pointless armor

there is no armor in fnv that can top off the female raider painspike armor because the entire top is like two metal kitchen strainers holding the boobs with tape over the nsfw part of the boob like, there is no reason for that to exist yet it does and i respect the people that are willing to go to fashion extremes like that

let’s talk about

soooo, like, I know I’m not the only one that noticed this but -

see that bag?  That bag over Keith’s shoulder?  That bag that looks like a navy duffel?  That bag that Keith is bringing along with him as he thinks he might be leaving forever?

Okay, first point. That’s a lot of stuff.  Since he literally came into space with only the clothes on his back (and his knife) he’s probably got a lot of survival supplies he raided the castle for but - what if he picked up other stuff along the way?  Just a few knick knacks or things that mean something to him.  They’re in that bag.  Anything he’s managed to collect for himself over his time is space is most likely in that bag (except for the magic knife tht he somehow hides on his person regularly (BoM episode for instance (where the hell was he hiding it and they found it?!)).  Back to the point, everything Keith owns is in that bag.

Yep. That bag.

Just saying.  If he had picked up anything sentimental or personal (or even a spare set of clothes) its gone now.


mizusa-misa submitted:

Tia Halibel from the anime Bleach.

I really like her because she’s a strong fighter. That’s why her outfit bothers me so much since it doesn’t reflect her character. In the anime they also made a pointless censoring: they just covered up the lower half of her boobs while in the manga those parts aren’t being covered up. At least they could have covered up her whole boobs… But that’s something they like to do on all of her outfits.

It seems like they ran out of material and were like “meh, it’s good enough.”

Kamui’s First Battle

Defense had never been Kamui’s favorite part of training. All she ever did was hold herself up against some poor soul who was too frightened to hit her with their total worth. Less they possibly face the wrath of one of the princess’s siblings for injuring her.

In fact it soon became so predictable that the princess sometimes would verbally try to rile up her teachers. Never the less they all did the same every day. Deflect, duck, repeat.

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JRPG-esque Strife with pointless armor pieces, belts, and some weird looking weapon.

Tales of Zestiria’s opening “White Light” plus some Dark Cloud 2 OST “Mount Gundor” spawned this.

A lvl 52 lancer w/ the most OP obsidian armor he got after spending a week planning out his strategy to kill the boss by himself. 

darxemnia submitted:

I’m reviewing Sayaka Miki’s Armor!

Here she is!

So you can see she’s adorable and not super sexualized! (thank god, she’s only a baby)

Let’s look at her chest plate. It has no practical use besides keeping her boobies in check. It’s basically a hard bando. (from experiencing this outfit myself, I can actually tell you that if well fitted, it works really well as a bra)

The shirt with the frills is only for looks, and offers absolutely no protection. Not to mention her soul gem’s vulnerable!

woops she got stabbed in the stomach. Thank goodness she can heal!

Let’s check out that skirt. The fact that it’s pleated allows great mobilization. It’s real comfy too!

Her stockings, however, deserve to go to hell. How are they staying up??? I don’t know please tell me!!

Her shoes look pretty cool, don’t they? Not too much heel, and whatever material they are allows them to be pretty quiet.

The arm decorations and sleeves are nothing but, well, decorations. They do offer warmth while maintaining a light weight, though.

Her gloves are quite useful, as they help with gripping a handle that might make the hands sore. Just don’t try to text with them.

Then we have the glorious cape. While capes are for looks, they do provide significant warmth. It doesn’t restrict maneuverability and can be used as a comfy blanket!

So, in conclusion to this post, armor does not have to be practical or even functional, and can be just for looks! But it should always respect the character and not treat them as something just for sexual gratification!

Even villains too!

The outfits in Madoka Magica do sacrifice a bit of practicality for cutesy frills and bows and stuff. Perhaps the justification is that magical girls can take a lot more physical damage than regular humans. However, it doesn’t explain why, as you said, their soul gems are out in the open. You’d think they’d want to keep them as protected as possible. 

I agree 110% with you on the conclusion. Madoka Magica have very well developed characters, and their outfits and accessories match them to a T. AndIkindaloveitforthat

madeiramorta asked:

Have you ever seen Fairy Tail’s Erza Scarlet? She’s a witch whose powers revolve around armors. Sometimes Mashima (the mangaka) really misses the point, but some of them are quite good! If you haven’t seen it yet maybe you could check it out. Also, I love the blog, keep up the good work!

If we haven’t seen her, we’re about to:

Laura submitted:

Ezra Scarlet from Fairy Tail

I’m not sure if Erza counts since she is from an anime/manga but I personally think that some of her outfits are absolutely preposterous. This is extremely sad since Erza is supposed to be one of the strongest characters in the series and she has armors that actually offer some protection. But these outfits just…ugh…

I hope that those pictures weren’t too traumatic. If they were, here’s an another picture of her several armors:

I’m sorry for the seveal pictures but I wanted to get my point across :)

So, if her powers are derived from her different armors, what powers does she get from the top two? The power to pick out really good fish at the market?

That last one though. Man, that’s cool.



digi-order submitted:

Alright, I was contemplating whether or not to submit this but we’ve got three ladies here from a rather familiar game.

Ysera, Alexstrasza and Sylvanas. Blizzard decided to use the same exact models for each of them with some changes here and there.

…However, the first two are actually dragonesses while the last is an undead banshee queen who was a ranger in her past life….Also she’s supposed to have a mangled body.

So I think everyone can see what I’m getting at for these gals.

astringofpearls submitted:

World of What-the-What???

This makes me so angry. This character is a Death Knight and they are the baddest of asses. Why is she in a bikini with chaps? Does this look like plate armor to anyone else?

onewingedangel submitted:

Sylvanas Windrunner.

spectrumfizz submitted:

This is official art from the World of Warcraft trading card game, for the character Elumeria Wildershot. I and a friend managed to find several problems with it:

  1. She should be wearing at least light leather armour for protection.
  2. The cape/skirt shown is ridiculously impractical for dense forest.
  3. Her hair should be braided/tied back, to keep it out of her line of sight.
  4. That’s not even close to an appropriate loading/firing position.
  5. Unless that’s a shortbow, she should not be holding it like that.
  6. Why is her left hand that close to what looks like a flaming arrow?
  7. Why is her pet spider floating near her back?

Someone please fix this, it makes me sad. :<

As I get older, I begin to seek solace in the familiar. Bikini armor, old friend, thanks for always being there for me. The world would be unrecognizable without you. Also probably better protected and warmer? Mostly unrecognizable.



- The Seeker and the Inquisitor, lost in dreams -

Hey look a drew a kinda sad comic.

Sorry about the horrible lettering. It’s not the best thing I’ve ever drawn, but I’ve been wanting to make a fade comic for a while now (and my hand hurts from shading so I figured I’d call it good).

Might fix some stuff later, but it’s done enough for now.


 submitted: Rachael Foley from Resident Evil Revalations

Personally I thought she was a pretty cool character (even if she did made a minor cameo) but her design is just terrible! I mean, she was walking around a zombie infested cruise ship like this! And not to mention whenever she turned into a monster as well:

Even if she is a pretty scary monster, she still has the only “attributes” that somehow compensate for have hair that hinders her eyesight popping out for all to see.

It’s easy to forget to zip-up your suit when your hair hinders your eyesight like that. That’s something I’ve learned in my never-ending quest to be more fashionable. Yes, hiding my face is fashionable. I have a face that was made for blogging. Much like Ooze Rachael.