“The Apollo program created a zeitgeist in the country where science was seen as a way to take us into the future. And once that attitude descends on a culture, it affects everything. It affects what you want to be when you grow up. It affects how government monies are spent. It affects how people treat the field of science….

I see it as three-pronged: the teachers, the actual agencies that fund curiosity-driven research, and then the vision statement. And the vision statement comes from saying, ‘We’re going to Mars,’ 'We’re going to land on an asteroid,’ 'We’re going to understand the nature of the universe.’ All three of these together I think is the one-two-three punch that can take us out of our doldrums and put us back in the leadership role that so many of us took for granted in the 20th century.”


– Neil DeGrasse Tyson, on the factors that lead to scientific innovation and popular acceptance of science, from this conversation

(One thing he doesn’t mention, though, is science fiction, and more broadly, popular portrayals of science.  As a kid, I enjoyed watching Star Trek:  The Next Generation, and I also had an affinity for many other forms of science fiction.  I think that may be a big part of why I personally have strong, positive views towards science.)

“You want the highest possible quality of life for as many citizens as possible. If for no other reason than that it makes your life safer. Lions and tigers are bears are dangerous—don’t get me wrong—but the thing to be afraid of is other people. When other people are desperate and want your food and treasure, they’re going to take it. So you want everybody’s quality of life to be high enough so they’re not motivated.”

Bill Nye (The Science Guy) explains wealth distribution in a way that even conservatives can understand. Nye was interviewed on Point of Inquiry 07/11/11 in relation to Nye receiving the “In Praise of Reason” award at the first annual CSIcon.

Steven Pinker: Using Grammar as a Tool, Not as a Weapon

Steven Pinker: Using Grammar as a Tool, Not as a Weapon

I listened to this Point of Inquiry podcast at lunch today, and thought many of you might find it interesting: Steven Pinker: Using Grammar as a Tool, Not as a Weapon | Point of Inquiry.

The English language is often treated as delicate and precious, and disagreements about what is “proper English” go back as far as the 18th century. Then as now, style manuals and grammar books placed innumerable…

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Cara the Science Nerd

a little montage I put together of Cara Santa Maria - You can never have too much Cara!

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cara_Santa_Maria :
“Cara has a M.S. in neurobiology and is a science correspondent, writer, producer and television personality.

She is the host of Take Part Live on Pivot TV and TechKnow on Al Jazeera America.

She was the senior science correspondent and host of the "Talk Nerdy to Me” series for The Huffington Post until April 2013.

She officially joined The Young Turks Network in May 2013.

Cara also has a B.S. in psychology.

Until 2009, Santa Maria worked as an adjunct college professor and laboratory researcher.

She co-produced and hosted a pilot entitled Talk Nerdy to Me for HBO, but it never went to air.

Santa Maria has appeared on Larry King Live (CNN), Geraldo at Large (Fox News), Parker Spitzer (CNN), Studio 11 (Fox LA), The Young Turks (CurrentTV), Attack of the Show! (G4), The War Room with Jennifer Granholm (CurrentTV), LatiNation (CBS), The Nerdist (BBC America), and SoCal Connected (KCET).

Santa Maria co-hosts Hacking the Planet and The Truth About Twisters on The Weather Channel.

She makes regular appearances on popular YouTube programs, such as Stan Lee’s FanWars, Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop, and The Point.[8] She has also guested on multiple podcasts, such as The Nerdist Podcast, Point of Inquiry, and the Joe Rogan Experience.


Center for Inquiry Podcast Team Resigns in protest of Ronald Lindsay remarks and aftermath.

Chris Mooney, Indre Viskontas, and Adam Isaak, the two co-hosts and producer respectively of the Center for Inquiry podcast Point of Inquiry announce their resignation in protest of Ronald Lindsay’s Women in Secularism 2 opening remarks and subsequent actions. Their resignation had been submitted to management the day before Ronald Lindsay’s apology.

Hi guys! I’m Elizabeth (my more fandom-y blog is street-light-eyes), and I play Victoria. I’m really, really excited about this! Thanks again to Jackie for starting this up; it’s such a great idea. I love being involved in fandom-related things like this.

Anyway, I’m posting here because I’m wondering what you think about accents? I’m not sure what everyone’s nationality/native language is here, so I don’t know if anyone is actually British, yadayada. Should we attempt to read lines in English accents? I know not everyone is able to do an accent either, and it’s all fine; I was just wondering what your opinions are on it?

“There is some grain of truth to the idea that the anti-GMO movement in Europe is, to some extent, an anti-American movement, or at least a movement that…is worried about the Americanisation of Europe.”

Jonathan D. Morano, Sr. Fellow at the Center for American Progress, addresses the opinion differences between the political left in Europe and the US. Morano was interviewed on Point of Inquiry 24/10/2011 and the topic of the interview was “Our new biopolitics”. The quote appears at 16:30.  

FRANK ZINDLER -The Christ Myth

Frank Zindler - The Christ Myth

March 7, 2011

Host: Robert M. Price

One of the most effective (not to mention hilarious) speakers for atheism and secular humanism today is Frank Zindler, author, linguist, translator, Bible scholar, and scientist—truly a Renaissance Man.

He is an advocate as well for the much-despised but increasingly hard to ignore Christ Myth hypothesis, which he has ably defended in books such as The Jesus the Jews Never Knew and articles like “Where Jesus Never Walked.”

He was acting President of American Atheists in 2008 and is editor of both The American Atheist Magazine and American Atheist Press. Frank has also been on the ground floor of The Jesus Project and the Secular Criticism of the Bible group of the Society of Biblical Literature. Though a veteran in the rationalist field, Frank Zindler always manages to supply new and unique insights even on the most familiar questions.

He has debated William Lane Craig and many others. Come and see if he’ll be just as tough on Point of Inquiry host Robert M. Price!

anonymous asked:

Your portrayal of a flawed character is beyond incredible. Elita-One, in all respects, is supposed to account for a female equivalent of Optimus's leadership (which, in short, wasn't put into detail in Generation One). You developed a strong, independent warrior that also has sentiment and gentleness in a war-torn world, well done!

Anonymously tell me what you think of me and/or my portrayal.

Oh my goodness, ahhhhhhh thank-you so much my friend (as always) you are too kind to me. See like, that’s one of my BIGGEST things about her character, and it’s something people ask me all the time! I don’t want her to be ‘female Optimus Prime’ I want her to be ELITA. (Which is weird as a elitaprime shipper but yeah). I want her to stand on her own, be her own independent character you know? Like nah bruh, she’s just as strong, probably just as (or more) capable of leading, and is 100% original.

So yeah, thank you so much, you have no idea how much it means to me; all the positivity and support for my portrayal, my blog, and the character in general. All the warm fuzzies <3

[ meme reference ]

anonymous asked:

Captain, Your clothes looked very elegant, Stylish and Stunning.

     “Why thank you, anonymous individual. It is intended to be, or I would not go through so much trouble to keep sets of similiar attire for when the others are destroyed.“ Fighting crocodiles is fairly ruining of one’s clothing.