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soulmate au where you have the name of your soulmate scribed on your body bUT

It’s their middle name 

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Hufflepuff!Yugyeom || Hogwarts AU

Gryffindor!Jackson || Hufflepuff!Yugyeom || Hufflepuff!Youngjae || Ravenclaw!Mark || Ravenclaw!Jinyoung || Slytherin!Bambam || Slytherin!JB

  • House: Hufflepuff
  • Year: Fifth 
  • Only on the Qudditch team cause his family use to be on it so he’s only doing to make them happy.
  • Mainly seats out and subs when he’s needed.
  • Befriends all the muggle-born because they showed him the light of the muggle world.
    • By that I mean he constantly ask them if he did their homework would they buy him muggle things
      • Chris Brown Albums or any R&B albums 
      • Band merch
      • Snack goods
      • Stuff like that
    • Plus they have different crazy experiences like amusement parks man those are his favorite stories. His family shielded him away from all the muggle related things so hearing about it just makes him happy
  • If you see him in the hall he’ll always have a smile on his face
  • If you see him eating he has a smile on his face but that could also be cause food just makes him happy
  • Astronomy is his favorite subject.
  • Seems cliche to other or it’s so pointless but it’s space how can people think it’s cliche or pointless? 
  • Usually after practice he goes on his broomstick and flies around until in the sky because its so peaceful for him
  • Sneaks out of his house dorm to fly in the night sky cause honestly the night sky is better, cooler and having that hot sun shining on his face is a plus too.
  • Funny thing is because of his late night little flying he sleeps through his morning classes.
  • So he gets in a lot of trouble because of that but a lot of the professors don’t give him any sort of punishment just cause they can’t stay mad at him.
    • like no one hates him not even the most evil and corrupt Slytherin hates him
  • Remember meeting his roommate Youngjae and it’s still one of his favorite memories .
    • They meet the train going to Hogwarts. It Yugyeom’s first time ever whereas it was Youngjae’s second year and Youngjae lost his little cousin so he was stuck with a bunch of first years, they shared the same cart Yugyeom told Youngjae to wake up from his nap cause he was snoring loudly and when cute girls walked by they just gave looks. Probably cause Youngjae’s snoring sounds like a dying cat. Youngjae and him start fighting because of his insult and than started talking about him what the school was like
    • Because of that Yugyeom vowed that he would make an amazing potion for Youngjae to stop snoring.
  • Youngjae is best friends with you because the two of you are in the choir together.
  • Yugyeom told Youngjae that he thinks you’re cute so he asked Youngjae if he could talk him up when he’s around you.
  • Well Youngjae’s way of “talk him up” is this and this was infront of the entire house at dinner. “Hey, Y/N! Yugyeom has a crush on you so go on a date with him.”
  • Yugyeom was about to fight Youngjae but when you said sure, they both stopped and turned each other’s head to you. Youngjae mouthed the words “you’re welcome”
  • He would be fascinated with your stories like he would just smile and stare at you.
  • Since you were a half blood he would just love hearing stories about your mom side (the muggle side) of the family.
    • Later one when you’ve been dating for a while you decide to take him during summer vacation to meet your family and probably a concert or two just so he can be super incredibly happy.
  • Make sure to talk to you about astromony
  • Like he teaches you everything he knows
  • Where the constellations are, weird space facts and other things.
  • He takes you on late night flying trips just so you can see the night sky.
  • Since you both can’t sleep in each others room, so y’all eat a lot of snacks and try to do homework and crash on the couch cuddling each other but wakes up before everyone else so the both of you won’t get in trouble.
  • squishy squishy hufflepuff couple.

Anonymous asked:

hello! I’m sure there’s a specific word for this kind of genre but i really do not know what, you know works like interview with the vampire or even boyhood? there’s not really a moral to the story, that I can see at least. it simply is, just a story, an adventure you go on from point a to point b and there’s no moral or /major/ arc or final showdown, it’s just a little adventure. is there a word for this? how do you feel about these stories? I’ve read many works of fiction like them and they are honestly my favorite kinds of stories because I guess i feel less like a reader and more like I’m a part of the story maybe? anyway, just wanted to know your thoughts on them, and if you have any advice on how to successfully write a story like that I’d love it

What you’re thinking of isn’t actually a genre but a type of story. It’s called a character-driven story and they can exist in any genre. A lot of what you mentioned, though, are actually basic parts of a story. All stories should have them even if they look quite different from story to story. Let’s go through those now before we get more into character-driven stories. :)

Story Arc - all stories have an arc. This is just the sequence of related events that get the story from beginning to end. 

