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Science of Male Orgasm Denial

In an update to her popular article The Orgasmic Benefits of Habitual - Male Orgasm Denial, Aislin Acquati explores the biological, psychological and evolutionary reality of routine male orgasm and how limiting them can dramatically improve your intimacy in relationships.

Dominate His Brain Chemicals By Controlling (Harnessing) His Orgasms

Male orgasm denial has numerous benefits, but do you know the chemical reasoning behind them? Endorphins, hormones, neurotransmitters, and neurochemicals (neurochemistry) affect how we ALL think and feel. By controlling your mans orgasms, you can control their brain chemicals and condition (train) them. Without any supervision or domination, men will masturbate and have as many orgasms as they please – which creates chemical chaos as well as undesired Un-Attentive behavior.

What are Endorphins?

Endorphins are a group of hormones that influence emotions and minimize the sensation of pain. They attach to opiate receptors, mostly in the brain. Pain and stress most typically influence endorphins to be released. They operate similarly to codeine and morphine.




Women Can Enjoy Blissful Daily Orgasms – But Men Need To Be Denied

It’s true – Orgasms affect men and women “Differently”.

It is empowering to know that you can relish multiple orgasms on a daily basis while withholding them from your Virile Lover. Knowing there are hormonal reasons behind the science, (making him stronger and healthier), is just icing on the cake!

Endorphins and Other Chemicals That Control The Brain and Motivation

1. Endorphins: Natural painkillers that are extremely more potent than morphine – producing feelings of euphoria.

2.  Oxytocin - The Love , Cuddle and Bonding Hormone: Decreases abstract cravings – diminishes stress  – keeps couples together – provokes passion, devotion, attachment and deep feelings of fondness – strengthens sexual receptivity.

Normal/Raised Levels of Oxytocin: Devotion – a feeling of being connected – feeling protective and responsible – health benefits (reduces blood pressure and speeds up wound healing) – intense feeling of attachment – increases sexual alertness –   less addictions and cravings – positive viewpoint and attentiveness.
Low Levels of Oxytocin: Depression – low sex drive – reduced, indifferent or no feelings of of attachment, connection or devotion – poor or no feelings of protection and responsibility for another person – weakened immune system.

3. Dopamine, The “I have to have it” Neurochemical:

Normal/Slightly Raised Levels of Dopamine: Generates feelings of happiness – healthy sex drive – joy in completing tasks – motivated  – optimistic outlook – postitive feelings toward others – rational decisions – yearning to bond with others.
Low Levels of Dopamine: Ambitionless – despair – displeasure – idleness – impaired judgement – low sex drive – remorseless of own behavior – social anxiety – unable to feel love.

4. Serotonin (a neurotransmitter):

Too Much Serotonin: Anxiety – gastrointestinal disorders – insomnia – sexual malfunction.
Not Enough Serotonin: Decrease or increase in appetite – insomnia – isolation – loss of libid – low self confidence – ongoing saddness – over sensitive –– sore joints and muscles – stoamch pain.

5. Testosterone ( a hormone):

Low Testosterone:  Anger decreased motivation and self esteemdecreased muscle mass and increased body fat – depression – difficulty with concentration and memory – fatigue – low sex drive – irritability .

6. Prolactin (a hormone): After orgasm, it may make one feel sexually satisified and repress dopamine.

Excess Levels of Prolactin: Depression – diminished interest in bonding with others – – lowered testosterone levels – low sex drive – depression – infertility – irritibility – lethargy – pessimistic outlook – weight gain.

This is how it works:

Men experience a rush of dopamine during orgasm that puts them in a state of ecstasy. However – in most men – the blissful feeling disappears after 5-10 seconds. Interestingly, the surge of dopamine triggers an almost simultaneous burst of prolactin that causes dopamine levels to plummet. The result is a dopamine level that is much lower than it was before sexual arousal began. In addition, an above normal level of prolactin continues for up to two weeks.

