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The bidders when they fart

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Eisuke: This little shit’s the type to blame others as soon as he farts, but everyone already knows it’s him because he’s the only one who’d make a big fucking deal out of it. His farts aren’t that loud or anything, really. In fact, they come out in cute little “toots.” He’s secretly embarrassed at how lame his farts sound. 

Soryu: Silent but violent. His farts are barely audible, so normally he’d be able to get away with it, if not for the god-awful smell. With the sheer amount of omelets he consumes daily, his farts always smell like rotten eggs mixed with Satan’s asshole. No one can hear him fart, but they all just know it’s him based on the odor alone. When people make fun of him, he brings out his gun to shut them up.

Baba: He has no shame whatsoever. His farts are like a classic whoppee cushion—not too stinky, somewhat loud, but annoying as fuck. He likes to make a big joke out of his farts, sometimes purposely sitting beside Ota or Mamoru just to piss them off.

Ota: In his defense, he tries to be stealthy about it. He always raises his voice when he feels a poot coming on. Also, he farts in tiny intervals to soften the blow (and hopefully, pass it off as nothing). Still, sometimes he isn’t able to control his mini-farts, so his little toot becomes a loud-ass horn.

Mamoru: He’s another person who just doesn’t give a damn. His farts are loud and proud, and best of all, they smell like absolute shit. They’re so bad, that the bidders have cleared the room every time they hear (and smell) the rancid shitstorm that comes out of his ass. Too bad he doesn’t give a shit.

Shuichi: He tries his best not to fart in public as much as possible. He usually holds it in the whole day, but at the expense of his comfort. Sometimes, he has this face that looks like he’s concentrating deeply, but no, that’s just him desperately (and painfully) controlling his sphincter muscle. When he’s finally, finally alone at home, he lets out a fucking cannon.

Luke: For some reason, he has no problem announcing his farts beforehand. He’s the type to gingerly lift his butt up to let the fart out, and it comes out sounding like a deflating balloon. One time, the others teased him about it, so Luke, with a straight face, explained the entire intestinal gas dynamics of flatulence to them, complete with morbidly graphic descriptions. They never made fun of him again.

Hikaru: He tries to play it off cool, but he’s cursed with having those awful wet farts. Hell, his farts sound like those diarrhea-esque sharts that give you a heart attack because you just fucking know there’s going to be something in your underwear. Poor Hikaru always has to go the bathroom to let out an air biscuit, lest he face public humiliation.

MC: She must have been a goddamn saint in her previous life because she was blessed enough to have those soft, barely-there farts. Her farts come out in gentle tufts of air, somewhat like little bubbles popping in a bubble bath. Everyone is completely baffled at how her farts barely stink at all, and she tells them it’s because her luck is so shitty that she deserves at least one good thing in this godforsaken life.

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Can you please do Yoosung reacting to MC being a teen mom? Thx in advance 😘

Alright so as you can see, I sort of veered off a little bit with this request so I’m sorry about that! Out of every character, I see Yoosung as being the best dad so I got a bit carried away with this one! So thank you for the request and I hope that you enjoy!! ^^

