pointed platforms

USA. California. San Francisco. February 1970. Children at a Free Huey, Free Bobby rally in front of the Federal Building. 

While the Civil Rights Movement worked to dismantle Jim Crow laws and push for integration, the BPP developed the Ten Point Platform and Program that called for freedom, full employment, reparations, housing, education, military exemption, end to police brutality and murder, freedom for the incarcerated, Constitutional rights during trial, and full self-determination.

Shames, a student at the University of California, Berkeley, first met Seale in April 1967 at an anti-Vietnam War rally. Seale became a mentor to Shames, and Shames, in turn, became the most trusted photographer to the party.

Photograph: Stephen Shames/Polaris

So me and my girlfriend met Pvris properly yesterday at Leeds. A crowd surfer kicked me in the chest which set off my heart condition. I got dragged out of the show during My House, and carried to the side of the stage. After about 10 minutes, the stewards took me back stage to get me out of the way. One of the first things I saw was Lynn and Brian on a raised platform point at me and run over; they’d seen security dragging me out and wanted to know if I was OK. Brian, Lynn and Justin then spent half an hour sitting with me and my girlfriend whilst the medical team did their job, and they were just the loveliest people. When the medical team tried to get me transferred to the medical tent in a wheelchair, Lynn ran after me so she could hug me, and Brian and Justin followed.

I have never met such a lovely band in my life. They are so humble, so talented and they deserve every ounce of success they are getting. Massive, massive thank you to them.

And also, a massive thank you to the people that helped my girlfriend get me out of the crowd - I know it was a difficult job.

All Mosques and Muslim schools are to be closed and the Koran banned.

Be afraid: Geert Wilders released his platform for next year’s election – Medium

I translated Geert Wilders’ new political platform, which he released for the general elections next March, into English.

Another salient point in his platform: Preventive incarceration of radical Muslims. Needless to say, he doesn’t clarify what exactly “radical” means. Knowing his ideology, existing while Muslim is generally enough.


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NAME: Finley or Grey, either is fine
PRONOUNS:  he/him || they/them
SEXUALITY: the way I describe it these days is ‘bi with a little extra Gay™’
TAKEN OR SINGLE:  single ayyyyyyy


ONE: spiders make me severely uncomfortable on some level but I also like them & want a tarantula someday - don’t ask me how that works.
TWO: my favorite DC villain is Poison Ivy & I want her to be happy.
THREE: when I play video games it’s pretty much ‘terrifying surreal horror’ or ‘embarrassingly cheesy dating sims’, there’s no real in-between.


HOW LONG (MONTHS / YEARS?): Idk man probably??? A year-ish at this point??
PLATFORMS YOU’VE USED: just tumblr tbh, I’m not good at managing multiple accounts.
BEST EXPERIENCE: here! and I’m not sure any other platform would be better, honestly, I really like it here.


FEMALE OR MALE: mmmmmmmm idk, this is kind of really specific but the muses I connect with the most are trans male & nonbinary ones.
FLUFF, ANGST OR SMUT: tbh I actually love & adore writing smut but I don’t get to do it very often, fluff is wonderful, & angst has to be like……. plotted angst, y’know?? pre-discussed angst that’s tied into an entire storyline that I’m really pumped about, not just like angst for the sake of angst.
PLOTS OR MEMES:  both, it just depends on my mood/energy levels - I take an equally long time to respond to both, so /shrug emoji
LONG OR SHORT REPLIES: I tend to write a lot in like…… ‘real threads’, but I can also go for short crack-type replies, they’re both fun.
BEST TIME TO WRITE: late at night/early in the morning when I should be asleep, or when I’ve just woken up.
ARE YOU LIKE YOUR MUSE(S): I mean, Leo is like me in a lot of ways, & I share Nai’s opinions about animals, but the others don’t really have much of me in them tbh.

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 •  NAME: soph
•   PRONOUNS:  she/her
•   SEXUALITY:  honestly like 80% gay and then jdm & oscar isaac exist so
•   TAKEN OR SINGLE: as single . as a humanoid can get


 oo1:  random as heck but. i visited a museum where they filmed part of tws and it was the Highlight of my life
 oo2:  i would really love to be a late-night talk show host (w/ my cohost @prxzrak)
 oo3:  i went full blonde once and it was the Worst decision of my life (as someone who has naturally hella dark & thicc hair)

•   HOW LONG (MONTHS / YEARS?):  i leGIT DON’T EVEN KNOW ANYMORE . i think 5+ at least, at this point??
•   PLATFORMS YOU’VE USED:  tumblr, kik, skype, imessage
•   BEST EXPERIENCE:  i’m gonna b . that person and say the people bc i’m a sucker and i actually real . life Love the friends i’ve made they make me smile and laugh so much i’m hormonal 2day and i’m gonna get weepy

•   FEMALE OR MALE:  female. i can Never write the dudes
•   FLUFF, ANGST OR SMUT: angst angst ANGST & fluff too. but angst . and i think i maybe wanna try writing smut when the time calls for it …. maybe
•   PLOTS OR MEMES:  ????? binch all of the above
•   LONG OR SHORT REPLIES:  i literally cannot write short replies for the life of me
•   BEST TIME TO WRITE:  after 8pm
•   ARE YOU LIKE YOUR MUSE(S):  ?? maybe surface level. like we’re both italian . like in little ways but not many .