Climax - while not all stories will have a “final showdown,” all stories will have a climax, which is where a final showdown would fall. This doesn’t have to be a cataclysmic battle between good and bad. It doesn’t even have to be a fight between the “good guy” and the “bad guy.” It’s just where all the pieces of the story come together in a big, intense way.

Point - not all stories will have a moral point, but all stories do have a point. The point of a story is the answer to the question “why is this story being told?” Even stories that seem “pointless” usually do have a point to them. They may be making a statement about the unruliness of the human heart, or how sometimes kids grow up and turn out like their parents even if they don’t want to. Sometimes the point of a story is merely to thrill the audience, as is the case with a story like Interview with the Vampire

Character Driven vs Plot Driven

That said, not all stories are legendary conflicts between good and bad, big adventures, or epic quests. The type of story you’re thinking of is what we call a “character-driven” story. Stories with big final showdowns, good vs bad, big adventures, etc., are usually “plot-driven” stories. 

In plot-driven stories, it’s the plot that moves the story forward. The events of the story happen to the character and they must respond to them.

In character-driven stories, it’s the character that drives the story. The character’s actions cause the events of the story to occur. 

Some stories, like the Harry Potter series and The Hunger Games series, for example, are a combination of plot-driven and character-driven.

Both character-driven and plot-driven stories can occur in any genre. In order to write a character driven story, you just have to decide what genre you want to write in, then decide what type of character you want to write about and why you want to tell this person’s story. Then, figure out what happens in this character’s life that’s worth writing about. :)

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Please be sure to read my ask rules and master list first or your question will not be answered. :)

Hanging in There

So I drew a dumb picture wherein Burr is tied to a tree, and @badromantics helped me develop a dumb story for it. Then I proceeded to write the dumb story. Here is that story

As with many unfortunate events in Aaron’s life, it started with a pointless argument between Alexander and Thomas.

“Okay, they wouldn’t all show it that way if there weren’t at least some truth to it!” Thomas waved his hand wide to emphasize his point. Aaron sighed- he had only agreed to let a bored Thomas accompany his jog because he thought Jefferson would be coming alone. Either of the two were perfectly fine to be around, as long as they were separate.

“Of course they would, it’s called oversimplifying! There’s no way the ropes wouldn’t loosen if you tied a person to a tree like that.” Alexander snapped back lightning-quick, elbow jutting out as he demonstrated the shape of rope he was referring to. Aaron dodged it just in time, quickly deciding to stay behind the two for his own safety.

The argument was utterly pointless. “Why!? People tie cylindrical objects together like that all the time! It’s the same thing, just bigger.” It was pointless, but as usual, they both argued like their dignity was on the line.

Alexander stomped closer into Thomas’ space, even as they both kept their jogging pace down the park path. “It’s not the same thing, what are you, an idiot? Humans are soft and fleshy and actively struggling- and they have limbs too. It’s not like tying two sticks together!” Alexander’s teeth flashed as he practically shouted in the taller man’s face- the taller man who had no trouble leaning right back. Aaron was of the opinion that their cumulative dignity had been lost long ago.

“Fine, I’m willing to prove it. And then you can shut up about it.” Thomas gave Alexander a condescending sniff. Aaron gave up any chance of the run going back to normal- Alexander never failed to take that bait. Of course, since they’d been arguing this stupid ‘person tied to a tree like in the cartoons’ thing before they even left the dorms, there had never been much hope of that in the first place.

Sure enough, Alexander growled. “Don’t you act like you weren’t the one that started this. I’m not the one insisting cartoon logic is an accurate basis of reality.”

“Don’t you put words into my mouth, I never said that, I said you can do this one specific thing, and I know because my siblings are assholes.”

Alexander huffed. “I still don’t believe you.”

“I brought rope, I can prove it.” Then, because life apparently wasn’t absurd enough already, Thomas reached into his purse and pulled out a full coil of rope. Aaron stared- how could he not?

Alexander stared as well, for once having the exact same thought as Aaron. “Thomas, what the hell?”

“Oh don’t give me that look, I knew you weren’t going to see reason, so I brought it along. How about, if I can tie you to a tree, you admit I’m right.”

Alexander wrinkled his nose. “Ew, fuck that.”

“Afraid of being wrong?”  Thomas smirked wide.

“Of course not, but you’re being weird and kinky. Use Aaron instead, and you’ve got a deal.”

“Excuse me?” Aaron objected for the first time since starting the jog. “Absolutely no-”

“Deal!” Thomas interrupted. “Come on Burr, let’s prove this asshole wrong.” He grabbed Aaron’s arm impatiently.

