Sometimes I remember the Tweet that said that the first thing in the morning after a bad snowstorm, Jack hiked through several feet of fresh snow to go ALL OVER CAMPUS and make sure everyone on his hockey team had all the supplies they needed to wait out the snow, and I die.  

Jack.  Jacky.  Jacques. What did you think you were doing.   Did you bring your hockey players candles and soup.  Did Camilla Collins give you extra blankets to distribute to people in the dorms because they might get cold.  Did you think about how you should have brought snowshoes, because yours are sitting pretty uselessly up in Mont Tremblant right now. Did you pull your socks over the ends of your pants and then put on your winter boots imagining yourself as a hardy Finnish soldier fighting the Nazis.  Did it take you back to the massive ice storm when you were eight and millions of people went without power and it was bad, but it was a little exciting too, because when you went with your mother to help serve soup to people who had been rehoused you felt like you were doing something important, something worthwhile, like you were part of a massive community effort where every little contribution mattered.   Did you come back and see Bittle’s light on and go to him, snowy and pink-cheeked, and tell him what you’d done and then tell him to go to sleep and want to tuck his blanket in around him and think the desire was entirely altruistic.

And where do you get off being so wonderful.


Harold Tichenor’s website dedicated to the history of trade blankets, more specifically the Hudson Bay Point Blanket, has some great information on these iconic textiles. These wool linens got their name from the lines (or “points”) woven into the edge of the of the blanket, which served as a way of easily communicating the size and price of the blanket without having to unfold it during trade. Have a look at Harold’s site and learn a bit more about the origins of this now trendy bedding.


Anyone who has followed me for any lengthy period of time knows how much I am enamoured with the Hudson’s Bay Company. I love the heritage, I love the Canadian-ness and just the overall mystique of the centuries old company. Plus they pay my bills so I can’t complain. Collaborations are always exciting though and this is no different. HBC x Converse Jack Purcell - the iconic shoe and illustrious point blanket meeting in one epic combination. I picked up the low cut version but there is a high cut offering as well with leather JP detailing. Immensely comfortable and as would be expected, very tactile - at least five people felt the need to feel my shoes yesterday. Prices range from $120-140 with the ladies low cut part of the offering as well but be warned they are going fast. I ordered mine from the HBC website, but the major flagship stores will also carry the collection. A great addition to the fall wardrobe!