  • Yoosung smiled to himself as he finished moving his clothing in his closet to make space for your clothing
  • Even though the two of you had only been on a few dates together, the love that the two of you shared was strong and evident
  • When you told Yoosung that you didn’t have enough money to pay for your apartment rent and that the landlady was kicking you out, he immediately asked if you wanted to stay with him
  • He wanted to get to know you better and Yoosung thought that living together would help strengthen your already powerful bond together
  • Yoosung was snapped out of his thoughts when he heard a knock on his front door, he rushed over and skidded to a stop
  • “Hey MC, welcome to your new home! Here let me help you move-” Yoosung stopped mid sentence when he saw tiny hands clutching your thigh
  • A small face peaked out from behind your waist to reveal a child that resembled you, making Yoosung gasp in surprise
  • “Um, hello to you as well Yoosung. I uh want you to meet Minho… my, my son.” You finished your sentence without meeting Yoosung’s eyes which you knew were widened with shock
  • “Oh! Does his mean that he’s my daddy?” The little boy asked you with a curious look as he stared at Yoosung
  • Yoosung’s eyes almost bulged out of their sockets when he heard Minho speak, he knew that you were only nineteen and this little boy had to be at least three years old
  • Not wanting to pry while in front of your son, Yoosung bent down so that he was level with Minho and ruffled his hair saying “Well, I’m not your dad Minho but that doesn’t mean we can’t be friends! Come on inside, we can unpack yours and your mom’s stuff then go to a nearby park.”
  • Minho jumped for joy as you mouthed ‘thank you’ to Yoosung who nodded understandingly as he helped bring yours and your son’s luggage inside
  • Once the three of you were finished unpacking for the day, you, Yoosung, and Minho went to the park as promised, you and Yoosung sat on a bench while watching Minho play on the playground
  • “Do you want to talk about it MC?” Yoosung asked with concerned and understanding laced in his voice as he intertwined his fingers with yours
  • “Yes, you deserve to know Yoosung. I gave birth to Minho about three and a half years ago. The father, Minho’s father… isn’t a very nice person. Let’s just say, I was never planning on having children for a very long time but his father didn’t care. As soon as Minho’s father found out that I was pregnant, he left me, only leaving behind some nasty bruises on my skin. I promise you Yoosung that I love and trust you with my entire heart.” You said with sadness in your eyes
  • Yoosung could only nod, he couldn’t believe that someone would leave you and your unborn child behind, he never wanted to be a man like that
  • “I know saying this won’t help, but I’m so sorry MC. Even though I was a little surprised to see that you had a son. I mean I can never be a good enough father figure for Minho but the two of you can still live with me for as long as you need to. It’ll be like a permanent slumber party!” Yoosung said with a sad smile as you patted his shoulder
  • Just as you were about to give Yoosung words of encouragement, you heard the screams of your little boy, making you and Yoosung rush over to him
  • Minho was sitting on the grass with dribbles of blood on his arm and large tears steaming down his cheeks as you asked your son in a concerned and terrified voice what happened
  • “I-I saw a b-bunny and wanted to pet him b-but he w-wasn’t a very nice bunny and b-bit me mommy!” Minho wailed, he cried even louder when you tried to touch his arm
  • “This is bad MC. If Minho got bitten by a wild animal then it could very easily get infected. We need to take him back home now.” Yoosung said in a serious and steady voice
  • He carefully picked up Minho, who buried his face in Yoosung’s chest as he continued to cry his little heart out, and the three of you quickly went home
  • Yoosung grabbed some antibiotics and started disinfecting Minho’s wound, the little boy squeezing your hand and you tried calming the little boy down as he cried every time Yoosung tried to dab some of the medical solution onto his bite mark
  • “S-stop papa Yoosung i-it hurts!” Minho cried out yet again, Yoosung sighed and told you two to wait as he left and when he came back, he handed Minho one of Yoosung’s old stuffed teddy bears
  • “Here Minho, this is my old stuffed teddy bear and his name is Happy. Every time you hold onto him he’ll give you the strength you need to succeed in anything! So if you hug Happy then he’ll make sure that when I clean your wound, it won’t hurt!” Yoosung said as you nodded in agreement to your son
  • Minho nervously agreed and cuddled the teddy bear tightly to his chest and squeezed his eyes shut as Yoosung was finally able to properly disinfect your son’s wound and bandaged it up
  • “Wow, it worked! Happy really did help me! Thanks so much papa Yoosung for helping me, I love you!” Minho exclaimed as he have Yoosung a huge hug, you noticed the giant grins on both of their faces
  • Once making sure Minho’s wound was completely okay, you and Yoosung tucked him in bed as he tightly held onto his new teddy bear whispering “Goodnight mommy, goodnight papa Yoosung, and goodnight Happy! I love you all so much!”
  • Yoosung quietly shut the door to Minho’s room, he felt a warmth inside of him at your son’s words as you hugged Yoosung’s waist
  • You kissed Yoosung’s cheek, saying “Maybe you should be a pediatrician instead of a veterinarian since you took such good care of Minho. But seriously, thank you Yoosung, for everything. For letting me live with you even though I didn’t tell you about my son, for understanding my situation, for helping Minho’s wound. I really can’t thank you enough for everything but I can always show you my gratitude if you want.“
  • Yoosung turned bright red but the two of you giggled as he gave you a sweet kiss but then his eyes widened and said “Oh! I should find some cookies recipes that me, you, and Minho can make for tomorrow night’s dessert!”
  • You softly laughed as you watched Yoosung scurry to the kitchen, you smiled to yourself thinking that Yoosung was wrong with his statement before, he would make an amazing father to Minho and eventually a loving husband

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Idk y but I want an MC that always gets id'd whenever her and her s/o goes to a bar since she looks so young, but in reality shes like 18-21, cause I feel like alot of people can connect this, specially ppl w/ ASIAN GENESSSSSS (LIKE USSSSSSSSS)


*trying to get into a club with MC*
Bouncer: I’m sorry these are so obviously fake
Yoosung: N-No sir, that’s definitely me…
Bouncer: This doesn’t even look like you- look your hair is all brown and dorky in this picture…
Yoosung: Please! I dyed my hair and besides- look at my girlfriend’s ID! She looks completely different in it too-
Bouncer: You’re right. She looks even younger in real life than in this photo- and she looks like she’s 12 on here… she also appears to have eyes… 
MC: HEY! I LOOK AT LEAST 14 BUDDY!… wait, what was that about my eyes?! 

