It is possible for a beauty to love a beast.

And then Jack was like, “Okay, now I’m really suspicious…”

AU where Jack and Gabriel get to be old and happy together or something!! Inspired by this lovely post by @edgewatch76. I’m sorry that it got infinitely cheesy in my hands!!!! OTL

SENTENCE STARTER: “C’mere, you can sit in my lap until I’m done working.”


The tower was quiet.

It was after another one of Tony’s successful parties that you found him in his lab. He was tinkering around with one of his suits when you walked in. Your feet hurt from the heels you had been wearing for the last few hours.

“Figured I would find you in here.” You spoke when you walked in his lab. He looked up at you and smiled a little, “It was a good guess.”

You walked over to his work bench and saw he was making adjustments to his helmet. “Did you have fun at the party?”

“Did I have fun? A bunch of people came over and drank a ton of my booze and ate a ton of my food. I guess I had fun.” He said sarcastically.

You rolled your eyes playfully, “Then why do you continue to have people come over?”

“Because…..I like seeing you get all dressed up.”

“Is that so?” You walked around the table towards him. He set his tools down and placed his hands on your waist. You and Stark had been seeing each other for three years after been friends for nearly six. The times that you were with him were some of your happiest.

He made you laugh with his eccentric humor and was always there when you needed him. You saw the softer side to him. The side that wasn’t normally shown to the anyone else. You liked having a part of him that was just yours.

“Did you have fun tonight?” He questioned.

You nodded your head, “Yes, I did. I enjoyed seeing you have a good time.”

“Doesn’t happen often. Don’t get used to it.” Stark joked.

“It’s getting pretty late. Aren’t you tired?” You placed one of your hands on his cheek and he leaned into it. You knew that he didn’t sleep much and when it was overdue, he would get cranky.

“Not really. Why don’t you head to bed and I’ll be there soon.”

“I’ve heard that line before. You say you’ll be in bed soon and then the next morning, I find you passed out in here.”

Stark chuckled, “I hope I’m not becoming too predictable.”

“You are,” you teased, “I’ll stay with you until you are done. That chair over there looks mighty comfortable.”

You started to walk towards the vacant chair nearby that you mentioned but Tony grabbed one of your hands.

“C'mere, you can sit on my lap until I’m done working.” He pulled you towards him and you took a seat on his lap. Tony wrapped his arms around you and you felt his lips on your bare shoulder.

“I thought you were working.” You joked.

“I think I’ve found something better to do with my time.”

Friday: July 29 Blurb - Lovebite

5. a blurb where y/n and harry both have obvious hickeys and marks on them from the previous night and the boys tease them

“Harry! There’s no way I’m going to be able to hide these!” You cried, examining your neck in the mirror.

There were tiny little bruises and red marks littered all over you neck and shoulders that Harry had decided he was going to leave there the night before. In the moment, you hadn’t minded a bit. The feeling of Harry’s lips on your neck and his teeth biting down on your skin while he was bringing you closer and closer to your third or fourth orgasm of the night had overshadowed the knowledge that you would look absolutely ridiculous the next morning. Now though, you were having to go out with Harry for an afternoon with the boys and you had no less than ten love bites on your neck, not to mention all the other ones that were scattered around the rest of your body.

Harry came up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist and looking into the mirror.

“I think you look gorgeous.” He mumbled, moving his lips soothingly over one particularly large mark just below your ear. “Love bein’ able to mark you up.”

“That’s all fine and good,” you argued, “but you’re supposed to mark me where only you and I can see!”

“You’re one to talk! Need I remind you that you left quite a few marks of your own last night.”

It was true; one look at Harry’s back and anyone would be able to see the distinctive red scratches from your nails and a few matching love bites on his neck and shoulders as well. It was his own fault; if he didn’t want the marks he shouldn’t have made you feel so damn good.

But now, your task was to cover them up as best you could. You were comfortable with makeup but you weren’t a miracle worker. Even with layers of concealer, you could still see patches of red. Trying to cover Harry’s marks proved a bit easier because there were less of them, but they were still able to be seen if someone really looked for them. All you hoped was that none of the boys would look too closely.

Of course, it was the first thing that Louis joked about as soon as he saw you.

“Oi, I see you two had a bit of fun last night. Did your mouth miss her lips, Styles?”

You blushed, trying to cover your neck with your hair.

“This explains why you didn’t answer your phone last night.” Liam said.

“For five hours!” Niall added.

