point reyes boat

This is the SS Point Reyes in Inverness, California. This boat has been a staple to photographers and to everyone who comes to visit the Bay Area/ Point Reyes.

Just recently, a photographer decided it would be cool to create a photograph with fire around the boat, and accidentally set the (shall I say historic landmark) on fire.

Not only does this go against the rules of the “Leave No Trace” guidelines, but it goes against what a photographer should embody. A photographer should be keeping what they found as is, and leaving it as is, to preserve what they’ve left for others. A photograph is a moment in time for others to cherish.

Ruining what you have found and what you have seen not only ruins it for everyone, but it ruins it for memories, animals, and other photographers.

Let this be a reminder to leave it as it is, and don’t mess it up for others!