*reading a magazine article about himself*
… the popular actor waves off to the side where his manager and ‘girlfriend’ is waiting patiently. At first we thought it was a joke, our Zen, getting himself a girlfriend when he’s been so loyal to us fans…and after seeing the teenager passing off as an adult to try to fool us- we remain wholly unconvinced of his relationship status… 
MC: But- you are a cradle robber. 
Zen: Woman! I’m like three months older than you!           

Random customer winks and gives a finger gun to Jaehee after being served a coffee by MC.
Jaehee: Um… thank you? I’m not quite sure what that’s for-
Customer: Just giving you props for being an out and proud-
Jaehee: bisexual? thank you-
Customer- -Cougar
Jaehee: ???
Customer: ????
Jaehee: She’s older than me? 
Customer:…. ahhhh- like the older women then?? *another wink and finger gun*
Jaehee: …Alright. No more coffee for you today. 

MC: Excuse me, Waiter? I would like to order a glass of wine-
Waiter: I’m sorry little lady, we don’t serve people under the legal age-
MC: Oh- hahaha, I’m legal!
Waiter: Please sir- control your little sister-
Jumin: *chokes on his wine. He reaches for her purse and takes out her ID and smacks it against the waiters face*
Waiter: I… Oh… I’m so sorry- you are indeed legal-
MC: *sweat drops* thats… that’s what matters to you right now??? 

*trying to get into a R18+ movie* 
MC: They won’t sell me a ticket! 
Saeyoung: Why not?! 
MC: I forgot my ID and they won’t believe that I’m over 18! 
Saeyoung: What?- well- you do look young. I’ll buy them. *goes to the counter, comes back instantly with two tickets* 
MC: Oh yes! …wait… these are tickets for Moana… 
MC:… You didn’t even try did you? 
Saeyoung:…. the reviews said it was really good… 

MC: *reading a racy manga in public* 
Offended Old Passerby: Sir! Your young friend is reading material that isn’t-
MC: *gives them the finger*
OOP: WHY I NEVER! As the older party here aren’t you going to tell her off?!
Saeran: *gives them both fingers*
Saeran: *turns to MC and points to a picture* We should try that position when we get home. 
MC: … why wait until we get home? 
Saeran: I love you. So much, 

MC trying to enter V’s exhibition 
Guard: Honey- listen, you can’t come in OK- this exhibition is for adults only. 
MC: You don’t understand-
Guard: Look there’s some pretty intense nudity in there and it wouldn’t be right for me to allow you in without some form of ID
MC: I forgot it in my other purse- oh! V! V, over here! 
V: Hey MC! What’s wrong?
Guard: Sir, she has no ID and I can’t allow someone into the exhibit when they could be exposed to such-
V: She was the model for the entire series
Guard: *nosebleeds*
MC: So I guess I can go in and look at my own naked ass right? Thanks buddy! 

  • Zen: Why are you dating Jumin Han, MC?
  • MC: Excuse me?
  • Zen: Why? Is it pity? Maybe he paid you. Or maybe he's threatening you! Could it be that he is holding you in prison and wouldn't let you go until you say yes.
  • MC: ...
  • Zen: He's holding you against your will, is he?!
  • MC: Not this again... *walks away*
  • Zen: Is he huge?
  • MC: ...
  • Zen: Sorry... Let me rephrase that.
  • Zen: IS HE HUGE?!
  • MC: what are you doing yoosung
  • Yoosung: um
  • Yoosung: what am i not doing
  • MC: your homework yoosung
  • MC: you're not going to graduate college if you don't do it yoosung
  • MC: and you won't get a job yoosung
  • MC: how are you support us and our children yoosung
  • MC: i'm not pregnant but i will have a child to make a point yoosung
  • MC: why are you running yoosung
  • MC: stop crying yoosung
  • MC: goddammit yoosung

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RFA + minor trio being protective of MC?

I hope you like this anon! btw as much as I like vanderwood, I have no idea how to write him and feel like I won’t do justice if I did so i’ll have to leave him out for this one, sorry. If I do learn how to write him i’ll include him in my future scenarios btw I feel like I went to far from what’s supposed to be yikes, i tried to show different kinds of protectiveness though!


