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The founding members of The Young Lords party grew up in the NYC projects as the children of working class, Puerto Rican migrants. They were known for their proactive social protest and community activities like burning garbage piles and taking over a church to run a free breakfast program.

The Young Lords began as a Puerto Rican turf gang in the Lincoln Park, Chicago neighborhood of Lincoln Park in the fall of 1960 and as a civil and human rights movement on Grito de Lares, September 23, 1968. During Mayor Daley’s tenure, Puerto Ricans in Lincoln Park and several Mexican communities were completely evicted from areas near the Loop, lakefront, Old Town, Lakeview and Lincoln Park, in order to increase property tax revenues. When they realized that urban renewal was evicting their families from their barrios and witnessed police abuses, some Puerto Ricans became involved in the June 1966 Division Street Riots in Wicker Park and Humboldt Park. They were officially reorganized from the gang into a civil and human rights movement by Jose Cha Cha Jimenez, who was the last president of the former gang and became the founder of the new Young Lords Movement

Latinos of all shades and hair texture came together, not phased by the petty discrimination rife within their community. The Young Lords grew into a national movement through the leadership of activists like Angela Lind Adorno who met with Vietnamese women, Omar López, David Rivera, Field Marshall, Dr. Tony Baez a leader in Bi-lingual, Bi-Cultural Education and Richie Pérez who established the Puerto Rican Student Union (PRSU) in a number of college campuses and high schools.

The Young Lords’ supported independence for Puerto Rico, all Latino nations and oppressed nations of the world and also neighborhood empowerment. This is clear by the original symbol with a map of Puerto Rico and a brown fist holding up a rifle and the purple lettering reading, “Tengo Puerto Rico en mi Corazon” (“I have Puerto Rico in my heart”). They saw themselves as a people’s struggle, a vanguard connected with the masses and it is why they began in Chicago fighting against the displacement of Puerto Ricans from Lincoln Park. While the national symbol and YLO (Young Lords Organization) appeared on buttons, the New York chapter began the local “Garbage Offensive”, which was an organizing vehicle and city-service concern. The Young Lords also addressed the local issues of police injustice, health care, tenants’ rights, free breakfast for children, free day care, and more accurate Latino education. The urban renewal campaign was framed by the Chicago office as the modern day land question, since Emiliano Zapata, who said, “all revolutions are based on land”

Young Lords Party

13-Point Program and Platform:

1. We want self-determination for Puerto Ricans–Liberation of the Island and inside the United States.

For 500 years, first spain and then united states have colonized our country. Billions of dollars in profits leave our country for the united states every year. In every way we are slaves of the gringo. We want liberation and the Power in the hands of the People, not Puerto Rican exploiters.

Que Viva Puerto Rico Libre!

2. We want self-determination for all Latinos.

Our Latin Brothers and Sisters, inside and outside the united states, are oppressed by amerikkkan business. The Chicano people built the Southwest, and we support their right to control their lives and their land. The people of Santo Domingo continue to fight against gringo domination and its puppet generals. The armed liberation struggles in Latin America are part of the war of Latinos against imperialism.

Que Viva La Raza!

3. We want liberation of all third world people.

Just as Latins first slaved under spain and the yanquis, Black people, Indians, and Asians slaved to build the wealth of this country. For 400 years they have fought for freedom and dignity against racist Babylon (decadent empire). Third World people have led the fight for freedom. All the colored and oppressed peoples of the world are one nation under oppression.

No Puerto Rican Is Free Until All People Are Free!

4. We are revolutionary nationalists and oppose racism.

The Latin, Black, Indian and Asian people inside the u.s. are colonies fighting for liberation. We know that washington, wall street and city hall will try to make our nationalism into racism; but Puerto Ricans are of all colors and we resist racism. Millions of poor white people are rising up to demand freedom and we support them. These are the ones in the u.s. that are stepped on by the rules and the government. We each organize our people, but our fights are against the same oppression and we will defeat it together.

Power To All Oppressed People!