“I’m not letting you tie me to a tree-”

“He won’t be, because he’s wrong. The ropes will hold for all of maybe three minutes” Alexander jumped in, grabbing Aaron’s other hand. “Come on Aaron, let’s kick his ass with science.”

Both of them were tugging now, drawing Aaron off the path and towards the trees. “Refusing won’t help my case any, will it?” Burr asked. It was a rhetorical question, but Thomas and Alexander both answered anyways with a firm shake of the head. “Oh my god, fine,” Aaron sighed, “But if we’re not doing this in sight of the trail. I refuse to have witnesses to something so impossible to explain.”

“That’s fair, I’d rather not have the cops called on us,” Alexander agreed, seeing some form of reason. If only he could see enough reason to not do it in the first place.

“Here good?” Thomas gestured at a rough-looking, medium width tree trunk. They wandered out of sight of the trail, and then some. The park was thankfully not so big that getting lost was any concern.

Did you just pick the roughest, knottiest one here on purpose?”

“What, so you admit you know I can do it?”

Alexander opened his mouth to argue further. “This one’s fine,” Aaron spoke before he could.


“I’m the sucker your using as a guinea pig, if I say this tree’s fine, then it is.” Aaron held firm. Truthfully, it was a rather gnarled and knotty looking tree that Aaron would rather not have his back pressed tightly against. If he didn’t put his foot down somewhere though, the two would just continue to bicker; and Aaron would much rather just be done with it all. Firmly, he leaned against the tree, crossing his arms resolutely.

Thomas stretched the rope out. “Actually, you’re going to have to leave your hands to your side, flat against the tree.” He said, stepping closer. “And stand up straighter, it won’t work if you lean like that.” Determination glinted off Thomas’ eyes, a focused frown settling on his face. It was better than teasing or smirking, but the sight made Aaron apprehensive anyways. Or maybe it was the rough rope being quickly lashed across his middle.

Aaron glanced off to the side as Thomas did his work. “Stand straighter,” Thomas prodded, and Aaron heaved a sigh, but complied. “You can breathe still, right?” He asked as he tightened the layers around Aaron’s chest- who took a deep breath just to check. It was surreal, Aaron thought. Letting himself be tied to a tree wasn’t even the weirdest thing Aaron had done to get his two angry friends to settle an ultimately pointless argument. He met eyes briefly with Alexander, whose arms were crossed as he shrewdly watched Thomas’ progress.

“Alright, done.” Thomas stepped back. “Nothing hurts? And you can’t get loose?”

Aaron tried to wiggle his shoulders and arms around. He shifted his hips as much as he could, and stretched his legs for good measure. “There’s a bumpy bit of bark somewhere around my back, but I wouldn’t call it painful. Seems tight enough, though.” Aaron gave his arms a genuine tug. “Looks like Thomas wins.”


“What? No!” Alexander waved his arms out wildly. “You haven’t even given it a decent struggle! An actual character tied to a tree wouldn’t just give up after five seconds!” He glared at Aaron. “Struggle like you mean it, man!”

Thomas sighed. Aaron concurred. “Oh give it up, Alexander. I said a person could be tied cartoon style like that, and look, I was right. Just admit I’m right.”

“Oh, you listen here-!”

Aaron leaned his head back in pure exasperation until it tapped against the tree. They were already lost in each other, bickering up a storm. Aaron might as well not even be in the picture anymore. Burr inspected the ropes, deciding to let them have a moment. The length of rope started circling him at the shoulder, all the way down to the hips; but thankfully not restraining his legs at all. They actually were expertly tied- tight, but not bruising. Aaron could barely shift around, and yet he could breathe fine, and nothing was pinched wrong. Either the other Jefferson siblings got into some strange fights and/or games; or Alexander’s comment about kink had some truth to it.

Still, it felt weird and ultimately uncomfortable to be pinioned to a tree, no matter how expertly. Aaron tried again, wiggling his shoulders up and down. Thomas and Alexander’s arguing was thankfully a bit quieter, so Aaron could focus. He stretched one leg up and out, and then the other, hoping to stretch some space out. That yielded no luck, so he tried puffing his chest out next. The rope was surprisingly flexible, allowing Aaron to do so, but constricting back to its original tautness right after.

The challenge presented itself, and Aaron accepted. He tried to grind his back up against the bark next- maybe vertical motion would loosen where outward pulling wouldn’t; but Thomas had made him stand so straight that his heels almost weren’t touching the ground- he had no leverage to push up against the bark. Aaron pulled both his knees up, feet leaving the ground next. His torso failed to sag down at all.