  • Yoosung was ecstastic because MC would be visiting his university to write a report about 
  • “I’m confused MC what’s this for again?”
  • “I’m telling you Yoosung, I need a survey from universities nearby. Why? You don’t want me to visit?”
  • “Of course I want! It’s just I can’t believe you’d pick my school when there’s one much closer to yours”
  • “Silly, it’s scary going to an unknown university alone. Knowing you’d be there puts me to ease” 
  • She kissed his cheek as he sighed in content
  • The following day, Yoosung waited for MC, giddy but anxious
  • But she didn’t really come on the time she said she would be going
  • So he looked for her
  • And he found her talking to some of his friends 
  • They were all crowding her as she happily talked to them
  • He felt himself go itchy seeing the scene but willed it away
  • But when one of his friends grabbed a hold of her hand muttering a “You’re beautiful”, he quickly got to her side and placed his arm around her shoulder
  • “I see you’ve met my girlfriend”
  • He made sure to emphasize on the word as his friends stared at him in bewilderment
  • “She’s your girlfriend? Oh sorry bro I didn’t mean to-”
  • “Yeah yeah it’s totally cool I just wanted you guys to know”
  • They put their hands up as they snickered at how jealous he’s becoming
  • Yoosung turned her around as they started walking the other direction, waving his hand 
  • Once they got to a deserted hallway he pinned her to the wall
  • Grasping his hands on her hips he started making out with her
  • You’re mine” He growled
  • “Yoosung” she said breathless against him as he started attacking her neck with kisses
  • “Yoosung what are you doing”
  • “Showing them who you belong to”
  • He gave her one last hard kiss as he pulled on her hand 
  • “Cmon, you still have a report to make”
  • “You can’t just do that!”


  • Zen wanted to take MC as his plus one in the party celebrating the success of the musical he was in
  • She was dressed in a slightly revealing dress and when she came out Zen had his mouth hung low
  • Placing butterfly kisses along her collarbone he said
  • “Don’t tempt me tonight, Babe”
  • Booping on his nose she slightly pushed him away
  • “Whoa there control yourself”
  • Zen pouted as they drove to their destination
  • There were many people, the crew included
  • Zen was actually mingling alot with the people around so he kind of left MC
  • She was slightly mad but she knows he means no harm
  • But she was quite bored 
  • So she took a few drinks and was starting to have fun with the company of other people
  • Zen was still nowhere to be found
  • One guy found his way to her and started talking to her
  • He was alright and didn’t look like he would do something bad so they talked nearly all night
  • With each passing minute MC kept drinking and before she knew it she was buzzed
  • She was faltering in her steps as the guy steadied her
  • “You know what you’re a cute little drunk lady. Do you want to come home with me?” He smirked
  • MC felt disgusted and pushed him off 
  • She then felt strong arms around her as she was pulled towards Zen’s body
  • “This cute little drunk lady is with me” The intensity of his glare made MC shrink back a bit
  • “If you so ever lay another hand on her I will ruin you, do you understand?”
  • The guy gulped as he left
  • “Now cmon little lady, you made me worry tonight”


  • MC was in his office again
  • I mean what can she say? It was quite boring to be in the penthouse all day
  • She was acually roaming around the building and was greeting people wherever she goes
  • They all adore her
  • They all adore her to the point where MC starts receiving these mysterious flowers
  • She doesn’t know where it comes from but it always appears in her desk in her own little personal office Jumin made especially for her
  • She thought it was Jumin who sent them but when she asked if he went to a florist that day he was only confused
  • These flowers even had notes in them like
  • ‘You are beautiful’
  • ‘The brightness of the sun cannot compare to you’
  • ‘You capture the hearts of many, and I am enraptured by you’
  • She thought it was pretty sweet but it felt awkward coming from another person
  • So she was trying to find out who this was, going around trying to find possible clues
  • Jumin noticed her odd actions thought and confronted her about it
  • She was slightly embarassed to be honest
  • “Um.. its just i’ve been trying to find out who keeps giving me these flowers”
  • Jumin stared at her blankly
  • Someone was… giving her flowers?
  • A sudden possesiveness came over him
  • Someone was sending his love flowers. Only he can do something as intimate
  • So when he told MC to check the CCTV she slapped a hand to her face for not thinking about it earlier
  • So they were rewinding tapes and Jumin would not go back to his duties until the culprit was found
  • This guy doesn’t give flowers to someone’s beloved and get away from it, no
  • So they caught this guy and Jumin confronted him telling him to stay away from MC and that she was his and his only
  • Everyday after that, Jumin would send her the most extravagant of bouquets 


  • Jaehee and MC were working in their coffee shop when a bunch of rowdy customers came in
  • They were really causing a ruckus and everyone was getting annoyed
  • But MC still had to accomodate them
  • They starting snickering at her when she came over
  • “She’s so ugly” one said
  • MC was suddenly aware of how she looked and how she acted
  • She was feeling really insecure as she clenched her fist, willing her tears away
  • But still she put a brave smile on
  • “What would you guys want to have?” She asked
  • “Hm, we’ll have the other waitress please” 
  • The group laughed and high fived each other as MC looked down
  • Soon arms wrapped around her shoulders as Jaehee stood menacingly towards them
  • They slightly cowarded at the look she was giving them as Jaehee spoke in a firm, commanding voice
  • “If you want to speak like that to the people working here then you will never be welcome back to this place. MC is the owner of this cafe and I would not tolerate your harsh words towards her, now pick your bags up and leave this instance” 
  • MC could tell Jaehee was holding back and when the group scurried over to the door, one gave them a look before sticking their tongue out and walking away
  • Jaehee’s glasses broke as she strated marching, wanting to judo them into oblivion
  • MC grabbed her wrist to stop her and kissed her cheek
  • “Thank you for saving me”
  • “Of course, MC. I would never let them do anything to you”
  • The next following days, Jaehee had been watching each and every customer MC served like a hawk
  • And everytime there was someone remotely rude to her she was sure to come and give them a piece of their mind