You were mortified, hiding behind Harry as best you could. Even though you were close to the boys, it was still embarrassing when they made comments about your sex life.

Harry kept a comforting arm around your shoulder while he laughed a bit. You had done a good enough job covering the marks on Harry’s neck that the boys had only noticed yours. You made yourself a silent promise that you would get him back for it and started plotting the exact patch of skin you would leave your mark on next time, making it so large and dark that there would be no way that he could cover it up.

You were glad that this was at least an activity you both enjoyed.

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Bad Listener (a Sami Zayn imagine)

Rating: definitely M.
Warnings: rough sex! A few other kinks. If you don’t like kinks, stop here. But do come back, I’ve got some tamer one shots coming. :)
Summary: Sami tells you to listen and, inadvertently, you don’t.
The first tag goes out to the crazy lady who requested this: @lclb12! It’s not exactly what she asked for but we talked it out and I think she’ll like this more.
Other tags:


You had no idea how you made it through the day, but you did it! You just had to get through lunch with one of your co-workers and then you were free for the rest of the day and could be home with your husband, Sami.

As you finished up lunch, you excused yourself to freshen up before going back to the office to get your car. Not thinking, you went into a stall to relieve your bladder, relaxing your muscles completely.

“Oh shit.” You whispered as you felt the glass Ben Wa balls inside of you begin to emerge. You knew you wouldn’t be able to get them back in by yourself so the only option was to remove them the rest of the way.

Feeling empty and sad, with your toy tucked into your purse, you said goodbye to your friend before heading home. You felt sadder when you saw Sami pull into the driveway behind you. He kissed your cheek and rubbed your lower back while you looked down at your feet. Sami had told you not to touch the balls until you saw him again.

“Baby, what’s the matter?”
“I’m sorry, Daddy. I really tried.”

Sami’s eyes flashed dark before he pressed his hand into your hip as he pushed you towards the house. You saw the disappointment in his face and held back a tear while you walked into your bedroom, lowering yourself onto the bed.

“Right before I came home. Daddy, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean for them to come out. They just did!”
“Well, you know what this means. You didn’t listen to Daddy. What do bad girls get?”

You rose from the bed and opened the bottom drawer of the dresser, bending at the waist so Sami had full view of your panties and the wet spot on them. This was a toy that you were familiar with. This paddle had seen your backside quite a bit during your training.

You handed Sami the black, leather paddle before stripping out of your clothes and shoes to lie across his lap.

“Bad girls get spankings. They take it and they like it because they know their daddy only does it to teach them and keep them safe.” You recited to him.

“Very good, my baby.”

You felt the first crack come down onto the tops of your thighs. It was gentler than you were expecting but you knew it wouldn’t stay that way.

“One,” you counted aloud without Sami even needing to tell you. By time you got to 15 (the amount of minutes it takes you to get home from work and how long you had disobeyed), your ass and thighs were burning. Sami never spanked to hurt you, but some of his swats were harder than normal today.

You dropped down onto your knees to thank him for protecting you when you saw the dark look in his eyes again. This wasn’t your normal Daddy and you didn’t know what was going to happen next.

“Get on the bed. NOW!”

You scrambled onto the bed and sat by the pillows. You watched Sami as he left the bedroom and returned again, carrying a black plastic bag.

Sami pulled a large dildo out of the bag, followed by a set of nipple clamps and a new vibrator. Your eyes grew as big as saucers when you saw everything laying on the bed.

“I told you this morning that if you didn’t listen to Daddy, there would be consequences.”

You felt a small rubber clamp being rubbed against your full breast before Sami leaned down and took your nipple in his mouth, sucking deeply until it came to a strong peak. He closed the clamp, causing you to moan loudly. Your back arched off of the bed when he did the other side. He tugged the chain between the two clamps firmly to make sure they were on well. Your eyes popped open when you felt the pressure change. Sami smirked at you before reaching next to you. He raised the dildo to your mouth, allowing you to lick the tip of it. He drug it down your body before roughly pushing it inside of you.

“This is what happens when you don’t listen,” he said between gritted teeth as he began fucking you with the toy. You squirmed against the bed trying to get closer to Sami but he kept his hand as far away from you as he could. He could see how wet you were becoming as he grabbed the small vibrator with his other hand and turned it on the lowest setting, pressing it right above your clit.

“Oh shit. Sami. I-I-I mean, Daddy. Oh my gosh!”

