the story
(stitched by a reserved but furious woman in 1938. she and her husband thought war of the worlds was real, had nowhere to flee and had to accept that death was going to happen with no time to rationalize it)
((disorganized and hasty on purpose. she’s frustrated but does not want to express negativity or create a negative environment in her home))

United States Coast Guard Barque EAGLE on Facebook
Q: In what year did Eagle start sailing with its iconic Coast Guard racing stripe?
A: 1976
Forty years ago, Eagle (seen here during its 1946 maiden voyage to the U.S. and after the addition of the Coast Guard racing stripe) underwent a makeover which included being painted with the same identifiable blue and orange racing stripe seen on other vessels in the Coast Guard fleet. The source of much controversy by purists who felt this tall ship should maintain its original look, the racing stripe was here to stay after Walter Cronkite announced Eagle’s arrival during OpSail ‘76 by pointing out its Coast Guard stripe.
Read more about the Coast Guard racing stripe’s history at https://www.uscg.mil/history/articles/stripehistory.pdf.


Here is the 2nd Volume to the NBA Kings of the Crossover Series featuring the best PG in the league, Chris Paul of the LA Clippers. Every Tuesday we will release a new mixtape on a new NBA player who is in the conversation for the best handles in the league and at the end of the series you, the fans, will be able to vote for who YOU think has the best handles in the league on March 11.