5. We want community control of our institutions and land.

We want control of our communities by our people and programs to guarantee that all institutions serve the needs of our people. People’s control of police, health services, churches, schools, housing, transportation and welfare are needed. We want an end to attacks on our land by urban removal, highway destruction, universities and corporations.

Land Belongs To All The People!

6. We want a true education of our Creole culture and Spanish language.

We must learn our history of fighting against cultural, as well as economic genocide by the yanqui. Revolutionary culture, culture of our people, is the only true teaching.

7. We oppose capitalists and alliances with traitors.

Puerto Rican rulers, or puppets of the oppressor, do not help our people. They are paid by the system to lead our people down blind alleys, just like the thousands of poverty pimps who keep our communities peaceful for business, or the street workers who keep gangs divided and blowing each other away. We want a society where the people socialistically control their labor.


8. We oppose the Amerikkkan military.

We demand immediate withdrawal of u.s. military forces and bases from Puerto Rico, Vietnam and all oppressed communities inside and outside the u.s. No Puerto Rican should serve in the u.s. army against his Brothers and Sisters, for the only true army of oppressed people is the people’s army to fight all rulers.

U.S. Out Of Vietnam, Free Puerto Rico!

9. We want freedom for all political prisoners.

We want all Puerto Ricans freed because they have been tried by the racist courts of the colonizers, and not by their own people and peers. We want all freedom fighters released from jail.

Free All Political Prisoners!

10. We want equality for women. Machismo must be revolutionary… not oppressive.

Under capitalism, our women have been oppressed by both the society and our own men. The doctrine of machismo has been used by our men to take out their frustrations against their wives, sisters, mothers, and children. Our men must support their women in their fight for economic and social equality, and must recognize that our women are equals in every way within the revolutionary ranks.

Forward, Sisters, In The Struggle!

11. We fight anti-communism with international unity.

Anyone who resists injustice is called a communist by “the man” and condemned. Our people are brainwashed by television, radio, newspapers, schools, and books to oppose people in other countries fighting for their freedom. No longer will our people believe attacks and slanders, because they have learned who the real enemy is and who their real friends are. We will defend our Brothers and Sisters around the world who fight for justice against the rich rulers of this country.

Viva Che!

12. We believe armed self-defense and armed struggle are the only means to liberation.

We are opposed to violence–the violence of hungry children, illiterate adults, diseased old people, and the violence of poverty and profit. We have asked, petitioned, gone to courts, demonstrated peacefully, and voted for politicians full of empty promises. But we still ain’t free. The time has come to defend the lives of our people against repression and for revolutionary war against the businessman, politician, and police. When a government oppresses our people, we have the right to abolish it and create a new one.

Boricua Is Awake! All Pigs Beware!

13. We want a socialist society.

We want liberation, clothing, free food, education, health care, transportation, utilities, and employment for all. We want a society where the needs of our people come first, and where we give solidarity and aid to the peoples of the world, not oppression and racism.

Hasta La Victoria Siempre!

The Young Lords were a target of the FBI’s COINTELPRO, which had long harassed Puerto Rican independence groups. The New York-Chicago schism mirrored the “Divide and Conquer” divisions within other New Left groups like the Black Panther Party, Students for a Democratic Society, Brown Berets and many other new left movements. All of these organizations were repressed. At first, the splits were believed to be the result of growing pains, as this movement was very young and spread quickly. But it is now documented that it was primarily due to police infiltration by informants and provocateurs, and planned and shaped by the ongoing undercover work of the FBI’s COINTELPRO

The leaders were framed, beaten, given high bonds, imprisoned, harassed, and discredited. The entire Chicago leadership was forced underground in order to reorganize itself. Tactics against the movements included negative rumor campaigns, pitting groups against each other and the creation of factionalism, distrust and personality conflicts. In Chicago, COINTELPRO created an official anti-Rainbow Coalition component. Members were interviewed in public view in front of the church. The Red Squad was also parked 24 hours a day in front of the national headquarters. Other harassment included inciting quarrels between spouses and between members and allies. The founder and chairman, Jose Cha Cha Jimenez not only was indicted 18 times in a six-week period for felony charges such as assault and battery on police to mob action; he was kept in the county jail, or in court rooms fighting the charges, and received constant death threats. 

