing when Amaterasu already trusts her enough to give her the Fox Rods? It’s pointless and rather worrying–Issun even picks up on that, commenting not to go to such extremes after she’s dashed away.

But what if those had been the real Rao’s last words, uttered even as she’d shook in terror before the might of Ninetails?

Gods And Monsters

Yep, it’s here, that KC Persephone x Hades role reversal au that I said I was working on a million years ago, (not that it helped I still haven’t finished it but at least I written a decent 4k word doc, so).

Anyway I hope you guys like it. I did enjoy writing it myself.

Thanks to @garglyswoof for beta work

Happy AU Week!

The ornate room was restless, gods and demigods scattered around the hall with concerned eyes laced with tinges of panic, their chatter insistently filling the space.

“Enough!” the prestigious goddess on top of the throne called out, her booming voice silencing everyone as they faced her expectantly. “I would appreciate it if you all kept calm, there’s no need for pointless worrying over what I can guarantee to be an easily solved problem.”

One of the attendees, a brunette wrapped in golden silk with little pearl pins in her hair, snorted. “A little problem?” she muttered incredulously, “that is the least that comes to my mind, especially when dealing with her.”

Murmurs of agreement filled the room from the youngest to the eldest.

“We thought we heard the last of that treacherous bitch one thousand years ago, why is she becoming a hindrance again?” Damon, the god of wine and ecstasy said, his eyes betraying his anger at the situation at hand.

“I think I can answer that for you Damon,” a musical voice spoke from behind them.

Everyone froze at the unexpected appearance of the figure at the entrance, some even felt their breath draw short from the gripping fear.

The woman in black seemed unaffected by the different colours of shock that radiated off of the older men, her eyes briefly glancing at the young gods in the room simply looking at her curiously; very few of the younglings had an idea of her identity.

“Your supreme leader Esther here has broken a very sacred vow. I’ll spare you the details of the promise, but as the lot of you know I don’t take kindly to individuals backing off on their word. I find it rather cowardly, especially since I am ever so keen on keeping mine, so you can guess how angry I was to find out such news.”

The head goddess stood from her seat, her face red from ire and hatred, both of which were directed towards the blonde.

“You have no right to accuse me like that, you were foolishly tampering with your power, interfering with the balance of the world and so I put a stop to it,” Esther spit out.

The blonde simply raised her eyebrow, amusement filling her as she watched her most hated enemy talking as if she had done the world a favour. She mentally rolled her eyes - hypocritical fool.

“I believe, and correct me if I am mistaken, that the underworld is under my command, therefore you, my dear, have no say in what I do.”

Snarling menacingly, Esther walked down from her throne, a frown etched on her face in clear displeasure at the blonde’s challenging statement. Without taking notice, a ball of mystic energy formed in the air and flew to hit the goddess of hell.

Several horrified gasps resonated in the room as the gods sensed the touch of fury coming from the blonde. Unsurprisingly to those who were familiar with her, the goddess of hell was unaffected by the mystical attack, her eyes simply blinked and a vexing smirk settled on her face.

“Attacking me in your humble abode, my dear? How unwelcoming of you,” as the last word of her sentence came out, a mist of black formed moving towards the elder of the two participants in the mutual standoff.

“Stay away from my mother!” growled a voice from behind her, she froze in shock before dropping her magic attack turning to face the intruder.

Briefly she caught a look of warning on Esther’s face and she found herself curious. The head goddess was not known to offer emotion. So it was quite unnerving to see a blond haired man, who could not be older than two hundred years, standing with a protective posture looking like he’d rip her to shreds.

‘How endearing,’ she mentally snorted.

“Now who are you?” she asked, the interest in her voice clear.

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The future is something that cannot be seen, therefore it’s pointless to worry about it. When it comes to decision-making, stop asking yourself if you’re making the “right” choice — because ideal paths aren’t always synonymous with what we’re destined for, at least at first.

All we can ask ourselves, is whether we’ve chosen something we’re happy with. And even if that something is seemingly messy and inconvenient, it’s important to remember that sometimes the best decisions are going to be the ones that give us long-term happiness. The great thing is that many times – the happiness-laced choices are the ones that act as catalysts for spiritual, mental, and physical growth. 

So decide to go out for a job that you love, even if you know it doesn’t pay much at first. Trust that you’ll figure it out and with time, you’ll be where you want to be.

Go back to school. Work hard and be with people who have a lot more in common with you than you might realize. Get your diploma, or degree. And even if it seems like a long-shot now, don’t be afraid to start. You’ll be surprised at how accomplished you’ll once you get to the finish line, and how often you’ll look back at that journey with pride.

Open your heart to people, the good ones – especially. Don’t be so afraid to connect, or start new relationships. Some days will be hard, but human connection was never designed to be easy. It was meant to be worked through. And cherished. Because they’re some of the greatest gifts we’ll ever experience.

Get that apartment you’ve been looking at forever. Travel across the country. Apply to that Ivy-league school. Finally take this next Saturday off. No matter how big or small, be bold in your endeavors. Don’t let fear cripple you from taking new paths. 

Whatever you do, remember, the greatest tragedies that exist are the ones that happen as a result of not trying.

So choose your journey. What will it be?