pointed dome


. by Kellen Mohr  

Cause You're My Favorite Hue

All Parts: {x}

Part: 44/?

Pairing: Jamilton

Inspiration: this post and this song

Soundtrack: here (you can request more songs)

Summary: Black and white was all anyone saw until they touched their soulmate. For some people, color quickly rushed into world and for others, all they ever saw was black and white. Two businessmen, who absolutely hated each other, managed to bump into each other on their way up to their office. Little did either know that their world would erupt in a staccato of color.

Warning: nothing?

Word Count: 3,752

Dedication: @ all the people who are in the fanart contest bc they’re pouring their time into drawing ❤️

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A/N: Thomas and the kids.

It was a sunny, cloudless Saturday afternoon in New York. It was slightly chilly, given that it was still very early in March, but that didn’t stop Jefferson and the Hamilton children from visiting the New York Botanical Garden.

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Many Yosemite National Park visitors have heard of (as well as witnessed) the famous Firefall, a cherished tradition in which a bonfire was pushed over the edge of Glacier Point, creating a fiery spectacle. But did you know there was another Firefall?

In the 1920s, there were a few evenings when the Firefall was relocated to a different Yosemite landmark: Half Dome. Using pack mules, Curry Co. staff would haul gallons of used motor oil up to the summit, ignite the face of Half Dome, and “Let the fire fall!”

Photo courtesy of the Yosemite Research Library.