pointing at the police station

So Imagine...

That you have just moved to Beacon Hills in an attempt to find your older half brother. Your father (whose in prison) had finally told you where to find him. It’d been forever since you had seen him. As soon as you settle in at your apartment, you walk around finding the police station hoping they could help point you in the direction to where he lives. You walk in and see a beautiful red head leaning on the front desk obviously flirting with the (very) handsome deputy. You walk up to the desk and clear your throat. Hey both turn to look at you. “How can I help you miss?” The green eyed cop asks politely. “Umm this is going to sound weird but I need information on where to find my brother, I came to town looking for him and I was hoping you might have a record as to where he lives?” The pretty (most likely) senior looked at you up and down appraisingly. “So you’re new to Beacon hills?” She questioned. “Actually I’m new to all of California.” You kind of stuttered out. “Oh see you’ll need someone to help you find his place then?” She smiled and looked over at the deputy whose name tag read Parrish. “Um, possibly.. Do you know anyone that could help me?” You asked a little relieved considering you had lost your gps on the drive there. “Definitely, and he knows everyone around here and is actually here right now. Let me go get him.” And walked away and went behind a door. You hear some yelling, a crash and then the girl walks out the door dragging a gorgeous tall boy by his ear out. “Ouch! Ok, Lydia I’ll do it, just let go of my freaking ear already.” He manages to jerk away from her and rubs his ears. “Why do you guys always resort to physical violence when you want me to do somethi-” he cuts himself off mid rant when he looks up at you and turns a deep shade of red. “Oh wow this is embarrassing, sorry you had to hear and see that. I’m Stiles.” “Y/n.” You managed to get out between laughs. “Okay… So Y/n, Stiles is the Sheriffs kid so just tell him who you are looking for and he’ll probably know and here’s my number. We should hang out sometime you look cool.” Lydia hands you a piece of paper and then shoves you and Stiles out the door. “Ok, well that was weird did she seem like she was trying to get us out of there as quickly as possible to you?” Stiles said after he regains his balance. “Alittle bit, but she looked like she wanted to get cozy with that deputy soon.” Stiles laughed and looked down at you. Wow. His eyes are beautiful and all the little moles are so cute. “Woah.” He breathed leaning down closer to your face. You blushed and looked down. “What is there something on my face?” You asked while running your face over you face just in case. “No.no.no.no, it’s just your eyes are really pretty. You probably just invented a new shade of red on your cheeks. "O-oh. Thank you.” You stuttered. “No problem!” He said. And just when you thought he couldn’t get any cuter, he chuckled and let out a breath taking smile. It was silent for a minute. When his phone rang. “Give me a second I have to answer this.” He answered his phone and heard him segueing with another guy whose name was Scott apparently. “Fine Scott if you won’t believe me then I’ll go to his house and get proof.” He snapped and hung up. “Hey sorry do you mind if we make a quick stop? I promise it won’t take long.” He pleaded with a puppy dog face. Damn, that was your biggest weakness. “No it’s fine. As long as you can help me find my brother after.” You said. “Great!” He grabbed your hand and drug you over to his jeep. The drive over there was mainly a game of 21 questions back and forth. You found out that you both liked a lot of the same things and he invited to to eat lunch with him and his friends at school on Monday. He pulled up on the side of the street and told you he’d be right back. You just played on your phone until 10 minutes later a knock came on the tinted windows. “Stiles I know you’re in there why are you parked outside my house?” You rolled down you window and didn’t look up. “Sorry no Stiles here. Just me.” You said sassily while reading on your phone. “Y/n?” The person sounded completely shocked. You looked up. Oh my gosh, it’s him. He jerked open your car door and you screamed, jumping out into his open arms sobbing. “Oh my god I can’t believe I actually found you. I’ve been searching forever!” You cried out wrapping your arms and legs around him. “Wow shorty you need to eat more. You don’t weigh a thing.” He chuckled and kissed your head. “Shut up, don’t ruin the moment dummy. This is the first time I’ve seen you in six years."you smacked the side of his head as he sat you down. "I know! God how are you here? Where is your dad?” He asked. “Prison. Where else?” You sass and roll your eyes. You see you brother get shoved away from you and get pinned against the car. Stiles shouted in his face and asked if he’d hurt you. You finally manage to pry him off and yelled, “Stiles it’s ok! He’s my brother.” You walked over and checked to make sure he was alright. Stiles stilled completely with a look of panic in his eye. “So, Stiles you seem pretty protective over my baby sister.” Your brother stated. “Wait Y/n…. He’s your brother?” He questioned. You giggled, “I think I already told you that.” Theo smirked and crossed his arms while Stiles paled. “Well, this should be interesting.”

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Flatmates || w/Chxxrslove


Fareeha sighed as she put her key into the lock of her new flat, tired from getting off work. It must have been two in the morning at this point, the Egyptian was ᵉˣʰᵃᵘˢᵗᵉᵈ coming back from the police station. She loved her job but the long hours were rough on the weekends. He unlocked the door and pushed it open with an even ʰᵉᵃᵛᶦᵉʳ sigh. She walked in, removed her shoes, then closed the door behind her.

She did her best to remain ᑫᵘᶦᵉᵗ in order not to wake up her girlfriend. Yet, when she turned from putting her keys on the shelf by the door, there the woman was sitting on the couch. She looked terrified and the officer rushed over to her. Lena, are you okay? Did something ʰᵃᵖᵖᵉⁿ?”

She heard a scream and turned her head to find the television playing a horror movie. She ˢˡᵘᵐᵖᵉᵈ her shoulders and turned her head back to the woman on the couch. She let her guard relax and she sat down next to the other. Seriously? Why could you not wait until I got home? You know what ʰᵒʳʳᵒʳ movies do to you, right?”

ok. lets talk about THAT.

first of all: I´m sorry for putting this on your dash

now that the initial nausea after watching this little scene has passed, lets see our scenarios:

case scenario #1:

The cop dude. in the scene it looks like a police station interrogation room. So that could be a hint. this is our worst case scenario. why? bc this could mean the boyfriend storyline is gonna be a little bit longer than anticipated… mainly bc this is a brand new character.

case scenario #2:

this hottie over here is gonna play Human Target. as we know his character will be Mayor Queen´s bodyguard in episode 5 (*caugh, Olicity episode,  caugh*). fortunately for us and the theory´s sake every male in Star City wear the same fucking jacket. Lets not forget this guy can take other´s ppl form. So I´m pretty sure he will look like Oliver at some point.

what about the Police Station? well… I don´t know… some shit is going down that episode so “Mayor Queen” aka Human Target might need to go to the police or something. So it can be absolutely possible that Felicity kiss him thinking is Oliver.

what about the loft scene in the premiere? well the kiss we just saw is clearly not from episode 1 bc that is not the loft.

so call me crazy motherfucker but I still think we know Felicity´s bf.

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(also putting that kiss that is not from the premiere is genious if they wanna mislead us about who is with her in the loft in episode 1.)