Woman receive a peak in dopamine during orgasm, but (unlike in males) it doesn’t crash drastically; rather, it subsides in a gradual sequence of steps. Prolactin also increases to a level slightly above normal (upon feminine climax) – staying there briefly while dopamine levels gently return to their normal levels. Another recent discovery is that Women’s dopamine levels vary throughout the month based on their menstrual cycle.

You may be wondering what all this means. It means that…

1. Male Orgasms Are Addicting

Have you heard a song about love or sex being a drug or addictive and wondered if there were any truth to it? Consider the following song lyrics:

“Oh oh catch that buzz
Love is the drug I’m thinking of
Oh oh can’t you see
Love is the drug for me” – Love Is The Drug by Roxy Music

“The perfect drug | the perfect drug | the perfect drug
You make me hard when I’m all soft inside
I see the truth when I’m all stupid-eyed
The arrow goes straight through my heart
Without you everything just falls apart” – The Perfect Drug by Nine Inch Nails

Well – male ejaculations can definitely be addicting due to dopamine, the “I have to have it” neurochemical. When comparing brain scans, Gurt Hoistege, a Dutch Scientist found an astounding resemblance of male orgasm to shooting heroin.

After they researched rats, scientists in Mexico City pointed out that repeated ejaculations can very closely imitate the effects of abusing drugs.

2. Men Experience a Post-Orgasm Hangover

After orgasm, men experience a hormonal hangover similar to an opiate or cocaine withdrawal due to low dopamine and high prolactin. Dopamine levels fall while prolactin levels rise after orgasm and after stopping an opiate or cocaine. It takes two weeks for prolactin levels to normalize after stopping cocaine.

During a post-orgasm “hormonal hangover,” men may look for new highs, such as drinking alcohol – eating sweets – new sex partners – porn – and drugs, to boost their dopamine levels. They may also feel disconnected from their partner – experience depression – or become lethargic.

When dopamine levels are constantly bursting up and plummeting down due to uncontrolled orgasms, it can wreak havoc on relationships. Your relationships could feel like a never-ending roller coaster ride full of highs and lows with no middle ground.

3. Too Many Orgasm Lead Him To Cheat

Once plighted, no men would go whoring.
They’d stay with the one they adore,
If women were half as alluring
After the act as before – Ancient Greek Anthology Poem

Or we could phrase it:

Once married, no men would be cheaters.
They’d be faithful to the one they adore, rather than acting a whore
If women stayed half as enticing After orgasm as before

In any case – long before our time, humans knew that men cheated on their wives because they were not as appealing after sex! Once again, dopamine is the chemical responsible for men choosing to act in a way we ladies don’t like.

Scientists found that after male rats partake in a frenzy of sexual intercourse, they will lose interest in that female. However, if a new female comes along, the male will have sex with her. They linked the phenomon of mate fatigue to dopamine. When a male rat has intercourse repeatedly with the same female, dopamine levels continue to drop. When a fresh potential mate arrives, a surge of dopamine follows.

So – to keep your men feeling you are the most beautiful woman on earth with a World Class “Sacred” Vagina – you must harness and resolutely control their orgasms!

4. Repeated Orgasms Decrease His Sex Desire

Male rats also experience a decrease in testosterone receptor for up to seven days within their reward circuit. Hormones, such as testosterone, and neurochemicals dock on the nerve cells, along with receptors. In this instance, fewer receptors equals less reactivity to circulating testosterone. As a result, the reward system releases less dopamine.

The first problem is that low testosterone, or a reduced sensitivity to it, can cause anger and irritation. No woman wants to give a man an orgasm and then receive annoyance in return!

