hey, family.

to begin: i know that it’s not coming from a place of wanting to hurt me. that you want what you see as best for me. i know i’m not capable of making every executive decision with my current level of experience. but i feel as though every conversation ends in the same place and it’s really fucking with me.

mom. you have made it very clear that i am the failed first attempt. every time you talk to me, it’s to say that you’re worried i’m going to fail out of college. i get it. i understand that you don’t think i’m capable of keeping up with a college math class. you want me to go to a safety school, because you don’t want to take any risks with me. you’ve made your point. crystal. i don’t even respond to it anymore because i’ve run out of responses to give you. 

dad. you blindly follow what mom says. ask me questions about things you don’t involve yourself in, even a little. when you’re not yelling at me for things you quite literally do not know anything about (i am not being facetious here, nor is that a dig at your intelligence. it’s just draining to get a lecture on my work ethic and then have you ask mom to give you the rundown on what you’re even yelling about. makes me feel fucking delightful), you’re telling me i’m too quiet and i should be more a part of the family. 

an interlude: you have made it completely impossible for me to show any emotional vulnerability. i can’t tell you about my issues, and i can’t tell you when other people make me upset, or when they’re in bad circumstances. because you will and have consistently turned everything i do tell you against me. you laughed at me when i said i would miss you when i leave. you are the reason i find it so hard to open up to anyone. 

brother. you are the root of my insecurity. do you know how fucking hard it is to be told, “you need to be more like your younger brother”? it’s devastating. you’re three years my younger. i feel like a complete fuckup in comparison to you. “you know, you may test better, but he’s smarter than you, so don’t let it get to your head” word for word, i remember what mom said. being compared to you ruined any sense of self-confidence i had. i got a fucking 36 on the ACT and it means nothing because it doesn’t matter what i get on any test, you’re smarter than me. mom wants you to be the one to go to a prestigious school. you aren’t a financial risk. you know they like you more. you’re a condescending douchebag about it. but it doesn’t matter it never matters because at least you’re the model child. you didn’t throw away your education and you’re not going to flunk out of university. im sorry. i dont even dislike you, even though you’re honestly thin-skinned as hell, a snitch, and have an infuriating morality complex. you make me angry sometimes, but more than anything i just hate that you got what i didn’t.

sister. you may be a real control freak sometimes, may think you’re the only opinion that matters, may be incredibly high-strung and addicted to “i-told-you-so"s, but you do make me happy sometimes and i do notice you putting in effort a lot of the time. thank you. 

in conclusion: less than a year from now, i’ll be gone. i love you guys, but i think i need that. i need to be around people who support me and who i can be vulnerable around. i am exhausted.

experiment #1


This was an assignment for my Visual Storytelling class at SCAD this year, in which I had to adapt a DC comic sample script featuring Batman (I don’t know who the author of said script was).

The original script was much more violent and a bit controversial with the villain being an Iraqi bomber to the point where it made me feel uncomfortable so with the okay of the teacher I decided to cartoonify it up a bit more and made the villain look more non-human making sure he wouldn’t be connected with any race. Another example of me changing something from the script was that originally there was no giant baby, just a regular sized baby (and I still have no idea why the baby was in that room with the old man and the young couple in the bed about to do who knows what!).

Also if you look at the bottom left of the second page you can see me and Zally Alley looking shocked among the panicking people.

Phew, just dodged a possible plot point that would have made it really hard to get things going in the direction I wanted without making someone way out of this world unsympathetic.

In the blackmail story, I realized that I had explicitly put in that Keith never told Lance what happened to his dad. Then I realized Keith’s mom left for space, where his dad couldn’t reach her, and the last thing he’d want to do is forget his feelings for the mother of his child. So I nearly traumatized Keith by having his Dad die from Hanahaki, then have Lance refusing to get treatment bringing back up that old trauma.

Thankfully I remembered in time that Keith’s Dad would have realized his love was requited, so even if he missed her. He wouldn’t catch it. Thank god, I didn’t want to have to rewrite the last couple conversations I had the characters have.

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A corrupting Yan to kill off other egos and Yan hasn't decided yes or nay yet but A thinks he's winning, and out of chaos he think if Yan's S/O is first to go the egos will be a piece of cake, but when Apocalypse suggests Yandereiplier offing his own S/O Yan would o b l I t e r a t e him

Yan would be sitting across the table from A, he had come over to discuss about the other egos and some of the points he said made sense to Yan. He was fighting with himself, Yan wondered if he could kill Wilford or Dark. They were trouble and caused unease to his lover. And A took Yan’s silence as a sign of acceptance, and with a cruel smile, A suggests in a cold tone. 
“Maybe you should start with (y/n). Then they can’t guilt you into giving up.” 
It was like A’s words had struck a flare inside Yan, his eyes narrowing and his hand flies to his dagger. 
“Never speak about (y/n) like that. Get. Out.”