While the Young Lords advocated armed strategies similar to those advocated by the Black Panthers, it was as a right of self-defense and rarely arose. It did after the shooting of Manuel Ramos and the implications of police foul play in the circumstances surrounding the beating death of José (Pancho) Lind, the supposed suicide of Julio Roldán in the custody of the NYPD and the fatal stabbings in Chicago of the United Methodist Church Rev. Bruce Johnson and his wife Eugenia, who pastored in Lincoln Park at the Young Lord’s first People’s Church in Chicago. 

The documentary Palante, Siempre Palante! The Young Lords, produced by Young Lord Iris Morales, aired on PBS in 1996. Palante, Siempre Palante! The Young Lords, documents the period from 1969 through the organization’s demise in 1976. The Young Lords represented another cycle of militancy, write Andres Torres and Jose Velasquez in The Puerto Rican Movement: Voices From the Diaspora, a collection of personal narratives from activists of the period. 

In 2015, The Young Lords was the focus of a new art exhibit organized by The Bronx Museum of the Arts called “¡Presente! The Young Lords in New York.” It is on view at three different cultural institutions in New York.

What concerns me the most about people bashing Holly Conrad

and calling her a possum and piece of shit for standing with Felix against the defamation WSJ did is:

she never approved of those jokes and believes the consequences are fair, all youtubers wanna do is defend him from the harassing from media specially the WSJ

Holly has been really active with PC culture and SJWs

has attended rallies for woman rights and against alt-right

She strongly believes white privilege is real and is something beyond money sometimes it just means being able to not be harassed for your skin color

she Stood for Bernie and Hillary after Bernie was disqualified

Has been even more active since trump won and been using her platform to point out issues like the Muslim ban and supports the ACLU

she stands against the keystone pipeline 

she’s a big advocate for animal rights and shelters animals

Basically Holly stands for a lot of things people bashing her stand for but just because she disagrees with you on ONE topic suddenly all of that is meaningless and i’m sure this sorta applies to other youtubers as well

This is what throwing the terms nazi and nazi apologist too loosely means and you end up alienating people who agree with you on the big majority of the issues

if we keep fragmenting each other while real bigots couldn’t be more together this days we end up losing

so i woke up to my boyfriend going ‘wake up u gotta see how kiwi is sleeping right now get up get up get up’

and honestly?




So many alluras– this looks like pop art :o

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Okay. Get this. Good uncle Yuuri is planning the triplets' birthday party and hires magician! Victor. Victor chooses Yuuri as a participant even though it's a kid birthday party and he's supposed to choose a kid.

Okay. Get this. You sent me this amazing thought, and I decided to write a 2,000+ word fic on it. Because my self-control needs to be located by search party. I’m going to post the whole thing here and move it to Ao3 tomorrow when I feel less lazy :). Thank you for sharing this INSANELY INSPIRING idea with me and I hope you enjoy…. “Magic Man” :)

(It is long so there is a cut line! Definitely SFW!)

The ad had said that Victor the Great could entertain audiences of all ages, that his tricks were beyond anyone’s wildest dreams, and that he could convince even the most cynical people that magic was real.

What the ad didn’t say, was that Victor was absolutely the most beautiful man who had ever dared to exist on earth.

The lack of warning had certainly taken a toll on Yuuri’s heart, as he opened the front door to Yuuko’s house and came face-to-face with the man-god parading as a children’s party magician. The black top hat, tailed black coat and bright red bow tie should have immediately elicited laughter. Instead, Yuuri felt his tongue swell two sizes in his mouth and steal away his ability to speak. Maybe that was Victor’s first trick, robbing Yuuri of all his senses with the man’s magical out-of-this-world blue eyes and smile that lit Yuuri’s body on fire. Blushing and staring at his feet, Yuuri waved Victor into the house and lead him to the back yard where the show would take place.