Not only that – you don’t want to “Allow” your man to Ejaculate if the undesirable psychological result is a lowered sex drive. This brings us to the second problem, which is the fact that endorphin and serotonin levels go up - in the reward system of the sexually satisfied rats. Endorphins and serotonin are both neurochemicals that can produce happiness, but when they are in this part of the limbic system, they bring things to a stop rather than only generating good feelings. Think of it this way: Antidepressants, such as Zoloft – Prozac – and Lexapro, that increase serotonin and narcotics, such as Vicodin – Percocet – and Methadone that imitate endorphins, can cause sexual side effects. When neurochemicals diminish the reward circuit for a period of time, complications in your intimate relationship – both physically and emotionally – can and will occur.

If you want your guy to have a low sex drive for several days to a week, allow them to have orgasms whenever they chooses – or encourage them to take an antidepressant or opiate! If you just thought or yelled – HELL NO – Then we’re on the same page.

5. Uncontrolled Orgasms Make Him Fall Out of Love

In her book “Cupid’s Poisoned Arrow: From Habit to Harmony in Sexual Relationships,Marnia Robinson points out the following: As a cure for love, the Roman Poet Ovid cynically recommends pursuing orgasm until it results in disinterest.

cruel Love presses your neck beneath his foot?…
Go, and enjoy your girl, any time, nothing’s forbidden:
let her steal away your nights and days.
Seek loathing for your sickness: and let loathing end it.
Now, too, when you believe you could be free, stay on,
till you’re quite overwhelmed, and abundance destroys love,
and disgusted you’ve no pleasure in her house. – Or Sate Yourself With Her by Ovid

Due to a dopamine drop and prolactin burst after orgasm, “eventually a man can develop feelings of indifference or slight repulsion for his sexual partner,” according to Taoist Secrets of Love by Mantak Chia.

Oxytocin is the chemical that keeps love alive, and Ladies can magically increase this baseline oxytocin level in their lives by cuddling – hugging – holding hands – massaging as well as sexually “Edging” their males.

The Cure is Simple

The cure for the chemical chaos that uncontrolled orgasms produce in males is simple – The Cure is Orgasm Denial. .

Are you ready to dominate and ultimately control your mans brain chemicals – do you want to train him to respond to you with any “Conditioned Response” You Desire ? or have you already learned to do so? Share your experience with femdom relationships and male orgasm denial (Karezza) by visiting the Tumblr Site Below.

To learn more about Male Orgasm Denial, Natural Subjugation and Devotional Male Response – read “The Orgasmic Benefits of Male Orgasm Denial.”

hey please don’t go around telling people “i KNEW something was off about them!” when people are outed as abusers. cause that’s just furthering the idea that you should always be able to tell if someones abusive.

the bottom line is sometimes you really can’t tell. and you’re not a terrible person for not noticing. keep the blame on the abuser please, not the fans, not the friends. this is not the time to earn Superiority Points.

A day in the life of  Detective Robinson
  • [Hugh hangs up the phone from speaking to Dottie]
  • Detective Jack Robinson: What's that all about?
  • Hugh Collins: Miss Fisher's gone on holiday again, sir.
  • Detective Jack Robinson: Huh. Anyone dead yet?
  • Hugh Collins: Only one so far, sir.

downton abbey meme: [2/4] friendships:

daisy and mrs. patmore

MTR Fandom: Small But Proud

I’ve had a couple people lately here on tumblr talk to me about how they want more people to talk to about Meet the Robinsons. I’ve pointed most of them in the direction of  The Robinson Clan but of course all lists of “active” members in a fandom aren’t always active forever. So I thought I’d make a short list of some people that I know for sure would be cool with talking about anything and everything MTR while also showcasing how awesome they are:

@therobinsonwayoflife​: Irene, the Queen of MTR Memes!!! I’m not technically listing these people in any particular order but if I didn’t put Irene first on the list then I would be putting myself in shame. This amazing gal indisputably creates the most content for the fandom, her number one medium being creating MTR related memes. She has a giant list of OCs, an incredible list of headcanons that never end, and never gets tired of talking about discussing any and every kind of headcanon/theory under the sun (although be warned, if you ask her to discuss a theory, don’t expect a one sentence answer! She’s got essays to write and it’s breathtaking!). Her favorites include Franny and Cornelius with the original Joyce book also being close to her heart.