Ok I might get hate for this but I genuinely hope bumbleby doesn’t become canon. In life, you fall in love with people. They might break your heart. But you move on, even if you loved them a lot. You gotta move on. And that’s RWBY’s whole thing: growing and living and moving forward. It would give the show a sense of realness I guess? I’m probably not explaining this right but whatever I think I made my point

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True about liability but I still dont think Lorde is straight, went to her show a few months ago and during her monologue she talk abt her time off from music and she made a point of saying she kissed a lot of PEOPLE (not boys)

hmmmm I have a friend who is p close with her pals and she’s apparently v into long committed relationships with men and v straight from what they’ve told me but u know u know

My standards are so low. I just want to own a chair and have enough space to put it. Bonus points if I made it from a real tree with my real hands

Female police captain in Indiana suspended after ‘white male privilege’ remark
A male officer complained that he was “racially and sexistly slurred."

In context: He was objecting to statistics in a presentation about police interactions with trans people, showing that LGTBQ people are more likely to encounter police violence, saying he’s never seen/noticed this [so therefore it’s not real], and another (female) officer said “It’s because of your while male privilege” and he threw a temper tantrum, and now she’s suspended. 

6 years ago this was an audio only movie discussion podcast where the whole joke was that the two hosts didn’t know what they were talking about and had nothing interesting to say so the episodes were only like 5 minutes long. With that starting idea, it has evolved to a story about Tim’s murder trial after he distributed toxic vape juice that killed 20 people at an unpermitted EDM festival that he was headlining. I actually made a point to be in front of my computer at 10:00 last night so I could watch this live. This is a really special comedy universe and I’m so glad it exists.

Bioware Ladies Ranked by How Bullshit It Is You Can't Romance Them As A Female Character

1. Tali’Zorah Vas Normandy – Tali is so obviously into FemShep that it’s not even funny. The only possible excuse for this one is that they’re mutually pining for each other and too scared of rejection to see it through (which would be out of character for Shepard regardless of how you play her, so nah). Additionally, I am forever salty that someone who’s just so damn cute can’t be smooched as a Lady.

2. Cassandra Pentaghast – Have you seen her haircut? Her muscles? God damn.

3. Morrigan – Morrigan’s open and absolute distaste for men is such an overwhelming sign of lesbianism that it makes me question what the writers for Dragon Age were even thinking when they made her character. Were they thinking? I have my doubts.

4. Jack – Jack literally admits to having had past romantic and/or sexual encounters with both men and women, so it makes zero% sense that FemShep can’t romance her.

5. Bastila Shan – Bastila and KOTOR’s protag are quite literally soul mates. I really don’t need to say anything else.

6. Dawn Star – “Childhood Friends Having a Crush on Each Other and Growing Up To Explore Those Feelings, But Lesbians” would have made such a good arc, y’all.

7. Miranda Lawson – Other people have made this point before but it’s still valid so it’s unrealistic that the “genetically-engineered-to-be-perfect human being” would be straight (or British, for that matter).

8. Cora Harper – I think there’s a fan comic or something floating around out there about this but you Do Not roll with Asari commandos and come out the other side completely straight.

9. Ashley Williams – I can’t really think of any reasons why Ashley should be romanceable as FemShep other than that you can’t be straight in space, but that’s still pretty compelling.

10. EDI – I actually kind of understand not being able to romance EDI, and in fact I’m happy for her and Joker. That said, I’m still upset on principle alone that I don’t get to smooch a Robot Lady.

Infinity War predictions

Loki “dies” at the beginning of the first movie in the scene we’ve seen in the trailer. Thor mours once again but the plot goes on.

The big final battle comes up and Thanos tries to use the gauntlet only to find out the tesseract is a fake.

A blue portal opens up and out steps Loki holding the tesseract decked out in diamond jewelry and silk robes. He kicks a dismembered arm out of his path with his designer shoes and points at Thanos,

“There he is! That’s the nasty wrinkley eggplant that tried to kill me!” He sniffles and wipes away a fake tear as his two companions reaveal themselves. At that point Thanos realizes he’s made an enemy out of not one but two elders of the fucking universe and is utterly thoroughly screwed. Fxxk Boyz Get Money by FEMM is playing.

Markiplier Fandom in Flames!

So i saw a post that said something along the lines of the Markiplier fandom having so little to do that a couple of titles throws them into a frenzy.

Well my friend, you obviously haven’t been in our fandom long enough to know the specifics of why that is happening.

But from a fantastic theory I read recently about the Markiplier alter-egos, they mentioned something very specific about Dark.

That Dark has been a lot more subtle lately. And the reason for this is because Feb. showed him that he can’t trick the audience by showing himself in full. It doesn’t work.

So one of the best ways to be a master manipulator is to leave your victims in a state of mystery.

Have them wanting to come back to you, make them worried.

And that is why the Mark fandom has been kind of all over the place. It’s because things haven’t been normal, and we know this.

But they also made a point of Will trying to take over the channel. Which wouldn’t be good for Mark or Us.

Just imagine for a moment. Mark’s channel completely run by Will, while the audience is at the mercy of Dark.

I don’t know about you,

But this smells like a whole lot of trouble in the future.

Recently I’ve been trying my hand at embroidery. This one’s for everyone’s favorite Fjerdan, Matty 🌷