Victor followed the dark-haired man through a dining room filled with delicious looking food, through a kitchen that looked like a food bomb got gone off, and out into a backyard that was chaotic with kid noise. Children ran in every direction, giggling and yelling “you’re it!” as they tagged their friends. On the outskirts of the yard, the adults stood in small clumps of conversation, occasionally dodging a sprinting child. It was a typical kid party, and Victor grinned at the lively nature of his future audience.

“Um… here…” Yuuri stopped and pointed to the small platform of a wood deck. “I mean…” rubbing the back of his neck, Yuuri could feel the blush on his cheeks heating up as the blue eyes studied him, “you can set up here.” Finally gaining an ounce of courage, Yuuri lifted his gaze to meet Victor’s.

“Are you Yuuri?” Stepping forward, Victor set his black cases onto the deck. His slight invasion of Yuuri’s personal space was intentional as Victor continued to smile at the adorable man.

Yuuri’s first email, inquiring about Victor’s availability for the party, had been formal and inquisitive. Victor had responded back quickly, confirming that he would love to provide entertainment. It was Yuuri’s second response, with a cheeky question about Victor arriving by car or in a puff of smoke that had peaked Victor’s interest. It had been a silly joke, but Victor had played along, answering not only in jest, but also with a hint of flirting.

Nineteen emails had been exchanged over the course of two weeks and Victor had been unable to sleep the night before the party, the anticipation of meeting his email partner keeping him awake with nervous energy. The dark mop of hair, shy brown eyes, and flushing cheeks had to belong to Yuuri Katsuki, and Victor had been trying to come up with something clever throughout their short walk through the house. Instead of cleverness, he had barely managed to ask Yuuri to identify himself, and Victor was internally groaning over his own failure.

Swallowing, Yuuri studied Victor’s face. “I am,” he said, gaining courage he stuck out his hand, “uh, nice to meet you Victor the Great.” When Victor chuckled, Yuuri wanted to crawl inside of the piñata and let the kids beat his embarrassment out of him.

“You’ll watch the show, won’t you?” Victor slipped his hand into Yuuri’s, squeezing it slightly. “Maybe if you watch me closely, you’ll be able to figure out my tricks.” Leaning forward again, Victor winked at Yuuri. He prayed that he sounded flirty instead of creepy.


Getting tackled from behind by three squealing triplets, Yuuri fell forward into Victor’s arms. Freezing, Yuuri looked up and immediately lost himself again in Victor’s eyes. Feeling his body shaken by the force of three sets of hands, Yuuri snapped his attention back to his nieces. “Mom said you have to help with the piñata while the magician sets up! Dad said you can flirt later!” All three girls cackled at their joke as Yuuri’s face caught fire.

Smile on his lips, Victor stepped up onto the wooden deck and bent to open his first case. “I’m ok with that plan,” throwing a wink over his shoulder, Victor forced himself to concentrate on his props as a stammering Yuuri was dragged toward the line of screaming kids.

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I don’t trust white creators of poc-led media because even when they don’t immediately fuck it up, it’s like it’s ingrained in them to have everything revolve around white people and it starts to show after a while


And another thing - this blog has 31,000 followers now. At this point, it’s also a platform. If I can bring the attention to a certain issue that is being ignored, a cause that needs helping, I want to do it. I can’t pretend things around me are not happening. I’m sorry that I’m like this, I know some of you want me to keep posting dreams and dreams exclusively, but I just can’t do that. If I feel something is wrong, I can’t be quiet about it. That’s just the kind of person I am. So if you really have a problem with me speaking about something else than dreams every 100 posts or so, I’m very sorry, but that’s not going to change. My conscience does not allow me to ignore my humanity. 

Happy Birthday, Emiliano Zapata! 

Today marks the birth of one of Mexico’s most celebrated revolutionaries – Emiliano Zapata. Zapata was from Morelos, Mexico in the south of Mexico and was born to a family who was profoundly impacted by the massive land grabs during the Porfiriato (1830-1915). These events would shape Zapata’s ideologies and revolutionary spirit from a young age.

Zapata led the Ejército Libertador del Sur or the Liberation Army of the South. He amassed a group of approximately 27,000 peasants, primarily Indigenous and mestizo peasants, to fight during the Mexican Revolution (1910-1920).