@hattersgirlaliceKatie, the biggest fan of Gaston I’ve ever seen. I’m pretty sure that this MTR fan has come to every single Movie Night I’ve ever hosted which is amazing and showcases quite the dedication to this film! A sweetheart and a theory-creating genius that always loves to support any mtr fan with their hopes and dreams.

@eventheslightestrayofsunshine: Courtney! A big Wilbur fan and a fantastic cosplayer to boot! Always open to new friendships and joking around with hilarious photoshopped images (*cough cough* the day we took the time machine and watched the signing of the declaration of independence*cough*)

@therationaldove: A beautiful writer, Dove is. They have created two of my most favorite MTR fanfics that I’ve ever read. A creative wonder who has the most interesting headcanon for Wilbur’s adult life that I’ve ever heard about.

@citizenoftodayland: Another fanfic writer who has created a wonderful story about Wilbur during his school years! Everly is a very sweet person who obviously loves MTR and I love talking to them.

@cuddlep00ps: A big Bowler Hat Guy fan right here! If you want to talk about anything BHG related, or even anything Dastardly Whiplash related, this is your girl right here. Very kind and easy to talk to!

@bowler-hat-gal: Heather is super nice and definitely doesn’t mind being talked to about any headcanons or theories you might have! She doesn’t really have a favorite character nor an OTP so that means anything and everything you’ve got will work for her. She’s a huge supporter of MTR and always advocates its importance as a film!

@that-guy-in-the-bowler-hat: Man, I don’t know why you’d want to talk to this guy. ;P Easily the most annoying member of the whole fandom, Morgan loves discussing any and every headcanon under the sun but definitely favors Bowler Hat Guy when it comes to, well, anything! Feel free to message him about any kind of mtr content you set your heart on.

There are other people in this fandom, of course, and I didn’t mean to leave anyone out if they wished to have been called out. I was only including people I’ve most recently spoken with. So please please feel free to reblog this and add your own info if you’d like people to find you!

Négritude turned out to be a miraculous weapon in the struggle to overthrow the “barbaric Negro.” As Cedric Robinson points out inBlack Marxism: The Making of the Black Radical Tradition, this was no easy task, since the invention of the Negro—and by extension the fabrication of whiteness and all the racial boundary policing that came with it—required “immense expenditures of psychic and intellectual energies of the West.” An entire generation of “Enlightened” European scholars worked hard to wipe out the cultural and intellectual contributions of Egypt and Nubia from European history, to whiten the West in order to maintain the purity of the “European” race. They also stripped all of Africa of any semblance of “civilization,” using the printed page to eradicate their history and thus reduce a whole continent and its progeny to little more than beasts of burden or brutish heathens. The result is the fabrication of Europe as a discrete, racially pure entity, solely responsible for modernity, on the one hand, and the fabrication of the Negro on the other.
—  Robin D. G. Kelley
Nick Robinson

So anyone who has followed this blog for the past 2 years or so knows how much I love Polygon content. It’s disappointing and downright depressing to see this kind of stuff going on in a community that I and a lot of people see/saw as one of the last safe spaces for offensive free humor of any kind. I’ve always respected and admired Polygon staff from straying away from that sort of content. And that makes it all the more difficult and saddening to hear of what’s been going on with Nick, a content creator who up until this point I especially loved.

What we have seen so far from the screenshotted DMs is pretty damning for Nick which breaks my heart. And I appreciate that Polygon has suspended Nick for the time being while they themselves get a better clue of what has been happening. If they do come to the conclusion that he is innocent, for lack of a better word, then I hope they have a FULL explanation as to why with proof because it’s going to take a lot to convince any of us at this point.