pointless shit


this is the most pointless video on youtube: 10 mins of Sticky Buddy old lady in loop. Play this out loud and people will think you hide a demon in your room.

A világ legostobább embere vagyok

…hogy csatlakoztam egy keverék tacskó örökbefogadós csoporthoz a facebook-on, mikor tudom, hogy nem fogadhatok be kutyát. :(

De akkor is…


Vagy ez?

Valaki fogadja be őket, és hadd járjak át hozzá néha megnyunyorgatni őket.

When I'm Drunk..

One of three things occur, or all three if it’s a real good night: 

  • I give inspirational speeches (or at least they sound inspirational at the moment. Only to figure out I was talking about purifying the ocean w/ my good wrench[Dick])
  • Asses get touched. I’m an ass man, so if there’s a perfectly beautiful ass in the vicinity, shit is getting touched. (I handle w/ care though, no unhome-trained groping shit.)
  • I end up making out w/ a really beautiful girl. She’d be the type where like, if I were sober I’d think I have NO chance. (She has to be drunk too though, lmao!)
So ye NYCC stuff.

So this is what I bought/got:

((I have 3 more doujinshi but I asked someone to hold it for me in case mom checks my bag ahaha…

So cosplayers:

(Makishima twinkgami and Toudou crayoffs)

(Mirai darkexorcist and Katarina bunnycindy )

I didn’t take much picture because I was dying and dragging onto Sei↑↑(maypotato) and Mizuki↑(rili96) the entire time.

So the Square Enix booth:

Under the cut my shitty Morphine Aoba cosplay:

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