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I think we all know that jungkook is just generally obsessed with jimin's everything but there's just something about him holding jimin's waist that's just so heart warming and boyfriend-y and natural there's literally nothing cuter

Okay but…listen…..you really wanna know what’s cuter? Jimin loving Jk’s waist just as much

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  • My Tolkien Professor: So do we have any favorite companions yet in the Fellowship?
  • Me: Boromir
  • Student: But he's corrupted--
  • Me: Exactly, he's the only relatable one
  • Me: If I was given the one-ring
  • Me: I'd want to pick a fight with Sauron too
  • Student: I'd like to think I'd give up the one ring

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i wanna more chris with a non-ass content.

You and me both anon.

Chris actually shows depth and complexity to this character, and his arc has one of the most satisfying endings for me (even if bittersweet). It’s too bad Kubo doesn’t seem to be willing to talk about any of that though because any time Chris comes up all we talk about is his ass and his highly sexual programs! Is it too much to ask to hear about Chris as a character and not a sexual object his creator lusts after??? IS IT????


So Chris is somewhat intriguing when you stop to think about him. It was very obvious he would be one of the finalists considering he is a character with really strong ties to Victor and he was consistently shown as the silver to Victor’s gold, so we know he’s good.

(under the cut because I just started going on and on about this I’m sorry)

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couple next door au

prompt: bitty & shitty, besties and roommates, move in next door to the cutest married couple, jack & lardo. unfortunately for their pining little hearts, they don’t realize that jack and lardo aren’t actually married. or dating. (bonus points if bitty has to talk shitty out of propositioning them for a three-way)

okay if we are really being technical here,  

i think it’s important to note that, although tsukuyo said that she is willing to die by gintoki’s side,

gintoki has said something hella to her similar in the love potion arc

          I’m here like do I attempt a new theme or not and characterization purposes, so I’m flitting through cutscenes —-  and at the end of the Noct-Gladio confrontation on the train Prompto’s eyes are red.  I know it’s pretty much established that he wells up and/or cries with any sort of strong or overwhelming emotion – positive or negative – and conflict, but guys.

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Since Lovecraft is literally Cthulhu, having a human form is still quite strange to him. This comes with a lot of discrepancies in his appearance from one moment to the next. After changing his tentacles back into arms he might have more than five fingers on each hand. Sometimes his hair is a little longer or shorter than it was yesterday. His height fluctuates a lot; some days he’s 5′5′’ and other days he’s a whopping 6′8′’. Steinbeck often has to point out the “mistakes” in his appearance and tell him that he needs to be just a few inches shorter or that he needs to lose a finger on his left hand. Lovecraft is always happy to take the advice.

So today I found out that my psychiatrist had talked to my psychologist before I started at University this year and apparently they were both very concerned before I started. And today my psychiatrist told me that they were both really happy for me and proud of how well I’m doing. And sometimes I forget all the things I am dealing with and that I should be proud of what I am accomplishing.

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there's so much fragmentation lately I'm glad someone pointed it out. and I think harry and louis are cute together but I think a lot of the theory posts go way too far for me and make me super uncomfortable, but i'm scared if i say something then everyone will get mad at me for not 'being a true fan'. also with their music, i feel pressured to like it all equally, when only one or two of them are making music in genres that I like. its a bit of a terrifying mess.

The pressure is real. There’s no point in denying it. And it’s (relatively) easy to unfollow someone you don’t agree with or block a post, but it’s hard to blog and be open about (what many will consider) an unpopular opinion. Especially if this is an opinion that’s taken hold over time and the mutuals you have won’t take too kindly to that. It can be hard finding someone who relates to what you mean and feel.

I see a lot of overcompensating, many opinions that’s either/or or no room for shades of grey, and a lot of shaming. I also see many staying mute, just lurking or actually leaving. It’s all very sad but understandable.