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five simple steps to making your romantic comedy awesome:

  1. for the love of god, write POC characters. rom coms and love stories more generally do not only happen to white people.

  2. for the love of god, write queer, trans, and/or nonbinary characters, and have their sexual/romantic identities and/or gender identities be important but not their sole source of characterization or narrative happenings.

  3. for the love of god, write disabled and/or neurodivergent characters like?? if you’re going to characterize your smarty pants bb professor as a walking talking autistic spectrum stereotype and your manic pixie dream person as having fantasy ADHD anyway, then why not just make this explicit parts of how you write them?? why not have characters who live with lupus or fibromyalgia?? love stories don’t only happen to non-disabled people I mean come on??

  4. vampires and werewolves and merfolk and so on never hurt. or, more generally and less fantastic, there are jobs and things to do with oneself other than, “insurance guy” and “works in advertising” and “single late 20s white girl living in The City and working at a magazine,” I promise.

  5. put “Bailamos” by Enrique Iglesias on the soundtrack.
  • Being a wincest shipper is so great because we don't ever get mad when the brother's have other love interests. Because it's been made clear that they are incapable of maintaining stable relationships with anyone outside of each other, and we know that in the end, they will always, ALWAYS choose each other. Say whatever you like, but this ship sails itself.

Quick Coffee Date? (I’m working really hard today, can you tell?)

It’s SO SLOW in the office today, but there’s no one else here, so I have to stay until 2.  I know, I know…plenty of people would be thrilled to get off at 2.  But, I prefer to work on days when I am actually busy, and today, I’m literally only at the office because everyone else is out.

I have some quality one-on-one girlfriend time coming up this weekend and next week!  I’m so excited!  My best friend is going to be in San Antonio next Wednesday, so I’ll get to drive down and see her, and two of my other close friends are back from Aruba/Spain, so I’m meeting to catch up with one on Saturday and one tomorrow to have a long-overdue wine date!

i’ll date a boy when they make real boys who are half as good as scott mccall