  • They were at at disneyland celebrating their anniversary
  • MC loved the fact that Seven really does go out of his way when he really wants to
  • He was supposed to be working on something important but told her he would come on a condition that she would let him work sometime of the day while they were there
  • MC agreed because she understood the weight of his task 
  • So here they are, hand in hand struting along
  • They were having fun, playing games and riding different kinds of rides
  • MC loved taking pictures with the mascots
  • She especially loved taking pictures with mickey
  • He was actually very… clingy
  • But MC being oblivious paid no mind
  • He would link his arm around hers and they would walk together
  • Seven could almost feel the smirk behind the mask
  • They both kind of fought for MC
  • Mickey stayed with them for a duration of time and he would actually hold her hand
  • MC thought it was super cute 
  • Seven then decided to grab her other hand and kiss it, making her laugh by cracking some jokes
  • Then mickey bent down a bit and pointed at his cheek
  • MC kissed it
  • “That damn mouse, what is he doing with my girlfriend”
  • Seven then tried to drag her along to come to  another place but mickey came along with them, often dancing and getting cheek kisses from MC
  • Seven was fuming
  • He gave mickey the harshest glare he could muster and dragged MC away from him for good this time
  • Mickey created sad gestures as he skipped away
  • Seven breathed in relief
  • They spent a good amount of time after that until Seven told her he needed to work with the guilt on his face
  • MC gave his hand a little squeeze “It’s completely fine, I’m just going to play with the arcades here”
  • So Seven found a secluded place to stay and work but can’t help but feel something wrong at the back of his mind
  • After enconding some things, he got up to look for her
  • And lo and behold again it was mickey standing by her
  • This time with his mask off so he could see the man behind it
  • They were laughing as Seven came up to them and gripped her waist
  • Spinning her around he gave her a deep kiss
  • They were practicically were making out in front of mickey
  • He got so embarassed and apologized as he walked away
  • That’s right you mouse, get away from me my love 
  • “Seven! what are you doing!” MC asked in shock with her cheeks tinted red
  • He gave her a little peck on the lips 
  • “Just needed to show him who you belong to, I’ve always like goofy more than him anyways”


  • They were strolling by the bay, a little getaway for them
  • Saeyoung suggested an outing with just the three of them
  • Saeran was reluctant but the fact that MC would be there coaxed him into it
  • I mean he probably wouldn’t allow MC and Saeyoung to be alone
  • So here they are at a secluded bay Saeyoung found
  • Seyoung was back in their little campsite to give them some privacy because cmon he only wanted to have this outing to play cupid
  • So MC and Saeran walked, fingers brushing against the other
  • His cheeks were tinted a light pink because of their proximity
  • But when MC moved away Saeran slightly grumbled
  • She only stood atop of the mini wall that seperates the ground from the sea
  • Easy to fall over to the other side 
  • Saeran’s eyes widened a fraction 
  • “You idiot, get down”
  • MC pouted
  • “Aw why are you such a meanie, Saeran. Killing the fun”
  • “I”m not killing the fun, i’m serious get down from there”
  • “Get down from where? I can’t hear you”
  • She made faces and giggled 
  • As she was laughing, her footing stumbled and she shrieked as she was wobbling to get her balance
  • Saeran’s face darkened as he quickly got to her and yanked on her arm, pulling her and crashing unto him, making them both fall down
  • Saeran was hugging MC close to him, his heart racing at what could have been
  • MC was still in a state of shock and thought Saeran was mad at her
  • But when she found the gentle caress of his hands trembling, that’s when she knew he was terrified
  • “G-God MC you” His voice was laced with worry
  • MC bashfully faced him and looked down where she was fiddling with his shirt
  • “I’m sorry”
  • “You better be sorry. Look what could have happened if I didn’t!- You could have- Ugh” 
  • Saeran tightly held her in his arms again
  • “I don’t want to lose you”
  • MC held him tighter
  • “You won’t, I promise”

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Hi! You've opened requsets again! It's so great! Can you please write some hc about how rfa + Saeran + V is nervous in wedding day with MC? In Jaehee case it can be that Jaehee is a bridesmaid or just helped a lot to organize that wedding.

