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July is International Zine Month! Come check out our new exhibit by our zine librarian, Kelly Swickard, which features zines from our collection that are mostly from or about Baltimore.

“What are zines? Zines are usually self-published, DIY, non-profit, limited edition, folded or photocopied (now includes off set, letterpress, etc.). Zines are often produced by persons of marginalized groups or created to highlight certain social issues. There are many other categories of zines such as photo-zines, cooking zines, library zines, queer zines, per-zines, art zines.

Zines are an important and vital counter point to mass mainstream media and often offer a subcultural, political, and activist point of view. Furthermore, many zines are created as self-expression in art, photography, and poetry.

Decker Library’s zine collection includes mostly art zines and zines created by MICA students.

The library plans to continue collecting zines from the MICA community and to increase the number of works on social justice issues.The zines are available for use in the library whenever it is open.”

Come check them out!

enter21  asked:

Just got my From Japan with Love zine! It's so gorgeous and I love it so much! Will you be doing any more zines?

Thank you so much dear, I’m really happy that you like it 😭💖 I really want to make a “From Russia with love“ zine with Yuuri’s point of view, but I don’t know yet when I’ll find the time to work on this… But it will definitely be my next bigger project!