pointless daydream

We're the Ones Your Parents Warned You About

You probably shouldn’t say hi to us on the first day of school

Or sit next to us in class

Or share a bag of chips with us at lunch

And don’t even think about hanging out with us on the weekends

Because that’s when we’re the worst.

We are the ones your parents warned you about

we’re the lazy youth

the good-for-nothing teens who sit at home all day playing video games

we don’t care about anything

we’re never going to succeed

and we’ll fill your head with pointless daydreams

that will distract you from the important things in life.

You probably shouldn’t make friends with that girl who’s by all herself over there

There must be something wrong with her if she’s alone

And you shouldn’t make friends with the opposite gender

Or those of us who are a different race

Because we might teach you to see things from a different point of view.

We are the ones your parents warned you about

we’re the unrelatable youth

the daydreaming teens who sit at home all day learning about new technologies

we don’t care about the same things your parents do,

we don’t wear the same things,

and we’ll fill your head with our outrageous slang words

that will distract you from being a proper person.

You probably shouldn’t think too hard about the mess that our world is in

I mean, that’s what we did

And look how we ended up?

Because obviously change is never a good thing.

We are the ones your parents warned you about

we’re the progressive youth

the teens with a voice who don’t just sit at home but go to rallies, and protests, and speeches

we care about everything

we’re trying our best to succeed in a world designed to be against us

and we’ll fill your head with new ideas and truths

that your parents tried to cover up because they don’t want things to change.

You probably shouldn’t try to fix things

Or complain about what’s wrong

Or hope for a better future

Because obviously we don’t know enough about the world to clean up this mess.

After all, we’re the ones your parents warned you about

So obviously we can’t be good

Obviously we’re the ones causing the problem

written by: Dillen Mariah (catcusprincess)

I’m working on episode 53 (the ~date~ episode!) right now and it is so full of priceless Yami faces and moments and feels that it’s spirally wildly out of control. To tide me and you both over, here is my collection, so far, of shots of Yami being so hot I stopped to take a pointless screencap.

Hot when he’s daydreaming morosely.

Hot when he’s been caught daydreaming morosely while ostensibly on a date.

Hot in close-up.

Hot in profile.

Hot when confronted with the realities of modern city life that Yugi usually shields him from, like movies, and walking places.

Hot when congratulating his dancing friend.

Hot in the other profile. 

Really fucking hot when challenging some asshole to a duel.