Besides his charismatic leadership, what led many to Zapata’s army was his historical declarations in the ‘Plan de Ayala’. The 15-point platform was delivered in Ayala, Morelos on November 25, 1911 after President Madero took power upon the defeat of Diaz. Madero failed to fulfill his promises and continued repression of poor campesinos which promoted Zapata to deliver his plan. The most significant points in the declaration called for redistribution of lands to peasants, land reforms, and a nationalization of elite’s lands/resources. The 'Plan de Ayala’ is where Zapata also wrote the phrase most commonly associated with him, “Reform, Liberty, Justice, and Law!” later shortened to “Land and Liberty!“.

Alongside Pancho Villa, Zapata successfully defeated the government of Madero and took Mexico City in 1914. During the time in the capital, Zapata reportedly refused to sit in the presidential chair. In fact, during most of his life, Zapata would refuse positions of power, instead choosing to lead a life away from politics after the triumph over Madero.

Zapata was then assassinated by federal troops in 1919 but remained a revolutionary hero in Mexico and throughout the world.

Via teleSUR English

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I saw a trailer recently that had a scene where a building that reminded me of 221B was blown up leaving behind a gap filled with debris where the building once stood and the first thing I thought of was "imagine if that was what happened to 221 in s4? Imagine how much more shocking that would have been." The problem is Mofftiss didn't have enough of a spine to follow through with anything. (1/2)

They set a bomb off in 221B but it wasn’t destroyed, you thought Mycroft was going to die but he was perfectly fine. Honestly, the entire serious stinks of their writer’s cowardice. Problems were constantly just swept under the rug or just shrugged off without consequence because they were to chicken to go outside their comfort zone. (2/2) 

Hey Nonny!

Yeah, I even remember how we thought that 221b would be gone for awhile and rebuilding 221b was symbolic of rebuilding a new canon, starting something new and “erasing the past” to make way for the future (I do still believe it was symbolic of that, but… one always has niggling doubts)

I don’t want to give them the benefit of the doubt, but seeing as I try to be open to all theories pertaining to why S4 is what it is, I do have to point out that they may have also been some behind-the-scenes problems that occurred and they purposely wrote it terrible. OR, as you said, they genuinely thought it was something amazing and meant nothing by it. I just really have a hard time believing we went from TAB to… this without some purpose to it. It doesn’t make sense to me at ALL, and I just cannot, right now, let that niggling thought go. SOMETHING happened / is happening.

I honestly think there is something more going on, I really really do, but on the surface, it’s a ‘goddamned bitch of an unsatisfactory situation’ (a quote which I think encapsulates S4 perfectly), especially to people who don’t study the subtext of the series, and the way they made TFP feel like the final episode is why people question it. And in the end it DOES make them look like cowards. I think if they made the end to TFP a cliffhanger like they have with every other season, it would have still been panned, but not as harshly, I think, and at least made the general audience say “well, I guess we’ll have to wait”. 

I mean, I still think we’ll have to wait a very long time before we ever – if ever – get an explanation for all of whatever the hell happened, but I do hope we DO find out why everything turned out the way it did.

ATTENTIONN Montrealers

are you registered to vote? god I hate making these posts

I’ll translate one of many of the promises projet mtl are making because I really think you should vote even if you’re an anglo living in montreal because whatever right anyways

1.19: Develop a police culture that is more respectful of citizen rights

a) Adopt a more ambitious equal access program (EAP) to make the SPVM a police force that more fully reflects the cultural diversity of the montreal population;

b) Revise the mass deployment policy of police troops during large gatherings (protests and others);

c) Ban the use of plastic projectiles during protests;

d) Require that police officers adequately follow the rules when engaging to fire. Ensure that adequate training is given and that the senior directors of the SPVM makes it a clear priority;

e) Reinforce policies that aim to reduce racial and social profiling by partnering with the affected communities.

bonus if those points didn’t convince you;
they’re anti dog breed profiling and mass dog euthanizations too (i wish this wasn’t the second strongest point on their platform btw)

First Day - Steve Rogers Part 1

Originally posted by thosekidswhohuntmonsters

words - 2032

Requested - None

Warnings - None

Description - First day on a job can be tough, at least Captain America is there to make it all better.