Aww, this is so sweet! Hope you like these. 


  • Normally, he’s really confident about things
  • But today he’s a mess
  • He’s in between wanting to see you and running out the door
  • Super fidgety
  • He keeps asking all the RFA members questions
  • “Is the tie straight? Does my hair look fine? How much time do we have left?” 
  • They all give him respective pep talks
  • By the time he’s standing at the altar, his palms are sweaty
  • And he can’t stop singing under his breath
  • Bounces on his toes
  • But when he sees you walking down the aisle in the dress, his heart calmed down
  • He didn’t even see anyone else there…only you


  • Nervous chuckles at everything
  • Seven has to shake him out of it
  • “Dude, why are you laughing so much?”
  • He starts wandering off because his mind is just anxious
  • Caused a lot of panic at one point
  • “MC, your groom is missing!”
  • “What?!”
  • “Oh, no…false alarm. He just went to the bathroom…at the restaurant across the street.”
  • He nervously chuckles again “I brought churros!” But the bag is empty
  • You thought it was a joke until you kiss him at the altar and taste the cinnamon 
  • He doesn’t calm down until the reception when you two are having your first dance


  • You asked her to be your maiden of honor
  • But she also did a lot of the planning with you
  • She’s so nervous something is going to go wrong
  • She’s checking on you every two minutes
  • “MC, you have your bouquet? You have your veil?”
  • “Yes! Yes!” 
  • “Last question….you sure about getting married?” 
  • “Jaehee!”
  • She teases you, but honestly she’s very happy for you
  • Still nervous she’s going to trip walking down the aisle though
  • She loosens up at the reception….you know, after a few glasses of wine


  • He’s not very superstitious, so he kind of wants to see you before the wedding
  • When the others say he can’t until you walk down the aisle…that’s when he starts getting nervous
  • He doesn’t want to be left alone with his thoughts
  • So he starts a fight with Zen to try to get his mind off of things
  • “Zen…start chattering away about yourself like you always do.” 
  • “What’s that supposed to mean???”
  • Constantly flattening his tux and adjusting his cuff links
  • Lots of pacing
  • He finally calms down when the procession starts
  • Stoic Jumin Han actually tears up when he sees you walk down the aisle
  • Doesn’t remember why he was nervous in the first place


  • He’s super nervous something is going to go wrong
  • He wants to stress eat a little
  • But Zen and Yoosung keep taking away the bag of Honey Buddha Chips
  • They insist that he can’t get anything all greasy
  • When he starts getting really anxious, he says he needs to MC before the ceremony
  • But, he also doesn’t want to see her in her dress until it’s time
  • So they arrange it so the two of them could talk to each other on opposite sides of the door
  • Seven calms down a little when he can hold your hand
  • When it’s time to get on the altar, he gets super scared he’s going to mess up the vows
  • Everything goes on without a hitch though
  • He doesn’t truly calm down until halfway through the reception, where it just feels like normal party


  • He’s super nervous since he never made a life commitment like this before
  • He keeps doubting himself
  • He’s scared that he won’t be good enough for you
  • He needs a lot of affirmation from his friends and his brother
  • He’s super jittery though and easily startled by everything
  • He blanks out a lot while waiting for the ceremony to start
  • He soon forgets his anxieties when you walk down the aisle
  • He’s mesmerized by you and thinks of how lucky he is
  • He’s still a bit nervous throughout the vows and things, but the reception is just with close friends and family
  • So he gets a lot more comfortable
  • But he’s holding your hand a lot


  • He’s really nervous, but excited
  • He wanted life to start fresh with you
  • But he still had some reservations because he was scared of his past faults
  • Jumin has to talk some sense into him when he thinks that
  • V just keeps talking to him to get his mind off of things
  • When he saw you in the dress, he was breathless
  • He had never been happier that he gotten the eye surgery
  • Loosened up to his normal self once the dancing started 

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Jumin's route in a nutshell

Mc: Omg Jumin you’re so funny! Elizabeth is such an adorable cat!

Jumin: Haha, You’re cute too. I just wish my Dad didn’t flirt with several women smh

Mr. Chairman: So this is my new bae~ *points at Glam* Hey yo marry this chick cause I told you to. *points to Sarah*

Jumin: Oh hell no!

707: hey guys the hacker’s dangerous and at large-

Zen: so like Jumin I had a dream where your cat was in this mountain castle place -

Jumin: Oh hell no! *skips work, protects Ellizabeth 3rd*


Jumin: No.

Mc: Aw poor Jumin, I’m going to your house to help you

Jumin: good sh*t 👌👌👌👀✔️

Mc: *shows up at Jumin’s house* Heya

Jumin: … *blushes* hi

Mc: Is that Elizabeth in that cage?