Sami acknowledged your slip up by going to the next setting and moving closer to your clit, pressing harder. Your lower body jumped, causing your breasts to shake and the clamps to pull. You felt your pussy gush around the dildo and you grunted softly as you tried to move your hips.

“Hold still. This isn’t for your pleasure.”

It took all of your might to not move while he shoved more and more of the thick dildo inside of you, stretching and feeding your greedy cunt.

You felt your orgasm building and reached out for Sami like you do every time. He removed the vibrator and pulled the dildo out of you roughly, throwing both items to the side.

“Flip over,” he growled at you.

You turned over and got up on your hands and knees. The weight of your breasts hanging made the clamps pull harder. You felt Sami’s hands spread your ass cheeks before you felt his warm tongue start at your clit and lick all the way up until he teased your puckered asshole. You shot forward on the bed, hitting your head on the headboard. You knew better than to complain so you moaned loudly to cover up the pain.

Suddenly, you felt a wet finger at your back entrance and the click of a bottle closing. Sami started massaging you gently, waiting until you relaxed enough to take his finger all the way down to the bottom knuckle. Slowly, he worked in two more fingers, finally stretching you enough that he’d at least be able to get the head of his cock inside of you. You felt him push and grabbed a pillow, biting down on it. With a distinctive pop, he was inside of you in the most foreign way. He fully slid inside of you, his hips against your ass, his balls against your clit.

“You feel so fucking good, baby! Daddy might not last. You’re so tight and hot. Fuck!” You heard him sigh as he gripped your ribs and began to move.

You giggled softly when you wiggled your hips slightly, the pain having drifted away.

“Oh really? Is Daddy’s Baby a little slut now?”

You nodded your head, afraid to speak.

“Only one way to get off, baby. Let me hear you or I stop.”

You groaned loudly as you released the pillow from your mouth.

“Fuck, Daddy! Fuck my fucking ass!”

He smacked your red ass roughly, his thrusts getting faster and more erratic.

“You get three strokes. Make it count.”

You only needed two strokes on your clit before you started cumming. Sami reached underneath you and pulled the clamps off, causing your orgasm to intensify. You were shaking, your arms threatening to give out, when you felt Sami begin to fill you up. He grunted loudly as his hot cum entered you and began to be pushed out from his continued movements.

You both collapsed onto the bed; a sweaty, sticky, panting mess. Sami smacked your ass again, reigniting the sting. You scooted over and laid your head on his chest, relishing in the fact that you were nuzzled against his soft chest hair.

“That was fucking hot, Sami. And I really am sorry that I couldn’t make it.”

He leaned down and kissed your forehead.

“Are you really?” He asked with a smirk.
“Naaaaah,” was your response as you kissed his chest.
“Best time to be a bad listener.”

assbutt-son-of-a-bitch  asked:

ughhh i didnt send u immediately bc i have been indecisive af. Bucky: 22 or 25 or 26 or 27 omg even 20.... cries. fuck u do the one that inspires u the most? can u at least.. store them up in ur prompt list if u dun have time? XD gosh i suck. congrats on 1.5k xxxx

A/N: Heeey, thank you so much doll! I decided on 3 numbers to do, I hope you like it! xo

Prompt: Bucky struggles with how he’s feeling and gets a little help from his friends and happy couple Nat and Steve..

22. “Are you really going to leave without asking me the question you’ve been dying to ask me?”
25. “I fell in love with my best friend.”
26. “Oh my god! You’re in love with (HIM/HER)!”

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: none

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Bucky entered the lounge area, his heart raising as he approached the sofa and sat next to Steve and Natasha with a sigh, gaining their attention. He bowed his head, suddenly regretting his decision to approach them so he avoided their questioning gaze, hoping they would return back to their own business.

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Almost Regrets - KBTBB

For @humorcomchantilly in the hopes she feels better xo

You both enjoyed and appreciated with a reciprocal respect the softness and grace of how a Tuesday sounded - you hadn’t exactly agreed on a date yet in particular although mutually felt that although not a single word had been said in regards to what you both knew was planned and had to be done; approaching rather quickly that the date settled upon would have to encompass both a heartfelt quality yet at the same time give off the feeling of absolute irrelevance.

The tiny, hole in the wall cafe tucked within the outskirts of town was one of the many places you’d come to waste time in when your head wasn’t clear and you needed a secure place to retreat; when you found that your mind didn’t at all have the ability to think straight whatsoever the way you had initially intended it to. You’d met him once here - not exactly met, more so conveniently run into one evening after work had finished. He had insisted to buy you coffee and you just like any other women in the world would, smiled with a small blush and muttered a shy thank you. The two of you had absolutely nothing in common - yet somehow, through persistence of curiosity and timid conversation you hung off each other like a hook, line and sinker.

