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                                                   I missed you

Post 3x09, No Jaha, No City of light, Rated T,

She couldn’t help but stare at him. Clarke was explaining what had happened in Polis over the last few weeks and what was the plan to defeat Ontari with Luna’s help but Abby wasn’t listening. Marcus was there, standing between Octavia and Clarke. Anxiety was written all over his face.

He hadn’t said a word since they all get back to camp thirteen minutes earlier. He had offered her a soft smile as her daughter was holding her in her arms. She had wanted to run to him, to hold him close and kiss him until she feel dizzy because of the lack of oxygen but she hadn’t had the chance. Clarke had dragged her inside the Ark by saying they needed to discuss without delay.

She hadn’t seen him since the day he escaped. She had spent nearly a month without knowing where he was, how he was and worst of all: if he was still alive. She had struggled each day to keep hope alive but sometimes, especially when the night came and she was laying in her bed, in her hopeless cold bed, she couldn’t help but feel fear and worry engulf her. In times like these, she always closed her eyes and remembered the feeling of his lips against hers, of her body pressed against his hard chest, of his arms all around her and she was confident again. Once, she had told him he was her hope and she really meant it. He had been the first to see the beauty of the earth. The first to see the grounders as they really were: humans, just like them. The first to see Clarke as a natural and good leader. On the Ark he was the pessimist but now…Now all she saw when she was looking at him was nothing else than hope.

Suddenly, Abby felt everyone’s eyes on her and she realized that Clarke was asking her a question. She shook her head and remained quiet, unable to answer a question she hadn’t listened.

«I think your mother needs time to think about it. We all need,» said Marcus, quietly.

«But–» the girl started to object but Marcus cut her off by resting a calming hand on her shoulder.

«Luna gave us three days. I know we need to rush but it’s an important decision. A reflection day wouldn’t be pointless,» he added wisely.

Clarke nodded.

«Okay. We’ll take the final decision tomorrow night then,» she conceded before turning around and walking away.

The others followed her and Abby felt her stomach begin to clench in excitation as she realized she will finally be alone with Marcus. The meeting had barely lasted an hour but it had seemed an eternity to her. She continued to stare at him, waiting impatiently for the last person closes the door. For the first time since they entered the meeting room, Marcus lifted his head and their eyes met. She felt her heart beat faster in her chest and she suddenly couldn’t help but shiver lightly.

She was about to make a move toward him but a voice stopped her. It was Bellamy who wanted to know something about the security of the camp. She almost growled in frustration when Marcus started to answer him but he finally ended the discussion by sending the boy asking David Miller who was now in charge of the security since Pike’s death.

Bellamy nodded and left the room, closing the door behind him.

«We need to talk about the new coalition,» Marcus began as his eyes seemed to avoid hers.

Abby took a first step toward him and nodded silently.

«Without us Luna can’t defeat Ontari’s army,» he said, looking at the map on the board.

Abby kept moving toward him.

«And if she loses, everyone in this camp would be dead,» he added as he finally turned his face in her direction.

«I know that… I’ve heard Clarke,» she said distractedly, her eyes focus on his lips.

«Well, you didn’t seem very attentive,» he objected as he raised an eyebrow.

She didn’t answer and reached her hand toward his face to stroke his cheek softly.

«Just like now…,» he said as a trace of a smile played across her lips.

«I…I just need…I was afraid I wouldn’t see you again,» she said as a shadow of pain crossed her eyes.

«I have those fears myself,», he whispered back as he shyly removed a strand of hair from her face.

A soft smile tugged at the corner of Abby’s mouth. She remembered the relief she had felt this day when she had seen him appear between the trees. It felt like it was a hundred years ago but even then she knew she needed him. Not in the way she needed him now but he already meant something to her, he always had.

«Four clans have already joined Luna’s coalition,» he started to speak again but Abby immediately shushed him and firmly grabbed his face with both of her hands.

