point to shoot

hey remember that robot magical girl drawing i did ages ago
well like
the day after i started drawing another one
and for once
i actually came back to an unfinished piece and finished it

anyway, last time I asked for some name advice, and:

@rockythechao I really like the name London, but I’d rather keep it a little further away from the gemstone path, since that’s kinda taken up by the Steven Universe fanbase, and I don’t really want them seeming like a ‘gemsona’, so I may leave the ‘Topaz Sentry’ bit off, as cool as it sounds.

But I think I will go with London as their name.
Here’s my reasoning:
They were a scouting android, deployed in a hostile area to check for survivors and such. When they found the magic stone that granted them sentience, they didn’t have a name. So they just used the first thing they saw, a road sign that said ‘Welcome to London!’
So lo and behold, London was born! :D

man that was wordy sorry!
ive just never really had a proper OC before (other than my pudding) and im still a bit excited >.>