It was the beginning of an almost regretful relationship.

Tension and cracks began to show almost too quickly - somehow though whether it be with makeup, a slight slip of the tongue or pure, sincere physical contact the two of you made things work. Fusing two incredibly different worlds together had been difficult yet there was a simplicity you felt around him which slowly became addictive. He made you feel warm, safe, secure - in return you offered him care, the ability to feel grounded and a love of which he’d never before experienced - at least to say, it seemed that way.

You couldn’t remember why the arguments started - the petty swipes at one another for things completely out of your control and his which frustrated you yet also reminded you that in the blink of an eye something juicer, more fulfilling; perhaps even a little ravishing could come his way when least expected and hastily snap up his attention. You worked hard to keep yourself at the front and centre - soon enough, all the trying in the world didn’t seem worthwhile. His eyes seemed to wander from your focus; his hand didn’t quite hold yours the tender way it had like when you first realized that perhaps, with the aid of some dark, unsophisticated humor; you two were possibly meant for each other.

The tears which streamed down your face poetically the morning you decided to call things quits were salty and yet stale. You remembered how harshly he bit his bottom lip and tongue to avoid choking up a response when told of your emotions and possible suggestions. You were the first woman he’d ever said ‘I love you’ to. Whenever you heard it all you could think of was how he only had time for work. You were the only woman he made clear he wanted to have as exclusively his own. You were harsh with turning your back and walking straight out his office door. The cigarettes and late night street food mixed with copious amounts of fruit flavoured alcoholic cocktails weren’t enough to numb the pain you initially felt. Soon enough though - your heart became as bitter as cold black coffee.

Food didn’t taste the same. Water simply couldn’t quench your thirst. You’d changed career paths just to avoid his gaze and for some strange reason; although you tried not at all to think about it - whenever you thought you heard his name your heart began to race a hundred miles an hour; sinking slowly before mimicking the shatter of a million, minuscule pieces.

It was by chance - you suspected - or perhaps the universe had aligned in such a way that even after 6 years of not seeing one another you still remembered his scent and quirks - the tone of his voice and his stance - how his lips had promised to tell you no lies and that familiarity of being in his arms. The two of you had run into each other at that cafe. He had a bouquet of red roses in his lap. You had a novel of his you’d never given back. You hadn’t planned to meet up with one another it just seemed that things had worked out this way. How funny - it was also a Tuesday.

You had suggested that you perhaps leave to give him space yet he insisted that you stay.
He ordered coffee - sweet; two sugars, with milk and cream; just the way you use to.
An unfamiliar blush you hadn’t felt in years heated your cheeks.
The words ‘you look good’ spilled from his lips. You knew that he really meant ‘beautiful’.

Accepting the flowers, your fingers lingered near one another’s yet never quite touched; every now and again when you’d slip your fingers around the handle of the mug you’d brush past him softly - almost coy like. When it began raining outside, he offered to drive you home just like any gentleman would. When you declined however, he made it clear that he’d at least escort you to your front door. The company you supposed you wouldn’t mind.

The storm brewing in the sky above seemed to worsen the closer you got to your front door. He had taken his jacket off to shield you from the elements. You couldn’t begin to believe how many memories his subtle scent provoked and how he still kept what he’d always held in his pockets which didn’t surprise you. He was a man of habit. Standing on the top step - your heights for the first time in a long time levelling out, you smirked and leant forward to press a gentle kiss on his cheek, he without warning had decided to twist things back to how they once were years ago; colliding his lips with yours. You instantly gave in; the feeling, the memories, the intimacy completely vivid and exactly as they should have been.

Groaning into his mouth as you gasped for breath your free hand snaked around the back of his neck, playing with the ends of his hair as you heard quietly the sound of keys jingling in his pocket. You knew he had kept your spare one and pulling on his bottom lip with your teeth you encouraged him to unlock the door with the murmur of his name which came out as a school girl asking for help. Tripping backwards into the apartment; the bouquet of flowers quickly found a temporary home on the floor as he shut the door behind the two of you and you got accustomed to how he felt. Through the barrier his shirt created you could still make out every muscle and scar you’d once before traced your fingers along. Letting yourself get absolutely lost in the moment - you failed to feel his gentle touch creep behind you and unzip the back of your dress. Pulling on his tie to walk further into the apartment you stumbled recklessly through the hall, pulling him down on top of you once your back made contact with the sofa.