I step into a large, mirrored elevator and press the button ‘L20’. The doors slowly close as I inhale a deep breath. Smoothening out my black pencil skirt, I close my eyes as I attempt to calm my nerves. First days are hard, especially if you’re working for such an important organisation such as SHIELD. Although I have worked for the F.B.I in the past, this organisation is a little different.

I’ve heard Fury isn’t the easiest person to work with, or so I have heard which is probably why my nerves are up to the roof. I have always had a passion to work in Law enforcement and this is the top facility that there is and If I mess up I can kiss my dreams goodbye, sure I work for the F.B.I but that mostly involved criminology whilst my main criteria lie’s in science and SHIELD will let me do just that.

The elevator comes to a halt and the doors slide open. I step out and are immediately greeted by a skinny brunette woman.  "Hi, I’m Agent Maria Hill, you must be Miss Y/N,“ she says with a slight smile. I smile back, "Yes I am, it’s great to meet you”.
“If you follow me, then we can get you started,” she says and she starts walking down the hall. I follow suit as my eyes cast over the designs on the walls as we walk. She leads me into a large open room with many high-tech computers lined up in rows and twice as many people. “This is the main lobby, this is where most of your colleagues will be working but not you” she raises her arm and points up to a platform where Nick Fury is stood looking right at us. “ You will be working up there alongside me”. I knew this was a pretty important role but I didn’t know it was working alongside Maria Hill important.

Maria leads me up a set of stairs and is greeted by Nick Fury himself. “Welcome Y/N, I am pleased that you have accepted this position,” he says with a nod. “I am grateful to have this opportunity, thank you, sir”.I say while trying to calm my nerves, “As Miss Hill has already told you, you will be working here with herself, I have heard great things about you Y/N don’t disappoint me”, he stares at me intensely and leaves with a nod of approval. I wipe my sweaty palms on my skirt. “Now let’s get you set up,” she says as she leads me to a large glass monitor.” I believe you were the top computer programmer in your department, is that true?” she asks with a raised brow. “ Yes, I was the head of a department called STEM, which develops advanced technologies to address unique investigative and intelligence challenges not found in the private sector”, I was very proud of my work In that field. “Wow that is impressive, I was worried that it would take you time to get used to our advanced technology here, but I have a feeling you will do just fine”, Maria says with a gleam in her eyes.  

                             ⇽ ⇾                ⇽ ⇾             ⇽ ⇾

“You did well consider it is your first day Y/N,” Maria says as we pack away, “Thank you its good to hear that”, I say honestly. “Do you know your way out?, I have to take care of some business first before I leave”, “I know my way to the elevator, I can just work it out from the”. I say while mapping out the way in my head, “If you get lost just ask someone” “will do, bye now”, I gave her one last smile and make my way to the elevator.

I press the button for the elevator and wait patiently for it to arrive. As I’m waiting, I feel a warmth presence beside me, I turn my head and standing beside me is the Captain America. He’s dressed in a jacket, black jeans and a tight white t-shirt that leaves little to imagine.I let out a small gasp and feel my face turn red. His head turns towards me and smiles, “Hello, I haven’t seen you around here before, are you new?”
I lift my head and internally scream, “Yeah I am, my name’s Y/N” “It’s nice to meet you Y/N I’m Steve Rogers”. The elevator doors open and we both step in. “how was your first day?” he asks curiously, “It was amazing, I’m so grateful to have this opportunity”. I really was grateful to have this job, more so now that I’ve gotten to meet the Captain himself. Our conversation was cut short as the doors slide open revealing the main lobby. “I look forward to seeing you around Miss Y/N,” Steve says as he steps out the elevator and disappears into the sea of people before I can bid my goodbye.