Jumin: Ya *opens cage, Elizabeth runs away*

Mc: …

Jumin: bad sh*t 👎👎👎👀✖️

Mc: …

Jumin: Mc, plz don’t leave this house, I wanna protect you. I’m not replacing Elizabeth by keeping you here

Mc: K, sweet

Sarah: *Looks at Mc* WHO ARE YOU??

Mc: Uh-

Jumin: Omg Sarah go away, I don’t want you.

Sarah: But Jumin~

Jumin: Stop.

Sarah: No!

Jumin: *groans and turns to kiss Mc*

Sarah: UGH *runs off*

Jumin: Mc, I’ve realized I don’t need Elizabeth 3rd.. I only need you.

Mc: okay sweet good sh*t 👌👌👌👀✔️

Jaehee: is it okay for you two to be together for this long??

Jumin: *pulls Mc to his side* Tbh, we’re practically married at this point

Yoosung: SEVEN AND I FOUND ELIZABETH- wait Elly no not my keyboard!!!

Zen: Keep that Cat away from me!

Jumin: *gives genuine compliments, acting super sentimental, gives Jaehee days off*

Zen, Jaehee, & Yoosung: Holy Sh*t..

707: LOLOLOLOL- help me… help…V… please call me back.


Jumin: I can’t take of Elizabeth anymore. I was a bad owner.

V: That’s ridiculous. Take her back.

Jumin: Ok

707: V, we need to talk after the party.

Jumin: Guys we still need to convince my Father that Glam and Sarah are bad people.

Jaehee and 707: HEY LOOK EVIDENCE! *throws it at Jumin who shows it to Mr. Chairman*

Mr. Chairman: *looks at Jumin* so like I found out that I was being used for my $$$, I’m outie. *leaves*

Glam: Waittt no-!

Jumin: I’m suing.

Glam: sh*t! *runs off with Sarah*

Jumin: *looks at Paparazzi* Hey everybody this is my bae* points at Mc*

Sleep Talking RFA++


  • Sometimes, Yoosung yells in his sleep
  • And not like screaming because a monster is chasing him
  • He’s shouting about LOLOL gameplay
  • More than once, MC is jolted awake by Yoosung screaming out an attack
  • MC will get him back sometimes by smacking him with a pillow and waking him up
  • One morning, she’s really angry because she got maybe two hours of sleep that night because of all his yelling, so she texts Seven and they set up an elaborate prank and screw with Yoosung for a solid 48 hours


  • It can vary wildly with Jaehee
  • If she’s having a nightmare, she usually says the words “Mr. Han” “C-hair” or is muttering something about cat projects or so much paperwork, etc
  • If she’s having a good dream she usually mentions Zen, Jalapeños, or coffee
  • MC gets kinda jealous because Jaehee never mentions them
  • And Jaehee sleep talks constantly
  • Like, every night for at least an hour
  • At some point, MC needs to go out of town for a week
  • First of all, without the sound of Jaehee’s voice, they have trouble sleeping
  • Second, when they get back, Jaehee acts pretty cool about their absence… but then cries out their name in her sleep
  • MC cuddles the crap out of Jaehee’s back that night because they feel loved


  • Sometimes he recites his lines in his sleep
  • Especially if it’s something he’s currently working on
  • More than once, he recites really cheesy, romantic lines
  • And because he’s the kind of guy who always wants to be cuddling while sleeping, and loves being the big spoon, he usually says it into her hair or the back of her neck
  • During one musical, Zen has to say some super raunchy, sexual things, and he mutters all of it into MC’s ear
  • It completely wrecks her system
  • One night, she needs a break and goes to sleep on the couch after he’s already asleep
  • Halfway through the night, he wakes up because he’s cold without her
  • When he realizes she’s gone, he freaks out
  • After discovering her asleep on the couch, Zen picks her up and carries her back to bed


  • He rolls over just as MC is waking up and pulls her into his arms while he’s fast asleep
  • He says, “I love you… Elizabeth….”
  • MC only wakes up enough to register another woman’s name leaving his lips and get angry but not enough to remember Elizabeth is the cat
  • So she shoots up in her spot in bed, jolting Jumin awake and shouts, “Who the FUCK is Elizabeth?!”
  • A small argument ensues with both of them in a sleep fog when Elizabeth herself hops up on the bed
  • “Oh right… the cat….” MC says.
  • Jumin can’t help it, he starts laughing
  • She’s horribly embarrassed
  • All through the next day, Jumin can’t stop smiling and has to excuse himself from a meeting because he can’t hold in his laughter