The unusual sensation of bare skin on cold leather was one you didn’t hesitate to welcome. Feeling his lips at your jaw, creeping down towards your chest and making themselves at home at the hollow of your neck you wondered if a night of intimacy was all that was needed to recorrect everything you’d held a grudge for and despair towards for the last few years. He was still the same man. You had figured out so much from the way before he’d spoke. You hadn’t intended on meeting him today just as you hadn’t years ago yet his demeanour, his poise and his touch were just as you remembered.

It was intoxicating yet infuriating at the same time.
It was with that thought you realized - even after so long you were in love with him.


The command caused him to break away and look down over you.

“Why now?”, you questioned feeling tears collect in your eyes, “Why all of a sudden.”
“It hasn’t been”, he spoke, “Every Tuesday 4th I head into the cafe and sit at our usual seat and wait for you.”

How many Tuesday 4th’s could there possibly be over 6 years?

“Why?”, you stuttered incoherently. The feeling of a single tear streamed down your face and quickly - he used his thumb to wipe it away. You couldn’t tell, but you had a feeling that these tears didn’t taste salty at all.

“Because… after you left - I realized, instantly; that I should never have let you let me go.”
“Then don’t.”
“I won’t.”

It was a simple kiss which sealed the deal; an agreement which was settled by the help of a few following words as you both shifted free of your clothing restraints.

“Say it…”, you whispered.
“Say what?”, he blushed.
“What you know I want to hear.”

Brushing some hair out of your face and looking down into your eyes, it was a heated - quixotic lip lock that got your heart racing as you both moaned each other’s names into each other’s mouths. Responses agile and most definitely true.

“…I love you ____.”
“…I love you too Soryu.”


I know we only need the first/last clue of the cipher hunt to find the statue, but I wonder whether this code from the final GF episode meant anything as well…  


Not a request but one that I’ve been kicking around and needed to get out of my head. 138 (You braided his hair) with Bucky

You didn’t think it would work. And you never thought he’d let you do it. But here you were, halfway done with braiding his entire head. You were doing a bunch of little braids because his hair wasn’t long enough for one and he seemed to like the feeling of your fingers twisting the strands together. He’s been quiet most of the time, only speaking once when you’d tied off the single braid. He’d asked you to do more. He’s sitting between your legs on the floor, staring at the tv screen as it rolls through the world news.
“Has it always been this bad?” Bucky asks softly.
“Has what always been this bad?” You twist three new strands together.
“The world. The horror, sadness, terrorists, death. Has it always been this bad?”
“No. Not always.”
“Honestly Buck, I couldn’t tell you.” Your eyes flick to the screen where a reporter is going over the casualties. You continue on his hair in silence as she continues to talk.
“Do you think this is my fault?” You yank on his hair in surprise. “Oof.” He grunts.
“Sorry. No Buck I don’t. How could it be?”
“I don’t know. I was an assassin, I killed lots of people. Maybe someone I killed was helping keep the peace.”
“I’d be surprised if one person could have caused all of this.” You twist the strands together as a door slides open. You finish the braid you’re on then glance over at the open door. You’re not surprised to see both Steve and Tony standing in the doorway. They’re both staring, clearly surprised by the scene in front of them.
“Oh hey guys.” You say before turning back to Bucky’s hair.
“You-you-” Tony sputters with wide eyes.
“Buck, you’re letting someone touch you.” Steve says sounding pleased.
“Yea, for almost an hour now. He’s been very calm.”
“You let her braid your hair!” Tony bursts out laughing and you wrap your legs around Bucky’s waist to keep him from getting up.
“No.” You say softly as you weave the next braid into place.
“It’s very relaxing.” Bucky growls shooting him a glare. Tony, recognizing the look in Bucky’s eyes hurries out of the room with one last glance over his shoulder.
“You know these are going to come out since I didn’t tie them off.”
“That’s okay.” He’s quiet as your fingers brush against his ear. “Will you do this again sometime?”
“Sure Buck. Anytime.”

In need of some serious love: Where Justin surprises Y/n, while taking a break off tour.

“3 more months till Justin comes home to visit. Until then it’s just me myself and I.” I woke up this morning like every other day, checked my phone everything seemed in check “Good Morning texts from Justin, of course I didn’t turn off my Twitter notifications so as expected I had a crap ton and some messages from Gigi saying” “how we should grab dinner and a movie tonight to get my mind off Justin.”