«Please, just give me five minutes,» she pleaded as she pressed her body softly against his.

Marcus seemed speechless and not quite sure about what to do. He looked at her, both stunned and unsure.

«I wasn’t sure,» he whispered as he lowered his head, suddenly unable to look at her.

«This day had been hard for everyone…You thought I was going to die…I didn’t know if…if that was…if that is… what you really want from me…,» he stammered with an unusual trembling voice.

«Marcus,» she gently cut him off.

He seemed to hesitate a few seconds but he finally raised his head to look at her right in the eyes.

«Kiss me! Kiss me right know,» she begged him more than she ordered him.

In a heartbeat, his lips were on hers and his arms were around her tiny waist. A satisfied moan escaped from Abby’s throat as she automatically opened her mouth to deepen the kiss. Her hands on his face went up to grab the back of his head and her fingers disappeared in his hair. She felt his tongue tease hers and she couldn’t help but press herself harder against his chest.

She couldn’t have enough of this, of his lips suckling at hers, of his beard stroking the skin of her face, of his hands fondling the small of her back and the base of her butt, of his muscles pressed hard against her body. She couldn’t have enough of him! It was just a kiss. A mix of lips, tongues, and teeth but she felt like she was going to burn from inside.

Obviously, she wasn’t the only one affected by this kiss because a few seconds later she felt her lower back meet momentarily the edge of the meeting table before Marcus’ hands grabbed the back of her thighs and hoisted her on it. She almost let out a gasp but his mouth instantly covered hers again and prevented her to be heard on the other side of the door.

She knew she was going to lose her mind, especially when Marcus invited her to spread her legs and pulled her hips against his. A pulse of arousal took her by surprise as she felt him nearly hard against her and she suddenly forgot everything. She forgot where she was, she forgot the unlocked door, she forgot the war around the corner… All she was aware was the man standing between her legs and the feeling of his hands and mouth on her.

«I missed you…», she whispered as he finally released her lips to catch his breath.

«I missed you more…», he responded as he started to leave a trail of voluptuous kisses against the sensitive skin of her neck.

Abby closed her eyes and threw her head back to allow him better access. Her heart was pounding in her chest and she could feel her pulse resonate through her entire body. The five minutes she had asked for were probably passed by now but neither of them seemed to care. She didn’t want him to stop and the way his fingers started to slip under her shirt told her that he didn’t want it to end either.

« I couldn’t stop thinking about you,» he murmured as his lips started to brush up softly against her sternum to the base of her breasts.

«I shouldn’t have left you here…if Pike–», he continued but this time Abby didn’t allow him to finish his sentence.

She cupped his face and gave him a hungry kiss. She kissed him with all the strength and love she had. She locked her legs around his hips and her arms around his neck and she didn’t end the kiss before they were both breathless. She wanted him to know what he meant to her. She wanted him to see what she saw when she looked at him. She wanted him to forgive himself as she had forgiven him a long time ago.

«I let you no choice! For once Marcus… Please… Stop blaming yourself,» she said as she pressed her forehead against his.

She heard him inhale deeply and he remained silent but she felt his thumbs rubbing warmly against her thighs. Slowly she pulled him against her and stroked his hair as he buried his face in her neck, breathing her in.

She felt his lips move softly against her skin and she shivered as she barely heard his next words.

«I love you,» he said again, a little louder this time.

She blinked as her eyes filled with tears. She was about to say it back but the door opened and Octavia appeared in the doorway.

«Sorry,» she said with a tiny grin on her face.

Marcus jumped back abruptly and Abby got off the table as her cheeks were turning red.

«Two grounder warriors are injured. They fell into a trap. We need you to medical right now,» the girl explained quickly.

«I’m on my way,» said Abby as she adjusted her shirt with embarrassment and moved toward the door.

When she was about to leave the room she stopped and turned toward Marcus.

«Me too…,» she said with a shy smile, looking at him right in the eyes before disappearing in the corridor.


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