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NAME: blythe
PRONOUNS:  she/her
SEXUALITY: asexual


ONE: I can quote the entire Back to the Future trilogy start to finish
TWO: I’ve been playing the sax for 14 years, basic piano for a year, some guitar/ukulele, and I can play a scale on trombone
THREE: I hate pineapple on pizza


HOW LONG (MONTHS / YEARS?): Like 10 years at this point, possibly more?
PLATFORMS YOU’VE USED:  proboards, invisionfree, jcink, tumblr
BEST EXPERIENCE: Even with some lows, rping on tumblr has been so nice? Indie rp is hard to do in forums but on tumblr it’s so easy and it’s exactly what I needed because I can rp on my own terms and everything’s honky dory.


FEMALE OR MALE: I lean more toward female muses but males do grab my attention every now and again. On my multi I currently only have Colonel Jack O’Neill from Stargate but I plan on adding Craig Manning from Degrassi and Mr. Feeny from Boy Meets World once I get more active over yonder.
FLUFF, ANGST OR SMUT: Angst and fluff.
PLOTS OR MEMES:  both honestly? I’m a meme hoe but I love plotting AUs and such, as well.
LONG OR SHORT REPLIES: either/or, depends on the thread. I get carried away at times.
BEST TIME TO WRITE: morning, usually. it can fluctuate.
ARE YOU LIKE YOUR MUSE(S): Usually, when I pick up a muse, it’s because there’s something I can identify with (though that’s not always so). With Sidney, I’ve gone through some stuff (not nearly stuff as horrific) and I’ve gotten through it, and Sidney’s whole arc as a survivor and how she stops letting herself be a victim of all the bad stuff in her life is really inspiring to me. 

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So just a clarification: Kronstadt was never truly a “stronghold of Bolshevism,” that was the betrayed by the very regime it brought to life. It was always primarily a stronghold of anarchism, looking at the voting patterns in the local soviet, one that conditionally aligned itself with the Bolsheviks when the two groups’ interests seemed to converge, and then became more and more disillusioned as the new government exerted more and more authority in the Civil War period. I know this seems like a pointless distinction to make, but it brings up the problem of the phenomenon of “non-partyism”-the rejection of political parties in the soviets in favor of direct election of individual workers from the local community-and what it represented. The Bolsheviks lashed out against this popular outcry for an end to their dominance of soviet institutions, for the understandable reason that they expected a diminishing of their influence to lead to a commesurate rise in the stature of the Mensheviks and SRs, who at that point professed platforms that were clearly revolutionary, not to mention their hostile history toward the Bolshies (people rarely mention the Menshevik-SR attempt at a counter-coup in the immediate aftermath of October, when those parties summoned a host of Cossacks to attempt to suppress the now Bolshevik dominated city Soviet). Critics of the Bolsheviks can claim that non-partyism posed no such risk, but rather indicated that the working people of the former Russian empire were ready and willing to take the reins of power into their own hands, without the mediation of a vanguard party.

I’m not reblogging that fuckass post blaming Black Americans for not doing more about Trump being a racist jackass to Mexicans. There’s no point & I can see the fighting already happening in the notes. The individual post is one of a million & one examples on here & elsewhere that highlight how many cultures have internalized the idea that Black American labor exists to be exploited. Our hypervisibility isn’t silencing anyone else. Feel free to open your mouths, organize, and do the heavy lifting of fighting for your community. We are not stopping you. We have never stopped you. What we have done is used our labor to benefit ourselves. Basic human nature. And I’m about fed the fuck up with people who get mad about not getting any results from the work they didn’t do and blaming it on us.

The Hunters Point Avenue Station on the No. 7 Line.


A “Personal Defense Weapon”, the term often applies to compact firearms that fire a small rifle cartridge and are usually select fire. In this case the PTR PDW is semi-auto and classified by the BATFE as a pistol. In theory you “could” use this for concealed or open carry, but usually the most popular selling point for such platforms is to use them as eventual SBR (Short Barreled Rifle) builds once the proper paperwork is completed. (GRH)

I’m all for love and patience and understanding and compassion — 

But there’s also a time to say enough is enough. There’s a time to vent, weep, scream, shake a fist, and to simply be mad. There’s a space when things aren’t okay and the injustice is still a fresh wound and no one is supposed to tell you how to feel. We need to grieve before jumping to commentary and those extra little points of debate and platforms and policy. We need to grasp the magnitude of what happened without rushing to a better place, so we can do the hard work of healing deeply, and to ensure that justice is not forfeited for the sake of politeness. Sometimes love has to be outraged, because it won’t sit down and take anymore of this. Sometimes love has to get up and fight.

Splurge or Steal?

Designer shoes vs. a steal of a deal

Drooling over a pair of red-soled, patent leather Christian Louboutins? Dreaming of chunky heeled Valentino Rockstud heels? Lusting over Saint Laurent platform pumps for your date night outfit?

We don’t blame you.

That’s why we’ve put together your summer must-haves Splurge or Steal Shoe Guide. We show you a pair of killer designer shoes that are slightly over-budget and a pair of shoes that are soooo on-budget. Click through to see the price difference.

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1. Patent Leather Pumps

Pigalle 100 patent-leather pumps

MK-Flex Patent Leather Pump, Nude

2. Studded Sandals

Rockstud leather sandals

Vince Camuto Hopper Block Heel Flat Sandals

3. Python Espadrille

Python espadrilles

Lipsy Lana Bronze Snake Effect Espadrille Flat Shoes

4. Lace Up Heels

Myrtle lace-up suede sandals

ASOS PILOT Pointed High Heels

5. Platform Shoes

Simi Embroidered-Heel Suede Platform Sandals

Sabine Suede Platform - Floral

6. Wood Wedges

Jimmy Choo Notion Tricolor Wooden Wedge Sandal, White/Caramel

Seychelles Carina Wood Wedge

7. Fringe Heels 

Rupert Sanderson Fringe Sandals - Marlena High Heel

Brentwood Fringe Heel

Search for shoes by style, brand, trend and price all on Wantering.