“What the hell,” Aaron exclaimed, mostly to himself. “Thomas, you are way too good at this, I’m a little suspicious.” Thomas didn’t respond. Aaron huffed, finally taking his attention away from the ropes that had somehow bested him to where Thomas and Alexander were still arguing- only they weren’t there. They weren’t just not arguing, they were gone entirely.

“Uh.. guys?” Aaron called out, uncertain. “Where’d you go?” Come to think of it, he hadn’t heard them speak for several minutes, and before then it was quieter, wasn’t it? Aaron hadn’t been thinking about it, but it hadn’t petered off because they were stopping, it had faded to the background because they were walking away. And now they were gone, likely having forgotten about Aaron entirely.

“Guys!?” Aaron shouted now, more desperate as the situation dawned on him. No one answered.

Hours later, Aaron was freed by a friendly young man introducing himself as John Laurens; but not before the man laughed up a lung learning why he didn’t actually need to call the cops for Aaron, and not before he took a dozen selfies, because “no one’s going to believe me, seriously this is the best story I’ve heard in my life”.

“Oh, where’ve you been all night, Aaron?” Alexander grinned as Aaron finally made it back to the dorm. He withered under the resulting glare of concentrated ire.

Thomas, poking his head from the neighbouring room, blanched at Aaron, guilty realization crossing his face. “Oh shit, we left you there, didn’t-” Aaron cut him off by throwing the shredded mass of ropes in his face. “Oh my god, I’m sorry, I didn’t even think- wait, how’d you get out?”

Aaron had made new friends, today. Friends who wouldn’t tie him to a tree and get so absorbed in what essentially amounted to a lovers spat that they forgot him. He could afford to let the duo sweat it out.

“Aaron!?” Both of them now called after him as he walked past. Aaron did not answer.

problematic fave though my dad definitely is, for myriad reasons, i nevertheless appreciate the fact that i can talk to him about my novel while we’re having dinner and:

1. his reaction to the m/m and f/f couples is the same as it would’ve been to m/f couples in similar situations (e.g., exasperated laughter at the foibles of A/B and how they communicate with each other…… not well, at least when sex and romance get involved, and it causes hijinks to ensue; proposing, “oh my god, just kiss him already” for A/C and their issue of how each of them really wants to stop dancing around and… well, just kiss him already…… but neither wants the other to feel like he’s being too pushy)

—which, okay yeah, may not seem like a lot, but it’s a pretty big deal for me, especially relative to my mom and her approach of asking, “but why do they have to be Not Straight™, doesn’t that distract from the story” about every LGBTQ fictional character ever, from dumbledore to kurt hummel and santana lopez to jack twist and ennis del mar (—because, y’know, apparently, “brokeback mountain” has a story that makes complete and perfect sense if jack and ennis are totally 100% hetero cowboys who never, ever fell in love with another man, ever???)

2. he doesn’t ask, “why do they have to be gay,” but instead goes, “okay cool, gay mutant superheroes” (see previous point about how blah blah blah, my mother has given me really low standards here because her homophobia and transphobia are ever-present and delightful like that)

and 3. he indulges me by laughing at lines like, “D only kept his hair long enough to shellac into a pristine, respectable part that distinguished him as someone who’d never done manual labor or had to worry about money” and, “E’s pasty face had the rancid look of mayonnaise that had been left outside all afternoon”


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Repeat after me until it sinks in please:

Feminism is NOT about bringing down men to raise up women. Or shaming men. 

 Feminism is NOT about a woman not “needing” a man.

A woman is NOT less feminist if she wants a man or is with a man.

Thank you.

Again, he has his flaws

But I am grateful for my Dad and his willingness to listen to me info-dump about shit that he isn’t actually interested in for, like, half-an-hour

Tonight’s topic was, “I’m excited for the Black Panther movie and Thor: Ragnarok…… okay, you don’t know who Black Panther is, so here’s a little summary of Black Panther’s history in the comics and his inclusion in the MCU…… okay, here’s an explanation of why Thor: Ragnarok is gonna be great (hint: a big part of it is that it looks over-the-top and fun instead of over-the-top downbeat and depressing while using half-baked political posturing as a glorified excuse for Cap and Iron Man to punch each other like emotionally stunted men)… okay, I’m done now, you’re free, thank you for listening”

For half-an-hour. ……Sorry, Dad.


- [The injury] would’ve been consistent with the deceased trying to get the bottle away from the accused.
- Or with Fatima trying to defend herself from him?
- Or him trying to defend himself from her attack on him.

HAIKYUU FIC RECS for @anyadisee​!!
gotta sort these by pairing because i am overwhelmed w the amount of fics i’ve read for this fandom fkdlsdgdsksd

also pls note that i generally don’t like AUs so.. many Big Name Fics are not present

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