The next day as I sit in my leather chair typing away alongside Maria, I hear multiple sets of footsteps behind me, I spin my chair right around and are met with Dr Bruce Banner, Nick Fury and Tony Stark. All very intelligent individuals. “Agent Hill” Fury barks as he marches is way over to the both of us. “System 32, the regeneration cradle is down, start it back up now”, Maria quickly gets to work whilst I admire the other two gentlemen that are in the room. Mr Stark Looks my way and gives me a wink, my cheeks heat up instantly and I turn back around to continue with my work.”It’s not letting me reboot the system”, I turn back around at the panic in her voice. Dr Banner quickly takes over from Maria, “Looking at the database here, System 20 through 45 are not in our system”, Fury and Stark Both tense up at Banners words,” So what does that mean?” Dr Banner turns around and faces the others, “It means someone else is controlling the systems”. Furys eye darts straight to the computer screen, “That’s impossible our programmes are the most strategic to hack into, Do you know who or what is controlling it?” Dr Banner turns to the computer screen once again, after a few moments of quick research, he turns back around and says something I never thought he would say “ a programme called STEM”.

I gasp and four pairs of eyes turn to me. I look up and my gaze lands on Maria, her eyes light up in realization, Bruce turns to me after my sudden outburst, “Do you know what that is?” I look around at everyone before I prepare what to say, “ “before I started here I worked for the F.B.I Federal Government, more specifically In a department called STEM, which I was the head off, they develop advanced technologies to address unique Investigations, all we did was make equipment to help the criminology department, After I left a man took over from me called Samuel Le Doux, his plan Is to change the department into some kind of robotic lab to make special weapons for the F.B.I.” Everyone around me was speechless, until Tony who has been weirdly quiet about this whole situation,”So why would he be trying to hack into our system, when we have connections to the government?”. I try to think of a reason as to why he would do this, but I can’t think of any, “Maybe the F.B.I doesn’t know”. Fury readjusts himself and stands straight, “Miss Y/N is there anything you can do to get them off our system?” I nod and quickly move over to Maria’s computer, I type in two different codes that temporarily shut down the STEM system down.” They are off the system but it won’t take long before they realise what caused them to shut down”.Tony nods his head, “Bruce, Y/N follow me”. I stand up and follow Mr Stark, leaving my workstation behind.

Mr Stark and Dr Banner lead me into a hospitalised room that has Dr Helen Cho Hawkeye and the infamous Black widow. Clint raises his head at the presence of more people in the room. His gaze turns to me “who the hell are you?”, just as I’m about to state who I am, Tony buts in,”no time for that, Y/N the regeneration cradle is one of the systems that STEM has overwritten, can you fix it?”, “I think so”, I make my way over to the cradle and start typing the same two codes that I previously type on the computer, a few moments pass as the cradle glows green, I smile to myself. Helen gives me an appreciative nod and turns to Clint to print new tissue on his wound. My gaze lands on Natasha who smiles at me, I smile back. “Excellent” Bruce says with a light chuckle, I stand up straight and get ready to leave when Tony interrupts me,”We aren’t finished yet Y/N, come”, he says and he motions with his finger to follow me. I follow once again behind him and he leads me into an open space room, large windows lined the walls, overlooking the city. I was too busy looking at the view I didn’t realize that Maria was in the room along with Steve Rogers. My cheeks turn red as I look up and make eye contact with him, his face lights up with a smile and before he can say anything Tony speaks first, “Cap a word”, Tony signals for him and Maria to follow him and we are all lead into a private meeting room, glass lining the walls, making it look like a glass box. Soon after we entered we are joined by, Natasha, Clint, Fury, the scarlet witch and Hawkeye.

