pointless i am

You know, I’ve only watched Ten’s last two episodes maybe… twice?  Because it’s just so damn heartbreaking.  Such a lonely regeneration.  It killed me to watch.  Nine was easier because he wasn’t alone, and there was so much love there.  But Ten was alone, and everyone he loved had either been taken from him, or moved on, and he fought so hard to do the right thing, and he just ended up being punished for it.  It’s just so sad.


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People be like “Don’t laugh at fyre festival its messed up to laugh at someone’s misery!” but I’m here thinking how in the world are these people in misery?? First off, they are so fortunate that they could afford to treat themselves to an exclusive luxury vacation in the Bahamas. They just have $12,000 lying around like its chump change and didn’t even have to think twice about spending it. Second, they are in the FREAKING BAHAMAS!!! hat is a tropical island paradise and so many people would KILL to be able to go there. Third, they have food, water, and shelter provided for the weekend, which is more than many people in that very island have ever had. So excuse me but I will laugh all that I want because if anything, these people got what they had coming and are so ungrateful they don’t even think to consider how blessed they truly are.


I’m thinking your body…should be illegal  ~  [Black Out M2 Fan Cam - Leo Vers]

The most pointless meeting award goes to...

Literally, every single meeting leads to nowhere.

BTW, these are all screenshots from different episodes so you can see how many pointless meeting they had.

“All men must die.”
“But we are not men…..We are cats.”

Classicat #18: Daenerys  Tailgaryen The Furst of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of Meowreen, Queen of the Hairballs and the Rawrnar and the Fur-st Cats, Catleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Leashes and Meowther of Dragons, from A Song of Ice and Fur (Game of Fur-ones) by George R.R. Meowrtin

Many cats claim to be rightful ruler of Whiskeros…..but only one of those cats has dragons.