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Because Of Youtube...

I have my own makeup artist

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I have my own personal tour guide 

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I have my own role model

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I have my own comedians

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I have my own poet

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I have my own songwriter

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I have my own therapist

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I have my own nerd enthusiasts

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I have my own greatest love story

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and I have my own teammate

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Except here’s the thing.

They’re not my own. 

They’re ours

Because of YouTube. 

Outed//Joe Sugg

Requested by anon:

Hi, I love your one shots/imagines! Could I have a Joe sugg one shot. Could she also be a youtuber and they go to playlist and they’re in a secret relationship but Alfie catches them in the back of their vlog kissing? Please and Thanks! :)

Thank you so much! Again sorry about the wait, but I really hope you enjoy. :D x

“You know, I don’t think we’re going to be able to do this much longer, keep it a secret I mean.” Joe whispered in your ear as you walked along side each other. You were on your way to your separate meet ups and the rest of the crew were ahead of you. Yourself and Joe had been in a secret relationship for just over 6 months now, and it was hard. Sneaking off into corners when you wanted to be together, pretending not to care when someone tried to set either of you up with someone else. “I know, I’m just a bit scared.” You admitted, grabbing Joe’s hand, sure that nobody was looking, as they were all too far in front. Going to playlist was always going to be hard, being around so many people for so long, meant that you couldn’t show any affection to the other person. There had been a few times when you’d see Joe, and have to try so hard not to hug or kiss him, and vice versa, and admittedly, you were finding it difficult also. “Me too.” He added. “I just want to show everyone that you’re mine.” He whispered. You let out a sigh and turned to face him. “I know, me too. We should at least wait until the end of playlist though. And tell friends, not viewers.” You suggested, and Joe thought for a minute. “Okay, now come here, I miss you.” He said, holding his arm out to hug you. You double checked that nobody was looking, then wrapped your arms around his torso, taking in his scent as it would be one of the few times that you get the opportunity too. Some of the viewers had of course suspected that the two of you were in a relationship, but you didn’t give in. You pulled away and looked up at him, before attaching your lips. “I miss this.” You said, motioning between the two of you once you had pulled apart. “Same here babe.”

“Erm Y/N, can I talk to you?” Alfie asked, the majority of the crew were in Jim and Tanya’s room, as nobody had very many meet-ups. Just a main-stage performance later on. “Yeah sure.” You said, a little concerned to hear why Alfie was being so serious for once. “Joe you too.” Alfie said, as Joe made his way out of the kitchen area. “What is it?” The two of you sat on either side on Alfie. “Please don’t be mad at me.” He urged.

“Why would we be-” You began, but then looked down at Alfie’s computer screen to see something you really hadn’t been expecting. The new vlog that had been uploaded just that day was playing silently. Alfie was talking to his camera, but in the background, a few metres behind, you could see yourself and Joe. Not just talking, but when yesterday, the two of you were talking about outing your relationship, you didn’t realise that anyone had been vlogging. Your head shot up and you looked at Joe who was looking back at you with raised eyebrows. “Shit.” Joe mumbled.

“What is it guys?” Zoe asked from across the room. You put your head in your hands, scared of what the outcome of this might be.

“What do we do?” You spoke, more in disbelief than anger.

“I don’t know.” Joe said simply, running hand through his hair. You sighed in irritation.

“Guys I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to, I was in a rush when I was editing, I really had no idea, I can’t believe-”

“It’s okay Alfie, I’m not mad at you, I’m mad at myself.” You said, lifting you head.

“Will someone please tell us what’s going on?” Someone asked, you weren’t really sure who, you stopped paying attention.

“Just show them.” Joe said, before standing up. You mimicked him, to let everyone else sit around and watch the clip. The two of you walked over to the other side of the room, and he wrapped you in his arms. “Maybe this means it’s time.” Joe whispered, and you moved your head from his chest and thought about it for a second. You looked up at him and then slightly nodded your head, you were just about to lean in, and give him a peck, when you were interrupted by Tanya and Zoe’s voices. “AWWWW!” They both exclaimed, you snapped your head around to see them watching the clip. A second later, the two of you were crushed in a huge bear hug from everyone. When you finally escaped, in need of air, Jim walked over to Joe and lightly punched him on the shoulder. “Good job mate.”

A/N: I hope this was okay! Thank you for requesting!




I just uploaded my second YouTube video! Where I show you how I drew my digital drawing of Alfie Deyes (Pointless Blog).

Got a lot more creative with the editing in this video and I really hope you like it! 

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Love you guys xx

Cosy vibes ☕️❤️ I knew I wanted this mug for sure as soon as the Christmas Zoella lifestyle range was announced 😍 my topped with cream and sprinkles travel mug is starting to fade a little but I still love it (well I love everything from Zoe) 💕