  • Okay, Saeyoung sleep talks in all the languages he knows at once.
  • All of them
  • At the same time
  • MC just starts recording what he’s saying so that she can figure it out in the morning
  • Sometimes Saeyoung translates, sometimes he doesn’t
  • The stuff he translates is usually super random and funny
  • “Don’t let the duck escape! Ah! It’s got a jet pack! Watch it gooooo!”
  • “You can’t brush a cat with a pickle, silly!”
  • “I can’t find my computer. Did it marry the toaster like it threatened?”
  • One time, he blushes super deep (he practically turns into a tomato) when he hears what he said and refuses to answer
  • MC tries everything in her power to translate what was said, but can’t figure most of it out because it’s all different languages
  • Eventually Saeyoung takes pity on her and whispers the answer in her ear
  • It’s her turn to turn into a tomato


  • When he’s only half awake, he sometimes forgets he’s blind
  • Like, he thinks it’s still night and goes right back to sleep
  • One time he got up and went to turn on the light, but when there was no light, and V was super confused
  • He kept flicking the switch until MC told him to knock it off
  • He started freaking out, “MC I can’t see!”
  • “Yeah? What’s your point?”
  • “This is serious!”
  • “I’ll take you to the hospital in the morning. Now turn off the light and come back to bed.”
  • In the morning she teased him about it
  • “Oh no! You still can’t see! Lets get you to the hospital! Something could be seriously wrong!”
  • The next time something like that happens, she just convinces him the lightbulb is out


  • When he sleep talks, it’s nightmares
  • MC usually just rolls over, holds him from behind, and tells him everything is going to be okay
  • He doesn’t care for cuddling that much (mind you, he’s not opposed, he just likes his personal space), especially when he’s sleeping
  • But when he wakes with MC attached to his back he usually thinks that maybe MC had a nightmare
  • Then she has a real nightmare, is tossing and turning all night, and immediately tells him once they’re both awake
  • Pretty quick he realizes he’s having nightmares and what she’s doing for him
  • He becomes slightly more affectionate after that

Mystic Messenger x Rune Factory AU Rune Messenger? Mystic Factory?

For those who don’t know, Rune Factory is a farming/dungeon-crawling/dating simulation; literally a fantasy Harvest Moon

In the tradition of RF protagonists, MC winds up in a town disoriented and with amnesia. With no recollection of what brought her to town or her life beforehand, she is allowed to live on the farm that once belonged to Rika, who disappeared two years ago. Despite her amnesia, she is a hard worker and is looking forward to creating new memories with the townspeople.

Anime You Probably Misjudged

Here are some titles that you probably have heard and never watched because of various factors BUT do deserve a watch! I shall justify: 

B Gata H Kei: Yamada’s First Time - Most people look at Yamada’s cast and say: “Wow, just another harem anime with lots of large-breasted girls and a stupid boy character” and if you think that, then shame on you! I am a teenage girl, meaning I am not into the harem stories, and I wholly found this show to have some of the best comedy in anime. Most of all, this show makes fun of the genre it appears to portray, to the point of hilarity. Definitely deserves a watch. 

Red Data Girl - Most people who have heard of RDG and have decided against watching it have done so because it is not an extremely popular show, so they think it’s not good. Others may be put off by the protagonist, who is shy. Well, shame on you! RDG was a show I decided to watch just because it popped up on Netflix, and I got to say that it deserves more love. The story is a fresh take on the supernatural genre and our heroine is admirable and someone you will be rooting for the whole time. 

Spice and Wolf - The first thing people think when they look at Spice and Wolf is that this show is furry fanservice and just someone’s pervy fantasy. Shame on you! If you think by glance that Spice and Wolf is some sexed-up anime, then you are sorely mistaken because it is no where even close to that. This show follows Laurence, a merchant, and Holo, the wolf god of harvest, on their journey to the north and mainly explores medieval economics (which might not sound exciting but it is!) and their relationship. 

Maid Sama! - You throw a maid into the picture and suddenly everyone judges the show! This anime is my favorite romance to date and has the absolute most kick-ass protagonist because she is so focused on helping her family while being a straight A student, the student council president, and working at a maid cafe. She has no room for love, and rather than having the love interest fall for her because of her looks or other superficial things, he falls for her brains, determination, and strong convictions. 

Good Luck Girl! - This is an underrated anime. Most people have never heard of it, which is a crying shame because it was one of the funniest shows I have seen and has some really good art. Some people might have decided not to watch this one because the protagonist is kind of a huge bitch, but that is the point! Not every MC has to be a good person! This show will make your sides for from laughing. 

Ghost Stories - This show is one of a kind. In almost every way, it is awful. Horrible art, horrible characters, horrible story. Bad show all around EXCEPT for the dub. The story behind it is that this show was so bad that when Funimnation was asked to dub it, they were told to do it in any way they could just to make it bearable to watch, so they decided to make a gag dub, meaning that almost every line of dialogue that was in the original has been replaced by something super hilarious and raunchy. Don’t believe me? Just look it up on YouTube. The dub of ghost stories is the single most funny show I have ever watched. Period. 

Any other shows I missed??