Lately i’ve been missing Justin more than normal, it was the last leg of his purpose tour and I hadn’t seen him in person in 6 months.“ After getting ready for the day and setting up the shop, I decided to call Justin hoping that this time there wasn’t a major time difference.

“Hey Justin?” “Hey babe, i’m super sorry but this afternoon I have to give my phone in to get fixed so I don’t know when I’ll be getting it back.” Justin has this tendency to spit out random pieces of information so this is nothing new. “What happened to it? Last time we talked you were getting a new glasses screen protector.”

Justin’s Pov Oh shit oh shit she’s catching on! I can’t ruin the surprise think on your feet Justin. “Umm yeah Za and I were playing ball with it and Za chucked it against the wall.” “Hahaha you guys are too much. I miss your stupid shenanigans” That voice, her laugh I can just picture her right now in her shop leaning over the counter laughing, where her eyes crinkle at the corners and she covers her mouth because she hates her laugh.

“Justin…Jay…Babe” I’m snapped straight back to reality. “Hey yeah sorry still here, the boys are telling me its time for rehearsals. I’ll call you when I get my phone back. Love you so much.” “Love you Justin don’t forget to call me ok?” “I could never”

Y/n Pov Before I know it, it’s closing time. “We close quite early 7:00pm. I love clothing and fashion but not after 7:00pm especially with my early mornings and late nights.” I call up Gigi to tell her that I’m ready to go and that I would meet her at the movies. I’m not one of those people who needs to get dressed up for going to dinner and a movie with a friend.

Justin’s Pov “YO Za I was so close to getting caught so I used you as a stupid excuse.” We were minutes away from boarding the jet; Za, Alfredo and I. Za had planned for me as a surprise to surprise my long time girlfriend Y/n. I know a lot of surprises, I was so nervous I wanted everything to go exactly as planned. I had called up our mutual close friend Gigi and told her to take Y/n out for dinner and a movie. The whole plan was I was going to fly out to L.A where Y/n was. Call her up when we were both at the movie theatre tell her my phone is all fixed etc. and then ask her what she was doing then start reading off the times for the different movies that are playing tonight. And the rest was out of my control lets see what happens.

Y/n Pov I pull up to the movie theatre and I can already see Gigi in line waving to me like the lunatic she was I chuckled a bit to myself. “Boy do I love this girl.” I walked up to her and of course she had to comment on my outfit. “ Y/n who do you think you are coming back from working a 7 hour shift looking flawless!” I wasn’t wearing anything special just an all black romper, sleeveless vest and some perspect booties. “Gigi shut up look at you-” I was about to say some snarky comment but I was interrupted by my cell phone, I look at the caller ID and it says Justin…but that can’t be right his phone is in the shop.

“Hello?” I answered but it was more of a question. I tilt my head down and plug my ear hoping to block out some of the noise. “Hey love” it was Justin. “Hey Jay so you got your phone back earlier than expected” as a smirk grew on my face. “ haha yeah the guy did it really well brand new again. What are you up too? Bit noisy yeah?” “Your interrupting my girls night out with Gigi.” I remarked back at him “what are you doing up so early in the morning?”

Justin’s Pov This was my cue,as I stepped out from the crowd I began listing off the movies. “Well you know me and the boys are planning on seeing a movie we just don’t know which one there’s Finding dory at 7:45pm, Nerve at 8:15, Now you see me 2 at 10:00pm which is in two and a half hours and we aren’t that patient.” The minute I finish my sentence I see Y/n turn around and we made eye contact.

Y/n’s Pov “Well you know me and the boys are planning on seeing a movie we just don’t know which one there’s Finding dory at 7:45pm, Nerve at 8:15, Now you see me 2 at 10:00pm which is in two and a half hours and we aren’t that patient.” “ Hang on a second those are the exact times on the board here, oh my god I start to turn around still on the phone and then I see him, first his big beautiful brown eyes and then his tanned skin covered in tattoos and his hair, his hair. Before I knew it, I was crouched down in a ball on the floor crying. He can’t be really here,this is just my mind playing a sick joke on me. Until I hear his voice and feel his touch.” “Y/n,Y/n hey hey now babe don’t cry i’m here now and I’m not going anywhere.” That’s when I gave him a bone crushing hug, sobs turning into sniffles. I didn’t care if i was making a scene the love of my life was home after 6 months.

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