Tony starts off the conversation,” Right, first things first, this is Miss Y/N she’s new here, previously worked for the F.B.I more specifically, STEM and that is what hacked our system”, he says as he motions towards me. All eyes turn to me, I look down but not before catching Steve gaze, as he smirks. The redhead perks up at the new information, “what exactly is STEM?”, I turn to her, “It’s a department developed by the F.B.I, it developed advanced technology, I used to run the department”, I tell her. Steve shoots her a curious glance, making her shift on her feet under his gaze. Fury fills everyone in on what has happened in the last few hours, leaving one question on everyone’s mind, why did they hack the system?. The meeting comes to an end, not much else can be said till they get more information. Everyone stands up to leave, Tony and Bruce head to the lab, whilst everyone else attires to their rooms. As I exit the room a strong hand grabs my elbow gently turning me around to come face to face with Steve. “This Samuel guy, would you consider him to be a threat?” her asks worry laced in his voice, “Possibly, STEM has a lot of dangerous equipment and materials and if that gets into the wrong hands, who knows what will happen” I state honestly. “you did good in there, answering everyone’s questions, I know It can be a lot”. I sigh in relief, “thank god, I’ve never been interrogated like that before” I say as I laugh nervously. Steve leads me back to my desk, I gather my bag and a file to continue my research at home. We continue to talk as he leads me to the same elevator we met at yesterday. “I’ll see you tomorrow Miss Y/N”.Steve leans in and kisses my right cheek lightly and walks away, my cheeks burn bright red and a squeal escapes my mouth before I can stop. The Captain America just kissed me.  


Rules of the Black Panther Party - Central Headquarters, Oakland, California

Every member of the Black Panther Party throughout this country of racist America must abide by these rules as functional members of this party. Central Committee members, Central Staffs, and Local Staffs, including all captains subordinated to either national, state, and local leadership of the Black Panther Party will enforce these rules. Length of suspension or other disciplinary action necessary for violation of these rules will depend on national decisions by national, state or state area, and local committees and staffs where said rule or rules of the Black Panther Party were violated. Every member of the party must know these verbatim by heart. And apply them daily. Each member must report any violation of these rules to their leadership or they are counter-revolutionary and are also subjected to suspension by the Black Panther Party. 

1. No party member can have narcotics or weed in his possession while doing party work.

2. Any part member found shooting narcotics will be expelled from this party.

3. No party member can be drunk while doing daily party work.

4. No party member will violate rules relating to office work, general meetings of the Black Panther Party, and meetings of the Black Panther Party anywhere.

5. No party member will use, point, or fire a weapon of any kind unnecessarily or accidentally at anyone.

6. No party member can join any other army force, other than the Black Liberation Army.

7. No party member can have a weapon in his possession while drunk or loaded off narcotics or weed.

8. No party member will commit any crimes against other party members or black people at all, and cannot steal or take from the people, not even a needle or a piece of thread.

9. When arrested Black Panther members will give only name, address, and will sign nothing. Legal first aid must be understood by all Party members.

10. The Ten-Point Program and platform of the Black Panther Party must be known and understood by each Party member.

11. Party Communications must be National and Local.

12. The 10-10-10-program should be known by all members and also understood by all members.

13. All Finance officers will operate under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Finance.

14. Each person will submit a report of daily work.

15. Each Sub-Section Leaders, Section Leaders, and Lieutenants, Captains must submit Daily reports of work.

16. All Panthers must learn to operate and service weapons correctly.

17. All Leaders who expel a member must submit this information to the Editor of the Newspaper, so that it will be published in the paper and will be known by all chapters and branches.

18. Political Education Classes are mandatory for general membership.

19. Only office personnel assigned to respective offices each day should be there. All others are to sell papers and do Political work out in the community, including Captain, Section Leaders, etc.

20. Communications–all chapters must submit weekly reports in writing to the National Headquarters.

21. All Branches must implement First Aid and/or Medical Cadres.

22. All Chapters, Branches, and components of the Black Panther Party must submit a monthly Financial Report to the Ministry of Finance, and also the Central Committee.

23. Everyone in a leadership position must read no less than two hours per day to keep abreast of the changing political situation.

24. No chapter or branch shall accept grants, poverty funds, money or any other aid from any government agency without contacting the National Headquarters.

25. All chapters must adhere to the policy and the ideology laid down by the Central Committee of the Black Panther Party.

26. All Branches must submit weekly reports in writing to their respective Chapters.

Some friends of mine are trying to make Jimin & Jungkook’s wish come true by starting a Double J Project. The goal of this project is to have them collab with Jason Derulo & Justin Bieber respectively!!
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